Bruised But I Refuse to Stay Broken

Holy Fire Publishing, 2006 - 160 sider
This is not only a title but a conviction in the hearts and minds of individuals who have been afflicted and refuse to allow their past to control their present and dictate their future. Past issues lose power when individuals receive divine truth and apply God's remedy in the present. Many individuals have focused on their scars but God desires to heal them and shift their focus to prepare for his second coming which nearer now than ever. The question is not are you healed? The question is are you healed and are you ready for the coming of the King?

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Om forfatteren (2006)

Minister Quwan Ellis is an anointed speaker, whose presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is dynamic. He has traveled internationally and miracles and signs of healing follow his ministry. He has a passion to see the lost saved, sick healed, and the captive set free in the name of Jesus. His hope is that Jesus will receive all the glory for his life and ministry.

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