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Preferments, births, Marrizes, Deails. Jars of their evidence; an i therefore Captain French of the 35 regimene, when they are produced at the fecond to Miis Eifton of Edinburgh. trial, cught to be considered as inhabile Andrew Borar Esq; Banker in Edinwinness; but if they are produced burgh, lò Miss Ann Caw of Perth. anlad.n.ited, then this pannel will be tried in a manner, at leat!, not agreea.

Deaths. ble to the established forms of procecuing in this coun:ry.

Nov. 21. Afife Helen M.Kenzie daughHis Lordhip iad, he could not bring ter of Sir Roderick Kenzie Bart. binti 10 be fulislii witir an argument

24. Dr Robert Hanry, one of the Mthat feained 10 neigh with foine of their Lordbms, that when a Darfon has cleapa mins of Edi-burgh, and antihor of the

y of Great Pritain. cc by a nullity in the verdict, that nuiio

Dec. Mir William Jones fhipmaster ty in the variet inferred a nul iriai;

Leith. and coniiquenily, that tie panel w25 to brcnnidcred as not having undergone chibald Gilchrit merchant in Edin

Mrs Agnes ingram, relict of Mr Ara trial at all.

buran. As to this, he said, the case of Margam

Sir Blew Darymple of North Berwick ret Ronzi, who was tried in 1763; for

Dart. an attemit io poifon her filter, was in

David Robertson Efq; cf George's point. There, after the proof was chored,

Square. one of the jurymen happening to fall in

Her Grace the Puchess of Athol. to a fit, the court adjourned till next day,when the trial procecdled, andihe jury fon at Dron, Perthshire.

| Mrs Butchart wiie of Mr John, Donaldreturned their besticis guilty. But on a

Mr Alexander Manners merchant in motion for arreit of judgment u;yon an

Elinburg!t. objection to the vidity of the verdicl,

Mrs Agnes Grahame spouse to James founded on the adjournment of the court

Campbell Efq; of Peterhill. the olyjection was luftained and the pri

Miss Helea Dunbar daughter of Sir foner dismister. The court however,

Alexander Dunbar of Northfield Bawere of opinion, that when the accident happened which occefoner! the actjournment, had the Lord Advocate deserted vid Clark, Brifto.

Mrs Margaret Murray wife of Mr Dathe diet, a new trial might have been

William Graban Efq; of Mofknow. brought.

Colonel William Mercer, of Aldie, Preferments.

At Balerno in the neighbourhood of

Currie, Wiliam Napier a labourer, Nev. Right Hon. William Wyndham

aged 12 years. Grenville, created Baron Grenville of

Mr Walter M-Lea, of Cathkine, mera Wotton in the county of Bucking- chant in Glasgow. ham. The Duke of Montrose Master of the and Argyle.

Her Grace the Dutches of Hamilton; Horse to his Majesty. His Royal Highneio the Duke of Cla- Hop Efq; of Newlifton:

Mifs Rachel Hog, daughter of Thos, rence, Rear-Admiral of the Blue.

Lieutenant Gabriel, of the 75th RegiBirileri Mrs M.Leod of.Medid, delivered of a

Miss Sarah Grant, daughter of the daughter.

late Sir Frarcis Crint, of Cullen Bart. Mrs Carnegie of Charleton, of a daugh

John Buchannan, [fq; of Carbeth.

Mr George Johnston, laze QuarterThe Lady of Henry Drummond jun. master of ti:e Royal North British Dra. Ela; M. P. of a fon.

grors, The Lady of Major Ross of the 14th

Ar Baluaguard, Perthshire ; Captain segiments of a daughter.

Charles Robertson, of the late iorf


Mrs Lillon, mother to Robert Lifton,
Alexander Spearman Esq; of the 35th Flq; his Majesty's Minister, Plenipoten:
Tegiment, to Mile Nandy Mørtow of tiary at Stokholm:




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BYSSINIA, fingular Customs Cold, its Effects in the Winter of
32 1788, 89,

Abyssinian Priett, Mr Bruce's Inter- College of Edinburgh, Account of
view with,

270 its rebuilding,
Adriano, or the First of June, Review Congelation, the effect of Electricity
279 examined,

Advice, Ridicule of asking it without Constantinople, Account of, 164

an Intention to follow it, 269 Daniel de Foe, his life by Chalmers
Anderson's Dr. his opinion on the Account of,

fineness of the Ancient Wool cri- Davillan, Sir Arthur, a Tale, 261

147 Dead Bodies, State of, in the Ceme-
Anderson Dr. his Defence of that tery of the Innocents at Paris,

218 Dick, Sir Alexander, his life,
Anecdotes of Law,

7 Domingo St. Voyage from, to New
-Dr Franklin, 15 Orleans,

Mrs Jordan, 53 Drowsy, Ned, a Tale concluded, 281

a Quaker, 152 Dunfermline Abbey, View of, 245
Cardinal Mazarine, 224 Edin. Phil. Trans. Review of,

iy Dr Jortin, 265 Electric Fluid, the cause of Congela-
367 tion,

Henry IV.

372 Elephant Hunt, described by Mr
Aniruther, Mr, his Character,


Barjac Valet to Cardinal Fleury, Ac- Eneid of Virgil, the Theology of the
count of,

148 6th Book, by Dr Beattie, 255--297
Baltile, Account of,

238 Erskine, Dr, Sketches of Church
Bayard, Chevalier, and Madame de History, Review of,

Randan, a Tale,

429 Etherege, Sir Geo. Letters from, to
Beckiord's Account of Jamaica, Re- the Duke of Buckingham, 310
view ot,

422 Falconer, on the Prelervation of the
Berthollet's Eray on Bleaching, Re- liealth of persons engaged in A-
virw of,
271 griculture,

Bibliotheca Americana, Review of, 64 Fafil, an Abyslinian Chief, Interview
Blair's Sermons, Review of,


Bligh, Lieut. Narrative of the Mutiny Ferdosi, his Poems, Review of,

on board the Bounty Sloop, 43 Forts Vitrified, Account of,

Botany, i's Progress in Scotland, 104 France, Picture of, in 1715,

Brutus's Letter to the P. of W. 47 Franklin, Dr, Anecdotes of,

Right Hon.
Gawen Sir, a Tale,

E. D.

51-389 Ceorgia, and its Inhabitants, Ac.
Builer, Sir Francis, Character of,

count of,

Burke's Letter on the French Revo- Germans, Origin of their Towns
291 381 385 and Nobility,

Chatelet, Account of the Proceed- German Tragedy, Account of, 193
ings there with regard to the Girtanner, on Iritability,

Dic d'Orleans,

346 Gondar, Trantations at, by Bruce. 26
Clusie, in Aberdeenshire. View of, 73 Gorgon, his Letter to a Tragic
Coal, its Origin and Formation, 117 Poet,






Gothic Superftition, on the, P. 420 Phenomena, Natural, explained, P.371
Grahame, Mrs MóAulay on the varie- Parisian Jews, their Letter to the Na-
ty of Disposition in Children.

tional Assembly,

Gyron, the Courteous, a Tale, 65 137 Picture of an ill natured man, by Cum-
Hamilton's Tranfactions of the berland,

Reign of Queen Anne, Review of, 425 Ravenheugh Caftle, View of, 279
Henry IV. Anecdote of,

372 Register of the Weather, 2, 74, 146,
Herschel's discovery of 2 new Satelli- 217, 290,
tes, round Saturn.
333 Rio Janeiro, Account of,

Husband, Characler of a prudent Robinson Crusoe, Account of its


Jenyns, Soame Eqr; his life, 85 Ross, Sir John Lockhart, his Life, 91
Jidda, Account of by Bruce, 23 Rois, David Eiq: Life of,

Jortin's Anecdotes,

255 Rouffeau, Sequel to his Confessions,
Cursory Obfervations,

Account of,

Insects, means of destroying them, or Rousseau, Letter from, to Voltaire, 415

preventing their increase, 326 Rotheram on the Sexes of Plants
Jurifprudence, 'Analysis of a pro- reviewed,

polių Publication on,

60 Royal Society of Edinr. their Tran-
Kakemuir Castle, View of,
216 sactions, Vol. 2. Review of,

Kings, on their behaviour in indiffe- Rush, Dr. on the Diseases of the W.
rent things, by King James India Slaves,


121 Sacontala, or the fatal Ring, an In-
Law, Anecdotes of,
7 dian Drama, Scene from,

Leibnitz, Anecdotes of his private Saturn, two new Satellites discovered
Life and Character,

367 by Herschel
Lesseps, Account of his Voyages, . 373 Saussure's account of Monte Rosa 229
Liddel, Dr Duncan, Account of his Life,61 Scott, Sir John, Character of 404
Livingston, Edw. Elq; his Oration Sennaar, account of a conversation

to the German Society, at New with the King of, by Mr Bruce 306

190 Sepulchral rites, account of
Louis XIV, Account of his private Stones fit for Architecture found in

Scoil nd

Macdenald, John, his Travels, Re- Sultan Selim, account of,

view of,

275 Sweden, account of the Roads and
Malone's Shakespeare, Account of 428 mode of travelling there,

Maurice's Letter to the E. I. Compa- Tales, 65, 137, 209, 281, 353, 429
ny, Account of,

352 Taylor, Joseph, an account of his re-
Mercy of Providence to the British vivifii ation after being hanged,
Nation, Review of,

274 TeftaAbbe,his Letter to M. de la Lan-
Miller, Lord President, Account of

9 de, on the state of Natural Philoío-
Milton's Coffin, Narrative of its dir- phy at Rome,

inter ment,

273 Tiquet Madam, History of, 181
Mills, on the Volcanic Appearances Tyger Hunt,"described by Mr Bruce, 198
in the Western Illands,

341 Tytler, Alexander Fraser, Esq. on
Monday, Blue, in Germany observed the vitrified Forts,

gó, 171
as a Holiday,

364 Ulri de Hutten, Tribute to his me-
Monte, Rola, Description of, by


229 Vesuvius, account of, by Bishop Berke-
Mylnt's Poems, Review of, 280 ly,

Mythology, Northern, Sketches of, Views, I, 73, 245, 216, 279, 305

279 Welled Amlac, Mr Bruce's reception
Nile, source of, account of its disco- at the house of,

very, by Mr Bruce,

153 West India Mands, their manners
Nation, ftale of, accurately calculated, zco and customs, by Moreton, Review of,275
Picture of France, in 1715,

3 Weitern Islands of Scotland, account
Poetry, 69, 142, 214, 286, 361, 434 of Volcanic appearances in them, 34!
Peter III. Czar, King of Sweden, Wilkes's Catullus, account of,
account nf,

233 Wolkmar,
Pedrola, Nicholas, a Tale, 353 Yesterhouse, view of,



inory, Review of,


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