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Roch-Galand, Boifle, &c. &c. as false molt propitious circumstance for this witnefles.

country, had public affairs taken a differe

ent turn, as they have at this cime be. Cherokee Chiefs.

tween 20 and 30,000 men ready to take Oftober 28. Arrived at Spithead, the the field ? Lor: Dorchester merchantman, Edward Theie missionaries are fix in pumber, Howe inatter, bound from Halifax for but two only are Chieis. London.

Of the other four, one is a native of In this bip came fix Cherokee Chiefs, England-his name is Bowles, and he is of the first rack, one of them born in Eng- nepew to the Gentleman of that name land.

in St Paul's Church-yard. He had been As forn as their arrival was announc- an officer in the English army; but, from ed in form, Sir Andrew Douglas, Com. a spirit of enterprize, while in America, mander of the Alcide, of 74 guns, fent he pe #rated into the country of these his barge to bring them ashore to Ports. Indians, who received him in the most mouth; and, upon landing, they went to hospitable manner-There he remained Bradley's, the Crown inn.

ever since, and he has been invested with Theie Indian Chiefs are dresled in the a principal command of their forces. habit of their country, with their faces Another, who acts as an interpreter, is painted in an extraordinary manner.- a Welchman; and the other two are hos They waited on Colonel Trigge, of the norary attendants. Izth regiment of foot, and some other On Tuesday afternoon laft, the Chero. officers of distinction.

kee Indians visited the Cathedral of St The Indian Chiefs have been abfent Paul, which they examined with an equal from their own country eighteen months. degree of curiodiiy and amazement. They They arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in were asked whether they would not atMay last, after a moit tedious journey, of tend the evening service, which they reaonly seven days hort of twelve months. dily complied with, and seemed particu. . Their country is situated somewhere larly delighted with the organ.' about the source of the Misisippi; but The Cherokees were lait night at Co. inttead of adoping the course of that vent-Garden T.eatre. river, for their guide to the North Ame The Duke of Bedford, Mrs Gardniter, rican shore, by which they might have and Lady Webster, were in the adjoinpenetrated through Vermont, and reach- ing box, and entered into frequent coned Virginia in three months, they took Versation with them. They seemned much too wefterly a direction, and thereby un astonished at the characteristic scenery necessarily traversed a tract of some thou- and dresses of Captain Cook, After the sand miles, which at lait brought them to performance, they retired into the the sea at Halifax.

Green-Room, where wine and sweetThe Governor of that settlement was meats were prepared for their refrethonwilling to take upon himself the con- ment. The house overflowed at an earduct of their voyage to England; and ly hour; and the hoxes were filled with therefore fent them to Quebec, to Lord persons of distinction. Dorchester, who provided them with a passage on board a vessel bound for London.

ENGLAND The avowed purpofe of their million to this country, was to folicit a supply of The London Gazit: Extraordinary. arms and ammunition, for the present

WHITEHALL, Nov. 4. purpose of effectually repelling the in- This morning Mr Dreffins, one of his roads of some troublesome neighbours. In Majeity's messengers in ordinary, arrived return for this allistance, they were wil., at the office of his Grace the Duke of ling to enter into an engagement to turn Leeds, his Majesty's Principal Secretary their whole force against any power in of State for Foreign Affairs, with dile that quarter of the globe whose views patches from the Right Hon. Alleyne were inimical to the interests of Creat Fitzherbert, his Majesty's Ambassador Britain.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at the The appearance of the political hemin Court of Madrid, dated the 24th of Ocsphere, certainly renders it impositic to tober last, containing an account, that a enter into any engagement of this nature convention for terminating the differences at the present period; but may we nct in which had arisen with that Court, had fer, that thefe offers would have been a been azreed upon between his Excellen


cy, on the part of his Majesty, and the London Gazette Extract dikarz-
Count de Firnida Blanca, on the part of
the Catholic hing: and the convention

Sunday, Vodenjet 7. 1790.
was to be fined antexchanged by those
Miniiteis oa the 27th or the same

WHITEHALL, N29.7. mon:n.

This morning, one of his Majesty's London, No. 4.

Meiiengers, difua ched by the Right

Honourable Al'erne Fitzherbert, hus On the arrival of the above important Majefty's Ambassador Extraordinarv and inteligence, and bcíore the publication Picnipotentiary at the Court of Spain, of the Gazette Extraordinary, his Grace arrived at the Office of his Grace the the Duke of Leeds fent the following Duke of Leeds, his Majefti's Principal official letter, for the informa jon of Secretary of State for Foreiga Afairs, the merchants in the city to the Lord with the Convention betw-en bis MaMayor:

jefty and the Catholic King, for terminat• My Lord,

ing the differences which had'arisen with « I have the honour to acquaint your that Court, which was signed at the paLordship, that the messenger, Dressings, lace of the Escurial, on the 28ch of Ocarrived here this morning with difparches tober last, by Mr Fitzherbert on the part from the Right Hon. Allerne Fitzher. of his Majesty, and by the Count de Flori. bere, his Majesty's Ambassador Extraor- da Blanca on the part of his Catholic dinary and Plenipotentiary at the Court Majetty. of Spain, dated Sunday the 24th of Oc. tober, containing an account that a con. Convention between bis Britannic Mejefy and vention for terminating the differences the King of Spain, daied at tbe Efcurial, Cowhich had arifen with that Court had been tober 28 1790 agreed upon between his Excellency (Published by authority.) on the part of his Britannic Majetty and Their Britannic and Cacholic Maieflies, she Count de Florida Blanca, on the part being defirous of terminating, by a speedy of the Catholic King : and that the con- and folid agreement, the differences which ventioo was to be signed and excbanged have latel •crisen between the two Crowns, by these Ministers on the 27th of the have judged that the best way of attaining fame month,

this falutary object would be that of an aI have the honour to be,

micable arrangement, which, setting atide My Lord,

all retrospective discussion of the rights and Your Lordlip's

pretensions of the two parties, should fix Most obedient,

their respeAive situation for the future on And moit humble servant, a basis conformable to their true intereits, as Nov. 4. 1790.

LEEDS." well as to the mutual de fire with which their The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor.

said Majetties are animated, of establishing

with each other, in every thing, and in all The Lord Mavor was at Guildhall places, the molt perfect friendthip, harmony. when he received the above letter, and,

and good correspondence. In this view, with an attention much to his praise, im

they have named and constituted for their

Plenipotentiaries to wit, on the part of his mediately adopted every means to make

de Britannic Majesty, Aileyne Fitzherbert, Esqa

this the joviul news as generally known as

as one of his Majesty's Privy Council in Great polill-, as will appear from the follow. Britain and Ireland, and his Amballador Exin note affixed to the copy which his traordinary and Plenipotentiary to his Ca. Lordnip left at the Mention House ;. tholic Majefty; and, on the part of his Cao

“ N.B. This official letter was receive tholic Majefty, Don Joseph Monino, Count ed at a quarter pait eleven o'clock at of Florida Blanca, Knight Grand Cross of Guildhall. I went immediately to Scock the Royal Spanish Order of Charles III. Exchange, Royal Exchange, and Lloyd's Councellor of State to his said Majesty, and Coffee house, and read it ; and have left his Principal Secretary of State and of the a copy for any perfin to fee at the Man- dispatches : Who, after having communicafion House. W. PICKEL, Mayor. ted to each other their refpective full pow: Vovember 4. 1790."

ers, have agreed upon the following arti

cles : His Lordship also went to the Bank and Art. 1. It is agreed that the buildings India House; but they had each received and trads of land, situated on the north. the lane information officiallye

west coast of this contidest of North-Ame

sica, zica, or on islands adjacent to that continent coasts as are situated to the south of those of which the subjects of his Britannic Ma- parts of the same coasts, and of the islands jesty were difpofiefied, about the month of adjacent, which are alrcady occupied by April 1989, by a Spanish officer, shall be re- Spain : Provided that the said respective stored to the faid Britannic subjects.

Subjects thall retain the liberty of landing on II. And further, That a just reparation the coasts and iflands to fituated, for ihe purhall be made, according to the nature of poles of their tithery, and of erecting there. the casc, for all acts of violence or hostility, on huts, and other temporary buildings, fervwhich may have been committed, fublcqucnt ing only for thole purposes. to the month of April 1789, by the subjects VII. In all cases of complaint or infrac. of either of the contracting parties against tion of the articles of the pretint convention, the subjects of the other; and that, in case the officers of cither party, without perinitany of the said refpective subjects thall, fince ting themselves previcurly to commit any the same period, have been forcibly dispol. violence or act of force, thall be bound to fefied, of their lands, buildings, vefels, mer- make an exact report of the affair, and of chandite, or other property whatever, on the its circumstances, to their respe&ive Courts, faid continent, or on the seas or islands ad- who will terminate such disferences in an jaccnt, they shall be re-established in the amicable manner. poffeflion thereof, or a just compensation VIII. The present convention fall be ra. ihall be made to them for the lofles which tifed and confirmed in the space of fix they thail have sustained.

wecks, to be computed from the day of its ul. And, in order to itrengthen the bonds fignature, or suoner, if it can be done. of friendship, and to preferve in future d in witntis whercof, we the unde finned perfect harinony and good underitanding Plenipotentiaries of their Britannic and Cabetween the two contracting parties, it is tholic Majeltics, have, in their names, and agreed, That their respetive subjects thall in virtue of our respective full powers, lignnot be disturbed or molested, either in navio ed the pretent convention, and set thereto gating or carrying on their fuherics in the the feal of our arms. Pacific Ocean, or in the South-seas, or in Done at the Palace of St Laurence, the landing on the coasts of those fcas, in places twenty-eighth of October, one thounot already occupied for the purpose oi car sand seven hundred and ninety. rying on their commerce with the natives

ALLEYNE FITZHERBERT. of the country, or of making lettlements

(L, S.) there; the whole subjekt, nevertheless, to EL CONDE DE FLORIDA BLANCA. the restrictions and provisions Specified in

(L. S.) the three following articles. IV. His Britannic Majesty engages to

SCOTLAND. take the most effectual measures to preycat the navigation and fi hery of his subjects in

EDINBURGH, Nov. 9. the Pacific Ocear, or in the South-Seus, from being made a pretext for illicit trade SYNOD OF LOTHAN AND TWEEDDALE. with the Spanish Settlements; and, with this view, it is moreover expressly ftipulated, Tuesday, the Synod met here, when the that British subjects shall not navigate, or Rev. Mr Finlayson, their late Moderator, carry on their fishery in the said seas, with- and one of the minifters of this city, proache in the space of ten fea leagues from any part ed an exceilent fermon, from I Cor. i. 23. of the coasts already occupied by Spain. “ But we preach Chrif cucified, unto the

V. It is agreed, That as well in the places Jews a fumbling block, and to the Greeks which are to be restored to the British lub- foolishness." Thertal:er they chose Mr jects, by virtue of the ist article, as in all Elenezer Marlhl, miniser at Cockpen, to other parts of the rorth-western coails of be their Moderátor, but he beg ansent, North America, or of the islands adjacent, Mr Charles l'inciater, minifter at det bares, fituated to the north of the parts of the said took :he chair. No buncis of a public nacoast already occupied by Spain, wherever ture came before them. The only thing the subjects of either of the two powers worth noticing, and which drw forth a fall have made settlements since the month few oblcrvation, from tonic of Mem (rs, of April 1986), or shall hereafter make any, was a practice which prevails in to me tynonis, the subjects of the other shall have free ac- of putting certain interrogatories to the wife cefs, and shall carry on their trade, without ferent presbyactics, usully turned private any disturbance or molestation.

cenfi:res. Tuo ctc. ni prefbytcrics vére VI. It is further agreed, with respect to called to the bar, ankui disers to ne the eastern and weitern coasts of South A- several interr gutor tistih fuas to merica, and to the islands adjacent, That no put on such occai.cns, dier which the settlement shall be formed hereafter, by the Presbytery of Einbur hinter 'led o. , of cfpective subjec!s, in such parts of those which there were prelent, Di budy, . Ir

Wm. Wm. Moodie, and Mr Wm. Cameron. Dr five ele&ors to this benefice, all very repede Harry stated, that private cenfurts, though able gentlemen The Lord Provost of Epractised by some Synods, did not universal- dinburgh, as one of the delegates from the ly obtain, and that in the Synod of Fyfe, Merchant Company of Leith, was chosen where he was for some time a Member, no preses of the meeting which was held on such practice prevailed ; and further, he Tuesday, and the election determined on knew of no Act of Afl'embly to that effect, with the utmost harmony. and, therefore, did not think himself wrong in refusing to comply where there was no

Preferments. law that called him to obey.

The Right Hon. Henry Baron Digby, Mr Hobn Muir, minister of Faikirk, ob- created Viscount Coleshill in the County of served that although he could not at present Warwick, and Earl of Digby in the county point out the statutory law, yet that it was of Lincoln. contuitudinary did not admit of a doubt, The Right Hon. Algernon Percy Lord and he could not see the propriety of Lovaine created Earl of Beverly in the counany individual Presbytery refusing to con- ty of York. form to that which had been so long the The Right Hon. William Hall Gage, practice of the Synod. He would, therefore, Viscount Gage of the kingdom of Irvand, inift for a vote of the Synod, if they still created Baron Gage of Highnit adow in the refuse to comply, that the Moderator be de- county of Gloucester, with remainder to his fired to call the Presbytery of Edinburgh to nephew Henry Gage. the bar, and put the usual interrogatories to John Boydell, Esq; Lord Mayor of Lone them.

don for the year ensuing. Dr Hardy replied, that although private Dr Andrew Coventry to be Profeffor o! censures may be sanctioned by practice, yet Agriculture in the University of Edinburgh. it is possible, that that practice may be a

Marriages.. bad one, and he found it incuinbent on him 08. Mr Æneas Morison writer in Edinto state his opinion on it; nevertheless, as burgh to Miss Janet Morison of Greenock. he would pay all obedience to the commands Nov. Thomas Purvis, Efq; of Bedlingica, of the Synod, if the Moderator desired him, to Miss Mary Mitchelson, youngest daugkhe certainly would repair to the bar imme- ter of the late Mr Samuel Mitchelion clors diately.

to the fignet. Being desired to do so, the gentlemen John Leith, Esq; merchant in Glasgow, to present of the Preshytery of Edinburgh ap- Miss Elisabeth Iron(de of Durham.* peared at the bar, when the Moderator put Mr Alexander Kinnear Baruker in Edinthe usual interrogatories, to many of which burgh, to Miss Jamieson, daughter of Mr Rothey, with much candour, replied in the ne- bert Jamieton writer to the Signet. gativa.

Mr Robert Struthers lyrcwer, to Miss ° Thereafter Mr Muir moved, to the fol. Euphemia Strang, of Glasgow. lowing effect : “ That the Presbytery of William Cunningham Efq; to Miss MaEdinburgh be praised for their candid an- riane Campbell, daughter of Sir James Campswers, but that they be adınonisned to be bell of Killyrydi. more attentive in future.” Another Miem- John Oliphant, Lig; of Bahamas, to Miss ber nioved, lhat the state of the vote ho, Jelcy Oliphant of Janaica, Approve or dmoniso? The votes being colla

Birtos, ed, it carried Admonis. Upon which Mi 07. Mrs Farquharson of Reynie, of a Hardy, in name of the Prefbytery, protett- daughter. ed, and appealed to the General Aftenbly. Nov. Mrs Forbes of Blackford, of a son.

Lady Forbes of Craigievar, of a daughter. PRESBYTERY OF EDINBURCO,

Mis Gordon of Hallinead, of a fen.

Mrs Fotheringham Ogilvie, of Powrie, of By authority of the Synod of Lothian and a daughter, Tweeddale, a pro tempore mecting of the Mrs Henry, widow of James Henry, Efq; Prefbytery was held on fame evening of Bernadcan, of a son. A presentation to Mr Thomas Macknighi, Mrs Graham of Morphie of a daughter, licenciate in this Prcfbytery, to be minister

Deuils. in the second charge of South-Leith, was [In the list of Deaths for September last, Jaid before them and sustained, and Thuri Mrs Ross of Innerhaliy was erroneoufy said day the 25th instant was appointed for the to be the Lady of Lord Ankerville.) moderation of a call; the Rev. Mr Nioodie O&t. Mrs Elisabeth Kerr, widow of Mr of St Andrew's Church to preach and pre- Renwick of Paislev.

de. It is a happy circumftance for the mi- 'The Rev. Mr James Thomson, minifter nister and people when calls are so unani- of Dunfermline, in the 92d year of his age. mous as ju this infance, where there was Mr John Adam late merchant in Jamaica, Dot one difienting voice. There are thirty Dr Willian White of York.

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