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Canton of Berne, teftify a contagious de- the year 177%, by virtue of which the fire of amending the fituaion of the peo. lubje&s of both powers suspected of trea. pic by reforms, in which the remedy tre. son, or guilty of rebellion, are to be requently proves more fatal than the dir- ciprocally delivered up; and in such cale, rione of the cominotions in Switzer- light doc's that councii look upon the ate land have hitherto assumed a more me- teinpts of the Society a: Paris (which nacing aspect than those in the Valais goes by the title of Swiss Patriots.) which were occasioned by the tyranny of the Bailiffs. A peasant of Bas Valais

LOW COUNTRIES. Having fought was fined roo louis ; the areatiefs of the lumn in so poor a country Copy of a third letter from the Minifiers irritaier the minds of the people, and on

of the three Allied Powers, England, the 3d of September the mountaineers

Prussia, and Holland, to the Deputics came down to Montey, on the banks of of the Belgic States. the Rhone, and seized the Bailiff or Cafe Your constituents seem to doubt our tellan, who, afier being leverely handled, having received pofitive inftru&tions and escaped into the woods, and afterwards fufficient powers, to assure to your nation fecured himieif in Șt. Maurice. The o- the means which ought to precede the ther Calitilan fied. The Fifcal, on his collation of hoftilities, and that we have sefusing to refiore the roo louis, was beat not fooken minifterially in our verbal anand lett for dead. The peasants then ex- fwers. amined their forces, and chose a coni

To set aside all fuch scruples and uninander. Thole of Upper Vallais, in- certainty, we here fpeak for the third, Itead of warching against them, support and last time, assuring you we do it mini. ed them. From Sr. Gingolf to the foot ferially, in the name of our respective of Mount St. Bernard they wore the pa- Sovereiens, o That it refts only wish the triotic cockac!e, consisting of red, white, Belgic nation to see their legitimate conand green. They seized on some strong iticütion rercitablished, luch as it exifted, easles, a mill, and a powder magazine. in the greatest purity, before the com They expelled the regular Canons from mencenient of the latt reign, with all its the Monastery of St Maurice, and hav- privileges, civil and religious, and a per. ing drawn up reprele'ltations, declaring fect oblivion of every thing that has paltheir independency, they discussed them sed during the late troubles. in an afferabły which formed itself atW e are moreover authorised to add, Martigny. The country de Vaud being that if your constituents enter again contiguous to that of Valais, our Canton frank'y and willingly into obedience to was naturally alarmed at these measures, the

es, the Experor's governmeni, his Imperial and the Council of Berne lent a courier to Maiefly is difpofed to grant such farther the Bailiff of Vevay to announce to him conceffions as shall effentially alter the thelevy of 15,000 men, under the com- conftitution. mand of M. de Melune, Treasurer of the "But we are obliged to declare openly, Rountry of Vaud. Some troops were dif- shat lo

lo that no longer a term than twenty-one tributed along the frontiers, and a pro.

days from the date of this letter is allow. clamation issued, stating the revolt of the

ed to accept these propofitions. peasants of the country of Lower Valais,

If you permit this line to pass, or if in and the necellity of taking up arms to fe:

the intervat you give occafion for any cure the frontiers, and preferve the public

C new hoftile aggression, we proteft, that tranquillity. Our country of Vand was

our respective Sovereigns can no longer still much alarmed, and the regenry of

guarantee your fate. Berne publinieci.n exhortatory ordinance w; on the occasion. But our city of Lau

Done at the Hague, the zift of O&to; Janne, and itat of Verav, had no concern

ber 1790. in the proceedings of the other munici

(AUCKLAND, palities of the coundry; and i hat of Pipe

(Signed) KELLER, erne alto remained neuter in the business.

VAN DE SPIEGLE. However, the vigour with which the Council of Berne have pursued all their . Notwithftanding the endeavours made measures has greatly alaimed the tumult; by the Ministers of the three A'lied as a proof of its energy, it has claimed Powers at the Hague, to bring about a from the Minister of the foreign depart. reconciliation between them and Leo. ment in France the exccution of the ar. pold, there is, in fact, but little dispcliticles Ripulated in the treaty of alliance in tion in the people to liften to any terms

of accommodation. On the contrary, even their head, who spoke to the following the advice given by their commanders, effect: to bring about an armistice, if it could " We have confidered the Emperor's be done with safety, was inore with a "Manifefto, which, I have the honour to view to alleviate the miseries of the coun- inform you, the citizens of Brutels 'not try, during the winter months,' than only reject, but despise; the people have from any real hopes that terms might be drawn the sword in the cause of God and efected which they could accept of-for their Country, nor will they evrs Meath they are determined not to acknowledge it but in the bodies of their enemies ! the Sovereignty of Austria.

" They are firm and determined they A further augmentation of their fore have and will cheerfully expend the last ces is now determined on, and the quota portion of their property in fupport of to b: furnished by the respective districts theirs and their poflerity's liberty! is also fixed. Each man is to have a They beseech you, therefore, High and bounty of one louis, on engaging to serve Mighty Lords, to act with zeal and atfor four years, at the expiration of which tachnients in your leveral auguit ftations; thy are to have an annuity of twenty- for, thould a link of your great chains five forins each.

i . "give way, our caufe must fall to ruin.”

The Manifesto was then ordered to be

produced at the table, where it was prickBRUSSELS, Nov. 2.

ed by the sword of the Presideni, and On Friday morning last, at eleven o'- head of the people, and then burnt in clock the town of Namur suffered a me form, lancholy Thock, by the blowing up of a This appeal from Congress to the peopowder magazine ; it is said, that from ple has been ordered to take place allo300 to soo perished; a number of houses, ver the States, and there is' but one and part of the barracks also luffered, in voicem Freedom or Death!” the account which the corporation of Namur gave Congress. They im; ute this lad

FRANCE. disalier to accident; however, the generalopinionis,that it was owingtothe weight of Imperial gold. Thelors futained on the

Y OF A LETTER, above is computed at 80,000 forins :

ADDRESSED TO four hundred French guards and their

THE KING OF FRANCE, officers are arrived at the camp of Bovig

BY HIS rie, as volunteers under Major Geueral Koehler.

MINISTERS OF STATE, An express is every moment expected

O&ober 21. 1790. with the success of an attack that was SIRE, known to have been concerted-fo zea- . The with manifefied by the represenlous are Congress to have every officer tatives of the nation, deterinined you, og at head quarters, that Major Money the 18th of July lalt, lo call back' iwo of was difparched yesterday, nor was he us into your Councils. The Afembly made acquaiina with his rank till he had declared soleranly, that they tiad car. delivered his dispatches to the General ried into their retreat the citeem and regret (Schoenfeld,) who, it is whispered, muft of the nation. You was pleased alio to foon resign, from the marked attention take from the bosom of the Arcanbly paid by Congress to General Koehler. those whom you have fince associated to

the firtt, who thanked your Majelty, by

the organ of their president, who proNAMUR, Nov. II.

nounced, in their name, that they would On the evening of the sth inf. the Sove- have recommended then themselves. reign Congress at Bruffels afTembled in Thefe honourable suffrages made us the Town-house in the Grand Place, hope for some success; and, not withwhere they received the citizens; and af. standing the difficulty of the circumter the Prefident, in an animated speech, stances, we believe it to be our duty to addresled them refpecting the Emperor's listen to nothing but aur zeal and duty. Manifesto, he, in the name of the Sove- We felt ourselves acting from a fentireign Congress, requested their fenti- ment of purity of intention. We thought ments, which was delivered by one of we might reckon upon the public confiI VOL. XII. No. 71,


denes ring alonewth as; rich could azas es, an impresion inconvenient 1.oe he wrc- from us while we ful- and hurt u in your service. friend citi es; and the law, and reo Daig, theretcre, to weigh in your firstbity to work we were fub; Aed wilcom, that which the present circum. tefore the line was pronounced, ar pear. frances demand of you.-Deign not to ed to a frien liicherfrom vague ac liften to your own natural bousty, but curarins, a tbcuíard times more severe confult sour no Dídial interefis, and thar that lay and reportinijtv.

that of your kingdom. We have thus confitere it our duty Ouio.e for our custs, and for our to defuise the fhaits of calum.y, vague King, will live 2 ways in our hearts. complain's, and every thing that inight Art, affuredly, whaicver may be our diarset ur at:et:on from the important face, we fhail ever dierve to be ranked du ies of Adn iniuration.

among the number of good Citizens of We have thus thought it our duty to your empire. expose ourselves to the hatred of the e. We are, with the most profound re. Derries of order, and the centures of speeis &c. those, who, measuring the characters of L'ARCHEVEQUE DE BOUR. ministers by events, neither confider the

DEAUX, obitacles they have to lurmount, nor the LA LUZERNE, number nor degree of efforts displayed GUIGNARD, against them.

LA TOUR DU PIN, It is consoling, it is glorious to us, to be able to invoke even the teftimony ot. your Majesty.

ANSWER OF THE KING, You know, and you have had the

S: Cloud, 08. 22. 1999. goodness sometimes to say, how nuch, I AM very much touched with the in the course of the difficulties that were sentiments you have exprefed to me. perpetua ly rising up, it behoved us with No person can know better than rryteit courage, to bear and support the weight how very lirile foundation there is for of our places.

the fi:fpicions that have been conceived You know, that it has behoved us to against you. I have always found you forget ourlelves, and to remember no. the friends of the people, of order, of thing but your Majesty's love for the juftice, and of the laws. I thall take vour good at the people, the importance of letter into my particular confideration. our cbligations, and our devotion to in. I fall make known to each of you my terests of luch magnitude,

intentions, and I expect, from your zeal It is with the same sentiments, and for the pullic good, and your atiachment upon the same principles with which we to me,' that, until I have made known made every personal facrifice, that we my withes, you will not abandon your ought now to fupplicate your Majelty to functions. take into consideration whether it would

(Signed) LOUIS. not be for your interest and the public good, to make choice of other ministers.

We have reason to believe, from what Letter of M: la Luzerne, to tbe King of hay lately pafled in the National Alem

France. hly, that we shall no longer obtain the confidence of a great number of those

Paris, 08. 23. 1790. who compose it; and although they have, ALL your Ministers have reprefented in their justice, rejected the Decree that to you their firuation, and the stare of was moved for-although no specific public affairs ; but I more particularly charge has been made against tismale have made your Majefty fenfible, that it though the generality and bitterness of is impoffible for me io be any longer vle. the imputations indicate only the impa- ful in the department committed to my rience of certain persons to fix upon us charge. the blame of the public misfortunes—and Disorders have prevailed in different although it would be easy for us to de- provinces of France ; they have lately monstrate the purity of our conduct, increaled. The fidelity, or at leaft the both in the fyftem and detail, yet there discipline of various corps of troops has would relult, even from the clartour of been shaken. At this time troubles exuff this discussion, and from the phantom of in the most diftant poffeffions. It is distrull, which they are deGrous to raise among the crews of the facets, and the



artificers of the ports and arsenals, where to my duty, by addreffing to you my reThe feeds of licentiousuels and intubordi- fignation, and by fupplicating you to acnarion chiefly prevail.

cept of it. " The ports, arsenals, and squadrons,

(Signed) LA LUZERNE. must be admitted to be the true ítrength of the French colonies. I have to entreat that your Majeity will permit me to

His Majesty's answer. itate, in a memorial at large, in what cori

St Cloud, 08. 29 dition I leave them, and give an account

You gave me, Sir, laft year, a great in detail of my adminiftration. At pre- proof of your attachment, ia retuming fent, I will make a rapid sketch of the re- your situation, when I believed your fult of these statements. It will be fufreturn to be to advantageous to my ficient to point the resources of the state, service, and beneficial to the itute. You and the path ofaction to those who come are now of opinion that your retreat is alter me, by stating what has been done necessary. i oblerve, on this occafion, during my adininiftration.

the lame sentiments which have always A inarine force, confiderably greater actuated you. I defire that you may than has existed since the beginning of give an account of your conduct, as you this country-the fupplying with provi- leem to have formed such resolution, and fions 70 ships of the line, ant 65 frigates I will make use of it as circumstances ( I do not inciude in this number four hips may prompt. I shall never forget, and and two frigates which will be ready to will always have a pleature in exprétting be launched towards the close of the my satisfaction in the constant proots year, nor eight other vessels, and four you have given of your attachment; and frigates on the stocks,) a body of excel- it is with regret that I accept of your relent officers, who signalized'themselves fination. (Signed ) LOUIS. during the last war, and who, by being kept in constant exercise since that pe

Letter from the principal Naval Oficer riod, must render France formidable to?

at the Port of Brejl, to the Minister of the maritime powers, must prelerve the colonies from insults, and be the surest

the Marine Department: guarantee for the maintenance of a peare.

"SIR, Nevertheless, at this time, the fleets of " AT the very moment when we look other nations cover the seas, and our na. upon war aś inevitable, at the very inval forces are chained down. They are itint that the honour of our country and condeinned to inaction and indolence by the public profperity seem to depend on the insubordination of the marines, by in- our naval power, every good citizen lurretions constantly renewed, and by must tremble whio witneiles the want of unjuft fufpicions.

subordination and the anarchy which Henceforth, Sire, one of your old Min now universally prevails in the fleet. niiters will have it in his power, as far “ It is entirely out of the pow«r of the as he can, to apply remedies to those officers to enforce obedience to the laws. evils; it is, however, neceflity for The Commander in Chief hiculelt mes you to appoint a fuccefTor to me. I with nothing but open discordience to Thould betray, my conscience and the his orders; nay he has been public'y intruth, if I dissembled with your Majefty sulted on board the very hip in which on the indispensible necessity of this mea. he cominands, in the very ship where his sure. Whoever he may be who shall flag is fiying. be the object of that choice, he will, pro- . The officers vainly hoped, that the bably, not experience the same difficul- new code of Marine Penal Laws would ties. The public opinion will be in his be respected. The moment it made its favour, the breath of popularity will fe- appearance it was treated with every cond his efforts, and alfilt him in the re. outrageous insult, and with the most fós establishment of order. This consider. vereign contempt, if not by every indivia ation is so decisive and urgent, that any dual, at least by every one of the flips other in the present circumstances ought companies. not to be put in competition with it. “In this unpleasant situation, the offia My attachment to you, Sire, is, and thall cers who were in hopes of being honour. be always without bounds. I offer to ed with the confidence of the nation, and your Majesty a new proof of my attach- who feel most sensibly their disappoints ment to your intercits, and my fidelity ment, and behold th: Spirit of insurrece to..

tion triumphant in the fleet, think it the King, addreffed to himself, which was their duty to make known to the Nation- as follows: al Aller bly, the disorders which it is to- “ I beg of you, Sir, to make krova tally out of their power to remedy, and to the National Assombly the choke to request that you, Sir, would be pleased which I have made of M. Fleurieu, to to be their Sepaker.

fucceed, in the marine department, M. « It is not for themselves that they are de la Luzerne, who has religned. alarmed; but they dread the thought of

(Signed) Louis” being obliged, in the day of battle, to witness their own disgrace, and that of . This letter capfed no debate ; and the French Bag.

the Allembly passed to the order of “! the riots, which the sailors are the day, which was the confideration of Ferity of, be produced by the intrigues of the perional cuour.bution.--M. de fercnemies, no time should be loft in difco- mont, upon that subject, proposed fome vering and punishing those who are the additional articles, which were agreed cause of fo much milchief. « But if this insubordination proceeds

FRENCH FINANCES. from a dilike to the officers, hurt as they

berreded by others. vet It appears by M. de Calonne's book they would not only submit, but rejoice jutt printed, that the ancient deficit in the to fee their luccellors restore order and Revenue, announts to only 36.230,00o discipline, and lead the failors to glory.

livres annually. “They would add this facrifice to

to It also appears, that the present deficit, many others which they have already on the most moderate calculation, 2made for the sake of public tranquillity; mounted to 255,724,000 livres ! and would earnestly pray, that their fúc.

LITIES. cestors might enforce that obedience The increase of the public

expenditure, withinthree which has been retuled to themselves."

years, amounts to 155,770,000

Deductthereductions made

un economic principles, 75,476,000 Devier 28.

Real increase of expence, 80,294,000 M. Challey, member of the Ecclefiaftical Committee, gave an account of see The revenue decreased 119,100,000 veral re'igious eftahlil.r-rsrollefied by The encrease of expence, the English, Scotch, arl , in France, and the decrease of the It appeared there are twenty-eight of revenue, together 1999494,000 ther for both sexes, engaged for the is. Deduer the ancient defifret en of routh of the three kingdoms,

56, or in milions, a: d pofTefled of a net revenie of 329,coc livres defined for the Remains, as actual deficit 255,714,oca fubfiitence or one touiand fire hunc'red More than quadrupled in lo short as individua s. True prior Dhy would interval! probably induce the Afier bly to ir vite those rorks ind pens to return to their The Duke nf Orleans' joftification at anotes, 'o preach the duties or the buikenzt is publibed. This Prince ir hips bandiman, and the father of a family; but that the iriure Ciop of the grh and ob policy, which riten wrap principles, bas of October vas owing to the scarety of Listared a decree in ten aricis, leaving bread; to the orgies is prudent's be'd the foresrers in their present ftate, by the lody guards at Verfas ks: 1 the preriding revertheles, that iter shall be irtenced prijcât of orantying the King peatened like other fuppreffe nonks ; Men, which is plainly proved by ihat their property ba' be icd; tha; Court d'Eftaisy's letters to the Quere: Thermal tore o ite dress enjoined by and to differtat catfes entirely foreign to their founder and that in more vows tte Duke's patriotic view. He cocciades, Ball be taker, Wit reiped to be per. hy declaring his intentiza to proiecute tion of 6000 livres claimed br the Inita Mell. Boucber d'Argis ad De Flande: Codege at Si. Oner's the Arabiscus de Brmville, the two Magiftrates of the feasde on to its united Commit Chatelet ; iad Mei. Ia Sere. Duval, ters and Paties,

Namr.pir, Thier, Vike, Forzante, Tie Producat then read a kerter from Galeri, Piletier, Degviss, Blerier,



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