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made a motion of bending his knee: the with a person finely formed, and porn generou: Briton, shocked at the unmaniy feally engaging, could not fail to imprent overture, caught him suddenly with both the prisoners with the most favourable hands, and turning to Perrosa, said aloud, ideas, and as Don Manuel fpoke French - Convince this gen: 'eman he has fuently, he could converfe with the fallen into the hands of an honourable Britih captaia without the help of an in enemy". Is it poffib e!” criert Dop terpreter. As he expressed an impatient Manuel. and kifling up his streaming eyes delire of being admitted to his parck, to the counter an e of the British oficir, that he might revifit friends and connec Jaw lamanity, valour, and generous pity, tions, from which he had been long fepaSo strongly charactered in his youthful rated, he was overjoyert to hear that the features, that the conviction' was irrerin. Eozbisa ship wooid carry her prize inte ible. "Will he not acrep! my fword?" Lisboc ; and that he would there be set cried the Spaniard. “ He defires you to on fhors, and prsmitted to make the bett wear it, till he has the honour of resent- of his way from thence to Madrid. He ing you to his captain.' " Ah!then talked of his wife with all the ardour of he has a captain," exclaimed Manuel; the most impaffioned lover, and apolo * his fuperies will be of another way of gized for his tear. br imputinz them to thinking ; tell him, this caket coi tains the agony of his mind and the infinity my jewels ; they are valuable ; let him of his health, under the dread of being prelent them as a lawful prize, which longer separated from an object so deur will enrich the captos ; his fuperior will to his heart, and co whom he doated not hesitate to take them from me." with the fondeft affection. The gener “ If they are your Excellesicy's private ous captor indulged him in these con properiy,” replied Pedrosa. “I am or. verfarions, and, being a husband himselt dered to aspire you, that it your thip was know how to allow for all the tenderness doaded with jewels, no Britich officer in of his sensacions. " Ah, Sir,” cried Domu the service of his -king will take them at Manuel, " would to heaver it were in your hards; the Thip and affats of his my power to have che honour of present Catholic Majefir are the only prize of the ing my beloved Leonora to you on our captors ; the personale of the passengers landing at Lisbon-Perhaps," added be, are inviolate." Generous nation!" turning to Pedrota, who at that moment exclaimed Don Manuel, « how greatly entered the cabin, < this gentleman, have i wronged thee! Theiboats of whom I take to be a Spaniard, may have the Britith frigate now came along-lide, heard the name of Donna Leonora de and part of the crew were shifted out of Calafonda : if he has been at Madrid, it the prize, taking their truriks and cloaths is poffible he may have seen her; foould along with them, in which they were that be the casc, he can testify to her ex. very cordi:lly alhitted by theis corquer ternalcharms; I alone can witness to the ors. The barge foon after came a-board, exquifite pertoájon of her mind." with an officer in the.stern-sheets, and the 6+ Senor Don Manuel,” replied Pedrosa, crew in their white Birts and velvet caps, " I have feen Donna Leonora, and your to erort the governor and the thip's cap- Excelleney is warranted in all you can tain on board the frinzre, which lay with say in her praise; The is of incomparable her fails to the mall awaiting their are beauty:” 'These words threw the utogival:, the accommodation-adder was rious Spaniard into raptures; his eyes

furgovcr the fide, and manned for thic sparkled with delight; the blood rufat . pr. forers, who were received on the gange into his emaciated checks, and every fez

wav by the second lieutenant, whift ture glowed with unutterable joys be perfect Glence, and the itriciest discipline preffed Pedrofa with a variety of rapid reigned in the ship, where all were un- enquiries, all which he evadedby plead ng der the decks, and no in quüfitive curious ignorance, saying, that he had only had eyes were foffered to wound the feeling, a casual giance of her as Me paffed along of the conquerrd. even with a glance. In the Prado. The embarrassment, howt. the door of his cabbin finod the capiain, ver, which accompanied these answers wwl.o rereived them with that modeft did not escape the English Captain, who * complaif ner, which does not revolt the thortly after, drawing Pedroía afide into

unfortunate by an overftrained politenefs; the luxeon's cabin, was by him made

he was a man of high birth and elegant acquainted with the melancholy Groatian . wannars, with a heart as benevolent as of that unfortunate lady, and every para · it wp brave : Such an address, fet qffi uiçulanof the Hory as before related; nay, He very vial was produced with its con- " where he may present himselk" I fents, as put into the hands of Pedrosa by " can well believe it," replied the cap the Inquilidor.

tain; “ bis pitcous cale will require fure “ Can there be such vallainy in man?, “ther deliberation ; in the mealleime let eried the British captain, when Pedrofa « nothing tranipire on your part and had concluded his detail; “ Alas! my " keep yourself out of bis right as care* heart blecds for this unhappy husband: "fuly is you can.”-This said, the cap. " afiured y that mondier has destroyed tain leit the cabin, and both parties ree “ Leonora ; as for thes, Pedrosa, whilft paired to their feveral occupations. *the British Aag flies over thy head, As foon as the frigate and her prize “ neither Spain, nor Portugal, nor Ina cast anchor in the Tagus, Don Manuel “quisitors, nor devils, Mali annoy thee de Calafonda impaticatly reminded ous 6 under its protection : but if thou ever captain of his proiniled parole. Thepain. “ vecturert over the fide of this fri), and ful moment was now coine, when an ex, “ rafhly fetteit one foot upon Cacholic planation of some foxt becaine unavoid“ soil, when we arrive at Lisbon, thou able. The generous Englisman, with a si are a loft man.” I were worse countenance expreffive of the tenderest * than a inadman,' replied Nicolas, pity, took the Spaniard's hand in his, « Thould I attempt it."- Keep close and seating hiin on a couch beh le him, « in chis asylum, then," reluined the ordered the centinel to keep the cabin captain, " and fear nothing ; had it been private, and delivered himself as fol. « our fate to have been captured by the lows.“ Spaniard, what would have become of “Sunor Don Manuel, I must now ima "thee?" In the worit of exirenje « part to you an anxiety which I la“ties," replied Nicolas, " I lhould have « bour under on your account--I have " applid to the Inquilidor's vial; but I “ trong reala is to suspect you have esc4 confefs I had no fcars of that fort ; a 6 mies in your own country, who are * Mip lo commanded, and so manned, is “ upon the watch to arrest you on your h in little danger of being carried into a " lading; when I have told you inis, " Spanish port." I hope not," laid " I expect you will repose such trust inn the captain ; " and I promisc thee thou my honour and the fincerity of my re" thalt take thy chance in her, so long as " gard for you, as not to demand a “ she is afloat under my command; and * further explanation of the particulars, “ if we live to conduct her to England, « on which niy intelligence is founder". 4 thou shalt have thy proper fare of Heaven and Eacth!” cried she afto. “ prize-money, which, if the gall-on nished Spaniard, “ who can be thofe e. “ breaks up according to her entries, “ nemies I have to fear, and what can “ will be lomething towards enabling “ I have done to deserve them:"So “ thee to Mift; and if thou art as uild- « far I will open myself to you,” answer “ gent in thy duty as I am persuaded ed the captain, “as to point out the so thou wilt be, whilft I live inou falt“ principal do you, the inquisidor ge“ never want a seaman's friend." “ neral," "The best friend I have in .chefe chearing words, little Nicolas throw « Spain,"exclaimed the governor; “my himself at the feet of his generous prt s sworn protector, the patron of my for ferver, and with Atreaming cyts poured 6 tune : Heidy enemy ! impoffibic." out his thanks from a heart aniinated “ Well, Sic," replied the captain, “if with joy and gratitude. The captain, my advice does not mect belief, I raising him by the hand, forbade him, as " must so far exert my authority for he prized his friend nip, ever to address • your fake, as to inake this fip your him in that poliure any more; " Thank“ prison, till I have waited on our mini« me, if you will," added be, “but " Iter at Litoon, and made the inquirice “ thank me as one man Thould another ; « neceffary for your safety: fufpend " let no knees bend in this ship but to 6 your judgment upon theseeming harsh.

the name of God. But now," con- 6 neis of this measure till I return to tinued he, « let us turn our thoughts to “ you again :" and at the same time " the situation of our unnappy Calafonda, rising from his feat, he gave order for « we are now drawing near to Lisbon, the barge, and leaving itric inju. ctions « where he will look to be liberated on with the firit lieutenant not to allow of the * his parole.”- By no means let him governor's quitting the frigate, he put of 16 venture into Spain," said Pedrosa ; "I for the short, and left the melancholy h am well asured there are orders to ar. Spaniard buried in profound apd filcat Brett him iu cvery port or icon.ier lowa, medication.

The The emillaries of the inquifitioa ha. “ him our bands were joinså; his fing ving at last t-ared Pedrosa to Lisbon, " pronouneed the nuphal bceediction, and there gained inittliceace of his ha- « and chriogh ris favour I vpis promos ving criered on board the frigate, ou « ted to my fuverament: Grant, Hea. crpe in baino fooner turned into the " veo. no misfortune hata beial en my rorch of the hotel 21 Buenns-Ayres, than « Leonora ! surely she canoat have of. he was accofted by a messenger of staie “ fended him and fortelted his favour.'' with a frau lition from the prime mini- " As I know him not,”replied the Cape ster's ffice for the surrender of one Ni- taid, ) can form po judgincht of hig cola: Pd fa, a subject of Spain, and a “ motives : but this I know, that if a criminal,' who had escaped out of the “ man's heart is capable of crael:, the prison of the Inquisition in Madrid, “ fiieft fchool to learn it in, rufi be the where he stood clared of high crimes « Ir caifition." The propofal was now and mifter eanors.--As soon as this sugger! of lading letters into Spain, requif: on was explained to our wore and the Grovernor retired to his desk for thy captain, without contefcending the purpose of writing them; in the afto a vor in reply be called for pen ternoon of the farmedryche Minifter paid and ink, and wriiing a short order to a visit to the Captain, and receiving a the officer commanding on board, instante packet from the hands of Don Manuels ly dilpatched the mi mipiran, who ai- promifed to fit it forwarded by a fafc tended him, to the barge with directions Coveyince accordioz to direction. to make the hes of his way back to the In due course of uime this fatal letter frivare and deliver it to the lieutenant: from Leonora opened all the horribic Ther tnrning to the messenger, he faid tra: faction to the itreiched nusband:to him in a refo'ste tone-" That “The guilty hand of an expiring wit, 6 Spaniard is now borne on my brok, under the agonizing op ration of a of the most enchanting spots on earth, in, was generally understood he was either a climate most falubrious and restorative no longer in cxistence, or in a situatiou neto a constitution exhautled by heat and a ver to be heard of any more, vill routed lieart Dear broken with furrow, the re.' by the awakening trumphe Mall be fumviving spirits of the unfortunate Don moned to his tremerduous jalt account., Maruel gave the first symptoms of a As for che unhappy widower, it was fulpossible secovery. At the period of a ly signified to him from authority, that. few tranquillizing weeks here paflied in his return to Spain, whether upon exthe bofom of humanity, letters came to change or parole, would be no longer opband from the British Minifter af Lisbon, pole, nor had hcany thing to apprehend. in antwer to a niemorial, that I should on the part of government, when he have stared to have been drawn up by the should there arrive. The same was signis friendly captain before his departure fied in fewer words to the excu!pated from that port, with a detail of facts de Pedrota. posed and sworn to by Nicolas Pedrosa, Whether Don Manuel de Cafafunde which memorial, with the documents at, will in time to coine avail himfelf of these tached to it, was forwarded to the Spa- overtures time alone can prove: As for nish Court by special express from the little Nicolas, whose prize money has let Portuguese prenier. By these letters it him up in a confortabic litee' fop in appeared that the high dignity of the per. Duke's place, where he breathes the veins són impeached by thie statement of facts and cleanles the bowels of his Ifraelitisha had not been sufficient to screen him froin brethren in a land of freedom and wvlerg2 veryferious and conplete investigation; tion, his merry heart is at reft, fave only in the course of which facthad been so when with fire in luis eves and vengeance clearly brought home to hiin by the con- on his congue, he anainematizes the Jofesfion of his leveral agents, and the tef- quifition, and fruts into the synagogue timony of the deceased Leonora's aiten- every Sabbath with as bold a liep an as dants, tog-ther with her own written de erect a look, as if he was hi-nieli High clarations, whilft the poison was in ope: Priest of the Temple going to perform Tatiosi, that though no public fentence facrifice upon the re-allembling of the bad been executed upon the criminal, it scattered tribes,

and before you th ll take hini out of “ morialo-fon, traers hele few tren66 the forvire of my King, you must Gink “ bling lines to an injured wretched buf« his thip ”-Nitwaiti g for a reply he “ bant. If thou hast any pity for my immediaiely proceeded, withour ftop, to“ parting spirit, fly the ruin that awaits the house of the Brian M nitter at the aihee and avoid this frene of villaisy further end of the city : Here he found " and ho!!cr. When I tell thee I have Pedrola's interience, with 1 pard in bi borne a child to the monfter, while the Goverror"fQ 1.9. exprris y ver fied, “ poison runs in my veins, thou wih ab for the orrter has come town in to "hor thy faithles Leonora; had I Lisbon, upon the chance nfire Spanish “ trength to relate to thee the fubtle frigate's taking shelter in that vori. To " si acbinations, which betrayed me to this Miniftro he related the horrici tale, "digraie, Thou would it piry and pero which Pertrofa hat delivered to him, “haps forgive sne. Oh a chy! can and with his concurrence it was deter " write his name?-The Inquitidor ig mined io forward letters into Spain, “ my murderer-- My pen fals from my which Do. Manuel Mould be advisid to a hand-lare till forever. write to his lady and friends at Marid, Hida matn fled through the hesrt and to wait their answer before any fur- of Don Minoc', it could not recre effece ther discoveries were imparted to hiin tually have ftopt its motions, then the peo tefpect g the blackos circumstances of rural of this faial writing. He dropped the cale : in the mean time, it was relel. lifel-is on the couch, and but for the care ved to keep the prisoner safe in his and affilance of the Captain and Pedro aliyon.

fa in thatpofture he had probably expired Ihr genernus caprain inft no time in Griet like his will not be described by retorrink to his fri, rate, where he immer words, for to words it gave no utterance ; diately imported to Dan Manuel 're in. 'twas fuffocatirs, filent woe. Bell vence lie had obtained at the British Let us drop the curtain over this me Minimer'samel. This indeed," cried the lancholy pause in our narration, and als a filieterSpaniard, “ is a troke I was in teird upon the mournful widower 6 no relped prepared for; I hari fondly landing upon English ground, and con* perfuaded myielfthere was pot in the veved by his humane and generous pre " hole empire of Spain a more frient. ferver to the house of a noble Earl, the * ly hear than that of the Inquifiones; father of ont amiable captais, and a man

tn ny beloved Lernera het ever by his virtues All more conspicuous than * fiewithe tenderneis of a patern laten hy lig rank. Here amidft the gentle fo

Ecrou from her yery childhoud; by lickedcs of a benevolent family, in op

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And since below the lash they fident honde

Let truth proceed their virtues to defend. DIGNITY OF HUMAN NATURE, With whai surprise pofterity shall fee,

A panegyric penn'd without a fee ! OR, A PANEGYRIC upon the WORLD. What right have we to trample on the

weak, Or tab a lamb bccause he cannot speak?.

The driver af a cart is proud to show, ** Puam male confuefcit, quam fe parat ille liis horfe obeye the better for a blow. "crucri

The generous faithful dog we dare despise, ' Impius humano ; vitali qui guttura culino For we alone were made to mount the * Rumpit, et iminutas probet nugilibus aures!

skies; Ovid.""' And when his frloin to the board is borne,

Forget the honest ox once plough'd to raise * DRIDE was not made for man,” some

ou: corn. prea: her favs,

The Dutchman's model in an ant we see, Yet pride, alis! dirées us all our days. And China's wisdom animates the bee. The happier brutes we venture to contemn, "The very fondett votaries of love And thank our stars we were not made Cap but at distance imitate the dove; like them;

And where s the maion would succeed fo Yet every fault the four-foot race have

well, known,

As beavers in the building of their cell ! From Adam downward, centers in our As far in moral worth as strength and lize,

&cu the sage elephant beyond us rise! 22. Vol. XII. No. 71.

own ;


Our favage hunger defolates the earth To fhake his coward heart with confcinas The miferies we make, afford us mirth.

fear, Por us below the furface of the pole, And rend with Hoftile truth, the tyrant's Where no ray vibrates, and no billows roll,

ear. The herring spawos-fur us the camel toils, Compar'd to us--the peacock is not vain The pheasant fattens, and the lobster boils. Compar'd to us the tyger is humane. ' Nor can his nail defend the turtle's Size, No fpaniel ever thook with so much fear, A worm is baited and the dolphin dics. As bankrupt farmers when the term draws To Krida', cliff, the gannet sores in vain,

near; The fhárk lies vanquish'd on his fubject And though the hog Ilye fecins a horrid main,

fcene From his dark den the rugged bear we Five hundred nations are not half so clean. chase,

An ape might learn the science of griThe rapid buckfalls breathless from the race: mace The frog-the feal--the viper-and the From some field preacher, bawling faith boar,

and grace; The crocodile him felf we can devour, But when embattled fects through ages From his profoundest docps we drag the bleed, whale,

. To prop some trivial antiquated creed, And forty black birds furnish half a meal. Sure, this is madness to the brutes: unThus land, and air, the forest, and the

known, flood,

And hell must testify 'ris. all our own. Are all unpeopled to supply our food. We itile ourselves the MASTERS of the

of all the vidims of the prefent scene, globe, Nay, boust a serious right to kill and rob.

Man feels the fhorteat joy, the sharpett

pain. Noah procur'd a charter to destroy, Apd we, his heirs, that pious trust enjoy;

On yon poor als we turn contemptuous The priest a fanction to the knife imparts,

rts, And his calm patience pity and despise And folemn canting iteclis our stupid hearts.

But yet he never fwijls the heady bowl,

Till every frantic paflion tears his soul; Our fare while slaughter every day fup. On thifles, grass, and straw, content he

lives, We still humanity pretend to prize;

And each pure stream a precious bererage We brand the name of Nero with disgracę,

the name of Nero with diigrace, a gives. And say, bis deeds reproach the hunran For him no dappled dame has broke her race;

heart, Because he burn'd that den of rebbers, No batter'd bawd refines cach damning art, ... Rome,

No dark attorney whets thç vulture anille And gave a female fiend her proper doom.

No hungry quack rears up a 'monstrous bill, Voracious murd'rer! view yon defart hivo,

No pulpit mountebank o'ersets his brains, Where not one citizen is left alive!

No rooted pox hoots veyom through his Alt in black heaps bencath' thy vengeance

veins. rollid,

What ills afflict him, nature hath be As.Judah's judges butcher'd young and old!

ftowid Nor had those innocents offended thee, He never madly multiplies the load. Nor gave necessity an honeft plea... . The prince of quadrupeds finds imple food, Without the buleful art of shedding blood :. If what the Scriptures teach us were not With all, infernal Nero ever spilt,

true, His atmoft crimes can fcarce approach thy That virtue fhall hereafter reap her duc guilt.

If Cato's worth is nothing but a name, Vaunt as thou wilt about thy right divine And good and bad are in the grave the The wolf may plead a better far than thinc.

If Skakespeare's intelleét be gone to dust, O might boid Juvenal my breast inspire. And kzen Voltaire furvives but in his bus, With all his faered, his immortal fire, His envied wound if Hampden has forgot, To trace the progress kince the world be And Frederick sleeps, unconsciovs why he

fought. Through all his freaks of that poor puppet If Howard shall not from the Glene grave,

Survey that happinafs his goodres gave,




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