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The History of Nicolas Pedrosa, and his clcdp. from the Inquisition it Mac


N ICOLAS Pedrosa, a hüly little be. ways than upwards and dowrlwards at al

IY ing, who followed the trades of stand. A Small troop of mendicant Thaver, furgeon, and man-midwife, in the friars were at this moinent conducting: town of Madrid, mounted his mule at the host to a dying man. . Nicolas the coor of his thop in the Plazuela de " Pedrota,” fays an old friar, “ be palos Amigidos, and pufhed through the “ tient with your heast, and spare your gate of San Bernardino, being called to " blafphernies; remember Balaam. à patient in the ncighbouring village of " Ah, father," replied Pedrota, « Ba.. Foncarral, upon a prelling occafion, E. “ Jaam cudgelled his bealt vill she spoke, very body knows that the ladies in Spaia " 10 s'il! I inine ud the roarsi?? ? Tie, in certain cales do not give long warning. “ fie, prophane fellow," cries another to practitioners of a certain deferiprion, of ile fraternity. " Go about your and no body knew it better than Nicolas, " work, friend," quath Nicolas, "i'and who was resolved not to lose an inch of let me go about mine;' I warrant it his way; nor of his mult's best speed by is the more presling of the two; your the way, if cudgelling could bear it out " patient is going out of the world, of her. It was plain to Nicolas's cone" mine is coming into it." « Hear vi&tion as plain could be, that his road "nim," cries a thiril, "hear the vile lud ftrait forward to the little convenit " wreich, how he blafphemes the body in front; the mule pas nf opininn, that " ot Gou! ind then the troop pafled the turning on the left down the hill to- Rowly on to the tinkling of the bill. wards the Prado was the road of all A ma' must know nothing of a mule's roads molt familiar and agreeable to her- tars, who does not know what a paflion Tell, and accordingly begani ro dispute the they have for the tinkang of a bull; and point of lovograpv with Nicolas, by fixó no sooner the jingling choris vibraing her fore teet refoiutely in the ground, ceu in the sympathetic organs of Pedrosa'. dipping her heari at the same time be beast, than poulting forward with a ludtween them, and launching heels änd den spring, Nite ran roaring into the crupper furiously into the air, in the throng of friars, trampling on forne, and way of argument. Litile Pedtofa, who Kouluering others at a molt prufane rate: was arr, ed at heel with one maffy filter when Nicolas, availing Himself of the spur of stout, though antient workman- impetus, and perhaps not able to con ship, resoluicly applied the rufty towel troul it, broke away and was out of to the shouider of his beast, driving it fight in a moment." All the devita in with all the good will in the world to “hell blow fire into thy tail, thou beast the very bitt, and at the fame time, ad. " of Babylon,” muttered Nicolas to him. roitly iucking his blue cloth capa under self, as he scampered along, never once his right arini, and finging the skirt over looking behind him, or stopping to apothe left shoulder en cavalier, began to lay logize for the mischief he had done to about him with a Itout aihen sapling up the bare feet and shirtless tibs of the holy on the eats, pole, and checks of the re- brotherhood. creant male. The fire now flashed from Wnether Nicoias saved his distance, as & pair of Andalusian eyes, as black as like wife, if he did, whether it was a charcoal and not less inflammable, and male or female Castilian he ushered intaking the fegara from his mouth, with to the world, we shall not just now enwhich he had vainly hoped to have re- quire, contented to avait his return in galed his nostrils in a sharp winter's even- the firft of the morning next day, when ing by the way, railed such a thunder- he has no fooner dismounted ar his shop ing troop of angels, saints, and martyrs, and delivered his inule io a sturdy Arrafrom St Michael downwards, not for gonese wench, when Din İgnacio de getting his own namesake Saint Nicolas Santos Aparicio, alguazil mayor of the de Tolentino by the way, that if curtes supreme and general inquifition, pur an could have made the mule to go, the dil. order into his hand, figned and sealed by pure would have been foon caded, but the inquisidor general, for the conveyance poi a faint could make her stir any other of his body to the Cala, whose formidable VOL. XII, No.21.

deor Home Opferver, vol. V.

door presinto itself in :beforee: a-'joining « seal; let the fathers read it, if they to the quare, in which Nico!az'a i razen "like, ' will prove the trush of my de befintitnyith the emblema ng his trade, & pofition, and help out my excute for

The poor liitle filow, irembing in the rury of my errand, and tbe unevery, and with a face as yell was " fort.nale adventure of my damned refaffroa, dropu a knee io tie il ár, which "faciory muk."-And row ne fooper fronts the Ruak, and c:off:d himself had the recollection of the wayward mos: devoutly; as fonn as te had at. Dole croild the brain of poor Nicolas cended ihe tit fight of stairs, a porter Pcúroia, than he began to blast her at a habired in black opened the trt ni ndous furious rate . The scratches and the barricade, and Nicolas wiibi orror heardfcabo boot confound thy curvy the grating of the heavy bits that smut "hidr,' quoth he, " thou ass-drgois him in. He was led i rrugh pages, " so biftard, whom Noah never it into and vaults and melanc oh cils, uilhe, “ jis ark! The vengradre tie eber iis was delivered into the dungeon, where “ an uncrease i barren beart of prompikuhe was finally like to bis folitary medio « ous generation! Whai devil's crotcha tations. Hapless being ! what a scene “ el got into thy capricious nodok, ibar of horror.-Nieoas felt all the terrors of “itou should tall in love with that his condition, but being an Andalusian, " Nazarit.ib bell, and run »-lowing like and, like his counirymen, of a lively ima- “ Luc.fer into the midft of thosc barco gination, le began to turi over all the reo, " footd verin, who are moft malici. tources oí lits invention for i me happy “ous and spore greedy than the docufta feich, if any luch might occur, for help “ of Egypt: Oh! that I had the art of ing him out of the dismal hubo he was “ Simou Magus, to conjure you into the in :, He wv Art long to fuck for the u dunyton in my ftead, but I warrant cause of his misturtune ; his adventure " thou art chewing thy burley, firav with the barefond friars was a ready.“ without any pity for thy wretched folution of all dificullies of that nature', " maller, whom tny jade's tricks have Frail there been any : there was however " delivered bodily to the tormentors, another thing, which miglt lave iro! be “to be sport for thele uocircumcised kon a fouter heart than Nicolas's-He“ fouis of Dagon," Aard now the ceil Sus a JewT his of a certain would door openeci, when a lavage figure ens have been a flaggering Arm in a poor Brid, cari ying a huge parcel of clank. ok vil's confin, tutsheni: u23 a lierit. ing ferrers, with a collar of ingr, which to a I the word but Nicolas, and Ni. he put round the neck of poor Pedrosa, Cola's.confticnce did not juit then urge to things hin with a truly diabolic grin, him to reveal it. He row began to over. Whil he was rivetring it on, that it was haul the inventory of his perfonals a proper cravar for the throul of a blare 2 Lout him, and with fun.e fais a phemer. Jesu Maria," quoch Pedro.. tion couuted three liule medal, of the la," is all inis fallen upon me for only blunca virgin. Ivo Agnus Deis, a Saint " cudgeihing a restive mule !" " Aye,' Nicolas de Tolentino, and a formidable cried ihe demon, " and this is only a firing of beac's all pendant trom his neck “jaste of what is to come," at the same and within his lire; in his pockets live time flipping his pincere irom the fiew had a paper of dried fys, a 11 all bundle he was forcing to the head, he caught of legaras, a case of lance!s, iguirt and a piece of Acth in the Forceps, and forceps, and two old r7 2018 in a lealbern wrenched it out of his check, laughing etivelope ; thefe te had relivered one by at poor Nicolas, whilft te roared aluud one to the aguazil who is it arsefied with the pain, telling him it was a just him and let him roke ite act of reward for the torture he had put him 10 ibeti,” said he to hirafeif, “they can aw..ilt ago, when he tugged at a tooth, * “ never prove me an Iliariile by a case of til he broke it in his jaw." Ah, for the " razors." Upon a rioler running, “ love of Heaven,” cried Pedrosa, however, he discovered in a secret puckt « have more pity on me ; for the fake a letter, which the alguazil hud over- " of Saint Nicolas de Tolentino, piy hoJooked, and which his pauent Donna “ ly patron, be not so unmerciful to i Leonora de Calafunda had given him in '« poor barber-surgeon, and I will fhave charge to deliver as directed " Well, “ your worthip's beard for nothing as " well,” cried ht, " let it pals; there, « long as I have life.". One of the mel

can be no. nyflery in this harmless sengers of the auditoi y came in, and bade' o loraw; a leiter of advice to. Some the fellow firike off the prisoner's iet: d Bricod or relation. I'll not break the ters, for that the holy fathers were in


comcil, and demanded him for examina his excellency the Inquisidor General Tion, « This is fomething extraordina. “ was there nothing else you did, save

ry," quóth the tormentor, I fhould – smiting your beant?* not have expectei ir this twelve month “ I take faint Nicolas de Tolentino to “.tn rome.” Pedrofa's fetters were " witness," replied he, “that I know ftruck off: fome brandy was applied to “ of no other crime for which I can be Ataunch the bleeding of his checks; bis * refponfible at this righteous tribunala hands and face were washed, and a Thort s6 fave Imiting my unruly beant.", jacket of coarse tiking thrown over him, Take notice, brethren,' exclaimed and the messenger with an affittant take the Inquifi 1or, “chis waholy wretch holds ing him each under an arm, led him into « trampling over friars to be no crime." .a fpacious chamber, where, at the head 's Pardon me, holy father," replica

of a long table fat his.excollency the In- Nicolas, “I hold it for the worst of .quifidor General with fix of his allestirs, 6 erines, and therefore willingly furren. three on each side the chair of state. The “ der my refractory mule to be dealt alguazil mayor, a secretary and two no with as you see fit, and if you impale taries with oiber officers of the holy cuun “ her alivevit will not be more than the eil, were attending in their places. " deferves."

The prifoner was placed behind a bar " Your wits are too nimble, Nicolas," at the foot of the table between the mer- cried the judge ; have a care they do Sengers who brought him in, and having « not run away with your discretion : remade his obeisance to the awful presence « colleet the blarohemics you uttered in in the mott supplicating manner, he was "ine hearing of thote pious people." ; called upon, according to the usual form “I hunuly pray your excellency," of questions, by one of the junior judges anfvered the priloner, "to recollect that to declare his name, parentage, profes- “ anger is a short madness, and I hope fion, age, place of abode, and to anfwer 66 allowances will be made by your hor various interrogatories of the like trifling ly council for words spoke in haite to nature. His excellency the Inquisidor " a rébellious,mule: The prophet Balaan General now opened his reverend lipe, « was thrown-off his guard with a simple and in a folemn toneof voice, that pene. « ass, and what is an ass compared to a trated to the heart of the poor trembling " mule? Af your'excellency had seen the prisoner, interrogated him as follows " lovely creature that was screaming in

* Nicolas Pedrofa, we have listened agony till I earne to her relief, and bow 10 to the account you give of yourself, fine à boy I wthered into the world, 66 your business and connections, now tell " which would have been loft but for my “ us for what offence, or offences, you 6 afliance, I am sure I hould not be « are here ftanding a prisoner before us: condemned for a few hasty words « Examine your own heart, and speak c* fpoke in paffion." & the truth from your conscience with sé Sirrah !" cried one of the puisny *** out prevarication or dilgu le." “ May judges, " refpea the decency of the « it please your excelleney,” replied Pe. « count" drofa, “ with all due submission to your « Produce the contents of this fellow's “ holiness and this reverend afferably, pockets ,before the court," said the *** my inolt cquitable judges, I conceive prefident, “lay thein on the table." « Iitand here before you for no worse a' si Monfter," resumed the aforesaid « crime, than that of cudgelling a reirace puisny judge taking ồp. the forceps, si tory mule ; ag animal so reitive in iis is what is the use of this diabolical ma" nature, (under correction of your ho- « chine!

lineis be it fpoken) that though I were . Please your reverence o replied Perla si bleft with the torbearance of holy Jobs, rosa, astum eft ad extrahendos fætus" “ for like him too lam married, and my - Unnarural wretch," again excla in. 66 patience hath been exercised by a wife,) .eti the ju ige, t. you have murdered the

4 yet could I not furbear to smite niy“ mother, • beaft for her obftinaoy, and the rather " The Myther of God forbid," ex“.because I was summoned in the wav .claimed Pedrota, « I believe I have a 66 of my profession, as I have already " proof in my pocket, that will acquit * made known to your most merciful “ me of that charge;" and so faving, he “ cars, upon a certain crying occafion, tendered the letter we have before made -6 which would not admit of a moment's mention of: The secretary took it, and 66 delay."

by command' of the court Itad is fol< Recoled yourself, Nicolas,". faid lows; уу?


Senor Don Manuel de Herrera, “ fuccefsful ; I have bandages and catap When this ketter, wbicb I jena by Nico. “ laims, with oils and conserves, that I tas Pedrosa, pall reach your bands, you " have no canle to complain of; these Joall know tbat I am safely delivered of a " will reftine nature to its proper ftate lorely boy after a dangerous labour, m 5 in all dcerit tine.”_6 Thou talkeft confideration of whicb, I pray you to par 46 like a fooi, friend Niccia.," faid the 10 the faid Nicolas Pedrosa tbe jion of loquitidor, interrupi og kim; “ What twenty gold pistoles, which fum bis excele wie dit ti cure of .; fwthings and Loncs

“ quick work mufibewrought co Hold, cried the inquifitor general, $6 by quick midcint: : Heft thou nons ftarting haftils from his feat, and snatch- “ such in thy botica: l'il anfa er for ing away the letter, "there is more in as it thou hali not; thereiore Icok you, " this ihan meets the sye: break up the "firiah, bere is a little vial compour ded

court; I muft take an examination of " by a famous chymie ; fre' that you « this prisoner in private.”

mix it in the next apczem you admie • As soon as the room was cleared, the "mister to Donna Licnora; it is the inquifitor general beckoning to the prison. 66 moft capital fedativc in nature; give crio follow him, retired into a private cir. “ her the wrole of it, and let her hufsét, where throwing himself carierly * band return when he will, depend upinto an arın-chair, he turped a gracions 46 on it, he will make no ddcoveries countenance upon the poor affrictated ac- " from her."-" Humph!" quoth Nicoucheur, and bidding him fit down upon coias within himself, Well faid, Ipquiá low flooi by his fore, thus accolted « sidor!” He took the vial with all poshim: " Take heart, fenor Pedrosa, your fible respect, and was not wanting in pro& imprisonment is not hkely to be very feffiens of the most inviolable fidelity and el tedious, for I have a corimiffion you fecrecy." No more words, friend Nico" mufticxecute without loss of time : you « las," quoth the inquisidor, “ upon that d have too much confideraricn for your “ fcore; I do not believe thee one jot ebe k felf, to beiray a truft, the violation of " more sor all thy promises, my depende * which must involve you in inevitable « cace, is on thy fears, and not thrý * ruin, and can in no degree attaint my ." faith ; I fancy thou haft feca enough * character, which is far enough beyond « of this place 'not to be wiiling to reiurn

the reach of malice: be attentive, i to it once for all.”-Having fo faid, " therefore, to my orders ; execute them he rang a' bell, and ordered Nicotas to s pun&ually, and keep my secret as you be forthwith liberated, bidding the mel. * iender your own life: doft thou know fenger return his clothes initamly to him & the name and condition of the lady with all that belonged to him, and ha. He whom thou' haft delivered?” Nico- ving flipt a puffe into his hand well fillas assured him he did not, and his excel led with doubloons, he bade him be gone lency proceeded as follows:- Then about his businels, and not see his face ** I tell thee, Nicolás, it is the illukrious again till he had executed his commands. “ Donna Leonora de Calafonda; her hur. Nicolashouited out of the porch without * band is the prefident of Quito, and taking leave of the altar, and never checku daily expected with the next arrivalsed his speed tili he found hinifełf fairly

from the South-Seas; now, though housed under felter of his own beloved it measures have been taken for detain- braso balin"Aha!”, quosh * ing him at the port, wherever he thall « lord inquisidor, I tee the king is not * land, till he shall receive further or- « likely to gain a subject more by your “ ders, yet y, a must be sensible Donna « intrigues; A pretiy job you have set ** Leonora's fituation is somewhat doli me about; and fo, when I have put

“ cate: it will be your buliness to take " the poor lady to reft with your dam* ¢ the fperdieft measures for her reco. “ ned fedative, my tongue must be ftopt * very ; but as it seems he has had a " next to prevent its blabbing : But P'N “ dangerous' and painful labour, this « theü you I was not born in Andalusia * may be a work of more time than « for norning.'' Nicolas now opened a * could be wisner!, unless fome medicines fecret drawer, and took our a few pieces " more efficacious than common are ad- of money, which in fact was his whole “ miniftered : Art thou acquainted with ftock of cath in the world; he loaded and u any such, friend Nicolas?"_6 So, pined his piftols, ar.d carvily io sed & please your Exceller cy," quoth Ni. ihem in thi bouters 'is faddle, he coldag bny proceffcs have beco toleratly bucklud to his öde his tiuny Ipada. and

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haftened to caparison his mule. 6. Ahy ments he had experienced for a long time ** thou inip of the old one,' quoth ie as past, and being a lively good-humoured * he entered the stabie, art not little fellow, and one that touched the so afhamed to look me in the face! But guitar, and fung fequidillas with a toleo of comc, hufley, thin oweit me a good rable grace, he Toon recommended him.. şi turn methinks, faard by me this once, leif to his shipmates, and grew in favour ^ and be friends for ever! thou art in with every body on board, from the cap* good cale, and if thou wilt put thy tain to the cook's mate. fi beft foot foremost, like a faithful beadt,, When they were out upon their cruize, $6 thou shalt not want for barley by the bovering on the Spanish coast, it occurred 4 way.” The bargain was soon ftruck to Nicolas that the Inquisidor Ge kral between Nicolasand his mule, he mounted at Madrid had told him i mne. 9°C. her in the happy moment and pointing his ted arrival of the Prvitent of Q 0; course towards the bridge of Toledo, and having imparted his to one on the which prou llyftrides with half a dozen lof- lieutenants, he re; so trd it !" the caprain, ty arches over a Itream fcarce three tect and, as the int llig noe feemed of iinporwide, he found himníelf as completely tance, he availed himlili of it, hy howl. in a defert in half a mile's rising, as if ing into inefri kot toe ho nerand bound he had been dropt in the center of Ara- gillons, and great was the joy, when at biz perræ:. 'As Nicolas's j urney was th: bread Itne morning, the man at the not a tour of curioiiiy, he dii pot do mallienti annunce ia spune ringed ver. muse, himnself with a peep at Toledo, fel in jw The arrlour of a thac now or Talaveri,' or even Merida oy the way; fet all hands to work, and a f.w hours for the same reason he took a circa bon broug:.t them near enough to difcern bat dibus round the frontier town of or a- - 1h- was a Spanith frigara, infermagly joz, and crossing a little brook rf-ehet from a long vorage. Little Pedroiz, as his mule with the last draugos of Spanish aler: as the reil, lirip himvicif for his water, and infantiy congratulaieo him. work, and repuired to his post in the felf upon entering the territory at Portu- cock-pi:, wiilit the thundur oi the guns -1 gal. i Brava " quoth he, parting the rolled incelantly or pharl': three chears: neck of his mule, is thou shalt have a froin the whole crew an lengun announce “ fupper this night of the best fieve-.ed the mosnení o victory, and a fi-w

i mea: Etremadura a farnish: We are more minutes ascertainiert ene good rews 6. now in a country where the scattered that the prize was a irigite nichly lie en “ flock of Jliacl fold thick and fare from tne South Seas wirts the Governor 6 well." He now began to chaunt the of Quito an, his 4uite en boird. Song of Solom.n, and gently ambled on Pedrosa was now called upon deck, in the joy of bis heart.

and fent on board the prize as interpre• When Nicolas at length reached the ter to the firit is 'utenant, who was to city of Lisbon, be hugged himlelt in his take por-lion of her. He found every good fortune ; ftill ise recollected that thing in confusion, a deck covered with the inquisition has long arms, and he the plain, and the whole crew in con terwas yet in a place of no perheet ferurity. nation et an event they were in no deOur adventurer had in earis life acted as gree prepared for, not having received affitant surgeon in a Spanilh frigate any intiination of a war. He found the bound to Buenos Ayres, and being cap- officers in general, and the passengers tured by a British man of war and car. without exception, under the most hor ried into Jamaica, had very quie ly palito rid impietrions of the Englisn, and expecu some years in that place as ting to be plundered, and perhaps buichapothecary, in which time he had acquir. ered, without mercy.' Dun Manuel de ed a tolerable acquaintance with the Eog- Calafonda, the Governor, whole counter lish language: no sooner then did he dif. nance b-spoke a constitution far gone in cover the Bririth ensign hring on the a decline, had thrown hilofulf on a fi pha poop of an Eaglish frigate then lying in in the laft ftare of defair, and given way the Tagis than he cagerly calight the op. to an cffusion of tears ; when the lieures portunity of paying a visit to tbc fargen, nant entered the caobin, be role irembo aud finding he was in want of a mate, of. ling from his couch, and with the most fered himlelf, and was onteres in that fupplicuting action prefented to him his capacity for a cruize against the French fword, and with it a casket, which he and Spaniards, with whom Great Britain carried in his o: aer hand. As he ronder. , was then at war. In this secure algium ed there ipuils to his conqueror, whether Nicolas enjoyed the fir{t happy. ing. through weakness, or of his own will, he


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