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Baady my father perished with an ai. Adelan, prime minister at Sengaar, my! how comes it that you' do not then encamped at Aira at the head stay at home and enjoy yourself, eat, of the horse and Nuba, lerying the drink, take pleasure and reft, and not tax opon the Arabs as they went wander like a poor man, a prey to down, out of the limits of the rains, every danger? You, Sir, I replied, into the fandy countries below Atba. may know some of this sort of inen; r: to protect their cattle from the ily, certainly you do' know them; for Another of these three sas Cadi of there are in your religion, as well as Kordofan, in the intereft of Maho. mine, men of learning, and those tog met Abou Kalec, and fpy upon the of great rank and nobili:y, who, on king. The third was a faint in the account of sins they have committed, neighbourhood, conservator of a large or vows they have made, renouncé exteni of ground, where great crops the world, its riches and pleasures : of dora not only grow, but when They lay down their nobility, and be threshed out are likewise kept in come humble and poor, so as'ofton to large excavations called Matamores; be insulted by wicked and low men, the place they call Shaddly. This not hiving the fear of God before man was esteemed another Joseph their eyes."-" True, these are Der- among the Funge, who accumulated vith," said the other three men.““ I grain in years of plenty, that he might

am then one of these Dervish, said distribute it at small prices among the · I, 'content with the bread 'that four when scarcity came. He was - is given me, and bound for some held in very great reverence in the

years to travel in hardthips and dan- neighbourhood of Sennaar. ger, doing all the good I can to poor " The çadi then alked me, “ If I and rich, serving every man, and hurt. knew when Hagiuge Magiuge was to ing none." Tybe! that is well," come » Remembering my old leardsays the king. " And how long have ed friend at Teawa, I scarce could you been travelling about ?" adus one forbear laughing, “ I have no wila of the others. « Near twenty years," to know any thing about him, faid I; faid I. You must be very young, I hope those days are far aff, and will says the king, to have committed to not happen in my time." What many sins, and so early; they must do your bocks fay.concerning him? all have been with wonien""Pait says he, affecting a great look of of them, I suppose, were, tiplied I; wildom) Do they agree with ours??? but I did not say that I was one of “ I don't know that, said ļ, ull I those who travelled on account of hear what is wriiten in your books." their fins, but that there were some " Hagiuge Magiuge, says he, are litDervishes who did so on account of tle people, not lo big as bees, or like their vows, and some to learn niso ihe zimb, or fly of Sennhar, that come dom.” He now made a fign, and a in great warnis vut of the earth, aye, Nave brought a cashion, which I would in multitudes that cannot be counted; have refused, but' he forced me to fit two of their chiefs are to ride upog down upon it."

an ass, and every hair of that ass is I found afterwards who the three to be a pipe, and every pipe is to play a men were who had joined in circon different kind of mulic, and all that bear versation; the first was Ali Mogrebi, and follow i hem are carried to hell."

native of Morocco, who was Cadi, " I know them noi, faid, I, and, in or chief judge ar Senpaar, and was the came of the Lord, I fear them then fallen into difgrace with the two noi, were they twice as little as you Brothers, Mahomet Abou Kilec, lay they are, and iwice as numerons. guvernor of Kurdosan, and Strekh I trust in God I illall never be fu fond

of music as to go io hell after an ass greased myself as he did ? I said, for all the tunes that he or they can Very seldom, but fancied it would play.” The king laughed violently, be very expenlive. He then told I rose to go away, for I was heartily me, That it was elephant's grease, tired of be conversation. I whils which made people stronz, and prepered the Abyssinian servant in Am- served the skin very fruooth. I said, haric, to alk when I should bring a I thought it very proper, but could trifle I had to offer the king. He not bear the smell of it, though my faid, Not that night, as I should be tkin should turn as rough as an ele. tired, but desired that I should now go phant's for want of it. He said, home, and he would send me notice “ If I had used it, my hair - would when to come. I accordingly went nor have turned so red as it was, and away, and found a number of people that it would all become white prein the ft: eet, all having some taunt sently when that redness came off. or affronţing maiter to lay. I passed You may see the Arabs driven in tbrough the great square before the here by the Daveina, and all their caca palace, and could not help shuddering, ile taken from them, because they upon reflection, at what had happened have no longer any grease for their in that spot to the unfortunate M. du hair. The lun first rurns it red and Roule and hisсompanions, though under then perfe&tly white; and you'll know a proie&tion which thould have fecured them in the street by their hair bring them from all danger, every part of the colour of yours. As for the fieli, which I was then poprovided with. you will see that cured presently.”

The drum beat a little after fix' After having rubbed him abundant. o'clock in the evening. We then had ly with grease, they brought a pretiy a very comfortable dinoer sent us, Jargę horn, and in it fomething scent camel's fesh stewed with an herb.of a ed, about as liquid as honey. It was viscous flimy substance, called Bam- plain that civet was a great part of mia. After having dined, and finish the compofition. The king went out ed the journal of the day, I fell to at the door, I suppose into another uopacking my instruments, the baro- room, and there two men deluged hing meter and thermometer first, and, af- over with pitchers of cold water, ter having hung them up, was con- whilft, as I imagine, he was starkversing with Adelan's servaat when I naked. He then returned, and a hould pay my visit to his master. Dave anoinied him with this sweet About eight o'clock came a servant ointment; after which he sat down, from the palace, telling me now was as compleately dressed, being just go the time to bring the present to the ing to his women's apartment where king. I sorted the separate articles he was to lui. I told him I won. with all the speed I could, and we dered winy he did not use rose-water went directly to the palace. The as in Abyssinia, Arabia, and Cairo. king was then fitting in a large apart. He faid, he had it often fro:n Cairo, ment, as far as I could guess, at some when the merchan's arrived; but as distance from the former. He was it was now long since any came, his Daked, but had several clothes lying people could not make more, for the upon his knce, and about him, and a rose would not grow in his country, fervani was rubbing him over with though the women made something yery Ainking buiter or grease, with like it of lenon-nower. which bis hair was dropping as if wet . His toilet bing Ethed, I then with water. Large as the room was, produced mý, prcícnt, nici I told it could be smelled through the whole him the king of Arya had sent to of it. The king asked me, is ever-I him, 'hoping this, according to the


faith and custom of nations, he naar was in ruio, and was not like would not only protect me while what it once was. He then ordered bere, but fend me safely and speedily fome perfumed sorbet to be brought out of his dominions into Egypt. He for me to drink in his prefeoce, answered, There was a time when he which is a pledge that your person is could have done all this and more, in fafety. I thereupon withdrew, and but those times were changed. Sen. he went w his ladies.

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Two Letters from Sir George Etherege, Minister at Ratisbon, 1686, to George

Duke of Buckingham, during his retirement in Yorkshire.


the spectators are in pain to know Ý RECEIVED the news of your what will become of the Hero, and 1 Grace's retirement into Yorkshire, what mighty matıçre he is referved and leading a sedate contemplative for that set out fo advantageoully ar forft; life there, with no lels astonifhment, That a person of your exquifite taste, than 1 should hear of his Chiiftian who has breathed the air of Courts Majefty's turning Benediâine Monk, even from your infancy, should be or the Pope's wearing a long periwig, content, in that part of your life which and fettiog up for a faming beau in is most difficult to be picased, and the seventy-fourth year of his age. moit easy to be disgusted, to take up

We have a picture here in our Town. with the conversation of country pera hall,, which I never look upon, but it fons, a sort of people, whom to my makes me think on your Grace; and knowledge your Grace neper admir. I dare swear you will say there is no ed ; and do penance in the nauseous dishonour done you, when you hear company of lawyers, whom I am cer. whose it is ; in fhort, it is of the tain you abominate? famous Charles the Vih, who, amid it. To raise gur aftonishment higher; all the magnificence that this foolish who could ever have prophcfied, world affords, amidst all his African though he had a double gift of NofJaurels and Galic triumphs, freely di- tradamus's spirit, that the Duke of vested himself of the Empire of Eu- Buckingham, who never vouchfased Tope, and his hereditary kingdom, to his embraces to any ordinary beauty, pass the remainder of his life in foli. would ever condescend to figh and tade and retirement.

languish for the heiress-apparent of Is it possible that your Grace, who a thatched cottage, in a draw hat, a has seen ten times more luxury than fanael petticoat, stockings of as gross that Emperor ever knew ; conversed a thrumi as the blue-coat boys caps at with finer women s kept politer com- the hospital, and a smock, the Lord pany; possessed as much 100, of the defend me from the wicked icea of true real greatness of the world, as it ! pf as course a canvas as ever fer, erer he enjoyed, should in an age, ftill ved an apprenticeship to a mackarele capable of pleasure, and under a for: boat? Who could have believed, till tune, whose very ruins would make matter of fact had confirmed the ben a comfortable electorate here in Ger- lief of it; and your Grace knows many; is it possible, I say, that your that matter of fact is not to be difs Grace should leave the play at the puted, that the most polished refined beginning of the fourth act, whiço all epicure of his age, that had regaled


himself in the most exquifite wines I live in one of the finest and beft of Italy, Greece, and Spain, would, mandered cities in Germany, where, in the last scene of his life, debauch it is true, we have not pleasure id his constitution in execrable York. that perfection we see in fhire ale? And that he, who all his and Paris, yet, to make us amends, life time, had either seen Princes his we enjoy a noble ferene air, that play-fellows, or companions, would makes us as hungry as hawks; and submit to the consensical chat, and tho? business, and even the very work? barbarous language of farmers and of bufiness, wicked politics, is the higglers !

distinguishing commodity of the placa, This, I confefs, so much focks yet I will fay, that for the Germans, me, that I cannot tell what to make they manage it the best of any people of it; and unless the news came to of the world ;. they cut off, and re. me confirmed from fo many authentic trench, all those idle preliminaries hands, that I have no room left to fuf- and useless ceremonies that clog the pect the veracity of it, I should filt wheels of it, every where else: look upon it to be apocryphale is and I find, that to this day, they your Grace then in earnest, and make good :he observasion of Taciens really pleased with fo prodigioos 'an to their ancestors; I mean, thai their alteration of persons and things ? For affairs, let them be ever so furious my part, I believe it; for I am cer- and preiling, never put a top 10 good tain that your Grace can act any pero eating and drinking, and that they dod fon better than that of a hypocrite. bale iheir weightieft negociations over

But I humbly beg your Grace's their cups. pardon for this familiarity I have taken 'Tis eruc, they carry this humour with you. Give me leave, therefore, by much to far for one of my com if you please, to tell you something plexion ; for which reason I decline of myself. I presume that an account appearing among them, but when my of what passes in this busy part of the master's concerns make it necessary world, will not come unacceptable to for me to come to their assemblies, you, fince all my correspondents from They are, indeed, a free hearted open England affure me, your Grace does sort of gentlemen that compose the me the honour 10 enquire ofien after Diet ; without r.serve, affectation, anuk me, and has expressed fonie furt of a artifice, but they are fuch unmerciful desire to know how my new charac. plyers of the boule, so wholly giveni ier fits upon me,

up to whar fots call good fellowship, Ten years ago, I as little thought that'uisas great a restraine upon my nathat my Itars designed to make a po. ture, to sit out a nighi's entertainment litician of me, and thar it would come with thein, as it would be to hear to my share to debate in public af. half a score 1 ng-winded Presbyterian femblies, and regulate the affairs of Divines cant successively one after ana Christendom, as the brand Signior orber. dreamed of loling Hungary : but my To unborom myself frankly and Royal Master having the charity io freely to your Grace, I always lookbelieve me matter of some qualities, ed upon di unikeone is to be an unpara of which I never suspected myself, donable crime in a young fellow, who, I find that zeal and alacrity, I without any of thefe foreign helps, discovered in myself to support a has fire ensugh in his veins to endignity which he has thought fie able him to do jutice to Celia, to coofer upon me, bas fupplied whenever the den aoris a tribute of all other defects, and given me a lim. Io a middle aged man, I cona talent, for which, till now, I juftly lider the bottle only as fubfervient ta faucied myfelf incapable.

the noble pleasure of love ; and he that would suffer himself to be so far long in decying, something mighi, infatuated by it, as to neglect the be said for the two crying fins of both pursuit of a more agreeabie game, I fexes bere; I mean drunkenness in think deserves no quarter from the the men, and reservedness in the ladies ; in old age, indeed, when it ladies. What would it signify to is convenient very often to forget and throw away a week's, nay a mooth's steal from ourselves, I am of opinion enj: yraent upon one night's debauch, that a little drunkendels, discreetly if a man could promise himself the used, mav as well contribute to our age of a Patriarch? or where would health of body, as tranquility of soul. be the mighty penance in dancing a


Thus have I given your Grace á dozen ycars attendance after a coy-fefhort System of my morals and belief male, watching her rooft favourablemoin these affairs; but the gentlemen of ments, and mott accellible interval, this country go upon a quite different at last to enjoy her, if infirmities and Scheme of pleasure : the best furnicare old age were to come fo late upon of their parlours, instead of innocent us? China, are tall over-grown rummers; But fioce fate has given as fo short and they take more care to enlarge a period toʻraite pleafures with fatif. their cellars, than their patrimonial faction, three or four days fickness eltares. In short, drinking is the he is too great a rent-charge upon hu. reditary sin of this chanity; and that nian nature, and drunkendels cannot hero of a Depiity he, that C29 de- pictend, out of its owo fund, to acmolish, at one litung, the rest of his quit the debt. And, my Lord, fiuce brother Eiroys, is mentioned with our rainy ad vigour leaves us fu as niuch applause as the Duke of much in the lurch, Grice feebleness Lorrain for his nobie exploits againti artachs 119, without giving us fair che Turks; and may claim a statusi wamins; and we no sooner pass the erected at the public expeace in any meridian of te bur begin to decline; town of Germany.

it is hardly worth a lover's while to Judge then, my Lord, whether a Itay as long for compassing a miltrels person of my suber principles, and as Jacob did for obtaining a wife; one that only uses wine, as the witer and without this tedious drudgery fort of Roman Catholicks do images, and application, I can assure your to raise up my imagination to some. Grace, that an amour is not to be thing more exalied, and not to ter- manared here. mipate my we cíhip upon it, nuft 10 Bli', nry Lord, I forget that while be reduced to very morifying circun- I take upon me to play the moralifts Itances in this place, where I cannot and to enlarge fo rhetorically upoa fretendio enjoy correr.ntion, without the preciouloefs of time, I have al practitiog tai vice which directly ready made bord with too much of ruins it.

your Grace's; for which reason, I Aod as I have just reaion to come here put a flop to my discourse, and pla.o of the men, for laying to un- wili endeavour, the next packet that realonable a tax upon pleasure, io I coes from this place, to entertain have no less occasion 10 complain of your Grace with fumething more 3 the womer, is wholly denying it.

greeable. Could a man find out the secret • to take as long a lease of his life as

I am, Methuselah, and the rest of the ante My Lord, dilovian gentlemen, who were three Your Grace's most obedient Servant, hundred years in growing up to the

Geo. ETHEREGE. perfection of vigour, enjoyed it the tame number of years, and were as Retiscon, Nov. 12, 1685


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