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lately purchased, 10 millions of acres of bours. We are already from 18 to lands from Congress ; a Mr Scriba, mer. 18,000 men strong, and if you do not chant in New York, has purchased four chuse to be plundered, we call on you millions of acres, all from Congress; a to join us. Our places of rendezvous Society of Gen:lemen, with whom it is are Lipstadt, Ladenitein, and other places said some Dutch houses in Amsterdam near Drefden. Each perfon must furare concerned, have purchased from the nish himself with sufficient provifion for State of Georgia jabout fifteen millions the time we may stay there. of acres on the frontiers of that State. . * When we are marching with music, The very highest price paid for any of beat ef drums and fifes, and our colours these has been 20 cents per acre, (about flying, a detachment will march to Pill. Tod. British money) payable by install. nitz, to make our sentiments known to ments at different periods, and that in our Elector as the father of his people, Congress money.**

and we will make a triumphant and pube lic entry with our beloved Sovereign in

to the capital of the Electorate, and lay BUROPE.

before him the following articles:

'i. All the great men who are the cause GERMANY.

of the misfortunes of Saxony, to be dir. COMMOTIONS IN SAXONY.

missed from their places, and if found Some time fince the Elector of Saxony guilty of fraud, to have their eftates conordered all the game to be killed, to fifcated and appropriated for the benefit prevent any further complaints from the of the army. country people, of damages done by 2. Two corps of National Guards to hunting after it. It seems, howeverbe formed, the one of foot the other of these complaints were forerunners of cavalry: the fult to be about the perfon others. Whole villages have joined to. of the Ele&or, and its commander ta gether in revolt, and have delivered in a hold a high ofice in the Cabinet, to predeclaration, or claim of rights, which vent deception and fraud. they inlift on, or threaten they will 3. The Couris of Justice and Police of thew what they can do." Five of the Saxony to be placed on more juft prinringleaders have been taken up, and ciples, and true religion to be establishcarried to Misnia : but they have been ed, that we may avert in future the just claimed by their fellow subjects to be punishment of the Almighty, for setting immediately released.

his holy precepts at defiance.

4. As some of the Nobility have imBERLIN, Sept. II..

poverished the country under their power The accounts from Saxony grow dair and jurisdiction, that power to be cir. ly more serious, and the people begin to cumleribed. adopt French principles.

4. Deer not to be fuffered, as the breed A letter from Saxony, dated at Dit of them is the cause in a great meafure, tersdorff, in the diftrict of Picne, con- of the scarcity of corn, tains the Manifesto of the Revolutionists, 6. The clergy to be properly instruct. and states as follows:

ed in what manner true religion is to be “ There arrived at Ditterflorff, three propagated, and that the name as well gentlemen well dressed and mounted on as the honour of God may be more rehorseback, who delivered a duplicate of garded than hitherto it has been. a kind of Manifesto to the Regency, 7: The taxes laid on meat and drink one of which was to be published to the to undergo revision." inhabitants; the other to be sent to the 8, No more attorneys to be admitted, Bailiwick of Lauenstein. This demand except fuch as hold places under Gowas enforced by a threat to plunder and vernient, as the reft teod only to im burn the town, if it was not complied poverish the community with,”

.“ A general order has been given, The Manifcfto is to the following pur that the common people Tould not be port:

desired to join them, in order to prevent .“ To prevent a bloody Revclution, uproar and confusion, as every place must which will shortly burft forth, we are be refponlible for its inhabitanis that are determined to march into the neigh, with us. We with to act as men of sense, bourhood of Dresden, and take our dear and as Saxons, and not as the French or Father of his people amongst us, and stop Brabantinės, Our intention is to rescue the oppressions under which Saxony la- an oppressed nation from Davery, which,


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if we do not immediately attempt, we bute voluntarily to the fupport of theke muft fink oever to rise again.

measures, which our pateinal Solicitude “ We will few we are Saxons that determines us to purfue. are brave and loyal, and capable of re- "May it please the Almighty to predreffing grievances with moderation!” serve peace and tranquillity in our cous

try, &c. VIENNA, Sepi, 24.

« Given in the Affembly of the Grand The Ruffian Ambassador received on Council, the j4th September 1790. Fridav laft, from Bender, the news of a

“ CHANCELLERIE DE BERNL." considerable advantage gained by the Russian fleet over' that of the Captain

POLAND Pachaw in the Back Sca, The engage


. ment began on the 28th ultimo, between

Warsaw, Sept. !! the iland of Tendros and Codgia Bay,

The Turkith Admiral's hip, the Capi. At length we havey in the person of tania of 24 guns, was blown up; ano: Prince Poninski, Grand Treasurer of the ther of 66 guns, containing 600 men, Crown, a signal example of the inftabili. and a third veficl containing 200 men, ty of fortune. We need not recal to were taken by the Ruffians. Belides the memory of our readers the part he which the whole of the Turkish ficet was acted in the famous Diet of Delegation, yery much damaged, and entirely dite of which he was Marshal, and chick actor perfed. The loss of the Rullians did notiv the partition of Poland ; nor the proexceed twelve men.

cess entered upon againft him last year,

, after an interval of fixteen years. k wa 1.FRANKFORT, 08. 3 .

thought this affair would die away in fiOn Thursday laft came on the election ' lợce, but in the Diet of the goth of Av. for a King of the Romans, in the room guft, it was refumed. of the late Emperor. All the usual cere- The Prince, foreseeing tha iffue of thing monies were observed with great fplen- fecond attack, betook himself again ta dor and magnificence; the three Eccle-, flight, and secretly quitted Warlaw, og fiaftical Electors aslifted in perfon, and Sunday the 29th ; but his evil far would his Apoftolick Majesty was unanimously have it that he should rencounter the very made choice of for that dignity. The same Captain who was his guard when new-elected King will make his formal he fed the firft time, and who had fuf. çntry into this to-morrow, and take the fered for this incident. This officer met oaths to observe the capitulation,

þim fifteen leagues from Warsaw, arreft,

ed him, and brought him hither the fame *;*the SWITZERLAND, Sept. 20. night. He was brought to-day beforç The following proclamation Thews what the tribunal of the Diet, which had been

disposition the people of the Lower assembled Saturday and Sunday, from Valais are in beyond a doubt.

morning to night. The sentence read to “ We, the small and great Council of biîn declares him « Traitor to bis couathe city and republic of Berne, having ta- try, deprived of his Nobility, of his dig. ken into mature consideration the dange- nities, his functions, and employments; rous disturbances which have for some condemns him to be stript of his orders, time paft taken place in the different to quit Warsaw in 24 hours, and the coun: countries of our neighbours, 'and wbich, fry in four weeks ; after which time he according to certain advice, have madc may be arrested wherever found, and pusuch progress in the Lower Valais, on nished with death." After having Heard our fronticrs, that the greatest part of his fentence pronounced by the Diet, be the inhabitants have revolted againft is to undergo the mortification to be pre their legitimate sovereign, and have com- lent at its publication, before the people mitted many excefles.

at the Hotel de Ville, where the enligne « We have judged it necessary to give of the Orders with which this Prince is orders to our troops to hold themselves decorated, are to be torn from him, and ready to march in such a manner, that be bimself to be conducted through all we may, on a day's notice, be able to the principal streets, accompanied by : employ there, whenever it giay be ne- friar, proclaiming the words. Thus ceffary, in the execution of our salutary “ are all Traitors to their country puvicws for the public good. We there « nilhed." . fore hope for their obedience and fideli. However, according to the principlex fy, and that cach of them will contri of equity lately established in France, his * **** *




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Sept. 18,

punithment will be confined to his own count that the plan of a Treaty of Comperson, and will not affect either his wife merce was drawn up between his Prof. or children, or any of his family. fian Majesty and Poland, and which was

ready to receive the fanction of the Diet: Sept. À.

The subftance of which is, “ That the

Custom of Wharfage, which was enjoy. The sentence pronounced against the

ed by the city of Dantzie, shall be fupGrand Treafurer of Poland, Prince Po

pressed, and the Poles enjoy the free não ninski,, was executed with extreme mo

vigation of the Viftula down to the sea, deration on the ift inftant.

m virtue of this privilege, they may carHe was permitted not to appear before the public till the evening. In the mean

ry the productions of their own country, time, his table was provided for from the

and bring in return the commodities of Royal kitchen. He was allowed to di.

which they are in need, without being

obliged to pass them through Danızic. veft himself privately of the orders, which according to his fentence were to be

For this purpofe a quay is assigned them

on the New Fahrwasser, which now be. torn from him. After his public appearance, to hear his

longs to the King of Pruflia, and to whom own sentence read, he was allowed to re.

a duty is to be paid of two per cent. on

all merchandise which paffes it, on the tire, quietly and unmolested, to a village about a league distant from Warlaw, ac

fame footing as those which are sent to

Elbing. On thcfe sent to Dantzic, the companied by his youngest son, who has

12 per cent. is to be continued to be paid never quicted him a moment. There he

which is to be hereafter answered in fa. is permitted to stay four weeks before his

· vour of Dantzic, by lowering the impofts final departure out of the kingdom, for you

on the merchandizes fubject to Cur: the arrangement of his domestic affairs.

This news has spread a general.con.

Aternation. It is easy to be perceived, The New Conftitution,

that in eftablishini; a new commercial, The last deliberations of the Diet have

store-house on the Viftula, and so near been extremely interesting, the funda: to Dantzic itself, and requiring only two mental principles of the Republic being

per cent, on the goods fent there, while the subject.

the merchandize imported to Dantzic The great article of religion has been pays is per cent. at the Pruffian Culo fixed by the four following decrees

tom-houle, a blow is ftruck at the Dant, 1. The Catholic and Greek Churches

zic commerce, of which, even though thall be regarded as the religion of the the effect be temporary, the consequence State in Poland and Lithuania.

must be mortal. 2. The King and Queen must profess

The Magiftrate, too well convinced of and practise the Catholic religion: if not the importance of thi

Pif not the importance of this information, conborn in it, they must enabrace it.

vened the Three Orders in the Town3. To change from the Ca:holic reli

Catholic peli. hall on Saturday the 11th inllant, lo de

na gion, or the Greek religion, to any other,

other liberate on the subject. Ihall be confidered as a criminal affair.

? Mellie Richter and Barthy, two mer4. All the different religious sects, to

chants, were appointed to carry their relerated hitherto in Poland, mall, for the

mon..rance and declar a:irn in Wruing to Future, experience no persecutions or im

Warsaw, and deliver it in:o the hands of pediments of any kind, neither in matter

his Polish Majeliy. of private opinion, nor in the public exsrcise of their worship. Thus the Greek religion has obtained

Low COUNTRIES. a fenfible advantage over Proteflantism, being declared the religion of the State

OSTEND, Sept. 29. ja conjunction with Catholicism,

Mr Vandernoot's crusade against Lim-,

bourg has failed. The peasants which Dantzıç, Sept. 26.

he had collected tog.ther, fium the difThe 19th inftani, two Messengers are ferent districts, to the amount of 40,000, rived from Warsaw, one to the Magir entered the Province, A body of 15,000 trate, and the other to Mr Hennig, Coun Limbourgers, and part of the Imperial sellor of Legation, and the King's Com- troops retired till they got the enemy in quistary in this city, who broughs an ac- tg a convenient Suation betweco Huy


and Liege; they then made the attack, mined to go on and support their cause and entirely routed the Patriots, and pure to the last extremity. The cap of Lifued them to the gates of Liege, where berty is stuck up on a large pole in every They were refused admittance; in consea public opening here, and Freedom or quence of the agrement made between Death inscribed on it. Vandernoot reche Liegois and Leopold, great numbers turned from the army on Tuesday, and were therefore killed-Report says 7000. is going to Flanders for more recruits. Three or four hundred of the prisoners, Those who survived or escaped the enewho were undisciplined foldiers, and my last week, are all gone home again. therefore confidered as mere rebels, were A report is now in circulation, that hung; among whom were about 30 Ca. General Koehler has obtained a signal puchins, and 80 prieks. This action advantage over the enemy near Bouvigtook place the 23d.

nes. The Commitee of this town received this intelligence officially, in a buletin

State Paper from the States of Flanders, in which they say that such another action will put Treaty of Peace between Sweden and an end to the religion and liberty of the Rullia, published by authority at Stockcountry-and invite all those who have holm. any regard for either, to come forward, Io the name of the Holy Trinity, and exert themselves.

His Majesty the King of Sweden, and

her Majefty the Emprets of all the Rur. BRUSSELS, 0:27. .

fias, equaily animated to put an rad to The Belgic expedition has terminated the war which has been unfortunately very fatally to them. It was directed a- kindled between them, and to re-estagairft the Auftriars encamped on the blifa the ancient harmony and good province of Namur, instead of the Lim- neighbourhood between their respetive burg country, and undertaken with too countries and states, have reciprocally great a promik çf success. General communicated these their falutary intenSchoen:eld had disposed of his army, a. tions to each other, and, in order to ccamounting, in all to 60,000 men, in five life them, have appointed, elected, and columns, which were to fall upon the ener authorised, to wit, my in their different quarters, and eruih His Majesty the King of Sweden, Mr them all to a centre by their preponde- Gustave Baxon d'Armfeldt, and her Marous ansi uniied force.

jesty the Empress of all the Ruffias, the The two first columns were under the Baron Otton d'Igelstrom, &c. who hacommand of General Koehler, and were ving communicated to each other their detached by Bouvirne and Hastier. The full powers, have reciprocally agreed on (no next under Mr Schoenfeld; the first and exchanged the following articles ' marched from Huy to Avelange, hraded Article 1. There Mall be in future by Col. Thinne, and the other by Empe between the states, countries, and fubsincs, headed by Lieut. Col. Kleist. The jects of his Majesty the King of Sweden first column was dispaiched by Neulville. on the one part, and the ftares, courand commanded by Mesi. Leclaire card tries, and fuhjees of the Enpreis of all Jluart. General Schoenfeldt had con- the Ruffias out the other, a durable and crried the plan of attack for the five Jafting peace, good neighbourhood, and colunrs, anatohis is the report made by perfect tranquillity both on land and fear the Congress c. the event of theit at And in conlequence, orders fhall be is. tacks. Each coluinn had their propor- fueli as soon as possible on both sides, to tion of peasants, who complain of baving cease all hoftilities.-Alt that has passed heen placed in the van guard, though un. Mall be fargotten, the better to eftablish accutomed to action.

that harmony and good understanding Herelites a noble trait of thirty Aur which the prefent war has difturbed. : Brian foldiers, who were posted in the Art. 2. The respective limits shall restorch-yard, and to a man luismitted to main on the same footing they were bei be massacred rather Iran quit their post. fore the rupture or commencement of

This fatal expedition has cort the pro- the present way. rince of Brabant at least scoo men, az Art. 3. In consequence thereof, all the bout sooo of whom were drowned in the countries, provinces, and places, which Meule, in the confusion of their precipi have been conquered by either of the tate fight. Yet, notwithstanding this contracting parties, hall be evacuated in fatal example, the Congres are deter, as bort a space as poffible, at most with

in fifteen days after the ratification of prelent, and "affixed thereto the seals of the present triary.

our arms. Art. 4. Prisoners of war, and all o. Given in the plain of Warela, near thers who did not bear arms, but who the river Kymene, between the advanwere taken by the belligerent parties, ced posts of both armies. Thall be for at liberty on both sides,

GUSTAVE Baron d’ARMFEIDT, without any claim made by either for

OTTon Baron d'IGELSTROM their expences or maintenance. But they fhall be obliged to pay all the pri•

FRANCE. vate cebts they have contracted in the relpective states. Art. 5. In order to remove every dif

· National ASSEMELY. ficulty between the contracting parties on the sea, it was established, that when any

Paris, Sept. 19. Swedish sip or ships palled the ports of

The President's address to his Majef. her Imperial Majesty, they mould pay ty, concerning the chace. the Swedish falute, and thould be mine

“ Sire, fwered with that of Ruffia; and viie

o Informed of the excelles which cerverfa. However, the two high con

tain duluded inen, I dare not say French trading parties will, as foon as posible, draw out a fpecial convention, in order

men, have commiited, the National Ar

fembly has charged us to exprcís to your to fix the manner which the Swedish and

Majay its indignation and regret at the Rullian Mips thall salute each other, either at lea, in the ports, or in any places

hearing of theit disorders; grieved at the where they may chance to neuori determination which your Mujcity has which time, the thips of the iwo partius

taken of relinquishing a part of what cote shall not falute at all, the better to pre

tribuies to your recreation and amule-,

nicnt; it dares, Sire, to hope that you vent any milundertanding

will not fuifil a lacrifice, worthy indeed Art. 6. Her Majesty the Empress of all the Rusias, grants his Swedish Man of your virtues, but which would cost cou'

jesty the liberty of purchafing every year,

much to the lenibility of a faithful peoin the ports of the Gulph of Finland and Pay

"I ple, whose happiness is inseparable ironn

the prefent fatistadion of their Monarch, the Baltic Sea, corn to the value of 50,000 roubles, on proof that it is for

“ Deign, Sire, to give a proof of your

confidence and goodness to the repreienthe account of the King, or for Subjects

tatives of the Nation by sanctioning this expressly autherised by his laid Majesty;

decree. The deposit and guarantec of without paying any duty or custoins for traniporting the lame, free of all charges,

their eagerness to picase you; and above to Sweden. But years of fierili y, or those

all, Sire, judge not by the cial and reguwhen important reasons may induce her

lated expreffions of the law of the de.

cree, of the intereft which the National Majesty io prohibit the exportatica (of

Allembly takt, in your reception of a grain to foreign parts, are not to be in

decrie, dictated only by their respect, cluded,

e their artachment, and their love to your * - Art. 7. It being the ardent desire of the two high contracting powers to stop

Op Majesty's person." the evils of war which press on their The King's answer, (which was not subjects as soon as pollible, time will not in

in writing, ) is, thai not having hunted permit them to regulate a number of

for a year palt, nor yet defiring to do so, points and objects which are to eltabiilh he had refolved upon this reform, withthe good of the neighbourhcod, and per- out however wholly abandoningthechace. fect Safety of the frontiers; they there.

But that le mouid not talte the plealuse fore reciprocally promise to examine and

it gave him till his heart was moic at regulate these points amicably, by Amballadors or Ministers Plenipotentiary,

" cafe. which shall be sent to each other imme.

Paris, Sept. 21. diately after the conclution of the pre- A new mode of taxation, divided into * fent treaty.

fourteen articles, was proposed by M. de Art. 8. The ratification of the pre- Montcalmi-lie proposed that the terrifent treaty shall be exchanged in fix days, torial con ributions Mould not exceed or looner, if poflible.

226 milions, nor fall fort of 158- The la faith of which, we have figacd the 1!an proposed was,


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