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more genteel company congfting of an -and sung with such powers, and in equal number of persons. The Concert such taste, as “the found till vibrates in ilallon Tuesday evening was filled with our ravished ears.” That fense and good a very fine affemblage of both sexes, who breeding which suggested the caly good were, among other pieces of music, high- natured compliance of those ladies who ly gratified by the performance of a lady prsielled mufical talents, to entertain a of quality, who, with a very briliant company met for the laudable purpose of finger, gave several lessons and airs upon communicating rational pleasure, merits the harpsichord, with such excellence praise and requires only to be mentioned and execution as charmed all who were to confer the juftest commendation. In present; her ladyship was followed by Aberdeen, where many ladies singfowell, another in a song, which she went is not the example worthy of imitation through in a manner truly delightful, in the weekly concerts ?.

The ordinaries for dinner were numer- The races, as the weather, with a lita. ous meetings, often very considerably tle exception, was very favourable, afabove a hundred. The assemblies for forded the company an agreeable oppordancing in the evenings were select and tunity to enjoy the benefit of good air elegant-and the fupper parties, which on the turf, and the novelty of a Race were frequently as full as at dinner, were at Aberdeen drew out a very numerous extremely gay and joyous. On Friday body of spectators-On Thursday the evening the company in the Concert Broad Hill, which commands a view of Room were not so numerous as on Tues- the whole course, and is perhaps the finday; but the entertainment was a very eft amphitheatre near a race ground in rich treat; besides the instrumental mu- the Island, was covered with many thokfic, which was excellent, two ladies sung fands of both sexes.

EDINBURGH, Odober 5.
This day the following Gentlemen were elected Magistrates of this City.

The Right Honourable JAMES STIRLINO, Lord Provost.
David Milne, E[q;
William Gillespie, Efq;

Niel M Vicar, Esq;
James Carfrae, Esq;
Donald Smith, Esq; Dean of Guild, continued.
Robert Young, Elq: Treasurer, continued.
Thomas Elder, Elg: Old Provoft.
William Galloway, Esq;
John Gloag, Esq;

Old Bailies.
John Hutton, Efq;
William Fettes, Erg;
William Trotter, Etg; Old Dean of Guild.
George Kinnear, Esq; Old Treasurer, and College do.
Meff. Charles Kerr,

Alexander Allan, Merchant Counsellors.
Francis Sharp,
Orlando Hart, Shoemaker,} Trades Counsellors.
Jaines Reid, Mafons, Convener,
James Brown, Skinner,
James Brown, Tailors,
Alexander Wilson, Fleshers, Council Deacons.
Thomas Tibbets, Waukers,
John Auchterlonie, Bonnetmakers,
William Inglis, Chirurgeons,
William Cunningham, Goldsmiths.
James Miller, Furriers,
Thomas Armstrong, Hammermen, Extraordinary Council Dea-
Walter Smeaton, Wrights,
John Gray, Baxters.
Charles Oat, Cordiners.

William Raeburn, Weavers.
John Gloag, Esq; Baron Bailie of Canongate and Calton
John Hutton, Esq; Admiral of Leith.
William Fettes, Esq; Baron Bailie of Portburgh,
Charles Kerr, Esq; Captain of Orange Colours,


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Preferments, Marriages, Births, and Deaths.

Glasgow, to Miss Mary Nisbet, daughter The Rev. Robert Dickson to be first of the Rev. Dr Patrick Nisbet. minister in the church and parish of

Mr Thomas Rind, Surgeon at Stirling South Leith, vacant by the death of the to Miss Mary M'Neil of Oranlay. Rev. Thomas Scott.

Births. The Right Hon. John James Hamil

Mrs Oswald of Duonikier, a daughter. ton Earl of Abercorn, and the heirs male of his body, to be a Marquis of Great

Mrs Pringle of Georgefield, a daugh. Britain by the name, stile and title of Marquis of Abercorn.

The Lady of Sir James Colquhoun, a The Hon. Keith Stewart to be Rear

daughter. Admiral of the Blue Squadron of his Ma

Mrs Lindsay of Coats, a daughter. jefty's fleet.

The Lady of Sir William Cunning. The Right Hon. John Charles Villers

ham, a son. to be Warden and Chief Justice in Eyre

Mis Orrock of Orrock, a daughter. of all his Majesty's forefts, parks, chases

The Lady of Sir James Pringle of and warrens beyond Trent.

Stitchell, a daughter, stillborn. Lieut. Gen. Sir Robert Boyd K. B. to

Deaths. be Governor of Gibraltar.

Dr John Wilson physician in Edin. Major Gen. Sir Henry Calder Bart. burgh. to be Lieut. Governor of Gibraltar. Mrs Jane Bruce, spouse of Mr David

Dr. Rutherfoord, Physician to the Willison printer. Royal Infirmary:

Baron de Wenzel, oculift to the King. Dr. Freear, Áfiftant Physician. Sir James Wemyss of Bogie, Baronei.

Lord Viscount Wentworth, a Lord of Mrs Porter of Easter Livilands. his Majesty's bedchamber.

John M Call, Efq; of Belvidere. John Heaviside Esq. Surgeon extraor- John Inglis senior, merchant at Doudinary to the King.

glas. John Taylor Elq. Oculist.

Colonel John M‘Donnell of Lochgary. Marriages.

Mrs Isabel Drummond, representative

of the family of Hawthornden. September 15. Robert Charnoch Esq; Dr Henry Cullen, physician in Edin. of Ofiend, to Miss Parish, daughter of burgh. John Parish Esq; of Hamburgh.

Mir James Gordon farmer at Craigie. 27. John Millar, Esq; Advocate to David Currie, who fome years ago Mifs Rubina Cullen daughter of the late kept a refpectable public-house at Dal Dr Cullen.

keith. He and his wife were fuffocated Ozlober, Mr Adam Lightbody mere in the night with the smoke of sulphucliant in Glasgow to Miss Mary Ewing rous coal. They had had twenty-two of Ladrilhbeg.

children, Andrew Selart Eig; Member of Par- The Right Honourable the Earl of Ox liament for Weymouth, to Miss Stirling, ford and Mortimer, one of the Lords of daughter of Sir William Stirling of Are the Bedchamber to the King, and Lord doch.

Lieuienant of the county of Radnor. Wiliam Robertson, Esq; Advocate, to Mrs Helen Ochterlony, spouse to Me Miss J. Boyd, daughter of the deceased Maitland Surveyor General of Excise. William Boyd Rovertson of Trochrig, The Rev. Robert Munro, minister of Ilq.

Kilmur-Welter. The hereditary Prince of Brunswick, Marinaduke Tunstall, Esq; F. R. and to the Princess Frederique Louise of O- A.S.S.

At Baliyrearly, near Ross, William The Right Ilon. the Earl of Donegal Butler, aged 107. to Mifs Goitrey daughter of the Rev. Mr Nathaniel M Kie, minister of Bal. Dr Godfrey of Belfalt Ireland.

maclelan. Mr William Ross surgeon in Glasgow John Graham of Duchray, Esq. to Miss Juan Carr.

Mr Patrick Thomson fenior, merchant John Hall Wharton Esq; to Miss Susan in Perth. Lambton.

John Farquharson, M. D. formerly of Mr Andrew Thomson jun. Merchant Charleitown. in G.fgow to Miss Anu Ilenderfun. Mis Elisabeth Kerr, widow of Me

Mr Lawrence Dinwiddie Merchant in Renwick of Paisley.

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Edinburgh Magazine,




With an East View of RAVENSHEUGH Castle, by KIRKCALDIE *.



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Page | Register of the Weather for Nov. 290. Account of the Discovery of a Extracts from Mr Burke's Letter Sixth and Seventh Satellite of

on the Revolution in France, 296. the Planet Satnrn, with Re. On the Theology of the Sixth märks on the Construction of

Book of Virgil's Eneid; by Dr its Ring, &c.; by William Her.
Beattie, (concluded) 297 fchel, LL.D.F.R.S.

333 Description of an Elephant Hunt Account of the Strata and Volca

in Abyssinia; by Mr Bruce, 302 nic Appearances in the Western Mr Brúce's Conversation with the Islands of Scotland; by Abrabam King of Sennaar, on his return Mills, Esq;

341 from Abyfinia,

306 Account of the Proceedings of Two Letters from Sir George E- the Chatelet, with regard to the

therege, Minister at Ratisbon, Duc d'Orleans,
1688, to George Duke of Buck- Account of the Progress made in
ingham during his retirement in Rebuilding the College of Edin-

310. burgh, extracted from the MeDrithe Origin of Sepulchral Rites, 316 dical Commentaries for the year Letter from Abbé Testá to M. de 1790, la Lande, on the State of Natu: Review of New Publications;

351 ral Philosophy at Rome for the The History of Nicolas Pedrosa, two laft Centuries, and on the and his Escape from the Inquicoodemaatiori of Galileo, 321 sition in Madrid,

353 Means of destroying Insects, or Poetry,

361 preventing their Increase, 326 Monthly Regifters



VOL. XII. No. 711

Belonging to Sir James StClair of Dyfart,

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