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For what are birds, or meadows gay,

To all that dazzling, ftarry throng!
So, when the Saint’s calm Eve draws nigh,

With joy the voice of dea:h he hears :
Heav'n opes upon his wond’ring eye,

And Earth's poor vision disappears.


To a SLUGGARD. LEEP, sleep, thou fluggard, fear to risc

Eyes, with tedious vigils red,
Sighs, by doubts and wishes bred,
Cautious fep, and glancing leer,
Speak thy wocs, and speak thy fear;
Arm in arm, what wretch is he
Like thyself, who walks with thee?
Like thy own, his fears and woes,
All thy pangs his bosom knows :
Well, too well! my boding breast
Knows the names your looks suggest,
Auxious, bary, relileis pair !
Manhood, link'd by Fate to Care,
Wretched itatc ! and yet 'tis dear-
Fancy, close the prosped here !
Close it, or recal the pait,
Spare my eyes, my heart, the last,"
Vain the wish the last appears,

W nile I gaze it swinis in tears;
Age-my future fella trace
Moving now with feeble pace,
Bending with difcase and cares,
All the load of life he bcais;
White his locks, his visage wan,
Stength, and ease, and hope are gone,
Death, the shadowy form I know!
Death oʻcrtakes him, dreadful foc!
Swift they vanish--mournful light,
Night succeeds, impervious night!
What theie dreadful glooms conceal
Fancy's glofs can ne'er reveal;
When shall time the veil remove?
When all light the scene improve?
When thall truth my doubts difper?
Awful period! who can tell?

Thy midnight cup and aching head
Still bid thce hug thy frowzy bed;
Enjoy thy bliss, if bliss to thee,
But leave the morning beams for me.
"Tis then for care I breathe a cure;
You also breathe, but not to pure;
I, the tweets of every hill,
You breathe a breath that helps to kill;
Enjoy the bliss, if blits to thee,
But leave the morning beams for me,
'Tis then I hear the sky-lark rise :
You also hear your harsh town-cries;
Be such thy lot, the while I rove
To hear the music of the grove :
Lnjoy the bliss, if bliss to thee,
but leave the morning beams for me,
"Tis then I catch the dappled trout;
You alfo catci--but catch the gout;
Whilft tree from pain my limbs I use,
And led by pleasure, court the Muse,
Enjoy the bills, if blits to thee,
But leave tl.c morning beanis for me.
"Tis then I view th' enamell’d fence,
And find a charm for ev'ry sense;
You also view where flow'rs bespread,
But on the fence that shields thy bed;
Enjoy the bliss, if bliss to thee,
But leave the morning beams for me.
"Tis then, with fpirits light and free,
I contemplate the busy Bee;
By her pursuits, improv'd, I cry,
“ Here, thou Sluggard, learn induftry;
Enjoy thy bliss, if bliss it be,
But leave the morning beans for me.
O then, while you the hours destroy,
Kind Nature fills my soul with joyi
Fresents her choicest bloom to Ice,
And points the wond'rous DEITY;
Go, boat thy bliks, if bliss it be,
But leave the morning beams for me,'
Whilf bloom and verdure dress the thoro,
O let me breathe the breath of morn;
And should you scorn my humble lay,
Go, Sluggard, seep thy life away;
Enjoy such bliss, if bliis it be,
Still Icave the morning beams for me,


OW day departing in the west,

With gauddy iplendo, lures the cye; The fun, declining, iin'., to rett,

And Evning overshades the sky. Ard are the green extended lawn,

The waving grov- the flow'ry mead, The charris of hill and dale withdrawn,

And all their blooming beauties hid? They ars--but lift aloft thine eye,

W?re all these paihiing glories roll; Those mighty wonders of the sky,

That giad and clevate the soul. Day's un'isguis'd effulgent blaze

Acions the lead, or viountain blue : And Night, and her train, displays

Whole worlds revolving to the view. Lone Concniplation, musing deep,

This vatt flupendous vault explores : These rolling Orlisthe roads they keep,

And Night's great Architect adores. Nor mourns the absent glare of day,

The glittt'ring mead. or warbler's song!


onthly Begiter

For OCTOBER 1790.

The Secretary of the Treafury thil


towards the building of a nende town;

which is to be fit for the reception of NEW YORK, Aug. 7.

Congress, in the month of December

1800. day reported, that there was a mil

Ar att for establishing the temporary and lion of dollars in the Trealury of the United States, which were not appropria

permament Seat of the Government of

the United States. ated ; and submits to the confideration of the House the propriety of appropriating Section 1. Be it etiacled by the Senate it to the purchasing such part of the debt and House of Reprekentatives of the Uniof the Union as will be most to the ad- jed States of Anaerica in Congress allem, vantage of the government.

bled, that a diftrict of territory, not exA Committee was immediately apó ceeding ten miles fquare, :.. be located poin:ed to bring in a bill for this pur- as herealtor directed, on the river Potow. fole; and it is supposed that it will re-. mack, at some place between the muuth gard the rising of Congreis two or three of the caftern branch and Connagoche days. It is thougat the bill will pass. que, be, and the same is liereby accepted The interelt on the doinekić debts does for the permanent seat of the government not begin until 1791.

of the United States: Provided neverthe Though the funding bill appears com less, that the operation of the laws of the plex at first, yet it is, upon the whole a State within such district shall not be af.. good provision: and one of the effects of fected by this aceeptance, until the time it is a rise of public securities, so high as fixed for the removal of the government * 35. 4d. on the bond, which is a certain therein; and until Congress Thall other: indication that real eitates will rise in the wife by law providi. Same proportion.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, that In the House of Representatives claims the President of the United States be auof preference were urged by the Repre. thorised to appoint; and, by supplying vafentatives of New York, who contended cancies happening from refusals to act; of that the meeting of Congress hould be other causes, to keep in appointraent, as continued in that city. This preference long as may be necessary, threc commif was disputed by the Representatives of lioners, who, or any two of whom, fall, Philadelphia, who were joined by those under the dircction of the Prelivent, furo of Potowmack on offering them the fol. vey, and by proper metes and bounds der lowing conditions : “ Vote with us for a fine and limit a uiftrict of territory, una translation of the seat of governinent to der the limitations above mentioned; and Philadelphia for the next ten years, and the district to defined, limited and located, we 'engage io vote afterwards, for its re- thall be deemed the diitrict accepted by moval to Potówmack, where it shall; as this act, for the permanent seat of the goit ought, be permanently fixed." vernment' of the United States.

The Potowmack is nearly central to Seço 3. Ard be it enacted, that the said the whole territory, and therefore, judi- commiflioners, or any two of them, that ciously chosen as the permancat leat of have power to purchase, or accept, fuch the legiflature.

quantity of land on the eastern side of the The States of Virginia have already laid river, within the faid diftrict, as the voted a gift of 100,000 Mexican dollars President thall deem proper for the use

VOL. XII. No. 70.

of 78

at par.

Foreign Intelligence. of the United States; and according to Treatury, and the Attorney-General; fuch plans as the President shall approve, who, or any three of whom, with the the faid commillioners, or any two of approbation of the United States, are to thein, shall, prior to the ficft Monday in 'caule purchakes to be made. D: ciber, in the year one thousand cight In funding the old continental money, hundred, provide suitable buildings for the present Congress has done an act of the accommodation of Congress, and of justice which will command the admirathe President, and for the put lic offices. tion of the world and the gratitude of of the Government of the United S:ates, their conftituents. “ The old continental

Sect. 4. And be it enacted, that for money," says Dr Ramsay, in his hiftory defraying the expences of such purchases of the American Revolucion, “ by comand buildings, the President of the Uni- mon consent cealed to have a currency. ted States be authorised and requested to Like an aged man expiring by the de. accept grants of money.

cays of nature, without a ligh or groan, Sect. s. And be it enacicd, that prior .it fell asleep in the hands of its lait pas. to the first Monday in December next; feflor." Its revivification is an evidence all officers attached to the seat of the go- of the jultice of the rulers of our nation, vernment of the United States, Inali be which myriads of flanderers cannot in va removed to, and, until the firft Monday lidte. in December, in the year one thousand I am told that there are agents from eight hundred, Mall remain at the city houles in Europe here, who fand ready of Philadelphia, in the date of Penn- to loan immediately the two millions of fylvania, at which place the sesion of dollars, which the Sinking fund bill emCongreis next ensuing the present shall powers the President to borrow. be held,

There are persons here who do not Sect. 6. And be it enacted, that, on fcruple to bec any fum, that within a the said first Monday in December, in year the funded continental paper will be the year one thousand eight hundred, the seat of the Government of the United States fall, by virtue of shis adt, be PAILADELPHIA,--Aug. 12. transferred to the district and place afore- « Trade has been exceedingly brisk for said; and all offices attached to the faid these laft two years. Congress we exped seat of Government, thall accordingly be to remove foon to this place. Many removed thereto by their respective hold. branches of manufa&ories are set up of ers, and fall, after the raid day, cease late in this and the New England States; to be removed elsewhere; and that the but the very high price allowed by the necessary expence of fuck removal fhall farmers to their fervants in new lands, bě defrayed out of the tulics

on imports together with the low price of lands, and tonnage, of which a suficient sum make the workmen's wages employed is appropriated.

in manufactures very high, and they are

continually leaving their trades' to take New York,-. Auguff 31.

up the more pleafant and more agret: Congress rose this day at noon, to able occupation of farmers. meet at Philadelphia on the first Monday « There have been a good many

emiof December next. All the public buti. grants from Ireland, Germany, and ness is completed. Among the many France, this year; from the latter king bills passed this fefion is one making dom they have been very numerous, to provision for the reduction of the public the amount of several hundreds; but debt; by appropriating one million of they go to the Southern States. dollárs in fpecie, now in the treasury, Our College has had several new Prowhich arose from the revenue of the last feflors added to it last year ; their funda year, to the purchase of the debt in the are good, their library already amounts market, while the same is under par; to about 10,000 volumes; a fine botanic the purchase is to be made openly, and garden has been laid out; confifting of with due regard to the equal benefit of ten acres. Our Professors here are reck: the several States. Also, that the Pre- oned the best on the Continent, no less fident of the United States be authorifed than ninety Students in the medical linç to borrow two million of dollars, to be attended last fittings, among whom was applied to the same purpose: the business one from Lima, South America, and a• to be under the direction of the Prefic bout ten or twelve from the French, Spa dent of the Senate, the Chief Justice, the nith, and British Weft India islands. Secretaty of State, the Secretary of the A Mr. Doyldon from Europe bas


lately purchased, 10 millions of acres of bours. We are already from 16 to landá from Congress ; a Mr Scriba, mer. 18,000 men strong, and if you do not chant in New York, has purchased four chuse to be plundered, we call on you millions of acres, all from Congress; a to join us. Our places of rendezvous Society of Genlemen, with whom it is are Lípstadt, Lauenstein, and other places said some Dutch 'houses in Amsterdam near Drefden. Each perfon must furare concerned, have purchased from the nish himself with sufficient provision for State of Georgia jabout fifteen millions the time we may stay there. of acres on the frontiers of that State. * When we are marching with musica The very highest price paid for any of beat of drums and fifes, and our colours these has been 20 cents per acre, (about flying, a cietachment will march to Pille Tod. British money) payable by install. nitz, to make our sentiments known to ments at different periods, and that in our Elector as the father of his people, Congress money."

and we will make a triumphant and public entry with our beloved Sovereign in.

to the capital of the Electorate, and lay EUROPE.

before hin the following articles:

'i. All the great men who are the cause GERMANY

of the misfortunes of Saxony, to be dif. COMMOTIONS IN SAXONY. missed from their places, and if found Some time fince the Elector of Saxony guilty of fraud, to have their eftates conordered all the game to be killed, to fifcated and appropriated for the benefit prevent any further complaints from the of the army. country people, of damages done by 2. Two corps of National Guards' to hunting after it. It seems, however, be formed, the one of foot the other of these complaints were forerunners of cavalry: the first to be about the person others. Whole villages have joined to- of the Ele&tor, and its commander to gether in revolt, and have delivered in a hold a high office in the Cabinet, to predeclaration, or claim of rights, which vent deception and fraud. they inlift on, or threaten they will 3. The Couris of Justice and Police of thew what they can do." Five of the Saxony to be placed on more juft prinringleaders have been taken up, and ciples, and true religion to be establishcarried to Misnia : but they have been ed, that we may avert in future the just claimed by their fellow subjects to be punishment of the Almighty, for setting immediately released.

his holy precepts at defiance.

4. As some of the Nobility have imBERLIN, Sept. II.

poverished the country under their power The accounts from Saxony grow dai- and jurisdiction, thạt power to be cir. ly more serious, and the people begin to cumleribed. adopt French principles.

4. Deer not to be fuffered, as the breed A letter from Saxony, dated at Dit of them is the cause in a great meafure, tersdorff, in the diftrid of Pirna, cone of the scarcity of corn. tains the Manifesto of the Revolutionists, 6. The clergy to be properly infructand states as follows:

ed in what manner true religion is to be “ There arrived at Ditterflorff, three propagated, and that the name as well gentlemen well dressed and mounted on as the honour of God may be more rehorseback, who delivered a duplicate of garded than hitherto it has been. a kind of Manifesto to the Regency, 7: The taxes laid on meat and drink one of which was to be published to the to undergo rcvifion." inhabitants; the other to be sent to the 8, No more attorneys to be admitted, Bailiwick of Lauenstein. This demand except fuch as hold places under Gowas enforced by a threat to plunder and vernment, as the rest teed only to im burn the town, if it was not complied poverish the community, with."

" A general order has been given, The Manifesto is to the following pure that the common people should not be port:

defired to join them, in order to prevent To prevent a bloody Revclution, uproar and confusion, as every place must which will shortly burft forth, we are be responsible for its inhabitanis that are determined to march into the neigh with us. We wish to act as men of sense, bourhood of Dresden, and take our dear and as Saxons, and not as the French or Father of his people amongft us, and top Brabantinės, Our intention is to rescue the oppresuns under which Saxony la. an oppressed nation from Navery, which,



Poreign Intelligence if we do not immediately attempt, we bute voluntarily to the fupport of these muft fink never to rise again.

measures, which our paternal Solicitude “ We will few we are Saxons

that determines us to pursue. are brave and loyal, and capable of re- “ May it please the Almighty to pre. drefling grievances with moderation !

serve peace and tranquillity in our coud

try, &c. VIENNA, Sept. 24.

Given in the Affembly of the Grand The Russian Ambassador received on Council, the 34th September 1790. Friday laft, from Bender, the news of a

4: CHANCELLERIE DE BERNE." considerable advantage gained by the Ruffian fleet over that of the Captain Pachaw in the Black Sca, The engage

POLAND ment began on the 28th ultimo, between the island of Tendros and Codgia Bay,

WARSAW, Sept. !, The Turkish Admiral's hip, the Capi- At length we have, in the person of tania of 74 guns, was blown up; ano- Prince Poninski, Grand Treasurer of the ther of 66 guns, containing 600 men, Crown, a lignal example of the inftabili and a third vessel containing 200 men, ty of fortune. We need not recal to were taken by the Ruflians. Besides the memory of our readers the part he which the whole of the Turkish fleet was acted in the famous Diet of Delegation very much damaged, and entirely dif- of which he was Marthal, and chief actor persed. The loss of the Russians did not in the partition of Poland ; nor the proexceed twelve men.

cess entered upon againft him last year,

after an interval of fixteed years. It was FRANKFORT, 08. 3,

thought this affair would dię away in &On Thursday last came on the election' lonce, but in the Diet of the soth of Aufor a King of the Romans, in the room guft, it was resumed. of the late Emperor. All the usual cere- The Prince, foreseeing the issue of this monies were observed with great fplen- fecond attack, betook himself again ra dor and magnificence; the three Eccle. flight, and secretly quitted Warlaw, on fiaftical Electors affifted in person, and Sunday the 29th ; but his evil Aar would his Apoftolick Majesty was unanimously have it that he should rencounter the very made choice of for that dignity. The same Captain who was his guard when new-elected King will make his formal hc Aed the first time, and who had fùf. entry into this to-morrow, and take the fered for this incident. This officer med oaths to observe the capitulation,

þim fifteen leagues from Warsaw, arreft,

ed him, and brought him' hither the same SWITZERLAND, Sept. 20. night. He was brought to-day before The following proclamation Thews what the tribunal of the Diet, which had been disposition the people of the Lower

. assembled Saturday and Sunday, from Valais are in beyond a doubt.

morning to night. The sentence read to « We, the small and great Council of biîn declares him “ Traitor to bis coun the city and republic of Berne, having ta- try, deprived of his Nobility, of his digken into mature consideration the dange nities, his functions, and employments; fous disturbances which have for some condemns him to be Pript of his orders, time paft taken place in the different to quit Warsaw in 24 hours, and the councountries of our neighbours, and which, try in four weeks ; after wbich time he according to certain advice, have made may be arrested wherever found, and pusuch progress in the Loaver Valais, on nished with death.” After having heard our frontiers, that the greatest part of his sentence pronounced by the Ditt, big ihe inhabitants have revolted againft is to undergo the mortification to be pre their legitimate sovereign, and have com- fent at its publication, before the people mitted many excefles.

at the Hotel de Ville, where the enfigns “ We have judged it necessary to give of the Orders with which this Prince is orders to our troops to hold themselves decorated, are to be corn from him, and ready to march in such a manner, that he himself to be conducted through all we may, on a day's notice, be able to the principal streets, accompanied by a employ them, whenever it may be ne- friar, proclaiming the words "Thug ceffary, in thc execution of our salutary are all Traitors to their country pu views for the public good. We there. “ nilhed." fore hope for their obedience and fideli. However, according to the principles ty, and that each of them will contri of équity lately establitbcd in France, his


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