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deceased, as he had not put the pannel not clear, and cannot be given up: For into danger, and male him stand on de- there was a majority of tae Jury returnfence of his life ; and the para:l had ing the pannel guilty, clear of the minor exceeded all bounds of chattisement for and the diflenters, and this is sufficient is any supposed pro:oking words, and had law. The Judges were of opinion, that deliberately taken up a heavy, knot:y, there was nothing in the firft objection, and dangerous weapon, and therewith nor on the age of twenty-five; bat as ftruck the deceased on the head, while there was a difficulty in the age of twenhe was bowing down to the ground, ty-one, they referred the whole to the which stroke gave him a mortal wound, Court of Justiciary to meet in November and he died of it in eight or ten hours. next at Edinburgh, and ordered the panBy this, the wicked and murderous inten- nel to be sent thither—whereby an imtion previous to the very act did suffici- portant point will be settled. ently appear. And it is not necessary, by the law against murder, that the pre

· September 21. vious bad intention in the pannel be of William Elliot and Daniel MÓDonald any definite long standing; it is enough were banished, each fourteen years. if it appear from the circumftances, that Alexander Philips was sentenced to be the wicked intention preceded the act, whipped through Perth by the hangman, however short a time it was. The Court and banished for life. pronounced the ordinary interlocutor,



There being no o:her bufiness, this for finding the bibel relevant to infer the nishes the Northern Circuit. pains of law, but allowing the pannel to prove all facts and circuinstances to exculpate or alleviate. The trial then pro

Ayr, Sep. 10. ceeded; from which it appeared that the The Circuit Court of Justiciary was openpannel attacked and wounded Peter ed here this day by the Right Hon. Lord Drummond on the head mortally with Stonefield, when the following perfons were the dangerous flick, of which he died. brought to trial, indicted at the infance of The pannel proved his friendthip and his Majesty's Advocate, for violently assaultforrow above stated. The jury, by a ing, invading, and attacking the members plurality of voices, returned a verdict

din of the presbytery of Irvine, mec at Saltcoats,

for the purpose of inspecting the fate of the finding lim Guilty. Four of them, it

schoolhouse of the parikh of Ardroflar, upnow appes, diftented.-The prosecutor

on an application to the prefbytery from : infiited for the judgment of the law on

number of residing heritors and heads of fathis verdict. On which Mr Wight ob

milies in that parish, on the 13th of May iested. ift. That the verdict, as to the last, viz. Alexander Hill weaver in Saltcoats, defignation of the pannel, was not in the Daniel Crawford fhip-carpenter there. John precife words of the libel; therefore, in Robinson nailer there, William Robson or itriełness, it could not apply to it, and was Robertson failor there, Janet Montgomery nuil. 20, That some of the Jury were fishwoman there, Marion Bailie, wife of not twenty-five years of age, and one Janies Greer weaver there, Helen Taylor, of them was not twenty-one; therefore widow of Peter Bishop failor there, janet they ought not, and could not, legally be Millar, wife of David Taylor failor there, on the Jury; and the verdict was clearly Janet Wilson, wife of William Bolton failur null on this head, and judgment could there, Jean Workman, wife of Architald not pass, but the pannel must be acquit- Bolton wcaver there, Janet Raefide, daugh. ted: That the Counsel did not know the ter of John Raeside labourer there, Mary that as to the age of the Jurors till they Smith,. wise of Robert Stewart salter in were inclosed on the proof, and he could

Saltcoats, Margaret!Barber, residing in Docknot flate it sooner.-To this it was an

head of Saltcoats, Margaret Thomson, wife

of Adam Biggar weaver in Saltcoats, Jeas fwered, That the verdict applied precisely

Tack, residing in Crofthead of Ardrofar,

" and Margaret Reid, daughter of David Reid ed and pleaded to the libel; and if the

failor in Saltcoats. Tury added to this a few unneceflary Before the trial took place, James Montwords of defignation, this did not shake

gomery, Esq. Advocate-dey we deserted the it. 3d, Tha: the objection to the Juror

diet pro loco et tempore against Daniel Crawon the age of twenty-five is not founded ford, Janet Montgomery, Marion Baille, in law, and in fact is not supported by Tean Workman, Margaret Barber, Jean Jack, practice, but the contrary conitantly ap- and Margaret Reid-but John Robinson, pears—But as to the age of twenty-one, William Robson, and Janet Raefide, were There is more weight in it, though it is outlawed for non-appearance-The other

pannels, Alexander Hill, Helen Taylor, Ja- a more quiet and peaceable disposition in net Millar, Janet Wilson, Mary Smith, and future. Margaret Thomson, were put to the bar for The Court having pronounced sentence of trial. The libel being read, they all pled fugitation against James Welfh for the alNot Guilty-No objection being made to ledged murder of William Borland at Old the relevancy, the examination of the wit- Cumnock and no other business being before nesses commenced, which took up near five them here, they adjourned to Dumfries. hours. The cvidence was then fummed up on the part of the Crown by Mr Montgomery, and by Mr David Cathcart on the

DUMPRIES, Sept. 17. part of the pannels After which, the jury - The Circuit Court of Justiciary was openwas charged by the Hon. Judge, and in- ed here, upon Wednesday the 15th curt. by closed.

the Right Hon. Lord Hailes, and proceeded Next day, the prisoners being brought to to the trial of William Alexander in Brownthe bar, the jury returned the following hill, who was accused of the murder of verdict :-“ Having confidered the libel, Joseph Coltart, farmer in Stepend, in the raised and pursued at the instance of his Ma. parish of Urr, by giving him a stroke on jesty's Advocate, for his Majesty's interest, the head with his whip, in a scuffle which against Alexander Hill, Helen Taylor, Jao ensued in the course of their return from net Millar, ja et Wilson, Mary Smith, and a Dunfries market, in the night of the zoth Margaret Thomfoa, pannels, they all in of June last, one voice find Helen Taylor, Janet Wilson, After calling over the names of the Jury, Mary Smith, and Janet Millar Guilty; and his Lordship observed, “ That he would by a plurality of voices find Alexander Hill take an opportunity, before so numerous an and Margaret Thomson Not Guilty." Where. audience, of mentioning a circumstance upon Mr David Cathcart, Advocate for the which made a deep impression on his mind. pannels, objected to the verdict, as being from certain Justiciary warrants which had null and void, in respect the jury had (with lately been issued, there was ground, he said, out mentioning the interlocutor on the rele to apprehend that some very unjustifiable vancy and proof adduced) found the pan. pradices had lately taken place in this neigh. nels guilty upon confidering the libel only, and bour hood. How far guilt had actually been that no judgment could pass against them, incurred, his Lordship would not pretend to upon the jury's considering the libel, with fay; but from the nature of these warrants, out the evidence led in support of the facts and the applications upon which they had therein charged, which, from the tenor of been granted, there was but too much ground their verdict, did not appear to have been for suspicion. His Lordship then observer), the case : and therefore that his Lordship that whosoever, upon any pretence, to serve was confined to the words of the verdict as any party, or to promote the interet of any it then tood; consequently that the pannels individual, did endeavour in any degree in must be affoilzied fimpliciter from the bar. interfere with the freedom of elestion, was

This was answered by the Advocate: guilty of a grofs offence againit the constituBut his Lordship seemed clearly of opinion tion and good laws of the land. The enteeis that the verdict was void and null; and which such conduct might have at present, therefore sustained the objection, and dif- or in one inflance only, was nothing to the milled the pannels fimpliciter from the har; example which it furnished, and to the fatal -remarking at same time, that the omillion consequences of which it might hereafter be in the verdict was similar to the case of productive. He would not Ipeak, he said, Thomas Hall, who was tried lately before of the danger to the individuals themselves, the Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, where by whom the enormities which he had in the jury omitted to mention in the verdict his eye had been perpetrated. Dangers of the pannel's name against whom the libel that kind there certainly, were of a very was laid-which was accordingly found fa- dreadful nature, and such as he trembled to tal to the verdict.

think of. But the infringement of the conThis inaccuracy in the verdict is consider- Ititution, and the violence thereby offered to ed as rather unfortunate; for these rioters one of its most facred and essential principles, from Saltcoats, from their late violent con- was such as every one who feared God, or duct towards Mr Duncan, their minister, regarded the good of his country, mult and opposition to his living in the parish, strongly condemo. He therefore be fought merited exemplary punishment. The conse- the Jurymen, and the whole audience prequrtices, however, will undoubtedly be the fent, to remember, and to repeat to their cause of bringing a new indi&ment to try' neighbours and acquaintances, the strong those other persons against whom the trial disapprobation which he expressed of such was only deserted pro loco et tempore, unlels proceedings. His Lordship concluded a very lhe people of the parish of Ardrotlan Lhow warm and affecting address, by observing,

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that he thought himself called upon by his His Majesty's Advocate-depute, in respect office, to state in this public and explicit of the prisoner's youth and certain other cir. manner what he now said, to caution every cumstances, restricted the libel to an arbitraone against such dangerous transgressions of ry punishment, and the pannel having conthe law and constitution for the future; feffed the charge, the jury inclosed for a that in doing so, he had at least done his few minutes, and returned a verdict, all in duty, and hoped that every one who heard one voice, finding the pannel Guilty. him, and the community in general, would Bookless was sentenced to be whipt and do theirs.

banished Scotland for life; Thomson to be After settling the relevancy, the Court transported for fourteen years. adjourned till yesterday morning at nine There was no other criminal business to o'clock, and having met, proceeded in the come before the Court. proof, when it appeared, that the pannel and some others had foregathered with the deceased at a public house on the road :

Glasgow, Sept. 15. That all the party had drunk a good deal of The Circuit Court of Justiciary was openliquor: That the deceased had been much ed at this place, yesterday, by the Right Hon. inciired to quarrel, particularly with the the Lord Justice Clerk, and Lord Henderpannel, whom he had repeatedly challenged land. to fight him, and who had received much The first business that came on was the provocation for some hours, and at last two trial of James Day, late Gardener at Park or three blows with the deceased's whip, of lochinnan, afterwards at Auchrossan in which wounded him on the hånd and face, Argyleshire, charged with the murder of before he gave the deceased'a blow with his James Day, his own natural child, a boy of whip, which knocked him down, fractured about six years old. It appears that the pan. his skull, and was the cause of his death some nel had maintained this child át a heavy ex: days thereafter.

pence, which being unable to continue, he There was a very respectable Jury, who was sent home to the father's house by the inelosed at four o'clock, and at seven return perfon who kept him ; That the pannel, ed their verdict, all in one toice finding the changing his refidence, carried along with pannel Not guilty of the crime charged against him his wife, and an infant child he had by him ; who was thereupon assoilzied and dif- her, and this boy; stopping at Old Kilpj. miffed. :

trick, he pretended that he was to send the There was no other business to come be- boy to his mother, and set out with him to fore the Court.

a house, from whence he said he would get him sent with the carriers to the defined

place, and, at his return, said he had sent JEDBURGH, Sept. 21.

him off accordingly. This happened some The Circuit Court of Justiciary was open- time after Martinnias last year; but, in the ed here yesterday by Lord Hailes, and im- month of June last, the body of a child mediately proceoded to the trial of James was found in the Clyde, by some fishers, in Fairnii.gton for horse-stealing. His Ma. a very mutilated state, which, from its jesty's Advocate-depute having, in respect of clothes, and other circumstances, became sufcertain favourable circumstances, restricted pected to be this man's; and he being the libel to an arbitrary punishment, the thereupon taken into custody, when exaniprisoner confessed the charge, was of course ned, he said he had not delivered the boy to found guilty by the Jury, and this morning any carrier, or other person, as he first gave adjudged to be transported' for fourteen out, but had left the child on the high road years.

to shift for itself. This was the fubitance of The Court then proceeded to the trial of his acknowledgment; but in several partie Alexander' Buglass, alias Bookless, for hame culars given out by him, he was contradiasncken. His Majesty's Advocate-depute, ed by evidence given in the trial. The in this case, álso restricted the libel to an ará clothes on the dead child's body were probitrary purishment, and the ordinary inter ved to be those belonging to his fon. The locutor on the relevancy being pronounced, Jury this morning gave in their verdict, all proceeded to the examination of witnesses, in one voice finding the pannel Guilty of which lasted till three o'clock afternoon, the crime charged. The Lords delayed when the Jury inclosed, and at seven o'clock pronouncing sentence till to-inorrow, this evening returned their verdict, all in Andrew Clark, residenter in Wester Mofone voice, finding the pannel Guilty art and fat, and parish of Shots, was then brought part.'

to the bar, accused at the instance of his MaThe Court next took up the trial of An. jesty's Advocate, of the murder of John drew Thomfort, a young boy between 15 Watt; but it being found that two of the and 16 years of age, charged with two dif. witnesses were ablent, on that account the ferent acts of house-breaking and theft. Advocate Depute thought proper, to move


the Court to defert the diet pro loco et tempore, Mr Bruce of Kinnaird, .
which being done, Clark was recommitted Mr Maxtone of Cultohoy,
to prison on a new warrant, in order to Captain R. Drummond,
fand erial at a future period; and warrant Colonel Erskine of Mar,
was granted for apprehending the absent Meff. Drummonds of Megginch,
witnesses, and committing them to prison. Mr Cameron of Lochiel,

Thereafter James M'Ghee, fhoemaker in · Mr Cameron, Banker in London, Biggar, was brought to the bar, accused of Captain Colin Campbell of Carwhin, the murder of George Paterson, shoemaker Captain Robertson of Lude,. there, at least of killing him by culpable Mr Belsches of Invermay, homicide. The Advocate Depute thought Mr T. Graham of Airth. proper in this case also to desert the diet against him pro loco et tempore, and he was re Mrs Drummond of Perth, committed on a new warrant, in order to Mrs Haldane of Gleancagles, stand his trial at a future period.

Mrs Murray of Abercairnie,
It would be improper to enter into any Mrs Campbell of Lochlin,
further particulars in these two cases, which Mrs Colonel Erskine,
are to be the subjea of further judicial dif Mrs Dundas. (Lady Advocate)

Miss Dundafies,
September 16.

Miss Campbells of Monzic,
The Court, having met this day, passed

Miss Stirlings of Ardoch, fentence of death on James Day, ordering

Miss Murray of Lintrose, him to be fed on bread and water only, till

Miss Louisa Græme, Inchbrakie,

Mrs Major Robertson of Lawers, 20th October ; and on that day to be hange ed at the ordinary place of execution here,

Miss Austins, and his body given to be dissected.

Miss Drummond of Machony,

Miss Maxtones of Cultohoy, At the late Autumn Cirruit, there was not

Mifs Cockburn, . a fingle criminal trial at three of the dis

Miss Graham. tricts, viz. Inverness, Inverary, and Stir; &c. &c. ling.

EDINBURGH, September 11. . Crieff, Sept. 8.

The Royal College of Surgeons being met, The newly-erected ball-room at oining made choice of the following Officers for the to Mr Allan's Inn here, is a great improve ensuing year, viz. inent in this part of the country, where dancing is so much the rage. It is 43 feet long

WILLIAM INGLIS, President. by 24 broad, and finished in a very elegant THOMAS HAY, Treasurer. but plain stile. From this accommodation the

• EXAMINATORS. Strathern balls are likely to prove as confpicuous for their numerous attendance, as

Robert Walker, Thomas Wood, they have hitherto been for the elegant, fo- Alexander Wood, Andrew Wardrops cial, and eafy file in which they are con

Andrew Wood, James Law, ducted.

On Monday last a very brilliant ball was Benjamin Bell, John Bennet, given by the gentlemen of the neighbour. Forrest Dewar, . George Woodo hood, in return for that given some time Thomas Hay, Andrew Inglis. ago by Mr Drummond of Perth. There were about eighty-six Ladies and Gentle

Extracted by men present, among whom were,

Will. BALDERSTON, CIK. 'The Duke of Athol, Earl of Errol, Lord Cathcart,

SINGULAR HONESTY. Lord Henry Murray,

The public always receives with pleasure Sir W. Stirling of Ardoch,

well authenticated facts that refled honour Sir John Menzies of Castle Menzies,

, upon men engaged in mercantile transacRight Hon. Henry Dundas,

tions. Some years ago, a respectable tracefThe Lord Advocate,

man in Paisley was unfortunately reduced, General Stirling,

by the loss of a trading vessel from BorrowsCapt. Drummond of Perth,

tounness to London, to the disagreeable neColonel Drummond of Machony, ceflity of compounding with his creditors. Colonel Campbell of Monzie,

Since that time the light of heaven has Mr Murray of Abercairnie,

shone upon his industry, and last week he Mr Graham of Orchill,

called together his crcditors at the New M: Haldarie of Glencagios,

Inn in Pailey, entertained them with a genteel dinner, and paid them in full those debts rous and virtuous behaviour, worthy to be of which they had formerly discharged him. imitated by those who have been visited by Such instances of honour and mesit should misfortune, when a happy change in their be mentioned with esteem and respect; and circumstances occurs. should be recorded, as an example of gene


September 13 The University of Edinburgh conferred the degree of Doctor of Medicine on the follow

ing Gentlemen, after the usual private and public trials : ENGLAND.

Dissertationes Inaugurales. Mr William Alexander, De Partibus Corporis Animalis que Viribus Opii parent. Mr A Purcell Anderson, - De Compofttione Acidi Sulpburici. Mr Samuel Burton Pearson De Medicamentis Vomitorii, &c. Mr John Dodsworth... De Fluxu Menstruali.

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This promised to have been a most faFourable season for fruit, but it has turned out just the reverse, in every part of the island, owing to the blights in Spring The following are the prices of the principal orchards in Clydesdale :

In the year 1790. 1 Prices in 1789. Dalserf, L. 87 Dalserf, L.132 Milton, - .58 Milton, -, 157 Dalziel, · 50 | Dalziel, • • 93 Mauldflie, - 45 | Mauldfie, - 55 Dalpatrick, - 36 | Dulpatrick, - 36 Waygateshaw, 23 | Waygateshaw, 80 Cainpethan, - 22 | Camnethan, - 206

work. Several other copy-rights were fold at high prices, many of them considerably above the original cost, although several years of the property are elapsed.

It is a remarkable circunstance, that, since the famous decision in the Houle of Lords, on Literary Property, declaring it to be limited to fourteen and twenty-eight years, in place of being perpetual, as was contended by Lord Mansfield and the 100 don booksellers, the value of that kind of property has risen prodigiously ; which is a Trong proof of the progress of literature in this country.

L. 321

• .779 LITERARY Property. The value of Literary Property is rising in this country. The copy-right of Mr Bell's System of Surgery, and his Treatise on Ulcers, in , vols. 8vo. was fold, at the sale of the late Mr Elliot's stock, for twelve bundred and four pounds, which is near double the original price, although there have been already several editions of that celebrated

Wednesday 220 September being the birth-day of Mr Thomson, the celebrated poet, a number of gentlemen, at the request of the Earl of Buchan, met at Ednam, the place of his nativity, and resolved that a meeting fhould be held yearly at the famo place; and that 3 monument to his memory should be erected on Ednam hill. The day was spent with great conviviality. During the festival, the Earl of Buchan ad. dressed the meeting in an elegant speech, expressive of the great abilities and amiable


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