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fiding, Sir Gawen recovered some por- tion died away; the scarce distinguished tion of strength, which he immediately form of some terrific being floated flowmade ule ot to convey bimself as far as ly by, and again another dreadful groan possible from the iron door, and present- ran deepning through the gloom. Sir ly reached his former elevation on the Gawen itood for some time incapable of flair-cale, which, after afcending a few moron, at length summoning all his fuis , more fleps, terininated in a winding ti ude, he advanced with his sword exgallery. Tie light which had hitherto tended to the dark-st part of the room : fialhed inceRanily, now disappeared, and instantly burit forth in fierce irraditions he was left in almoil total darkness, ex- a blue julpureous splendour, and the cept that now and then, the moon threw mangleri borly of a man distorted wih a few cool rays through fome broken the agony of death, his every fibre rack loop holes, heightening the horror of the ed with corvulfion, his beard and hair scene. He dreaded going forward, and fiff and matted with blood, bis mouth fcarfuily looked back lit some yelling open, and his eyes pretruding from their fiend should again punge him into the marble fockers, ruihed on the fixed and vault. He stood funded with appre- ma idenning In!us of Sir Gawen, whole hencon: a mournful wind howled thro' freart had beat no more, had not a hilii, the apartments of the caille, and listen- 26 of ten thoutand fiend's, loud, horrible, ing, he thought he heard the iron door roused him from the dreadful scenes grate upon its hinges; he started with he started, uttering a wild Threk, liis terror, the sweat ituod in big diops up. brain turned round, and running, he on his forehead, his knees imate each knew not whither, burit through the other, and he rushed forward with def- folling doors. Darkness again spread perate despair, till having suddenly turn- her table pall over the untor:urate Sir ed a corner of the gailery, a taper, burn- Gawen, and he hurried along the nariay with a faint light, gleamed through row passage with a fecble and a faula narrow dark pallage : Sir Gawen ap- terin; itep. His intellect hook, and, oproached the light; it came from an verwhemed with the late appalling obextentive room, the folding doors of jects, had not yet recovered any de ree which were wide open : he entered ; a of recollection, and he wasder:d as in a Smail taper in a maily liver candlesick dream, a contuted train oi horrible ideas ftood upon a table in the middle of the pastrg unconnected through his mind : room, but gave io inconfiderable an ilu- at lengti, however, memory resumed her mination, that one end was wrapped in function, resumed it but io daunt llin palpable darknels, and the other caice- with harrowing liggeftions; the direiul ly broken in upon by a dim light that horrors of the room behind, and of the Itreamed through a large ramificd win- vsalt below, were still present to his dow, covered with thick ivy, An arm- eyes, and as a man whom hellish fiends chair, shattered and damp with age, was had frightened, he food trembling, pale, placd near the table, and the remains and laring wild. All was now fiient of a recent fire were fill visible in the and dark, and he determined to wait in grate. The wainscot of black oak, had this fput the dawn of day, but a few formerly been hung with tapestry, and minutes had scarce clapred, when the several portions tuli clung to thole parts iron dcor screaming on its hinges, belwhich were near the fire; they poffef- lowed through the murmuring ruin. fed fome vivacity of tint, and with much Sir Gawen nearly fainted at the found, gluing, yet apparent on the chimney- which, pauling for fome time, again piece, and several mouldering reliques of swelled upon ihe wind, and at laft, died costly frames and paintings, gave indito away in inrill melancholy tricks; 2putable evidence of the ancient grandeur gain all was filent, and again the fame of the place. Sir Gawen clofed the fold. Fearful noise ftruck terror to his fou', ing doors, and, taking the tapır, was a Whilft his mind was thus agitated with bout to survey the room, when a deep horror and ap: reliention, a dim lig't hollow groan from the dark end of it freaming from behind, accompanied with Imcte cold upon his heart ; at the fame a foft, quick, and hollow tread, convintime the found, as with something fall- ced Sir Gawen that something was pur ing with a dead weight, echoed through suing him, and fruck with wildering the room. Sir Gawen replaced the ta- fear, he ruined unconscious down the per, the flame of which was agitated, Heps; the vault received him, and its DOW quivering, funk, now ftrcaming, portal swinging to their clore, founded fiamed aloft, and as the lait pale por- as the sentence of death. A dun fætid


smoke smoke filled the place, in the centre of with moss, and from whofe clefts gres wbich arose a faint and bickering flame. thick and spreading trees, the roots of Sir Gawen approached, and beheld a which, washed by many a fall of water, corse suspended over it by the neck; its burg bare and matted from their crages fat dropped, and the fiame, fizíhing beds. through the vault, gleamed on a throng Sir Gawen forgot, in this delicious of hidecus ghafilyfeatures that pow came vale ali his former lui rings, and giving forward thro the smoke; Sir Gawen, up his mind to the picafing influence of with tbe desperate valour of a man, who curiosity and wonder, he determined to sees deftruction before him, ran furicus explore the place by traciog the wind. forward; an universal 'fhrick burstings of the stream. Scuce had he enforth; the corfe dropped into the fire, tered upon this plain, when music of which, rifing with tenfoid brilliance, the most ravithing sweetnels fiiled the placed fall in view the dreadful form of air, it feerced to fioat alorg his infernal guide, dilated into horror it- the valley, sometimes it ftole alors the felf; her face was pale as death, her eyes surface of the water, now ii died away were wide open, dea and fixed; a among the woods, and now, wih deep horrible grin sat upon her features, her and mellow symphony, it iwelied upon lips, back, and half putrid, were drawn the gale. Fixed in attonitto:cat, Sir back, disclosing a set of large b'ue teeth, Gawen scarce ventured to breathe, eveand her hair, ftanding stifly creet, was ry sense, fave that of hearing, fremed of a withered red. Sir Gawen felt his absorbed, and when the last taint ward. blood freeze within him, bis lin bs for- linga melted on his ear, he ftarted from got to move, the face, enlarging as it the spot, solicitous to know from what came, drew near, and swooning, he fell being those more than human ftrainskad forward on the ground.

parted; but not ing appeared in view; Sow pall d ihe vital fluid through the moon full and unclouded, frone with the bosom of Sir Gawen, scarce did the unusual luftre, the white rocks glittering heart vibrate to its impulse ; on his pal in her beam, and, filled with hope, bě lid forehead fat a chilly sweat, and tre- again purtued the windings of the wa. quent sparns thcok his limbs; but at ter, which, conducting to the nortoweft length, returning warmth gave some vi- part of the valley, continued sheir course gour to his frame, the energy of life be through the wood. Sir Gawen entered came more diffused, a scothing languor by a path smooth, but narrow and perstole upon him, and on opening his eyes, plexed, where, although its hrarches Jushed neither the images of death, nor were so numerous that no preference the rites of witchcraft, but the soft, the could be given, or any direct route lorg Iweet, and tranquil scenery of a fum perfifted in, yet every turn presented mer's moonlight night. Enraptured fomething to amuse, something to Sharpwith this sudden and unexpected change, en the edge of research. The beauty of Sir Gawen rose gently from off the the trees through whose interfices the ground, over his dead towered a large moon gleamed in the moft pidiuresque and majeftic oak, at whose foot, by some manner, the glimpses of tbe water, and kind and compassionate being, he con- the notes of the nightingale, who now cluded he had been laid. Delight and began to'fill the valley with her fong, gratitude dilated his heart, and advani were more than fufficient to take off the cing from beneath the tree, whose gi- sense of fatigue, and he wandered on, gantic branches spread a large extent of fill eager to explore, ftill pinting for Shade, a vale beautiful and romantic, further discovery. The wodd now bethrough which ran a clear and deep came more thick and obfcure, ard at Atream, came full in view; he walked to length'almoft dark, when the path, tathe edge of the water, the moon Phone king suddenly an oblique dire&tion, Sir with mellow luftre on its surface, and Gawen found himself on the edge of i its banks, fringed with fhrubs, breathed circular lawn, whose tint and fofiness a perfume more delicate than the odours were beyond compare, and which seemof the Eaft. On one fide, the ground, ¢d to have been lightly brushed by fairy covered with a vivid, loft and downy feet. A number of fine old trees, around verdurc, stretched for a considerable ez whose boles crept the ivy and the woodtent to the borders of a large foreft, bine, rose at irregular distances; here which sweeping round, finally closed up they mingled into groves, and there fte the valley ; on the other, it was broken parate, and emulous of each other, they into abrupt and rocky masies swarded took their airy fummits in disdain The


water, which had been for some time grasped a golden targe and lance of concealed, now murmured through a beamy lustre. The nymphs, wiose thousand beds, and visiting each little form and symmetry were beyond whata flower, added vigour to iis vegetation ever poets dream, were dreite 1 in robes and poignancy to its fragrance. Aling of white, their zones were azure, dropt the edges of the wood and beneath the with diamonds, and their light browa Madows of the trees, an innumerable hort hair, deck-d with roses, hung in ample of glow-worms lighted their innocuous ringlets. So qiuck, so light, and airy fires, justrous as the gems of Goiconda, was their motion, that the turf, the ani Sir Gawen, defirous yet longer to flowers fhrunk not to the gentle pressure, enjoy the scene, went forward with light and each smiling on her favourite knight, footsteps on the lawń; all was calm, he fung his brilliant arms alide and inine and, except the breeze of night, that gled in the dance. fighed foft and swerely through the Whilit they thus few in rapid meaworld of leaves, a perfect filence prevail. sures o'er the lawn, Sir Gawen, forget. ed. Not many minutes, however, had ting ..s fi:uation, and inipatient to saelapsed, before the same inchanting mu- lute the allembly, involuntarily stept forfic, to which he had liftened with to ward, and inftantaneoudy a Thrill and much rapture in the vale, again arrested hollow gust of wind inurmured through his ear, and prelently he discovered on the woods, the moon dipt into a cloud, the border of the lawn, just rising above and the knights, the dames, and aerial the wood, and floating on the bosom of spirits, vanished from the view, leavin: the air, a being of the most delicate form; the amazed Sir Gawen to repent at lei. from his houlders streamed a tunic of fure of his precipitate intrukon ; scarce, the tendereft blue, his wings and feet however, had he time to determine what were ciothed in downy filver, and in his plan he should pursue, when a gleam of grasp he had a wand white as the moun, light flashed suddenly along the horizon, tain snow. He rose swiftly in the air, and the beauteous being, whom he his brilliance became exceflive from the first beheld in the air, stood before him; lunar rays, his fong echoed through the he waved his snowy wand, and pointing vault of night, but having quickly di- to the wood, which now appeared (parkminished to the size and appearance of ling with a thousand fires, moved gen, the evening star, it died away, and the ty on. Sir Gawen felt an irrefiftible imnext moment he was loft in ether. Sir pulse which compelled him to follow, Gawen still fixed his eye on that part of and having penetrated the wond, he the heavens where the vision had disap- perceived many bright rays of light, peared, and shortly had the pleasure of a- which, darting like the beams of the gain seeing the star like radiance, which in sun, through every part of it, most beauan instant unfolded itself into the full and tifully illumined ihe shafts of the trees. fine dimensions of the beauteous being, As they advanced forwards, the radiance who, having collected dew from the cold became more intense and converged tuo vales of Saturn, now descended rapidly wards a centre, and the fairy being, fowards the earth, and waving his wand turning quickly round, commanded Sir. as he passed athwart the woods, a num. Gawen to kneel down, and having ber of like form and garb flew round squeezed the juice of an herb into his bim, and, all alighting in the lawn, fe- eyes, bade him now proceed, but that parated at cqual distances on its circum- no mortal eye, unless its powers of vision ference, and then shaking their wings, were encreated, could endure the glory which spread a prefume through the air, that would shortly burft upon them. burft into one general song. Sir Gawen, Scarce had he uttered there words, when who, apprehensive of being discovered, they entered an amphitheatre; in its had retreated within the shadow of fome centre was a throne of ivory inlaid molly oaks, now waited with eager ex- with sapphires, on which sat a female pectation the event of fo fingular a scene. form of exquisite beauty, a plain coro. In a few moments a bevy of elegant net of gold obliqucly crossed her flows nymphs dancing two by two, issued ing hair, and her robe of white fatin from the wood on the right, and an equal hung negligent in ample folds. Around number of warlike knights, accompanied her ttood five and twenty nymphs clotho by a band of minstrels, from that of ed in, white and gold, and holding light. the left. The knights were clothed in ed tapers ; beyond these were fifty of the green; on their bofoms shone a plate of aerial beings, their wings of downy silver bornished steel, and in their hands they stretched for foight, and cach a burning

taper taper in his hand; and lastly, on the cir- “ of innocence or the paint of sorror, curference of the amphitheatre fhone " the pang of injured merit, or the figh one hundred knights in mail of temper- “ of hop:cle's love, implore our aid in ed feel, in one hand they fhock alofi a “ vain. Upon the inoon-beam do we targe of masly diamond, and in the other “ fcat, and light as air, pervade the flashed a taper. So excesive was the “ habitations of men; and hearken, O reflection, that the targes had the lustre « lavoured mortal! I tell thee {pirits, of an hundred funs, and, wien daken, “ pure fjon. vice, are present to thy isiSent forth freams or vivid lighening; « moit thougtis; when tror and when from the gold, are filver, and the sap " macnifs, when ip-ctres and when phires ruined a flood of tinted light, “ death furrounded thee, our influence thar mingling threw upon the eye a fe- « put to fight the ministers of darknes, ries of revolving hues. Sir Gawen im- " we placed thee in the moonlight vale, prefied with awe, with wonder, and de- “ and now, upon thy head I pour the light, fcl proftrate on the ground, whilst “ planctaly dew, from He aie's dread the fairy spirit advancing, knelt and pre- “agınts, it will free thee from wikler. fented to the queen a cryftal vafe. She "ing ftaran luoniy fuperfition.” She rose, the wave her hand, and smiling, ended, and Sir Gawei, impatient to hade Sir Gawen to approach. “Gentle express his gratitude, was about to speak, *6 firanger," the exclaimed, " let not when fuddenly the light turned pale and “ fear appal thine heart, for to him died away, the spirits Acd, and music seit " whom courage, truth, and piety have and sweet was heard rem ocely in the air « distinguished, our friencíhip are our Sir Gawen started, and in pla e of the re“ Jove is given. Spirits of the bleit we fulgent scene of magic, he beheld 2 es are, our sweet en ployment to befriend public road, his horse cropping the girls " the wretched and the weary, to lull which grew upon iis edge, and a village 66 the torture of ar guish, and the horror at a hirde dilance, on whose spire, the as of despair. Ah! never Mall the tear rising fun had shed his earlic ít bean.s.

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O re mute Tribes, were your's the Song, The barque accustom'i to obey
You'd boast, transcendent Pity mov'd! No more che trembing pilots guide ;

Alone she gropes her trickless way,
While Time this hallow'd Day returns, " While mountains burst on either side :
That still to Britons mult be deur ;

Thus skill and science both must fall, And Zeal to blazon Merit burns,

And ruin is the lot of all. Which all ovho feel like Men revere;

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