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him ; to be sure it is the custom." {ha. I then carried him new.dressed * And his servant, too? said I." to the Iteghe, who gave him strict in" Certainly, his servant 100; and if junction's to take care of me if ever I he had ten servants that ate and drank Thould come into his hands. He afin your house, you must cloath them ter went home with Ayto Aylo, nor all." “ I think, said I, Ayto Aylo, did I ever know what was become of a physician at this rate had much bet. him till now, when we arrived at his ter let his patients die than recover house at Welled Abea Abbo, unless them at his own expence.“ Ya. from some words that fell in discourse goube, says Aylo, I see this is not a from Fasil at Bamba. ' custom in your country, but it is in- Shalaka Welled Amlac was, howvariably one in this : it is not so among ever, from home, but his wife, moa the lower set of people; but if you ther, and sisters, received us kindly, will pass here as a man of fome de- knowing us by report; and, without gree of consequence, you cannot a. waiting for our landlord, a cow was void this without making Welled instantly slaughtered. . Amlac your enemy: the man is opu- . The venerable mistress of this wor. lent; it is not for the value of the thy family, Welled Amlac's mother, cloaths, but he thinks his importance was a very stout, chearful, woman, among his neighbours is measured by and bore no signs of infirmity or old the respect shewn him by people afar age : his wife was, on the contrary, off; never fear, he will make you as arrant a hag as ever acted the part some kind of return, and for the on the stage , very active, however, cloaths I fall påy for them.” “. By and civil, and speaking very tolerable no means, said I, my good friend ; I Amharic. His two lifters, about fixthink the anecdote and custom is so teen or seventeen; were really handcurious that it is worth the price of some ; but Falil's wife, who was the cloaths; and I beg that you would there, was the most beautiful and believe, that; intending to go through graceful of them all; The seemed not, Maitha, I consider it as a piece of to be past eighteen, tall, thin, and of friendlhip in you to have brought me a very agreeable carriage and manunder this obligation.” “ And so it ners. The features of her face were is, says he : I knew you would think very regular; she had fine eyes, mouth, lo ; you are a cool dispassionate man; and teeth, and dark-brown complexand walk by advice, and do not break ion; at firit fight a cast of melancholy through the customs of the country, seemed to hang upon her countenance, and this reconciles even bád men to but this foon vanished, and she became you every day, and so much ihe long- very courteous, chearful, and most er shall you be in safety.

conversible of the whole, or at leaft The reader will not doubt that I seemed to wish to be fo ; for, unforimmediately fulfilled my obligation to tunately, she spoke not a word of any Welled Amlac, who received his language but Galla; though she undercloaths, a girdle, and a pair of san- stood a little Amharic; our conversadals, in all to the amount of about tion did not fail to give great entertwo guineas, with the same indiffer- tainment to the whole family, and for ence as if he had been buying them her part, the laughed beyond all meafor ready money." He then asked for sure: bis servant's cloaths, which were. The two fifters had been out helpready for him. He only said he ing my servants in disposing the bagthought they were too good, and hint gage; but when they had pitched my ed as if he should take them for his tent, and were about to lay the mathis own use when he went to Mait- tress for llceping on, the eldest of these VOL. XII. No. 69.



interrupted them, and nor being able Satisfied that I understood him, he to make herself understood by the put on the most chearfui countenance: Greeks, she took it up and threw it another cow was killed, great plenty

out of the tent door, whilft no abuse of hydromel produced, and he prepa: or opprobrious pames were fpared by sed to regale us as sumptuoully as

my fervants"; one of whom came to possible, after the manner of the coun. tell me her impudence, and that if try. We were there, as often before, they understood her, she said I was to obliged to overcome our repugrance Pleep with her this night, and they be- to eating raw fesli. Shalaka Welled lieved we were got into a house of Amlac fet us the example, entertainthieves and murderers. To this I ed us with the stories of his hunting answered by a sharp reproof, desiring elephants, and feats in the last wars, them to conform to every thing the mostly roguish ones. The room family ordered them. I faw the fair where we were (which was indeed nymph was in a violent pafsion ; she large, and contained himself, mocher. told her tale to the matrons with wife, lifters, his horfes, mules, and great'energy, and avolubility of tongue fervants, night aod day) was all hung paft imagination, and they all laugh round with the trunks of these ele. ed. Falil's wife called me to fit by phants, which he had brought from her, and began to'instru& me, drolly the neighbouring Kolla, near Guela enough, as: they do children, but. of gue, and killed with his own hands what the said I had not the smallest for he was one of the boldest and beit guess. I endeavoured always to re. horsemen in Abyssinia, and perfectly peat ker last words, and this occafion- master of bis arms. ed another vehement laugh, in which This Polyphemus's feaft being to

ild as and to keep up nished, the horn of hydromel went the joke, for the benefit of the com.

for the benefit of the com briskly about. Welled Amlac's eldest panyyas long as possible.

fifter, whose name was Melectanea, - Imediately after this WeHed Am- took a particular charge of me, and I lac arrived, and brought us the difa- began to find the necessity of retiring greeable news, that it was impossible and going to bed while I was able. to proceed to the ford of the Abay, Here the former story came over an as two of the neighbouring Shums gain; the invariable custom of all were at variance about their respective Maittha and the country of the Galla, districts, and in a day or two would of eltablifhing a relationship by fleepdecide it by blows. The faces of all ing with a near of kin, was enlarged our companions fell at these news; upon ; and, as the young lady herself but as I knew the man, it gave ire was prelenig and presented every hora little trouble, as I supposed the mean- of drink during this polite difpue ing to be, that, if we made it worth concerning her person, I do not know while, he would accompany us him. Whether it will not be thought a self, and in that case we should pafs greater breach of delicacy 10 have rewithout fear; at any rate, I well knew tuled than to have complied: that, after the obligations I had laid him under at Gondar, he could not,

But what success Vanessa mer, confitent with the received usages of

Is to the world a secret yet;

Can never to mankind be told, the country, if it was but for his own Nor shall the conscious muse unfold. reputation's fake, fail in receiving me in the very best manner in his power, Fge upon the conscious muse, says and entertaining me to the utmost all Lord Orrery; and fye, 100, fayl: 3. the time I was in his house.

man of bonour and gallantry should.


not permit himself such a hint as live, let the devil take me if ever I this, though the Red Sea was between fcek again to be at Welled Abea Ab. him and his mistress.

bo. It was agreed to relax that day, It was impossible to fleep; the whole and dedicate it to herborizing, as alnight was one continued form of so to the fatisfying the curiofity of thunder, rain, and lightning; the our female friends, by answering all morning was clearer, and my people their questions, and thus the forevery urgent to go away ; but I had noon passed as agreeable as posible. still to settle with Zor Woldo, who Welled Amlac, a great hunter, had been kept by his mistress, Falil's had gone with me early to a neighwife, aotwithstanding his master's or- bouring thicket on horseback, armed ders, till he had told her the whole with lances in search of venison, thơ circumftances of our expedition, and we certainly did not want provisions. made her laugh heartily at the oddity We in a few minutes raised two boof our sentiments and customs. This hur, a large animal of the deer kind, She repaid to him by plentiful horns and each pursued his bealt ; mine had of mead and bouza, as also large col. not run 100 yards before I avcriook Jops of raw meat, which made him a him, and pierced him with my pike; very eloquent hiftorian; whether or and the same would have happened 'no he was a faithful one, I cannot probably to the other, had nor Wel possibly judge.

led Amlac's horse put his fore-feet After having settled with him to into a fox's hole, which threw him his perfect satisfaction, and cancelled and his rider headlong to the ground: entirely the memory of fome disagree- he was not, however, hurto but rose able things pafted, he consigned us very gravely, and desired me to revery solemnly to Ayto Aylo's ser- turn; it being a rule among these vant, in presence of Welled Amlac, people, never to perGit when any and had taken his leave, when a very thing unfortunate falls out in the befine white cow was brought to the ginning of a day. door of the cent from Tall's wife, Our company was now increased who infifted, as a friend of her hul- by our former landlord at Goutto, band, that I would itay that day for where we were obliged to Woldo's her fake ; and I should either learn stratagem for discovering the cow that her my language, or she would teach was hid. We sat down chearfully to me Galla. The party was accepted dinner. Welied Amlac's fall had as soon as offered; the morning was not spoiled his appetite ; I think he fresh and cool, ror had daft night's lic ate equal to four ordinary men. I, bation any way disordered my sto- for the most part, ate the venison, mach. Strates himself, though afraid which was made into an excellent of Welled Amlac, and exceedingly dish, only too much stuffed with all exasperated at the impudent behavi. kind of spices. Fasil's wife alone our, as he called it, of Melectanea, seemed to have a very poor appetite, was, however, a little pacified at the notwith!tanding her viclent fits of approach of the white cow. Brother, laughter, and outward appearance of says he to Michael, we have nothing chqarfulness. A melancholy gloom to do with people's manners as long returned upon her beautiful face, that as they are civil to us: as to this feemed to indicate a wind not at ease. house, there is no doubt but the men She was of a noble family of Galla, are robbers and murderers, and their which had conquered and settled in women wh—es; but if they use us the low country of Narea. I wonwell while we are now here, and we dered that Fabl ber husband had not are so lucky as to get to Gondar as carried her to Gondar. She said her

X 2


husband had twenty otue. wives be-, seize the moment in which we could fides her, but took none of then to repole our mind, as to give rest to Göndar ; which was a place of war, the body. where it was the citom tu marry the In the afternoon we distributed our wives of their enemies that they had presents among the ladies. Falil's forced to fly, Fasil will be married wife was not forgot ; aod the beautiful therefore to Michael's wife, Ozoro Melectanea was covered with beads, Esther. I could not help being start- handkerchiefs, and ribbands of all coled at this declaration, remembering lours. Falil's wife, on my first rethat I was here losing my time, and quest, gave me a lock of her fine hair forgetting my word of returning as from the root, which has ever since, soon as possible; but we had, for many and at this day does suspend a plummonths, lived in such conftant alarms, met of an ounce and half at the index that it was absolutely as needful to of my three-feet quadrant,

Description of the City of Constantinople and Suburbs, of the Seraglio, and City

of Scutari. By the Count de Ferrieres Sauvebæuf.

M ANY writers have given us the and the Bosphorus, is a confused

I history of the Turks, their heap of large and small edifices, rifa origin and conquests ; let us now ing one above another, without ortake a view of them as possessors of der, but intermixed with cypress vrees, the finest country in the world, and planted in the gardens or on the terenjoying the fruits of their ancestors faces, forming a whole, which gives an valour; and firft let us take a survey air of grandeur and majesty to this of that immense city which they have palace, which is as dismal in appearmade their capital.

ance as it is well guarded. A num. Constantinople is situated between ber of cannon are placed round the two seas ; the port, one of the finest foot of the wall which surrounds it, and most extensive in the universe, is and serve to give notice of feasts and always open to vessels both from the public rejoicings, and to salute the Black Sea and Mediterranean. Su Sultan when he goes by water. perb mosques, furmounted with large Constantinople which appears so domes and lofty minarets, appear a magnificent at first sight, astonishes a bove the other buildings, and seem to {tranger who goes through it; he lose themselves in the clouds. This then thinks himself little recomper sed capital, situated on many hills, is seen by the splendor of Sancta Sophia, at a vast distance. The suburbs of which has been injured both by time Galatea and Pera, situated on the and the Turks, and is equally disfatis. further side of the port, and the city fied with the triffing and ridiculous of Scutari, which rises to view on taste of certain gilt fountains add the opposite shore of Alia, affords the sumptuous fronts of some of the finest prospect to persons approaching mosques; he sees nothing before him Conftantinople, who behold this a-. bpt irregular squares, arsenals badly greeable mixture of thick trees and provided, flips for building thips, ia painted houses rifing together in form worse order, and the vešiels themof ad amphitheatre.

selves built on a most ridiculous mo'The seraglio, which commands a del. When he passes the Seven Tiew of the fca of Marmora; the port Towers, he cannot help lamenting


the unfortunate victims of an autho. what fenlauons her charms have ocrity which is ignorant even of the calioned: the continues her route, laws of nations. Let him pass frequentiy calting the moit exprellive wherever he will, he finds narrow looks, and perhaps making a giacious Itreets, most of them on steep and and unequivocal fign, that is often winding declivities, ill paved and al. attended with consequences : someways covered with filth, which the times he meets grave watrons, whose dogs, equally oumerous and hungry, enormous fize requires the passenger and who are the only scavengers of, to stand close to let him pass; these the capital, are constantly fighting for are followed by Turks, whose taste under the passengers feet : he meets lies towards the embonpoint, who purs chariots sometimes or coaches, drawn fue them with a degree of admiration, by two horses, which, moving with a mixed with enthusiasm, and mutter solemo pace, on account of the diffi- prayers to their prophet, ihat he will culty of the ways, having in them grant them wives of such a form. the Turkish ladies taking the air, or All the houses in Constantinople going to pay visits. These, fhut up are built with wood; the thops are in their cheils, have an opportunity convenient, but small, and thew the of peeping through the lattices of the proprietors have only a moderate de. docrs at the paisengers, who are in gree of property. The Baseltin, or constant danger of being presid å- quarter of the jewellers, exhibits very gainst the walls by the wheels of their considerable riches; although in a carriages. Sometimes he beholds an country where it is very dangerous unfortunate person, affiated with the to appear to poffefs any. We may plague, drop down dead before him, sometimes wander over a large space and a porter for the trilling hire which of ruins, occasioned by the frequent he would receive for carrying a bale fires which happen in this city, either of goods, takes the corpse on his back for want of carc, or by the villany ceremony, while the relation of factious people ; fumetimes these and triends of the decealeo, as litfires ucitroy whole quarters of the tle fearful of danger as the porter, city. relig ously press, to re: der him the .The great gate of the feraglio is lait duries, without taking any precau- on the fide of an irregular iquare, tion to secure themselves irom the ornamented by a beautiiul fountain effects of that fatal disease, and they on one side and by the facade of sometimes perith by it the next day Sancta Sophia on the other. This or on the morrow.

valuable monument of the finest arA stranger will be much surprised chitecture still retains some marks of and will behold with pleasure, many its original magnificence; the dome, troops of women, much less confined ornamented with a most suberb Moat home than is generally thought in faic, composed of different ci sitals, Europe, constantly in the streets, go vari uily enamelled, strongly reing backward and forward, from and proaches the ignorance and barbarity to the walks, the baths, the markeis, of ih. Turks, who suffer such a malor visiting. Two fine eyes may fre- ter-piece of worker anthip daily to quently be observed througl, veils «f perill. On approaching the feraglio, mullin, so thin as icarcely to hide the webehold a large lodge, the windows features of the face; a cloak formed of which over the door are Itopped to Mew the most beautiful figure, an- up by iron grating, and proclaim it nounces the most elegant form, and to be rather the gloomy mansion of sets off the shape of a young female, unhappy prisoners, than the place of who [ccms always attentive to observe refidence of the most powerful prince

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