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The MelTage from Spain was no sooner The failing of our fleet may be attrimade known to Government, than, with buted to various causes; but it is believ. that spirit of candour and integrity which ed that they are simply gone to f a for a universally marks its conduct, letters were short cruite to difcipline the ships, and dispatched from the Secretary of State's try the new sytem of lignals. The fleet Oslice to the Governors of the Bank, to is in three divisions: Ad niral Barring on the Lord Mayor, to the Marine Society's commands the van; Lord Howe the Office, &c. announcing to them the pro- centre; and Sir Alexaniler Hnot the rear. spect of peace.

The disposition of the other fligs is mere

ly to regulate the failing of the fleet, and Mr Grenville's Letter to the Lord

that every part of it may profii from the Mayor was as follows:

inftructions of a flag-officer, in case of “ Whiteball, Aug. 5, 1790. contingency. Thus the government of “ MY LORD,

the van division will be aided by the ex“ I have the honour to inform your ertions of Sir John Jervis; the centre by Lordship that a Messenger is arrived from Lord Hood and Rear-Admiral Hotham; his Majesty's Ambassador Extraordinary and the rear by Sir Richard Bickertonat Madrid, with the account, that in an arrangement which must, in particucompliance with his Majesty's demand of lar, greatly facilitate the manquvring of satisfaction for the capture of the British the whole' fleet; and those who are in vessels at Nootka, a Declaration was fign- the least conversant in this business will el on the 24th of July, by Count Florida allow, that it must be frequently proBlanca, in the name of his Catholic Ma- ductive of very singular advantages. The jesty; and that the same was accepted in inftantaneous change of position may his Majesty's name, by his Majesty's Am- turn the tide of fortune; and the timely baffador, who was thereupon to proceed support of the weaker parts of a line of to the discussion of the matters depende batile may not only prevent a defeat, but ing between the two Courts, with a view be conducive to a victory. to a definitive arrangement.

In all the history of our naval wars, “ The Declarations above referred to, there is no instance of fu many fireships will be immediately published in a Ga. being fitted out, as are equipped and e. zette Extraordinary, which will be for: quipping at this moment. warded to your Lordship as soon as it is Belides the fleet now at sea under Lord printed. I am, my Lord,

Howe, there are ready equipped at the * Your Lordship's moft obedient, different ports, and only waiting for a • And most humble Servant, few men to complete their complement,

“ W.W. GRENVILLE." eighteen sail of the line, viz.-fixat Spit" The Right Hon. the Lord Mayor

head-two at Portsmouth-three at Piyof London."

mouth-fix in the Medway-and one at

Woolwich. The preparations of our navy and are Of these, one is of r10 guns--three of my, have received no check from this in- 985ten of 74-and four of 64. formation :A proof of the extreme caution with which it is viewed by thę Miniftry.

LONDON, August 20.
The fleet of Earl Howe put to lea

EDINBURGH, Auguft-16. from Torbay on Tuesday last; the num. Friday was married here, Andrew her of Mips of the line were thirty-one Reid, teacher in Edinburgh, to Mary fail, and frigates and smaller vesels, fixó Milne, daughter of the deceased Robert teen in number, made up the fleet to for. Milne of Montrose. Both being of the ty seven fail!

persuasion of Quakers, the nuptial cerco Previous to the failing of the feet, Arlo monies, as is usual with that fociety, miral Barrington and Sir John Jarvis were performed in their usual place of Stifted flags; the former from the Bar- meeting in Blackfriar's wynd, They feur into the Royal George, the latter afsembled between ten and eleven o'clock from the Carnatic into the Barfleur. forenoon, and sat in filent expectation till

Letters received yesterday morning near twelve, when Andrew Reid rose, from Cadiz, that may he depended on, and taking his bride by the hand, with ftate, that the Spanish feet failed from an audible voice said, '“ Friends, in the that port on the 20th and 2ift ult. fear of the Lord, and before this af

sembly, 30

Preferments, Marriages, Births, and Deaths. “ sembly, I take this my friend Mary The Lady of Sir John Sinclair of Ulb“ Milne to be my wie, anu I promise to fter, Bart. of a fon. « be unto her a faithful and loving huf

Deaths. “ band, until it mall please the Lord to Mr John Knox, will known as the “ separate us by death.” After all which, Au:hor of leveral Publications on the Mary Mine, the bride, still holding her

British Fisheries, &c. bridegroom by the hand, with much mo. The Rev. John Spence, Minifter at defty, replied, “ Friends, in the fear of Orwell Prefbytery of Dumferroline ; he " the Lord, and before this assembly, I fucceeded Mr Mair one of the eight Se“ take this my friend Andrew Reii to ceding Brethren who was deposed in

be my husband; and I promise to be 1740 for disobedience to the judicatures “ unto him a faithful and loving wife, of the Church, and he hi feit was fur“ until it shall please the Lord to sepa- pended from being a member of Church « rate us by death."

Courts, in 1752 for much the same The bride and bridegroom having again crime; the fist was at the beginning of taken their seats, one of the members of the Secession, the other at the forming the Society rose, and read from a parch- włat is called the Preibytery of Relief. ment roll, the records of the forms that Field Marthal Laudon, Commander had been gone through previous to the in Chief of the Austrian al my in Moramarriage, in which wis also ingrafted the via, of a stranguary, in the 74th year of reciprocal declarations the parties then his age ; he was a native of Livonia. made, and which they both fubfcribed in Major Wood of the Marines. prelince of the whole Society, many of Henry Buihby, Efq; Deputy Collector whom alio fubfcribed as witneses. The of the Customs in London bride and bridegroom were neatly attired, James Cranston, Eiq; a Captain in the with much fimplicity. In the bride, the Royal Navy. beautiful lines of the Poet were verified,

The Rev. Robert Paterson at New that

Spynie, Elgin. Loveliness needs not the foreign aid of or- ford, Treasurer to her Majesty, in the

The Right Hon, Francis Earl Guildnament, But is, when unadorn'd, adorn'd the most.

86th year of his age.

Patrick Duncan, Esq; Sheriff substitute Preferments.

of Perthshire. Major General Leland, Colonel of the The Rev. William Thom, Minister 64th Regi. in room of Licut. General at Miekle Govan. Pomeroy, deceased.

Captain Gore of Greenwich Hospital, His Royai Ilignels the Prince of Wales he had been four times round the world, has appointed the Rev. William Finlay once with Byron and Wallace, and Minister at Polmont, one of his Chap- twice with Captain Cook. lains for Scottand.

The Countels Dowager of Plymouth, The Magistrates of Aberdeen have e- her Ladyfhip was daughter of the late lected Mr Hugh Hay to ive one of their Lord Archer, and has teft a numerous Minifters, in room of Mr George Aber- iflur. crombie, decealed.

The Rev. Mr Daling, Minister at Marriages.

Cleis, aged 78. Captain Irvine of the 57th Regt, to The Lady of Sir Josiph Mawbey, Bart. Miss Diana Gordon of Leslinoir.

The Lady of Sir George Armytage, Births.

Bart. and daughter of Lord Suffield. The Right Hon. Lady Madelina Sinc- Mr Jacob Hemit, Dentist to her Malair, of a lon and heir.

jefty. Mrs Scott of Galia, of a son.

The Rev. William M-Kenzie at GlenAt Nidry, Mrs Wauchope, of a daugh- muick. ter.

Mr Andrew Macdonald, author of the The Counters of Caithness, of a son. Tragedy of Vimonda, and soine satirical

The Right Hon. Lady Charlotte Le- and humourous compositions. nox, of a daughter.

The Hon. Captain Peregrine Bertie, The Hon. Lady Elizabeth Moncrieffe, M. P. for the city of Oxford. of a daughter.

Mr Alderman Swain of the city of The Right Hon. Lady North, of a London, on the 26th current, and not fon.

before, as in our Magazine for last June. Mrs Hay of Montblairy, of a daugh. Mrs Ann Coward, New Chapel Sulles,

aged 99 years.


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