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haue no other thing a.doe (as a good lieft, euery age to smell of their owne King will be seeldome) and are qualitie, insolence and vn-lawfull wearie of reading, or cuill dispofed in thinges beeing alwaies eschewed; and your person, and when it is foule and not that a colte should drawe the itormie weather; then, I fay, may ye plough, and an old horse' run away lawfully play at the carts or tables. with the harrowes. But take heede For as to dycing, I thinke it beco- fpeciallie, that your company for remeth beft debolhed souldiers to play. creation be chosen of honest persons; at, on the head of their drums, being not defamed or vicious, mixing filthy onelie ruled by hazarde, and subject talk with merrines Corrumpunt bonos to koauilhe cogging. And as for the mores colloquia praua. And chieflie chesse, I thinke it ouer fonde, because abstaine from haunting, before your it is ouer wise and philosophick a fol. mariage, the idle companie of dames, lie. For where all fuche light plaies, which are no thing else, but irritamen. are ordained to free mens heades for ta libidinis. Be warre likewaies to aa time, from the fashious thoughts on buse your selfe, in making your sporttheir affaires ; it by the contrarie fill- ers your counfeilers; and delight not eth and troubleth mens heades, with to keepe ordinarilie in your companie, as many fashious toies of the play, as Comedians or Balladines; for the tvbefore it was filled with thoughts on rans delighted moft in them, gloryhis affaires.

ing to be both authors and actors But in your playing I would haue of Comædies and Tragedies themyou to keepe three rules: first or ye felues. Wher-upon the answer that play, consider ye doe it only for your the poete Philoxenis disdainfullie gaue recreation, and resolue to hazard the to the tyran of Siracuse there anent: loffe of all that ye play; and next, is nowe come in a prouerbe, redue me for that cause play no more then ye in Litomias. And all the rufe that care to cast among pages; and last, Nere made of himselfe when he died, play alwaies faire play precisely, that was Qualis artifex p reo? meaning of ve come not in vse of tricking and ly. his skill in menstrally, and playing of ing in jefte ; otherwise, if ye cannot Tragedies : as indeede his whole life keepe these rules, my counfell is that and death; was all but one Trageye alluterly abstain from these plays. die. For neither a madde passion for Josse, Delight not also to be in your nor falhood vsed for desire of gaine, owne person a player vpon inftrucan be called a play.

ments; cfpeciallie on suche as comNowe, it is not onely lawfull, but monly men winne their living with ; necessarie, that ye have companie nor yet to be fine of any mechanick meete for everie thing ye take on craft : Leur esprit s'en fuit au bout des hand, aswell in your games and exer- doigts saith Du Bartas, whose works, cises, as in your graue and earnest af. as they are all mofte worthie to be faires. But learne to distinguishe red by any prince, or other gocd time according to the occasion; cho. Chriftian; so would I especially with sing your companie accordinglie. you to be well versed in them. But Conferre pot with hunters at your spare not some-times by merie comcounsell, nor in your counsell affairs ; panie, to be free from importunitie: for nor dispatche not affaires at hunting ye should be euer mooued with reason, & Orher games. And baue the like which is the onely quality whereby resped to the seasons of your age; men differ from beaftes; and not ving your sortes of recreation and with importunitie. For the whiche companie therefore, agreeing there. cause (as also for augmenting your unto. For it becometh best, as kind. Majestie) ye dhall not be so facile of accelle-giuing at all times, as I haue with time make them to growe and bene : and yet not altogether retired, weld all in one. Whiche may eafor locked vp, like the Kings of Pero, lię be done betwixt these two da. fia; appointing also certaine houres: tions, being both but one Ile of Bri. for publick audience. :


taine, and alreadie joyned in voice of · And since my trust is, that God religion and language. So that even hath ordained you for. moe king- as in the times of our ancestors, the domes then this (as I haue oft al-, long warres and many bloodie battels readie faide) preasfe by the outward, betwixt these two countries, bred a behauiour aswell of youe owne per naturall and hæreditarie, hatred ig fon, as of your courte, iņ all indiffe. euery of them, against the other ; the rent things, to allure peece and peecevaiting agd welding of them heers the rest of your kingdoms, to followe after jo one, by all sort of friendships the fashions of that kingdome of commerce, and alliance ; will by the yours, that ye finde most ciuill, easi contrary, produce and maintaine a eft to be ruled, and most obedient to naturall and infeparable-vpájie of love the lawes. For these outward andamongst them. As we have alreadia indifferent things, will serae greatlie (praise be to God) a great experience for allurements to the people, to em of the good beginning hereof, and of the brace and followe vertue. But be quenching of the old hate in the harts ware of thrawing or constrayning of both the people ; procured by the them thereto; letting it be brought meades of this long and happie ami. on with time, and at leasure ; special. tie, betweene the Queene my dearest lie by so mixing through alliance and sister and me, whiche during ibe daylie . conuersation, the inhabitantswhole time of both our raignes hach of euery kingdome with other, as may euer been inviolablie obferued..

Mr Bruce's Interview with Fasil, an Abyssinian Chief.Transactions in bii

Camp *. , . . TT É found Bamba a collection, ties were over ;, for I knew it was in

V of villages, in a valley now his power to forward us to our jour. filled with soldiers. We went to the ney's end ; and bis servants, whom I left with our guide, and got a tole- saw at the palace near the king, when, rable house, but the door had been Fasil was invested with luis command, carried away. Falil's tent was pitch. had assured me, not only of an effece ed a little below us, larger than the tual protection, but also of a magnific others, but without further distinc: cent reception, if I chanced to find tion ; it was easily known, however, him in Maitiha. . . by the lights about it, and by the na. It was now, however, near ,eight gareet, which still continued beating: at night of the the 30th (O&, 1770) he was, then just alighting from his before I received a message to attend horse. I immediately sent Ayto Ay. him. I repaired immediately to his lo's servant, whom I had with me, to tent. After announcing myself, I present my compliments, and acquaint waited about a quarter of an hour be him of my being on the road to visit fore I was admitted; he was Gtting him. I thought now all my difficul- upon a cufhion with a lion's fin up:


. From his Travels to Discover the source of the Nile.

in it, and another stretched like a government, begging that you would carpet before his feet, and had a cotó favour my curiolicy so far as to fuffer ton cloth, something like a dirty me to le: the country of the Agowi, towel, wrapped about his head ; his and the source of the Abay, or Nile, upper cleak, or garment, was drawn part of which I have seen in Egypt."? tight about him over his neck and «« The source of the Abay ! exclaimThoulders, so as to cover his hands ; ed he, with a pretended surprise, do I howed, and went for ard to kiss you know what you are saying? Why, one of them, but it was so entangled it isy God koows where, in the counin the cluth that I was obliged to try of che Galla, wild, terrible people. kiss che cloth inft:ad of the hand. The source of the Abay! Are you This was done, either as not exect raving ! repeats he agaio? Are you ing I should pay hlin that compliment; to get thure, do you think, in a (as I ceriainly mould not have done, twelveman!h, or more; or when ?". being one of the kirg's servants, if to Sir laid by the king told me it was the Ring had been at Gondar) or else near Sacaia, and itill dearer Geesh ; It was intended for a mark of difre both yillages of the Agows, and both pect; which was very much of a in your government..” “ And fo piece with the rest of his behaviour you know Sutcala and Gecii ? says he, afterwards.

whistling and half angry:" " I can There was ao carpet of cushions repeat the names that I hear, said I ; is the tent; and only a little straw, as all Abyssinia knows the head of the if accideocally, throwa tbinly about it. Nile:"_" Aye, says he; imitating I sat dowa upon the ground, thinking my voice and manner; but all Abyl: him sick; not knowing what all this lia won't carry you there; that I meant; he looked itedtaftly at me, promise you.” “ If you are refolved faying, half under his breath, Endett to the contrary, said I; they will not ; Dawi? bogo nawi? which, in Amha- I with you had told the king so in time, ric, is, How do you do? Are you then I should not have attempted it ; very well? I made the usual answer, it was relying upon you alone I canie Well, thank God: He agaig stopt, fo fará confidenc, if all che rest of A. as for me to speak ; there was only byffinia could not protect me there, one old mao preleni, who was sitting that your word singlý could do it." on the Asor mending a mule's bridle. He now put on a look of more com. I took him at first for an attendant, placency. « Look you, Yagoube; fays but observing that a servant uncover- be, it is t. ue I can do it; and, fit ed held a candle to him, I thought he the kiog's take who recommended it was one of his Calla, but then I faw to me, I would do it ; but the Acab a blue filk thread, which he had a. Saat, Abba 8alà 'na; has sent to me, bout his neck; which is a badge of to defire me not to let you pafs furChristianity all over Abyilinia, and ther; he fays it is against the law of which a Galla would not wear. What the land to permit Franks like you he was I could not make out; he io go about the country, and that he feemed, however, to be a very bad has dreamed fomething it will befal cobler, and took no notice of us: me if you go into Milha." I was as

Ayto Aylo's litvant, who food much irritated as I ihought it possible behind me, pushed me with his knees for me to be.So fosaid I, the is a ligo that I thould speak, wiich I time of piests, prophets, and dreamaccordingly do with some ers is coming on again." "I underdifficulty. “ I am coine, iaid I, by find you, says he, laughing for the your invitation, and the hing's leave; firft cime; I care as little for priests to pay my respects to you in your own as Michael does, and for propbets VOL. XII. No. 68.


190, but I would bave you consider this instant *), who would not think the men of this coun:ry are not like it au action in his life to vaunt of,

! ; a boy of these Galia would that with 500 men he had trampled Think potting of killing a man of all yon naked savages into duit. On your coun'ry. You white people are this Fafil made a feigned laugh, and all eiteminare; you are like so many feemcd rather to take my freed mawomen; you are not fit for going in- miss. It was, doubtless, a paslicnale to a province where all is war, and in and rafi fpeech. As to mysuf, conhabited by inen, Warriors from their tinued 1,'unfiled in var as I ani, erdh." . . .

could it be now without further conI saw he intend:d to provoke me; fcquince, let me but be armed in my and he had succeeded so effectually ovn country fashion on hork back, as that I should have dierl, I believe, I was yuiterday, I should', wiibour im;rudent as it was, if I had not cold thinking myteli overmarchea, fiic Dis my mind in reply. “Sir, faid the etro bert borsemen you shall chuoie

, I have paired through many of the from this your army of famous ner, mit b.rbarous nations in the world; who are warriors from their cradle ; all of itseni, excepting this clan of and if, when the king arrives, you are vours, hare some great ren among not returned 10 your duty, and we them above uling a defenceless Aran. meet again, as we did at Limjour, I ger ill. But il:e work and lowest in- will pledge myself, with his permií. oividual among the most ur.cvilizcd fion, to put you in mind of this propeople never treated me as you have miit.” This did not make things better. done to-day under your own toof, He repeated the word duty afier vihere I have come lo far for protec: nie, and wcuid have replicd, but my tion." He aká, 6 How?" * You nofe burst out in a ftream or blocdi have, in the first plact, said I publice and, that instant, Aylo's firvant iook ly called me Frank, the most odious liold of me by the houlder to hurry name in this country, and sufficient to me out of the tent. · Fafil seemed to occalion me to be fioned to death be a good deal concerned, for the wiibout further ceremony, by any let blood itreamed ont upon my clcaths. of men wherever I may prefent my- The old man likewise asfited me felf. Bv. Frash you mean one of the when out of the teni; I found he was Rom Arreligior', to which miy rarion Cuebra Ehud, Ayto Aylo's broihu, is as adierfe as yours ; and again, whose lervatit ve had ner on the Without having ever seen any of my road. I returned then to my tent.and countrym n'but my'el', you have dilt the blood was loon staunched. I fac cover d, froin that freemen, hat we down to recollect myfeif, ardıbe more are all covards und die minae peos Icmed, the more I was diflauisfied at ric, lhe, or inferior to, your boys or being put off my guard; but it is imnomcn. Look yoe; Sir, you never poible to conceive the provocaliva lzeird that I gave myself cet as more without having proved it. I have than an arulinary man in my own feit but too often how much the love

< unlry; far lets to be a partern of of our native loil increales by our ab. What is excellent in it. I am to fol: fence from it; and how jcalous we cier, though I know erough of war are of coniparisons made to the diladto ite yours are poor proficients in vantage of our country inen by people that trade. But there are soldiers, who, all proper allowances being friends, and countrymen of mine, made, are generally not their equals, (one presents himícit to my mind at when they would boast themicives

their * It is with pleasure I confess the nian then in my mind was my brave friend Sir Wit bian Lirikine.

their superiors. I will confess furth- commendation on him in the place of er, in gratification to my critics, that it. I have a present, fiid I, ard a I was, from my infancy, of a sanguine, very handsome one, but I never pallionate disposition ; very lenible thought that, while his nagarece was of injuries that I had neitier provo- ftill bearing, and when he liad searcea ked nor deserved; but much reflec- ly pitched his tcnt when he was tiredt, tion, from very 'early life, continual and I no leds so, that it was then a habits of suffering in long and dange- time to open baggage for this purfous travels, 'where nothing but pa- pose ; if he had waited vill tomorrow, tience would do, had, I tartered my- he thould have had a gratification felf, abundantly subdued my natural which would have contenied him. proneness to feel offences,' which, Well, well, faid Welleta Micham!, common sense might teach me, I could as for your journey I shall undertake only revenge upon mysell. for that, tor I heard him giving or

ders about it when I came away, even However, upon further consulting

though' he expecs no prelent; what my own breast, I found there was a

does the gratifying of your cur oliiv nother cause bad co-operaied strong

cost him ? he would be athanied to rely with the former in making me lòle

fuíe you permihon; his own vanity my temper at this time, which, upon

would hinder him. This all dance, much greater provocation, I had nea

more than all the quieting draughts ver done before. I found now, as I

in the world, compof:d my nind, nid thought, that it was decreed decifive

brought me to myse f. I went to bed, ly my hopes of arriving at the foarce

and talsing into a sound fees, was of the Nile were fur ever ended ; all

woked near rid-night by two of l'ai my trouble, all my expeces, and my

fii's servants, who brought each ir ume, and all spy suferiigs for to many

y thenr a lean live theep ; they said years were thrown away, from no

they had bro'ght the sheep, and were greater obitacle than the whimsies of

coine to ask how I was, and to stay voe barbarian, whole food inclinde

all night to watch the loute', for teate tions, I thought, I had long befure

of the thieves in the army; they like. fufficiently secured ; and, what was

wife brought their mastur's orier for worse, I was now got within less than forty miles of the place I so much

me to come early in the morning in

bim, as he wanted to difatch me on, withed to see: and my hopes were

my jurney before he gave the Calla fhipwrecked upon the lait, as well as

liberiy to return. This d fpell-deren te muft unexpected, dilliculty I had :

ry doubt, but it railed ny fpirits to 10 encounter.

much, that, cut or impatience fir · I was juft going to bed when Ay- monng, 1 Nupt very little more that to Welleta Michael, Ras Michaei's night. ocphew, taken at Limjour, and a pri It was a time of ycar when it is lager with Fatil, though now at large, not broad day till afier fix o'clock; cime into the tent. I need not see I went to the camp and faw Gucura peat the discourse thar pailed between Ehud, who confirmed what Vellera us, it was all condolence upon the ill. Michael had said, and that Tafil bid usage I had met with. He curled given orders for tringing fevcral of Faul, called him a thouland opprobri. his own horses for me, to choose QuS Damesand said, Ras Michael ooe which he was to present me with; in day would faew me his head upon a efećt there were about twele hories pale: he hinred, that he thought Fa. all faddled and bridled, which were Hlexpected a presenı, and in agined led by n emaiter-groom. I was very tha: I int:adci to pass the king's re- it differeat about shcú hores, boring R2

a good

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