The Two Last Pleadings of Marcus Tullius Cicero Against Caius Verres

White, Cochrane, and Company, 1812 - 365 sider

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Side 312 - For to this crying up of faith in opposition to reason, we may, I think, in good measure ascribe those absurdities that fill almost all the religions which possess and divide mankind. For men having been principled with an opinion, that they must not consult reason in the things of religion, however apparently contradictory to common sense and the very principles of all their knowledge, have let loose their fancies and natural superstition ; and have been by them led into so strange opinions and...
Side 286 - Nymph of the grot, these sacred springs I keep And to the murmur of these waters sleep ; Ah ! spare my slumbers, gently tread the cave ; And drink in silence, or in silence lave.
Side 149 - Acherusia templa, 25 nee tellus obstat quin omnia dispiciantur, sub pedibus quaecumque infra per inane geruntur. his ibi me rebus quaedam divina voluptas percipit atque horror, quod sic natura tua vi tarn manifesta patens ex omni parte retecta est.
Side 324 - Non ego te novi Menaechmum, Moscho prognatum patre, qui Syracusis perhibere natus esse in Sicilia, ubi rex Agathocles regnator fuit et iterum Phintia, 409,410 tertium Liparo, qui in morte regnum Hieroni tradidit, nunc Hiero est ? Men.
Side 150 - Twas ever thus. As now at VIRGIL'S tomb We bless the shade and bid the verdure bloom ; So TULLY paused, amid the wrecks of Time, On the rude stone to trace the truth sublime ; When at his feet, in honoured dust disclosed, The immortal Sage of Syracuse reposed.
Side 286 - ... in the natural taste, agreeing not ill with the little dripping murmur, and the aquatic idea of the whole place. It wants nothing to...
Side 153 - EXTREMUM hunc, Arethusa, mihi concede laborem. pauca meo Gallo, sed quae legat ipsa Lycoris, carmina sunt dicenda : neget quis carmina Gallo ? sic tibi, cum fluctus subterlabere Sicanos, Doris amara suam non intermisceat undam, incipe ; sollicitos Galli dicamus amores, dum tenera attondent simae virgulta capellae.
Side 135 - Hinc altas cautes projectaque saxa Pachyni Radimus; et fatis nunquam concessa moveri Apparet Camarina procul, campique Geloi, Immanisque Gela, fluvii cognomine dicta. Arduus inde Acragas ostentat maxima longe Mœnia, magnanimum quondam generator equorum.
Side 363 - ... videantur accedere. Nihil ceterorum simile Graecorum : nulla desidia, nulla luxuria ; contra summus labor in publicis privatisque rebus, summa parsimonia, summa diligentia.

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