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firing, and began to land the men at the same time. Whilst landing, the enemy opened a smart fire of musquetry, which mortally wounded one man, and slightly wounded two others. The men being all landed, took refuge behind a rock, whence, seeing a fit opportunity, they rushed forth, drove the Spaniards out of the town, and took possession of it. In one house they witnessed a scene sufficiently ludicrous, viz. the commandant of the town, and a fat friar, so drunk that they could not stand, who, of course, they secured without much trouble, with a view of receiving a ransom for them. As the enemy was expected to come shortly in greater numbers from the country, to defend themselves better they took possession of the church, more like a barn than a place of worship, and mounted a swivel on the steeple. In the mean while the men plundered and pillaged the place of every thing valuable, nor was it possible to restrain them. Silver candlesticks, chalices, incense pans, crucifixes, and images also of silver, constituted a rich booty: those made of wax and wood were of course not appropriated, but, notwithstanding, sadly abused. The next morning, at eight A. M. the enemy not having yet made his appearance, the officers and men secured all the plate that could be found, as well as the two prisoners, who, by this time, had become tolerably sober, set fire to the town, and returned on board. During the preceding night the Begonio had driven from her anchor, drifted aground, and her people had been obliged to quit her. She afterwards took fire, and was entirely consumed. On Saturday, the 7th, the commandant was sent on shore to procure his own and the friar's ransom. On Sunday, the 8th of September, she weighed anchor, and made sail for Punta de la Coles to water, where the next day she came to an anchor, and sent a guard of musquetry on shore to protect the boats while watering. A bullock was now received from the commandant as part of his ransom, and a message, stating that his property lay a considerable distance up the country, and that consequently he could not send anything more within ten days. As this would be too great a delay for the vessel, the friar was sent on shore without any ransom. On Friday, the 13th, she again got under weigh, the two prize brigs having been previously sunk after the stores had been taken out of them. On Saturday she took the WOL. I. C

Nuestra Señora del Carne la Serena, bound to Guiana, for manure. At ten A. M. a boat was seen pulling towards the ship, which, in the course of an hour, came alongside, with six men, and proved to belong to the Minerva, South whaler, Captain Obit Cottle, of London; Mr. Matthew Johnson first mate, and Mr. Benjamin Bernard second mate. The boat stated, that the remainder of the ship's company, nineteen in number, had mutinied, shot the captain, and allowed them to have the two boats. These six and four more were permitted to leave the ship with the two boats; but after having been ten days at sea, the four, being much fatigued, went on shore in the jolly boat; since which the remaining six had been fourteen days in the whaling boat before they fell in with the Port au Prince. When they left the Minerva the mutineers hoisted a black flag, and declared themselves at war with all nations. On Thursday, the 19th, a thousand dollars were discovered on board the prize brig, as also plate to the value of three or four hundred dollars. She was afterwards given up as a cartel, all the prisoners being put on board of her. On Sunday, the 22d, the Port au Prince fell in with the Lucy privateer, Captain Ferguson, from London, and in whose company, on the following day, she came to an anchor off Chinca. The boats were then sent on shore with forty armed men from each ship. In the afternoon they returned, having succeeded in plundering the town, without, however, finding any thing of much consequence. The only thing they got of value were 168 dollars, and a quantity of plate. In the mean while a whale boat was staved to pieces by the surf. Friday, the 27th, the boats, manned and armed, were sent to attempt landing at a nunnery; but they could not effect their purpose, owing to the surf, which ran very high, and were consequently obliged to return. In the afternoon she saw a sail, gave chase, came up with her at five P. M. and fired several shot; but being close in with the land, she made her escape under the batteries of Calao. On Friday, the 4th of October, a sail being seen standing in for Paita, gave chase; the Lucy being ahead, took her, and found her to be a king's tender bound to Paita, laden with pork, bread, vinegar, and olive oil, for the Spanish frigate Astraea, lying at anchor in Paita roads. The circumstance of this frigate being there prevented a meditated attack upon the town. The frigate soon got under weigh, and gave chase to the two ships, which immediately stood out of the bay; but at two P. M. being three leagues from the shore, they tacked ship, and stood towards the Astraea, and in half an hour commenced a close action with her, when she bore up for the lee-shore, and engaged before the wind. At half past four the Port au Prince was close on the lee-shore in four or five fathoms water; here she lost her mizen-top-mast, which was shot away, and fell athwart the mainyard, preventing it, consequently, from bracing about. This was not her only damage: her mizen was shot down, main-top-sail and top-gallant-sail shot away, fore-top-sail-yard shot down, jib and fore-topmast stay-sail halliards carried away, and most of her braces and bowlines the same. In this situation, on a lee-shore, she was obliged to discontinue the engagement. The Lucy, who had not received so much damage in her rigging, had hauled off some time before, and made sail. The enemy seeing this, hauled off on the same tack. The Port au Prince immediately bent a new main-top-sail, when the Astraea, finding she did not gain ground, wore ship and stood in for Paita. The Port au Prince was notable to follow her, and renew the action, on account of her fore-cap being shot away, besides the other damage in her rigging and

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