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About their Doctors. If you relieve one, twenty know it. ASPAROLINE COMPOUND will relieve the women who suffer from functional Dysmenorrhea and Leucorrhea and they'll talk about it. We'll send you enough ASPAROLINE COMPOUND free, to make one woman talk. May we do so?

Henry K. Wampole & Co.,


Each fluid ounce contains: Diluted Alcohol; Guaiacum 30 grains; Asparagus Seed 30 grains; Parsley Seed 30 grains; Black Haw (Bark of Root) 60 grains ; Henbane Leaves, 6 grains.

Samples cheerfully furnished physicians upon application.

A Great Convenience a


to Physicians and Druggists. Hollow Suppositories. Butter of Cocoa
Only is used in the manufacture of these suppositories. NO WAX. They
Save Time. They Melt at the Temperature of the Body. They Insure Even
Medication! Anal, Nasal, Urethral, Cystic, Vaginal, and Intra-Uterine sizes.
Also Ricord's Solid Suppositories for Gonorrhea, and Nelaton's Solid
Suppositories for Constipation and Piles.
Samples sent Free on application and mention of this paper.

HALL & RUCKEL, 218 Greenwich Street,

New York City.

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