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velopment of prosperity and happiness. Before its authorities and its citizens lies an important duty. Shall we discharge our duty like men?

In this article we bave offered only a suggestion—yet it is one that is both feasible and practical, not only for us here in the grand capital of the State of Tennessee, but for every hamlet, village, town and city in the land.

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PUBLISHERS. Nothing is so important as thorough organization, and a very important interest in this country has long been sadly needing it. The medical journals, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly constitute an important factor in the body medical, whose interests are peculiar and pertinent only to themselves. We are gratified indeed to see that the movement is on foot to effect an organization that we hope will be thorough and effective.

The American Medical Editors' Association has its proper and fitting duties to perform, but in many instances the editor and the publisher are quite separate and distinct entities, and their interests may not be identical. At any rate, we have yet to see that interest taken in the publishing department that is so eminently essential, by the Editors' Association, and sincerely hope that a thorough and efficient organization may be effected to handle and manage questions that the editor will not interest himself in or lacks authority to control. We take pleasure in giving place to the following from the St. Louis Medical Review, which we heartily endorse, and hope be represented at the meeting, by proxy, if not in person:

“It gives us pleasure to be informed that there is to be organ. ized a Medical Publishers' Association in Washington during the meeting of the Pan-American Medical Congress, which convenes on September 5.

Such an organization, if properly formed, will not only be a protection and benefit to publishers of medical journals, but to the advertisers as well. Whilst the publishers of many of the medical journals are also editors and probably belong to the Association of editors which meets simultaneously with the Am

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erican Medical Association, they certainly must recognize that
there are matters pertaining to the business and financial interests
of the Journals that do not come within the purview of the Ed-
itors' Association. We understand the object of the Publishers'
Association shall be for the better protection of legitimate ad-
vertisers and the publishers and is not in any way to take the
place of or interfere with the work of the Editors' Association.
Such being the case the organization of the Publishers' Associa-
tion should meet with their hearty coöperation, and we trust
that editors will take note of this proposed movement. Should
they themselves not be publishers of the journal they edit, we
hope they will advise their publishers of the meeting to be held
in Washington September 5, urging them to be present, and
give their cooperation to such an organization as shall be for
their mutual protection."

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE: THE NASHVILLE MEDICAL COLLEGE will open its doors as usual, on Monday, 4th inst. Already one hundred and thirtyone young gentlemen have matriculated—a much larger number than at any preceding time in its most remarkably successful history. Having established on a broad and liberal foundation an institutivn for medical teaching, second to none in the entire South, and as efficient as any in this entire country, in starting out successfully on their medical career the young gentlemen who have so satisfactorily enjoyed its many advantages, its corps of teachers may well be proud of their past record and anticipate with unquestionable certainty of realization their future

The session of 1893-4 begins most remarkably well.

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PROF. WM. GOODELL, M.D., because of increased demands upon his time in private practice, has resigned his position of Professor of Gynecology in the Medical Department University of Pensylvania. At a meeting of the Trustees his resignation was “accepted with regret,” and he was elected Honorary Professor of Gynecology, with the right of lecturing. Dr. Charles B. Penrose was elected Professor of Gynecology. An honorable retirement and a worthy successor.

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PAN-AMERICAN MEDICAL CONGRESS. The Transportation Committee of the Pan-American Medical Congress, which meets in Washington, D. C., on September 5th, to 8th, 1893, makes the following announcement in regard to reduced rates for delegates and members of their families from all sections of the United States, also from the Pacific Coast, Ports of Mexico and Central America.

Delegates from the territory of the Trunk Line Association East of Pittsburg and Erie and Buffalo, will be accorded one and one-third fare for the round trip on the certificate plan:

The lines combined in this territory are as follows: Grand Trunk Ry., N. Y. C. & H. R. Rd., West Shore Rd., D. L. & W. Rd., N. Y. O. & W. Ry., Pennsylvania Ry., Cent. Rd. of N. J., Ches. & Ohio Ry., Lehigh Valley Rd., N. Y. L. E. & W. Rd., Balto. & O. Rd., Phil. & Read. Rd.

Delegates from points in the New England States in the territory of the New York and Boston Lines Passenger Associations, will be accorded one and one-third fare on the certificate plan.

Delegates from points in Central Traffic Association, embracing the territory from Buffalo, Pittsburg and Parkersburg, W. Va., in the East to Chicago and St. Louis on the West will be accorded one fare and one-third on the certificate plan.

Delegates from points in Southern Passenger Association, embracing the territory South of the Ohio River and Potomac River and East of the Mississippi River will be granted one and one-third fare on certificate plan.

Delegates from points West of the territory of the Central Traffic Association can avail themselves of the World's Fair ex. cursion tickets as far as Chicago and secure from Chicago the fare and a third ou the certificate plan to Washington.

Delegates from South America, Pacific Coast, points of Mex. ico or Central America, can secure from point of starting round trip tickets to Chicago at the World's Fair rate either by way of San Francisco or New York. The latter can secure from New York the fare and a third on the certificate plan on appli. cation to the ticket offices of either the Pennsylvania Railroad or B. & O. Railroad.

The certificates referred to must be secured at the time of the


purchase of the ticket to Washington on which, properly signed by Dr. H. L. E. Johnson, Chairman of the Transportation Com. mittee, the reduced rate will be allowed returning. To be more specific the full fare is paid on the going trip to Washington and a two-thirds reduction is allowed when the ticket is purchased in Washington for the return trip. These certificates must be obtained at the ticket offices at the time the ticket is purchased. Be sure to state that you are a delegate and will be in attendance at the meeting.

Respectfully, yours,


Chairman Committee Transportation, 1400 L. Street, N. W. Washington, D. C.

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FINANCES!—One of our leading physicians, who is noted for a vein of dry humor and wit, as well as his attainments in medi. cal science, related the following, which is quite apropos in these times of bank suspensions and scarcity of the circulating medium:

Seated in his office thinking seriously of the large accumulation on the debit side of his ledger, without appropriate entries on the other side, then entered a dusky daughter of Africa, and the following conversation took place:

Dinah-Doctor, I've come to see if yer can't do somethin for this gwellin.

Doctor—Does it give you any pain? Does it hurt you any?
Dinah-Oh! No, sir; it don't hurt at all. I'm jest gettin

all swelled up here (putting her hands on the lower part of her
abdomen); an I think I can feel somethin movin round in dar.

Doctor-Well, er, what is the state of your finances!

Dinah-Oh! Deys done all stopped; habent seed nuffiin of em fer five or six months.

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T. H. J. PRYCE, M.D., ETC., No 4 Lorne Villas, Clevedon, Somerset, England, May 23rd 1881, writes :

I take pleasure in giving the following notes on Bromidia. A patient, age 28, suffering from pneumonia and Typhoid Blood

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Poisoning (the latter was contracted when in the convalescent stage), complained of insomnia, and I put him on Bromidia. Even when in good health he had suffered more or less from insomnia, but after having taken Bromidia he slept without diffi. culty and very naturally, and no headache or constipation followed its use, as was the case when other narcotics were admin. istered. I was very much pleased with the results, and prescribe Bromidia often now.

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R Fl. Ext. Ergotæ (Squibbs),.

Potassæ Iodidi,

Sig. Desertspoonful in water three times a day.
R Chloral Hydrate..........

Sig. Tablespoonful as required.

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MELLIN's Food is one of the most elligible and excellent preparations for both infants and and invalids. It is a soluble dry extract, prepared from malted barley and wheat, consisting of dextrin, maltose, albuminates and salts. It does not ferment, and is the best substitute for mother's milk yet produced. We have tried it in cases of both infants and invalids for a number of years and have found it just what it is represented to be, a most reliable and valuable food product.

SENNINE, THE NEW AMERICAN ANTISEPTIC, is a chemically pure preparation of boracic acid and phenol, in the form of a very fine white powder, odorless, slightly astringent, and of sweetish taste. It is antiseptic, antizimotic, bactericide, deodor. ant, disinfectant, free from toxic and irritant effects, and remarkably cheap. It is prepared by the Dios Chemical Co., of St. Louis, Mo. Send to them for a sample and see that your druggist keeps it on hand.

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