Stories from Russia, Siberia, Poland and Circassia

Russell Lee
T. Nelson, 1853 - 444 sider

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Side 239 - KOSCIUSKO fell! The sun went down, nor ceased the carnage there. Tumultuous Murder shook the midnight air — On Prague's proud arch...
Side 239 - Heaven ! he cried, my bleeding country save ! — Is there no hand on high to shield the brave ? Yet, though destruction sweep those lovely plains, Rise, fellow-men ! our country yet remains ! By that dread name, we wave the sword on high ! And swear for her to live ! — with her to die...
Side 240 - Departed spirits of the mighty dead! Ye that at Marathon and Leuctra bled! Friends of the world! restore your swords to man, Fight in his sacred cause, and lead the van! Yet for Sarmatia's tears of blood atone, And make her arm puissant as your own! Oh! once again to Freedom's cause return The patriot TELL — the BRUCE OF BANNOCKBURN!
Side 239 - Firm-paced and slow, a horrid front they form, Still as the breeze, but dreadful as the storm. Low murmuring sounds along their banners fly, Revenge or death...
Side 239 - Oh, bloodiest picture in the book of Time, Sarmatia fell, unwept, without a crime ; Found not a generous friend, a pitying foe, Strength in her arms, nor mercy in her woe...
Side 313 - The weak and helpless either shrunk back from the fray, and sat down to wait their fate at a distance, or, mixing in it, were thrust over the bridges, crushed under carriages, cut down perhaps with sabres, or trampled to death under the feet of their countrymen. All this while the action continued with fury, and, as if the Heavens meant to match their wrath with that of man, a hurricane arose, and added terrors to a scene which was already of a character sodreadful.
Side 53 - ... nothing for two days before. Carpenters and shipwrights sit next to the Czar, but senators, ministers, generals, priests, sailors, buffoons of all kinds, sit pell-mell without any distinction. ' ' The first course consists of nothing but cold meats, among which are hams, dried tongues, and the like, which not being liable to such tricks as shall be mentioned hereafter, strangers ordinarily make their whole meal of them, without tasting anything else, though, generally speaking, every one takes...
Side 288 - All murder'd : for within the hollow crown That rounds the mortal temples of a king Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits, Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp...
Side 238 - Pealed her loud drum, and twanged her trumpet horn ; Tumultuous horror brooded o'er her van, Presaging wrath to Poland — and to man ! Warsaw's last champion from her height surveyed, Wide o'er the fields, a waste of ruin laid; Oh, Heaven ! he cried, my bleeding country save ! Is there no hand on high to shield the brave?
Side 54 - Russian does not care to mix the sauces of the different dishes together, he pours the soup that is left in his plate either into the dish or into his neighbour's plate, or even under the table, after which he licks his .plate clean with his finger, and, last of all, wipes it with the tablecloth.

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