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ăb, ā, or abs. prep. with / ac-cido, cỉdi, no sup. I ăd-híběo, ui, îtum, 2. v a. abl. from, by.

3. v. n. to happen, to to apply to, summon, ăbactus, a, um, part. befall.

apply. [abigo).

ac-cso, ivi, ītum, 4. v. a. ădhibitus, a, um, part. abditus, a, um,

part. to summon, to fetch. [adhibeo]. [abdo).

ac-cïpïo, cēpi, ceptum, 3. ăd-hūc, adv, hitherto, as ab-do, ¡di, itum, 3. v. a. a. to receive, hear,

yet. to hide, conceal.


ăd-imo, ēmi, emptum, ab-dūco, xi, ctum, 3. v. a. ac-commodo, avi, atum, 3. v.a. to take away. to lead away,

1. v. a. to fit, or adapt, ăd-žpiscor, eptus, 3. v. ăb-eo, ivi, or ii, itum, to put on.

dep, to get, obtain. ire, 4. v. n. to go away, accūsātor, õris, m. an ăditus, ūs, m. approach,

depart. ăb-igo, ēgi, actum, 3. v.a. ac-cūso, avi, atum, 1. v.a. adjunctus, a, um, part. [ago) to drive away. to accuse.

[adjungo]. ab.lēgo, avi, atum, 1. v.a. äcer, cris, cre, adj. sharp, ad-jungo, nxi, nctum, 3. to send away: keen.

v. a, to join to, to add absens, entis [absum], acerrime, adv, sup. from to, part. and adj. absent. acriter.

adjūtor, oris, m. a helper. abs-tergěo, rsi, rsum, 2. ăcies, ei, f. point or ad-jůvo, jūvi, jūtum, i.

to wipe off, or edge, line of battle, v. a, to assist. away.


ad-mīror, atus, 1. v. dep. abstractus, a, um, part. ācrìter,

adv. sharply,

to wonder at, admire. [abstraho].


admitto, mīsi, missum, abs-trăho, xi, ctum, 3. actus, a, um, part. of

3. v, a, to admit. v, a. to drag or pull ago.

ădălescens, entis, a young away.

ăcūtus, a, um, part. [acuo] ab-sum, abfui, abesse, also adj. sharp, pointed, ădolescentia, æ, f. youth. irreg. v. n. to be away, tapering

ăd-õlesco, ēvi (very rar. absent, distant.

åd, prep. with acc. to, ui) ultum, 3. v. n. to ab-surdus, a, um, adj. towards.

grow up. absurd.

ad-do, didi, dịtum, 3. ăd-orğor ortus, 4. v. dep. ăb-undo, avi, atum, 1. v. a. to give to, to add. to attack, surprise. V, n. to abound.

ad-dūco, xi, ctum, 3. v.a. adortus, a, um, part. āc, conj. v. atque.

to bring

[adorior). ac-cēdo, cessi, cessum, 3. adductus, a, um, part. adsum, fui, esse, v. n. v. n. to approach, to be [adduco).

to be present, to be here, added. ăd-ěõ, adv. so.

to come. acceptus, a, um, part. ădeptus, a, um, part. ădūlor, atus, 1. v. dep, to [accipio). [adipiscor].


V. a.



adultus, a,

um, part. | af-fěro, attŭli, allātum, allātus (adl.), a, um, part. [adolesco), full grown, afferre, 3. v. a, to bring [affero]. adult.

to, to bring forward. al-lício (adl.), lexi, lectum, ad-věnso, vēni, ventum, ăger, gri, m. a field, land, 3. v. a. to entice, attract. 4. v. a. to come to, ar. district.

alo, alủi, altum, and rive, happen.

ag-grědior (adg.), gressus, alitum, 3. v. a. to supadventus, ūs, m. an arri. 3. v. dep. to approach, port, maintain. val.


altē, adv. on high, highly. adversārņus, a, um, adj. ăgitātus, a, um, part. alter, těra, těrum, adj. the as subst. an opponent, (agito).

other, another, second. an enemy.

ăgito, avi, atum, 1. v. a. altissimē, adv. sup. of alte. adversor, atus, I. v. dep. to agitate, to revolve, to altus, a, um, adj. lofty, to oppose, to resist. consider.

high, deep. adversus a,

um, adj. agměn, inis, n. a troop, ămābilis, e, adj. amiable, opposite, adverse, un- company, band, host. pleasant. favourable. agna, æ, f. a lamb.

ambītỉo, onis, f. ambition. adversus, adversum, adv. ăgo, ēgi, actum, 3. v. a. ambitiösē, adv.

and prep. with acc. op- to act, do, treat of. bitiously.

posite to, against. agrestis, e, adj. pertaining ambitiosus, a, um, adj. ad-volo, avi, atum, 1. v. to the fields or to the ambitious.

n. to fly to or towards. country, country-like, ambo, bæ,,bo, num. both. ædifícium, ii. n. a build. rustic, subst. agrestis, ambrosìus, a, um, adj. ing

is, a country-man, a ambrosial, divine. ædifico, avi, atum., 1. rustic.

ā-mens, ēntis, adj. mad, v. a. to build.

agrğcola, æ, m. a hus- senseless, foolish. ægrē, adv. with difficulty, bandman.

āmentia, æ, f. madness, scarcely.

agrựcultūra, æ, f. agri- folly. æmŭlātio, onis, f. emu- culture,

ămicítỉa, æ, f. friendship. lation, rivalry. āio, verb defect. to say.

ămīcus, a, um, adj. æquē, adv. equally. albus, a, um, adj. white. friendly. æqužtas, ātis, f. ovenness, aliēnus, a, um, adj. belong-ămīcus, i, m. a friend. equity, fairness.

ing to another, foreign, ămo, avi, atum, 1. v. a. æquor, oris, n. a level


to love. surface, the sea. ălső, adv. else-whither, to ămonus, a, um, adj. æquus, a, um, adj. equal, some other place, in pleasant.

like, fair, impartial. another direction. ămõmum, i, n. an aro āēr, āěris, m. (acc. aerem aliquando, adv, at some matic shrub.

and Gr, aera), the air. time or another, at ă mor, oris, m. love. as, æris, m. brass, cop. length.

amphora, æ, f. jar. per, bronze.

ălíqui, aliqua, aliquod, amplius,adv. more,longer, astas, ātis, f. the sum- plur. aliqui, aliquæ, further. mer. aliqua, some.

amplus, a, um, adj. great, æstīvus, a, um, adj. per- ălìquis, aliquidplur. much, taining to summer, sum- aliqui (fem. sing. and ănēthum, i, n. dill, anise.

fem. and neutr. plur: anguis, is, m. and f. a astăõsus, a, um, adj. not used), pron. indef. snake, a serpent. hot, burning.

subst. somebody, some- angulus, i, m. an angle, astus, ūs, heat, summer, thing. tide.

ălitěr, adv. otherwise. angustiæ, arum, f. plu. æternus, a, um, adj. ever. ălius, a, ud, adj. other, rare in the sing. a lasting, eternal.

another, any other. narrow place, a strait.


a corner.

angustus, a, um, adj. ap-pěto (adp.), ivi or ii, a-spicío, exi, ectum, 3.

narrow, strait, diffi- ītum, 3 v. a. and n. to v. a. to look at, to becult.

seek after, to long for. hold, see. ănimadverto, ti, sum, 3. ap-propinquo, (adp.), avi, aspis, idis, f. an asp.

V.0, torenark, perceive. atum, 1. v. n. to ap- as-sensio, onis, f. assent. ănimăl, ālis, n. a living proach.

assentātỉo, onis, f. flattery, bring, an animal. apto, avi, atum, 1. v. a. adulation. ănīmāsus, a, um, adj. full to fit, put on.

as-sentior, sensus, 4. V. of courage, bold. ăpăd, præp. with acc. dep. to assent to, agree. ănīmus, i, m. soul, heart, near, at, with, among. assidŭus, a, um, adj. concourage, spirit, mind. ăqua, æ, f. water.

tinually present, indusannulus, v. anul. àquila, æ, f: an eagle.

trious. annus, i, m. a year. ăquilífer, ěri, m. an eagle- at, conj. but, yet, at antě, adv. and prep. with or standard-bearer.

least. ace, before.

āra, æ, f. an altar. āter, tra, trum, adj. black, antěā, adv. before, for arbitror, atus, I. v. dep. dark, gloomy. merly.

to be oj opinion, to atque, and also, and. antě-pono, sui, situm, 3. believe, think.

at-tingo, tỉgi: tactum, 3. v.a. to prefer. arbor, oris, f. a tree. v. a. to touch, meddle antěquam, conj. before arbustum, i, n. a copse. with. (that).

arcus, ūs, m, a bow. at-tonděo, tondi, tonsum, antīquitas, ātis, f. anti- ardens, entis, part. burn- 2. v. a. to nibble, quity.


at-tribuo, ủi, qtum, 3. 2. antiquitus, adv. in former arděo, rsi, rsum, 2. v. n. a, to assign. times.

to be on fire, to burn. auctior, adj. comp. of ăntiquus, a, um, adj. old, ardor, oris, m. ardour, auctus, part, of augeo, ancient. eagerness.

increased, advanced. antrum, i, n. cave, argentéus, a, um, adj. auctor, õris, com,

made of silver, bright

author, adviser. ānŭlus (ann.), i, m. aring.

as silver.

auctorītas, ātis, f. authoăpěrío, črủi, ertum, 4. ărțes, qštis, m. a ram, a rity. to uncover, to battering-ram.

audācía, æ, f. audacity', open.

ărista, æ, f. an ear of impudence. ăpertē, adv.openly, clearly, grain.

auděo, ausus, 2. v. a. to plainly. arma, õrum, n. plu. arms.

dare. apertius, adv. comp. of armo, avi, atum, 1. v. a. audio, īvi, or ii, itum, 4. aperte.

to fit out, to equip. v. a. to hear. ăpertus, a, um, part. Wăro, avi, atum, 1. v, a. auditor, oris, m. a hearer. [aperio], open,

to plough.

audītus, a, um, part. covered.

ars, artis, f. art, quality. [audio]. ăpis or ·es, is, f. (gen. artūs, uum, m. plu. joints, aufěro, abstůli, ablātum, plur. apium and apum) the limbs.

auferre, v. a. to bear arvum, i, n. a field.

away, to carry off, take ap-pāréo (adp.), ui, îtum, arx, arcis, f. citadel, away. 2. V. n, to appear, shew height.

augěo, auxi, auctum, 2. yourself.

a-scendo, ndi, nsum, 3. v. a, and n, to increase. ap-pello, půli, pulsum, 3. v. n. to ascend.

augūrsum, ii, v. a, and n, to drive. asper, ěra, ěrum, adj.

augury. appello (adp.), avi, atum, rough, rugged.

aula, æ, f. a hall. 1. v. a. to call upon, to aspernor, atus, 1. v. dep. aura, æ, f. the air, a breeze, name or call. act. to reject, despise.





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a bee.



of capax.

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aureus, a, um, adj. of bīni, æ, a, two by two. cānus, a, um, adj. white, gold, golden. binus, a, um, v. bini.

hoary, gray. auris, is, f. an ear. bis, adv. num. twice. capacior, us, adj. comp. aurum, i, n. gold. blandior, ītus, 4. v. dep. ausim, subjunc. of audeo.

to caress.

căpax, ācis, adj. spacious, Auster, tri, m. the south blandus, a, um, adj. caress- capable, capacious. wind.

ing, pleasant, charming. căpella, æ, f. a she-goat. aut, conj. or.

bonus, a, um, adj. good, căpillus, i, m. hair. autem, conj. moreover, active.

căpio, cēpi, captum, 3. but, however, now. bos, bovis, com. an ox.

to take, receive, autumnus, autumn. brévis, e, adj. short.

win over. auxilium, ii, n. help, aid, brěvětas, ātis, f. shortness, Căpitālțum, ii, n. the assistance, brevity.

Capitol at Rome. ăvārītía, æ, f. avarice. brūma, æ, f. the winter captīvus, a,

um, adj. ā-vello, velli, or vulsi, solstice, winter.

caught, taken prisoner. vulsum, 3. v. a. to tear

usu. as subst. a prisoner, off or away.

captive. ăvēna, æ, f. a shepherd's căballus, i, m. a horse. capto, avi, atum, 1. v. a.

pipe,an oaten pipe,areed. cădo, cěcidi, cāsum. 3. to catch at frequently, ·ă věo, 2. v. n. to desire V. n. to fall, to die.

enjoy. earnestly.

cæcus, a, um, adj. blind. capturus, part. (capio). āversus, a, um, part. cædes, is, f. murder. captus, a, um, part. [averto), turned away, cædo, cēcīdi, cæsum, 3. [capio).

v. a. to cut, to beat, căpăt, îtis, n. the head. ā-verto, ti, sum, 3. v. a. to kill.

carcer, čris, m. a prison. to turn away from. cælo, avi, atum, 1. v. a. căreo, ui, įtum, 2. v. n. to carve, chase.

to be without. barbărus, a, um, adj. cælum, i, n. heaven ; v. cārītas, ātis, f. dearness, barbarous, and subst. cælum.

affection. barbarian,

cæterus, a, um, with its carmen, înis, n. a song, běātē, adv. happily.

derivatives ; v. ceter. poem, verse, charm, inbellīcāsus, a, um, adj. călămîtas, ātis, f. mis- cantation. warlike.


carpo, psi, ptum, 3. v. a. bello, avi, atum, I. v. n. călăthus, i, m. a basket. to pluck, crop, gather.

to wage war, to war. cālīgo, înis, f. a mist, carrus, i, m. a wagon. bellum, i, n. war, a battle. darkness, obscurity. cārus, a, um, adj. dear, běně, adv. well, rightly, callidus, a, um, adj. cāsẽus, i, m. cheese. prosperously,

shrewd, crafty, cun- castănča, æ, f. a chestnut. fully.


castra, orum, v. castrum. běněsícium, ii, n. kind- campus, i, m. a plain. castrum, i, 11. in sing. a

candidus, a;

um, adj. castle, fort; in plur. běně-fîcus, a, um, adj. white.

castra, orum, n. a milibeneficent.

cāněo, ui, 2. v. n. to be tary camp. běněvolentia, æ, f. good- white.

cāsus, ūs, m. a fall, will.

cănis, is, com. a dog. chance, misfortune. běnignus, a, um, adj. căno, cěcīni, cantum, 3. cătēna, æ, f. a chain. kind, favourable.

v. n. to sing.

causa,æ,f.a cause,a reason. bestia, æ, f. a beast, a canto, avi, atum, 1. v. n. in aðl. with gen. of wild beast. and a. to sing.

subs. or abl. of pro. biduum, ii. n. a period of cantus, ūs, m. singing, a nominal, adj.; on actwo days. song

count of, for the sake of.





cēdo, cessi, cessum, 3. circum-fěro, tủli, lātum, coactus, a, um, part. V. n. to yield.

ferre, 3. v. a. to carry [cogo]. cěler, čris, e, swift.


coctus, a, um, part. of célérítas, ātis, f. swiftness, circum-flúo, xi, 3. v. n. coquo. quickness.

and a. to flow round, coelestis, e, ailj. heavenly. cělěriter, adv. quickly. to abound.

cælum, i, n. the sky, cella, æ, f. a store-room. circum-sisto, stěti, 3. v. a. heaven, the heavens. celsus, a, um, adj. high, to surround.

серіо, сері, серtum, tall, lofty.

circum-věnso, vēni, ven. (the imperf. tenses are censéo, ui, censum, 2. tum, 4. v. a. to come rare and ante-class.), v. a. to deem, think, be round, surround.

3. v. a. and n. of opinion.

circumventus, a, um, begin. centum, indecl. num. part. [circumvenio]. captus,

a, um, part. hundred.

circus, i, m. the circus. [ccepio] centūrío, ōnis, a captain, cîthăra, æ, f. the lyre, cogito, avi, atum, 1. v. A. centurion, lute.

to reflect upon, think, certē, adv. certainly. cîtius, adv. comp. of

to intend. certo, avi, atum, 1. v, a. cito.

cognitus, a, um, part. to strive, compete. căto, adv. soon, quickly. [cognosco). certus, a, um, fixed, sure, cîtus, a, um, adj. quick, co-gnosco, gnovi, gnìtum, certain. swift.

3. v. a. to investigate cervix, icis, f. the neck. cīvīlis, e, adj. pertaining for the purpose of knowcētěr-, cetera, ceterum, to a citizen, civil.

ing, to learn, and in (the nom. sing. m. not cīvis, is, com, a citizen. the perf. tenses, to know, in use, the sing. in cīvītas, ātis, f. a city, (2) to recognise. general, rare), adj. the state.

cogo, cóēgi, coactum, 3. other, the rest.

clāmito, avi, atum, I. v. a. to gather together, cētěrum, adv. but.

to keep crying collect, assemble, to drive chorus, i, m. a dance. aloud.

on, to force, compel. cìbus, i, m. food, meat. clāmo, avi, atum, 1. v. n. cohors, rtis, f. a cohort. cinctus, a,

um, part. to call, shout aloud, cry collātus (conl.), a, um, [cingo]. out.

part. [confero]. cingo, xi, nctum, 3. v. a. clāmor, õris, m, a shout, col-lēga, æ, m. to surround, clamour.

league. cũnis, ēris, m, ashes. clārus, a, um, adj. bright, colloqusum, ii, 1. · circā, adv. and prep. with illustrious, famous. versation, conference,

acc. for circum, about, classis, is, f. a fleet. parley. around.

claudo, si, sum, 3. v. a. col-loquor, löcūtus, 3. v. circueo, ire, cir- to shut.

dep. to hold a conversaclaustra, orum, n. plu. tion or conference. circum, adv. and prep. a fastening, a door, colo, ủi, cultum, 3. v. a. with acc. around, about. gate.

to till, take care of, cul. circumdatus, part, of cir- clausus, a, um, part. tivate, adorn, honour, cumdo, [claudo]

court. circum-do, dědi, dătum, cliens, entis, a client, de color, oris, m. colour. dăre, 1. v. a. to put pendant.

columna, æ, f. a column, round, to surround with. clïentēla, æ, f. clients, pillar. circum-ěo, ivi or ii, cir- dependants.

coma, æ, T. the hair, cuitum, 4. v. n. and a, clípěus, i, m. a shield. foliage. to go around, encom. co-ăcesco, acui, 3. v. n. comans, antis, adj. hairy, poss.

to become acid or sour. plumed.

2. n.

a col




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