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“ Obey'd ! — 'tis well — yes, I deserve it all « On me, on me heaven's vengeance cannot fall 66 Too heavily — but Azim, brave and true 66 And beautiful - must he be ruin'd too? “ Must he too, glorious as he is, be driven 66 A renegade like me from Love and Heaven? “ Like me? weak wretch, I wrong him -- not like

me; 6 No— he's all truth and strength and purity ! “ Fill up your madd’ning hell-cup to the brim, “ Its witchery, fiends, will have no charm for him. 6 Let loose your glowing wantons from their bowers, “ He loves, he loves, and can defy their powers ! 66 Wretch as I am, in his heart still I reign 66 Pure as when first we met, without a stain ! “ Though ruin'd - lost - my memory, like a charm 6 Left by the dead, still keeps his soul from harm. « Oh! never let him know how deep the brow “ He kiss'd at parting is dishonour'd now“ Ne'er tell him how debas'd, how sunk is she, “ Whom once he lov'd-once ! - still loves dotingly!

“ Thou laugh’st, tormentor, — what! - thou'lt brand

my name?

66 Do, do in vain he'll not believe my shame “ He thinks me true, that nought beneath God's sky 66 Could tempt or change me, and — so once thought I. “ But this is past — though worse than death my lot, “ Than hell — 'tis nothing, while he knows it not. “ Far off to some benighted land I'll fly, 66 Where sunbeam ne'er shall enter till I die; 66 Where none will ask the lost one whence she came, 66 But I


fade and fall without a name! 66 And thou - curst man or fiend, whate'er thou art, “ Who found'st this burning plague-spot in “ And spread'st it-oh, so quick!-thro'soul and frame 66 With more than demon's art, till I became “ A loathsome thing, all pestilence, all flame ! - If, when I'm gone

66 Hold, fearless maniac, hold, Nor tempt my rage - by Heav'n not half so bold “ The puny bird, that dares with teazing hum 6 Within the crocodile's stretch'd jaws to come ! 8.

my heart,

8 The ancient story concerning the Trochilus, or humming-bird, entering with impunity into the mouth of the crocodile, is firmly believed at Java. - Barrow's Cochin-china.


“ And so thou'lt fly, forsooth ? - what ! - give up all66 Thy chaste dominion in the Haram Hall, 66 Where now to Love and now to Alla given, 66 Half mistress and half saint, thou hang'st as even 66 As doth MEDINA's tomb, 'twixt hell and heaven ! “ Thou'lt fly? as easily may reptiles run “ The gaunt snake once hath fix'd his eyes upon;. “ As easily, when caught, the prey may be 66 Pluck'd from his loving folds, as thou from me. “ No, no, 'tis fix'd - let good or ill betide, 66 Thou'rt mine till death, till death MOKANNA's bride! 6. Hast thou forgot thy oath ?”

At this dread word, The Maid, whose spirit his rude taunts had stirr'd Through all its depths, and rous’d an anger there, That burst and lighten'd ev'n through her despair ! Shrunk back, as if a blight were in the breath That spoke that word, and stagger'd, pale as death.

“ Yes, my sworn Bride, let others seek in bowers 66 Their bridal place

the charnel vault was ours ! « Instead of scents and balms, for thee and me 6 Rose the rich steams of sweet mortality;

Gay, flickering death-lights shone while we were wed, 66 And, for our guests, a row of goodly Dead, 6 (Immortal spirits in their time no doubt,) “ From reeking shrouds upon the rite look'd out ! 66 That oath thou heardst more lips than thine repeat “ That cup - thou shudderest, Lady was it sweet? “ That cup we pledg’d, the charnel's choicest wine, “ Hath bound thee - aye - body and soul all mine; " Bound thee by chains that, whether blest or curst 6. No matter now, not hell itself shall burst! “ Hence, woman, to the Haram, and look gay, 6 Look wild, look -- any thing but sad; yet stay “ One moment more --- from what this night hath pass’d, 6 I see thou know'st me, know'st me well at last. “ Ha ! ha! and so, fond thing, thou thought'st all true, " And that I love mankind !- I do, I do “ As victims, love them; as the sea-dog doats 6 Upon the small, sweet fry that round him floats ; 6 Or, as the Nile-bird loves the slime that gives 66 That rank and venomous food on which she lives!'

9 Circum easdem ripas (Nili, viz.) ales est Ibis. Ea serpentium populatur ova, gratissimamque ex his escam nidis suis refert. Solinus.

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“ And, now thou see'st my soul's angelic hue, 66 'Tis time these features were uncurtain’d too;. “ This brow, whose light - oh rare celestial light ! “ Hath been reserv'd to bless thy favour'd sight; “ These dazzling eyes, before whose shrouded might “ Thou'st seen immortal Man kneel down and quake 6 Would that they were Heaven's lightnings for his sake! “ But turn and look — then wonder, if thou wilt, 6 That I should hate, should take revenge, by guilt, 66 Upon the hand, whose mischief or whose mirth 66 Sent me thus maim'd and monstrous upon earth ; “ And on that race who, though more vile they be “ Than mowing apes, are demi-gods to me! 6 Here - judge if Hell, with all its power to damn, 6 Can add one curse to the foul thing I am !"

He rais'd his veil — the Maid turn'd slowly round, Look'd at him-shriek’d--and sunk upon the ground !

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