Billeder på siden

Course of Exchange, Dec. 9.-Amsterdam, 12:3. C. F. Ditto at sight, 11 : 19. Rotterdam, 12 : 4. Antwerp, 12:6. Hamburgh, 37: 8. Altona, 37 : 9. Paris, 3 d. sight, 25 : 70. Ditto 25 : 90. Bourdeaux, 25 : 90. Frankfort on the Maine, 157. Petersburgh, per rble. 83:3. Us. Berlin, 7:10. Vienna, 10:13 Eff. flo. Trieste, 10:14 Eff.flo. Madrid, 30%. Cadiz, 36. Bilboa, 36. Barcelona, 357. Seville, 36. Gibral. tar, 30%. Leghorn, 463. Genoa, 43$. Venice, 27 : 50. Malta, 45. Naples, 38}, Palermo, 117. Lisbon, 52. Oporto, 52. Rio Janeiro, 49. Bahia, 51. Dublin, 9 per cent. Cork, 94 per cent.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per 0%.-Foreign gold, in bars, £3 : 17 : 6d. New Doubloons, £3:15: 0d. New Dollars, 4s. 98. Silver in bars, stand. Os. Od.



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GLASGOW. | LIVERPOOL. LONDON. B. P. Dry Brown, . cwt. 57 to 59 Mid. good, and fine mid.

Fine and very fine, .. Refined Doub. Loaves, .

125 Powder ditto, .

110 Single ditto,

104 Small Lumps, . . . Large ditto, . . . .

Crushed Lumps, .. MOLASSES, British, cwt. COFFEE, Jamaica, . ewt. Ord. good, and fine ord.

110 Mid. good, and fine mid.

130 Dutch Triage and very ord.

75 Ord. good, and fine ord.

90 Mid. good, and fine mid.

106 St Domingo, .....


126 Pimento (in Bond,) . . .


Jam. Rum, 16 0. P. gall. Is 10d 28 Ils 6d 1s 100 Is 100
Brandy, . . . . . .
Geneva, . . .
Grain Whisky,

Claret, ist Growths, hhd.
Portugal Red,

pipe. Spanish White, butt. Teneriffe,

pipe. Madeira, . LOGWOOD, Jan ton.


£8 0 8 5

8 10 9 0 Campeachy,

95 FUSTIC, Jamaica, .

8 10 Cuba, . . . . . INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib.

9 0 10 6 TIMBER, Amer. Pinc, foot.

Ditto Oak, . : .:
Christiansand (dut. paid.)
Honduras Mahogany, .
St Domingo, ditto, : .

17 2 10 TAR, American, brl.

14 0 15 0
Archangel, . . . . .
PITCH, Foreign, ewt.
TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home melted, ..
HEMP, Polish Rhine, ton.

Petersburgh, Clean, . .
Riga Thies. & Druj. Rak.
Dutch, . . . . .

MATS, Archangel,
Petersburgh Firsts, cwt.

ASTIES, Peters. Pearl, . .
Montreal, ditto,

OIL, Whale, '. tun.

TOBACCO, Virgin. fine, ib.
Midilling, . . .

Interior, .
COTTONS, Bowed Georg.
Sea Island, fine,

i 5 i 7 Good,

13 i 5 Middling, Demerara and Berbice,

0 114 10

0 105 i 0 West India,

0 9° 0 10 0 8 0 10 Pernambuco,

1 1 1 13.0110 Maranham,

1 0 1 1 0 101 011!

0 95

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLEs, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the

Observatory, Calton-hill.

N.8.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after. noon.-The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer.



( Attach.
Ther. Barom. Ther. 1 Wind.

Altach 1
Ther. Barorn. Ther, Wind.


Sept. 16{ M.33




A. 52



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M.25 29.775 M.42

Frost foren.
M.353 29.999 M.44

Dull, slight

A. 30 .101A. 42)

JA. 42
fair aftern.

.999 A. 441 rain aftern. M.331 .665 M.43

M.38 1.904 2.45

Fair, with
Fair & mild.

sw. .604 1.45

A. 15 .901 A. 45

sunshine. M.33 .159 M.18

Dull, with

50.188 M.451

Sunsh. fore. .290 A. 46 rain foren. A. 43 29.999 A. 46

dull aftert. M.37 230|M.45 | Dull most of

M.39 .664 M.15

Foren. fair, A. 42 .929 A. 43) day.

19A. 43 .559 A. 45 ) aftem. rais. M.31 .427 M.50

Frost morn.
M.40 .338 M.50

Fair, but
A. 37 .501 A. 14) dull day.

.675 4.50 ) dull
M.37 .681 M.48
Dull, but

.642 M.18

Fair, with
A. 49 .676 A. 48 )

A. 48 .612 A. 49

sunshine. M.57 .736 M.48

Very foggy,

M.15 .515 M.50
A. 47 .886 A. 48

with rain.

A. 49 .580 A. 49
M.4i .994 M.17

Very foggy,

.561 M.51

A. 44 30.180 A. 45 E. but fair.

A. 50 .561 A. 51

dull day.
.198 M.44

M.46 .58 4.51

Fair, with
A. 42 .230 A. 44

JA. 50 .691 A.

sunshine, M.38 .328 M.45) Fair, with

.725 M.49

Duil, but
A. 43 .329 A. 44 ) Cb sunshine.

A. 48
.725 A, 48 )

fair, cold.
.314 M.45
Foggy foren.

.755 M.47

Fored.sunsh .299 A. 44 Cble. clear aftern. A. 47 -755 A.

aftern. dull M.36 29.996 M.43

Fair, but dull
M.45 .594 M.49

Fair, with
UA. 41 .994 A. 43

and cold

A. 49 .492 A. 49/1 sunshine.
M.37 .975 M.43
Fair, with

.430 M.49

Fair, with UA.42 .902 A. 43 ) |W.


A. 45

.619 A. 471 sun. cold. M.40 .905 M.50

90 S M.30 .156 M.44 low

} sw.

Fair forca A.48 .916 A. 47 ) W. Ditto

A. 41 28.612 A. 44

rain aftera. M.38 .991 M.48

50 SM.30 .610 M.48 am

Heavy shirs tl. 46 .99&A. 48 w. Ditto.

SUA. 47 | .784 A. 45 ) P . Thail & rain. Average of Rain, 1.207 inches.

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A. 41

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ALPHABETICAL List of English BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 20th

of Oct. and the 20th of Nov. 1823; extracted from the London Gazette.

Burtaage, S. . Fencias Hae housed, Great

Arnold, W. J. Idol-lane, wine-broker.
Atkinson, T. Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-spin-

Ball, R. Bristol, baker.
Beale, W. & J. H. Wrathall, Union-street, south-

wark, hatters.
Benson, J. Lancaster, linen-draper.
Bignold, T. Bridge-street, Blackfriars, boot-ma-

Bidder, T. Ifracombe, tallow-chandler.
Birchinall, J. Macclesfield, cotton-spinner.
Bird, D. P. Bristol, grocer.
Bolton, E. Mere-street, Hackney, butcher.
Bottrell, H. Ostend, merchant.
Brookes, C. Southampton, cabinet-maker.
Brown, A. Plymouth, ship-builder.
Brown, H. W. Surrey-street, Strand, merchant.
Burraston, J. Hereford, coal-merchant.
Burridge, J. Ironmonger-lane, merchant.
Cardlin, J. J. Fenchurch-street, merchant.
Carpenter, J. Ramsay, Hants, coal-merchant.
Chabert, P. Lloyd's Coffee-house, merchant.
Charnaud, J. & J. N. Shoolbred, Great St He-

lens, merchants.
Clark, J. Trowbridge, linen-draper.
Colton, Rev. C. C. Prince's-street, Soho, wine-

Cone, J. Crutched Friars, victualler.
Cort. R. Cow Cross-street, currier.
Coulston, R. Tewkesbury, plumber.
Coupland, W. & W. B. Colton, Liverpool, mer

Cox, J. Wells, Somerset, iniller.
Croft, W. P. M. Smithfield, victualler.
Davis, R. London, ironmonger.
Day, R. & R. H. Tovill, Oil Mills, Maidstone,

Rent, seed-crushers. •

Dickenson, R. Hexham, Northumberland, books

Dow, J. Bow-common, rope-maker.
Dowman, T. & J. Offey, Bread-street, Cheapside,

Ewes, J. Canterbury, ironmonger.
Gigney, S. Letchingden, Essex, farmer.
Gingell, W. J. Norton-street, Mary-le-bonne tur-

Glynn, E. J. Launceston, banker.
Gordon, W. High-street, Gravesend, merchant.
Greathead, R. Bristol, dealer and chapman.
Greenland, S. N. Frome Selwood, Somersetshire,

Haines, H. J. Jermyn-street, oil merchant.
Hamer, S. B. Furnival's-inn, broker.
Harnage, Sir G. Chatham-place, merchant.
Harrison, C. Aldgate, cheesemonger.
Hassan, w. Charles-street, Middlesex Hospital,

Hawkins, E. Hereford, dealer and chapman.
Hewitt, T. Carlisle, iron-founder.
Hills, T. Southend, builder.
Hoar, T. Flamstead, Hertfordshire, baker.
Holl, C. A. Worcester, printer.
Holt, W.F. Cannon-row, Westminster, surgeon.
Honeyborne, J. Kingswinford, Staffordshire, coal-

Huckman, J. Bristol, butcher.
Ingram, E. Castle-street, Reading, dress-maker.
James, J. J. A. & Co. Liverpool, ship-builders
Jewson, J. C. High Holborn, linen-draper.
Lacey, L. Garden-row, London-road, horse-dealer.
Lacon, W. Oswestry, ironmonger.
Lainy, G. Dunster-court, Mincing-lane, merchant.
Lewis, J. Goyfrey, Monmouth-shire, timber-deal-

Linde, J. Billiter-street, broker.

Roach, R. S. Bishop's Waltham, Hants, tanner. Longton, J. and J. Liverpool, Ironmongers.

Smith, E. Chatham, hatter. Marshall, R. Jury Farm, near Ripley, Surrey, Smith, R. Piccadilly, fruiterer. farmer.

Stavie, T. King-street, Seven Dials, stove-grate M'Cheane, D. Fenchurch-street, merchant.

manufacturer. M.Kenzie, J. Manchester, draper.

· Stephens, W. C. Westbury-on-Trim, GloucesterMonatt, J. Lower Thames-street, ale-dealer.

shire, grazier. Murgatroyd, W. Scarr Bottom, Yorkshire, wor Steward, H. Old Burlington-street, victualler. sted-spinner.

Stoakes, W. Liverpool, carver and gilder. Myers, J. Preston, wine merchant.

Thorndike, J. Ipswich, cheese-factor. Naish, J. Bristol, tanner.

Turner, T. Stoke Goldington, Bucks, baker, Neale, J. Liverpool, merchant.

Ubsdell, C. Warminster, linen-draper. Northover, H. Nunny, Somerset, farmer.

Vince, W. Lucas-street, Commercial-road. Nunn, R. and T. Fisher, Grub-street, timber Watson, R. Britannia-terrace, City-road, coalmerchants.

merchant. Oakley, T. Titchfield-street, carpenter.

Watson, T. Turf Coffee-house, St James's-street, Ord, J. St Paul's Church-yard, haberdasher.

wine-merchant. Peacock, J. Manchester, merchant.

Watts, S. Yeovil, Somersetshire, banker. Peet, G. and J.Gutter-lane,riband-manufacturers. White,J. Prince's-street, Storey's-gate, undertaker. Pelham, J. Chart, Kent, seed-crusher.

Whittingham, T. Cheltenham, currier. Pickard. W. Knaresborough, lime-burner.

Withington, H. Manchester, silk-manufacturer. Prosser, J. Abergavenny, grocer.

Wood, S. Poswick, Hereford, dealer. Randall, R. Truro, draper.

Wood, T. Barbican, oilman. Ringshaw, G. Tooring, builder.

ALPHABETICAL LIST of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 18th

and 30th November, 1823; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette. Buchanan, David, butcher in Veal-market, Edin

DIVIDENDS. burgh. Cuthill, the Rev. Alexander, minister in the sc. Gillespie, Colin, merchant in Glasgow; a 2d di.

cond charge of the Church of Ayr, and printer, vidend on 9th December publisher, and stationer, in Ayr.

Harkness, Robert, of Innishenrusk, in Cowal, Gibson, Thomas, mason and builder in Perth. Argyllshire, wool and cattle merchant, sometime Greenhill, James, merchant and corn-dealer in residing there; a dividend after 5th December. Newburgh.

Kerr, Alexander, haberdasher and silk-mercer, Harthill, John, merchant in Aberdeen.

South Bridge-street, Edinburgh; a first diviLawrie, Archibald, upholsterer, Edinburgh..

dend after 22d December. M'Lean, Captain Hector, wool and kehy merchant, Moffat, John, merchant, Lerwick; a dividend af Carsaig, Island of Mull.

ter 9th December. Munro, Hugh, spirit-dealer, Queensferry-strect, Weir, William, sheep and cattle dealer in Darley, Edinburgh.

parish of Bar; a dividend after 6th January. Paterson, John, merchant in Stirling.

Wylie, William, the deceased, manufacturer in Rose, William, merchant in Glasgow.

Paisley: a fourth and final dividend after 26th Virtue, James & Co. merchants in Edinburgh. December.

8 Dr.


APPOINTMENTS, PROMOTIONS, &c. Brevet. Major Hon. J. Finch, h. p. R. W. I. 24 G. K. Tucker, Ens. by p. vice BenRan. Lieut. Col. in the Army, 25

net, prom.

do. Oct. 1823 25

Lt. Miller, Ad. vice M-Leod, res. Adj. 1 Life Gds. Cor. and Sub-Lt. Hon. H. M. Upton,


6 Nov. Lt. by p. vice Moseley, pro. 10 Oct.

Hosp. As. Neill, As. Surg. vive C. Heneage, Cor. and Sub-Lt. by p.

Robertson, 70 F.

do. do.

Lt. Gen. Sir G. Ai.ey, K.C.B. Col. 3 Dr. Gds. Lt. Bolton, Adj. vice Towel, res. Adj.

vice Gen. N. Baltour, dead 28 Oct. only

6 Nov.

Lt. Crole, from 11 Dr. Capt. by p. Vet. Surg. Anderson, from h. p. 24

vice Johnson, cancelled 30 do. Dr. Vet. Surg. vice Nesbitt, dead

As. Surg. Latham, from h. p. 34 F do.

As. Surg. vice Inglis, dead 23 do. As. Sur. Fainden, from 70 F. As.

Ens. Pilford. Lt. vice Lascelles, dead Surg. vice Carter, dcad do.

30 do. Surg. M Roberts, from 78 F. Surg.

L. Carey, Ens.

do. vice Chermside, h. p. 30 Oct.

As. Surg. Robertson, from 37 F. As Cor. Partride, Lt. by p. vice Crole,

Surg. vice Farnden. 8 Dr. 6 Nov. 41 F.


Lt. Dashwood. Capt, by p. vice Roy,
C. Johnson, Cor. by p.


23 Oct. 12 Reg. Serg. Maj. White, Qua, Master.

J. Barry, Ens. by p.

do. vice Bull, dead


Lt Yates, from Cape Corps, Lt. vice Lt. Lane, Capt. by p. vice Patton,

Herron, h. p. 24 F. 6 Nov, ret.

6 Nov.

Staff Surg. Bolton, from h. p. Surg. Cor. Harington, Lt. by p.


vice M Roberts, 10 Dr. 30 Oct. W. Hyde, Cor. by p.


Capt. Cruise, Maj. by p. vice Arden, Lt. Gen. Sir J. o. Vandeleur, K.C.B.


6 Nov. Col. vice E. of Bridgewater, dead,

Ens. Bayly, Lt. vice Sutherland, ret. 28 Oct.

23 Oct. Gren. Gds. Bt. Maj. Hon. R. Clements, Capt.

W.E. Sawbridge, Ens. by p. doand Lt. Col. by p. vice Packe, ret. W. I. R. Lt. Hughes, from h. p. 2d Bahama

6 Nov.

Gn. Comp. Qua. Mast. vice Dukes. Lt, Lyster, Lt, and Capt. by p. do.

h. p.

do. 7 F.

23 Oct.

do. Bt. Lt. Col. Dalmer, Maj. by p. vice

R. Jefferson, 20 Lt.

do. Keightley, prom.

Cape Corps (Inf.) Lt. Harvey, from 24 h. p. Lt. 1st Lt, Beale, Capt by p. 30 do.

vice Yates, 74 F.

6 Nov. 20 Lt. Mathison,' Ist Lt. by p. do. R. Vet. Bn. Lt. Rawstorne, from h. p. 10 F. Lt. G. Beauclerk, 2d Lt. by p. 30 do.

25 Oct.


Li. orr, Adj. vice Hay, res. alaj. only

Ceyl. Reg. 2d" Li Lewis, Ist Lt vice Burke,

16 do.

1 R. Vet. Bn. Lieut. Knox, from h. p. 3 F. do Ensign Collings, from 60 F: rec. dift. with Ensign Collins, from h. p. 26 F.

Fothergill, h. p. 85 F.
Fleeson, from h. p. Afr. Corps. Assist. Surg. M'Clintock, from 1 Dr. with Assist.

do. Surg. Tedlie, h. p. 89 F.
- Fielding, from h. p.3 F. do.
Frazer, from h. p. 56 F. do.

Resignations and Retirements. - Nicholls, from h. p. 31 F. do.

Maj. Gen. Visc. Chabot, late of 5 F.
Johnson, from h. p.5 F. do.

Col. H. P. L'Estrange, King's County Mil.
Thomson, from late 9 Vet. Bn.

Lieut. Col. Packe, Gren. Gds.

Capt. Patton, 12 Dr.
As. Surg. Keoghoe, from h. p. 44 F.

- Roy, 71 F.
As. Surg.


Lieut. Sutherland, 92 F.
Lt. Bell, from h. p. 2 Gn. Bn. Lt. do.
Stewart, froin h. p. 95 F. do.

intment Cancelled.
- O'Neill, from h. p. 83 F. do.
Dickens, from h. p. 28 F. do.

Capt. Johnson, 41 F.
- Kirkley, from h. p. Rifle Brig.


do. - Butler, from h. p. 37 F. do. Gen. Sir A. Farrington, Bt. Roy. Art. Director - Waddell, from h. p. 48 F. do. General of the Field Train, Dep. Blackheath. - M.Grath, from h. p. 96 F. do. • Kent.

3 Nov. 1893 --- Griesbach, from h. p. Meu - Barclay, late of Roy. Marines, Taunton, ron's Reg. Lt. do.

12 do. Staff As. Surg. Lawder, As. Surg. do. Lieut. General Peche, East India Comp. Serv. Lt. Crofton, from h. p. Yk. Li. Inf.

April Vol. Lt.

do. Maj. Gen. Steuart, late of 1st F. Edinburgh, Sep. 23 - Waters, from h. p. 83 F. do. - Durand, East India Comp. Serv. Fort - O'Reilly, from h. p. 6 Gn. Bn. St George, East Indies,

21 Dec. 1872. do. Col. Uniacke, h. p. 104 É.

31 Oct. -- M*Kenzie, from h. p. 72 F. do. - Chichester, Cardigan Mil.

23 Oct. Scarman, from h. p, 67 F. do. Lieut. Col. Miller, 87 F. Ghazeepore, Bengal, - O'Beirne, from h. p. 96 F. do.

17 May. - Bowen, from h. p. 65 F. do.

- Earl of Athlone, h. p. 95 F. - Dickson, from h. p. 25 F. do.

--- Sir M. Grant, K.C.B. h. p. Portugal Ens. Harrison, from h. p. 81 F. Ens. Serv. MacKrach, near Granton,

22 Oct. vice Greenham, ret list. do. Capt. Lennon, h. p. R. Wagg, Train, 25 Oct.

-- Lane, Adj. vice Yellon, ret. - Kelly h. p. 80 F. Clashmore, Youghall,

21 Oct.
As. Surg. Gardiner, from h. p. 53 F. Gardiner, h. p. 89 F. Isleworth, Middlesex,
As. Surg.

16 Sept. -- Hunt, h. p. York Rang. London, 17 July. Unattached.

Ubaldini, h. p. Malta Regt.
Major Hon. R. P. Arden, from 84 F.

de Harling, h. p. 2 Dr. Germ. Leg. 7 Nov. Lt. Col. of Inf. by p. vice M. Gen.

-- Taylor, of late 5 Vet. Bn. St. Athan, 9 May. Chabot, ret. 30 Oct. 1823. - Finch, of late 9 Vet. Bn.

10 Oct. Licut. Stuart, 32 F. Corfu,

23 Aug. IIospital Staff Bowra, 64 F. 1. of Wight,

8 Nor. - Hon. F. Lascelles, 67 F. London. Surg. Maling, from h. p. Surg. vice - J. Gordon, late Invalids,

July. Clarke, prom. 3 July, 1823. - Doughty, do.

99 Oct. As. Surg. Clifford, from h. p. 68 F.

- Rushton, do.

24 Jan. As. Surg. vice Finlayson, cancelled

Aitkin, of late 4 Vet. Br. Jedburgh, North 23 Oct. Briton,

10 Sept. Magrath, from h. p. 20 Dr.

- Mussen, h. p. 3 Dr.
As. Surg. vice Lawder, 2 R. Vet.
- Crawford, h. p. 2 F. Lambeth,

24 Sept. Bn.

6 Nov.

— Daniel, h. p. 12 F. Wheelock, Chrshire, Hosp. As. Gallagher, from h. p. Hos.

12 Oct. As. vice Lough, h. p. 23 Oct.

Doig, h. p. 23 F.

Sept. J. Wylie, Hosp. As, vice Neill, 70 F.

Barr, h. p. 26 F.

26 do. 6 Nov. Donald Campbell, h. p. 27 F.

21 Nov. Erchangce. Mulkern, h. p. 65 F.

Aug. Uniacke, h. p. 66 F.

10 July Lt. Col. Popham, from 24 F. with Lt. Col. Fle Duff, h. p. 67 F. Isle of Man, 29 Oct. ming, h. p. 53 F.

Ruddiman, k. p. 71 F.

13 Sept. Major Jonson, from 93 F. with Major Allen, h. p. Andrews, h. p. 84 F.

21 May 10 F.

Peters, h. p. 88 F.

18 Feb. Bt. Maj. Mackworth, from 13 Dr. rec. diff. with - Patton, late 6 Vet. Bn.

8 Oct. Capt. Heyman, h. p. 8 Dr.

Frey, h. p. Roll's Regt. Capt. Webb, from Rifle Brig. do. with Captain Robertson, Stirling, Mil. Edinburgh, 25 Oct. Stevenson, h. p. 12 F.

Ens. Le Mesurier, h. p. 9 F.

15 Mar. Lieut. Towel, from 3 Dr G. do with Lieut. Todd, - Cheney, h. p. 72 F.

14 Dec h. p. 8 Dr.

Chap. Pulejo, h. p. Sicilian Regt. - Smith, from 4 Dr. G. do. with Lieut. Nash, Qu. Mast. Bull, 12 Dr. Cork,

21 Oct. b. p. 21 Dr.

- Andrews, h. p. 79 F.

22 Jan. - Grayson, from 15 F. with Lieut. Ham

- Elliott, So. Devon Milit. mond, h. p. 94 F.

Med. Dep. Surg. Gruskopff, b. p. 1 Dr. Germ. - M'Leod from 25 F. with Lieut. O'Brien, h.


21 Apr. p. 99 Dr.

Surg. Dunn, Ayr, Milit. Cornet Cunninghame, from 5 Dr. G. rec. diff.

Start Assist. Surg. Rossiter, Frome, with Cornet Sir W. H. Clarke, Bt. h. p.


7 Sept. Ensign Young, from 17 F. with Ensign Farwell, - - Assist Surg. Duval, h. p. 1 Lt. Inf. 31 F.

Germ. Leg. - Michel, from 27 F. with Ensign Sleator. 60 F. - Bep. Purv. Sherrin, h. p.


27. In George's Square, Mrs Captain Mackenzie, Feb. 3. At Surat, the Lady of Edward Grant, of a daughter. Esq. of the Civil Service, Bombay Establishment, Oct. 30. At Copenhagen, the Consort of Prince of a son.

William of Hesse, of a daughter. 25. At Madras, the Lady of J. Macleod, Esq. of 31. At Balnamoon, the Lady of James Carnegy, a son.

Esq. of a daughter. Aug. 16. At Mount Atlas, Jamaica, the Lady Nov. 7. At Brechin, the Lady of John Guthrie, of Hinton Spalding, Esq. M. D. of a daughter, Esq. banker, of a daughter.


W.W to Maristanesthe East Inds:

7. In York Place, London, the Lady of Joseph bella, youngest daughter of the late Major Wm. Hume, Esq. M. P. of a daughter.

Wilson, of Polmally. - At Oatfield, East Lothian, Mrs Alex. Bum, - James Begbie, M. D. to Eliza, second daughof a daughter.

ter of the late Robert Speare, Esq. of Millbank, 9. At Crook, near Stirling, Mrs Micking, of Cheshire. twin sons.

13. At Auchindinny, Mr James Ritchie, sta12. At Portsmouth, the Lady of Major-General tioner, Edinburgh, to Janet, eldest daughter of Sir James Lyon, K.C. B. of a daughter.

Mr George Laing, paper manufacturer there. - At Cargen, the Lady of William Stothert, 13. Lieut-Colonel Colquhoun, to Magdalene, Esq. of a daughter.

fourth daughter of John Stein, Esq. of Kennet14. At Belmont, the Lady of Mathew Fortescue, pans. Esq. of a daughter.

17. Henry Bellenden Ker, Esq. of Lincoln's 15. Lady Dunbar of Boath, of a son.

Inn, London, to Elizabeth Ann, eldest daughter of 16. At Greenbank, near Glasgow, Mrs W. D. Edward Clarke, Esq. of Cheshunt, Herts. Blair, of a daughter.

19. At Staple Grove near Taunton, Major - Mrs Clarke of Comrie, of a daughter.

Stepney Cowell, of the Coldstream Guards, to – Mrs William Young, Great King Street, of Euphemia Jemima, eldest daughter of General a daughter.

John Murray, and sister to Major-General Murray, - At Wheatfield House, the Lady of Mark Lieutenant-Governor of Demerara. Sprot, Esq. of Garnkirk, of a daughter, still-born. 24. At Glasgow, Matthew Fleining, Esq. mer.

*16. At Greenock, the Lady of Lieut-Colonel chant, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Robert Douglas, 79th Regiment, of a son.

Strang, Esq. 18. At Blackheath, the Lady of Captain P. H. - At Kinnaber, near Montrose, William Sinart, Bridges, R. N. of a daughter."

Esq. of Cononsyth, to William, daughter to R At Shrubhill, Leith Walk, the Lady of John Gibson, Esq. Mansfield, Esq. of a daughter.

-- At Millfield, by Leven, Mr Henry Balfour, 20. At Hillhousefield, Mrs James Borthwick, of Durie, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr Robert a daughter.

Bisset, Millfield. - Mrs Tod, 46, Charlotte Square, of a daugh 25. At Glasgow, Henry Houldsworth, jun. Esq.

to Helen, only daughter of the late James Hamil25. At Larchgrove, near Edinburgh, Mrs Dr ton, Esq. of Glasgow, Morison, of a son, being her fifteenth child.

- At Dolphingston, Mr Samuel Johnston, Bar. Lalely. In Castle Street, the Lady of Colonel bauchlaw, to Christiana Mary, daughter of Mr O'Connel, 730 Regiment, of a daughter.

James Cunningham.

- At Edinburgh, Mr David Robertson, merMARRIAGES.

chant, Grangemouth, to Eupheinia, daughter of Jan. 21. At Googry, East Indies, Joseph Wool John Charles, Esq. Sciennes Street. ley, Esq. assistant-surgeon 2d battalion 6th Regi. 27. At the Manse of Methlick, James Nicol, Esq. ment, to Mary, eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel advocate in Aberdeen, to Barbara, only daughter W. G. Maxwell, commanding that battalion.

of the late Rev. George Allan, minister of New. Feb. 8. At Bengal, Thomas Reid Davidson, Esq. hills. of the Civil Service, to Helen Eliza, eldest daugh 29. At Rankillor Street, Edinburgh, Mr John ter of Lieut.-Colonel J. Paton, Commissary-Ge

C. Tweedie, merchant, Leith, to Helen, only neral in Bengal.

daughter of Alexander Cunningham, Esq. June 5. At Bombay, Donald Smith Young, Esq. --- At Edinburgh, on Saturday, Sir brahim of the Hon. East India Company's Medical Ser Elton, Bart. of Cleseiten Court, Somerset, to vice, Madras Establishment, to Mary, second Mary, oldest daughter of the late William Stewart, daughter of Campbell Mackintosh, Esq. of Dal Esq. of Castle Stewart, and niece of Kenneth, migavie, Inverness-shire.

Earl of Scaforth.
July 14. (0. S.) At St Petersburgh, Colin
Campbell Sawers, Esq. merchant, St Petersburgh,

DE ITIIS. to Miss Marjory Forman, of that city,

Dec. 8. 1822. At Canton, Captain Thomas SanOct. 17. At King burgh, Isle of Skye, the Rev. ders, of the Orwell, Indianan. Roderick M.Leal, minister of Brackadale, to Feb. 11, 1825. At Chunar, Bengal, Lieut. George Miss Ann M.Donald; and on Nov. 2d, George Ciordon, of the 21st Regiment, N. I. and Fort Gun, Esq. to Miss Margaret M.Donald, both Adjutant at Chunar. daughters of D. M.Donald, Esq. of Skeabost.

Mar. 20. At Fort Marlborough, Bencoolen, the 23. At Sheriff Mill, near Elgin, Alex, Suther lady of Licut. -Colonel M Inues, of the lion. East and, Esq. Rose Valley, to Ann, daughter of John India ('ompany's service. Innes, Esq.

April 21. At Choadringhow, East Indies, Lieut. 27. At Denbie, Thomas Dickson, Esq. of Lon John Hadaway, 21th Native Infantry, Bengal, don, to Mary, second daughter of Lieut.-Colonel surveyor of Government lands in Rochileund, Carruthers of Denbie.

and eldest son of the late Patrick Haraway. Esq. 30. At Wandsworth, Archibald Montgomery Aug. 30). At St Thomas's in the East, Jamaica, Maxwell, Captaiu in the Royal Artillery, to Mary, Mrs Monro of Novar. third daughter of John Falconer Atlee, Esq. of Oct. 3. At Rasay House, the same day with her West Hill House, Wandsworth.

brother, James M.Leod of Rasay, Mrs Martin of Nou, 1. James Webster, Esq. of Balmuir, For Atladale. farshire, and of West Ham, Essex, to Miss Eliza 1. At Xerez de la Frontera, in Spain, James beth Rainsay, of Mark Lane.

Gordon, Es senior partner of the old established 3. At Bush House, Fisherrow, Lieut. Patrick house of Gordon & Co. of said city. Kerr, Royal Navy, to Helen, daughter of Mr 11. At luchtermuchty, Mr James Bowes, sur Robert Mitchell, wood-merchant.

geon, agel 74. 1. In Castle Street, Lieut. Henry Steele, of the 16. e his residence, in the Royal Arseml, Royal Navy, to Margaret, third daughter of the Woolwich, Lieut.-General Baily Willington, Cole late Captain John Stenhouse, of the 20th Regi nel Commandant of the 2d Battalion of the Royal ment of Foot.

Regiment of Artillery. - At Haddington, Mr James Gibson, to Mary 19. At Perth, Mrs Ilosack, wife of Dr Flosack, Ann, youngest daughter of the late Robert Somer physician there, late surgeon to his Majesty's forces. ville, Esq. surgeon there.

20. At Edin our h, David Rutherford, youngest 6. At Barossa Place, Perth, Mr William Wilson,

son of the Rev. James Rutherford, minister of bookseller, Edinburgh, to Margaret, eldest daugh- Hownam. ter of the late John White, Esq.

21. At Musselburgh, Mrs William Charles, jun. 10. At Mary-le-bone Church, London, Walter 25. At Elie, Fifeshire, Dr John Croley, late Stevenson Davidson, Esq. of Inchmarlo, Kin surgeon to the Canadian North-West Company. cardineshire, to Anne, only daughter of Gilbert - At Lynlish, near Granton, Licut. Colonel Sir Mathison, Esq.

Maxwell Grant, K.C.B. late of the 10 Highland- At Stirling, John Telford, Esq. cashier of er. the Stirling Bank, to Jane, eldest daughter of 26, At Gremston Lodge, Yorkshire, Mrs HagThomas Wright, Esq. of Glenny, late Provost of gerston, jun. of Ellingham. Stirling.

- At Muttonhole, Mr Robert Renton, farmer 12. A Polmally Glen, Urquhart, Inverness-shire. there. Sir Charles Chambers, one of the Judges of the 27. At Rink, Mr Thomas Arras, farmer, CraigSupreme Court of Judicature at Bombay, to Isa. crook.

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