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little work, to be continued weekly, will on the Effects of Spirituous Liquors on speedily appear, entitled “ The Cabinet; the Physical, Moral, and Intellectual Fa. or the Collected Beauties of British Lite- culties of Man. Written in a popular style, rature.” As the title implies, it is wholly and designed as a present for those Ladies a compilation of extracts from works of and Gentlemen who are availing themselves merit.

of the late reduction in the price of WhisSpeedily will be published, Observations ky.







Grammar, designed to facilitate the Study Delineations of Fonthill Abbey. Em- of the French Language ; with Practical bellished with numerous engravings and Exercises upon a new and improved plan. wood cuts. By John Rutter. Price to By P. Maggi. 45. Non-subscribers in Medium 4to., French Mentoria ; or, the Young Ladies' In. Paper, 25s.; Elephant 4to., Drawing Pa- structor ; in familiar conversations, on mo. per, with early Impressions of the Plates, ral and entertaining subjects, calculated to 1.2, 10s. ; and Proofs on India paper, improve young minds in the essential as Three Guineas and a Half.

well as ornamental parts of Female EduBIOGRAPHY.

cation. By Ann Murry. The 12th edi. Memoirs of a Young Greek Lady, or tion, with considerable improvements. Madame Pauline Adelaide By Alexan. der Panum. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

One to Five Parts of Picturesque Views

on the Severn, from the original designs of Sexaginta Conciones (Anglice scriptæ) of the late Samuel Ireland, Author of Picnunquam antehac promulgatæ, Lithogra- turesque Views on the Thames, Avon, phice impressæ, fideliter MSS. imitantes, Wye, &c. This work will consist of 8 in usum publicum Verbi Divini Præconum Parts, each comprising 6 or 7 Views of the accommodate a Presbytero Ecclesiæ Angli- most remarkable objects, &c. executed in

On fine quarto writing paper. Lithography in the best manner, and 76 Price L.7, 10s.

pages of Letter-press, descriptive of the Numa Pompilius, by Florian ; being Gentlemen's Seats, Scenery, &c. from the the 2d and 3d Parts of a Series of the source to the mouth of the Severn. French Classical Writers now in the course The interesting Engravings by Pinelli, of publication. Printed in 18mo. Illus- with the History of the Banditti who intrated with Engravings in the first style of vested the road between Rome and Naples. the art, under the title of Choix des Clas- 15s. siques Francais, dirgé par L. T. Ven- A Series of Groups, illustrating the Phi. touillac.

siognomy, Manners, and Character of the EDUCATION.

People of France and Germany. By An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, George Lewis. In Imperial 8vo. L.3, 3s.; Theoretical and Practical ; with Attempts Medium 4to. L.3, 15s. ; and Proofs on to simplify some of the more difficult Parts Royal 4to. L.4, 14s. 6d. half bound. of the Science, particularly the Demonstra- No. IV. of Views in Spain, from tions of the Binomial Theorem in its most Sketches made in a Tour through that general Form; the Solution of Equations Kingdom in the Autumn of 1813. By E. of the higher orders ; the Summation of H. Locker, Esq. F.R.S.; containingInfinite Series, &c. intended for the use of Royal Palace, Madrid; Vittoria, Field of Students. By J. R. Young. 12s. Battle ; Villa Franca ; Manrisa ; Alman

A Course of Lectures on Chemical Sci. za, Field of Battle, Imperial 8vo. 8s. ence, as delivered at the Surrey Institution. Views in Switzerland, just published, By Goldsworthy Gurney.

Nos. I. to VIII., to be completed in Ten Observations relative to Infant Schools; Numbers, printed on India Paper. Price designed to point out their Usefulness to 8s. each Number. the Poor, and to Society at large, and to assist those who may be benevolently in. Letters on Ancient History, exhibiting clined to establish such Schools. By Tho. a summary View of the History, Geogramas Pole, M.D. Author of the History of phy, Manners, and Customs of the Assythe Origin and Progress of Adult Schools. rian, Babylonian, Median, Persian, Egyp25. Od.

tian, Israelitish, and Grecian Nations. By The French Master, or Elementary Anne Wilson. Third



Volume First of Naval Records ; or, Mode of Employing several New Reme. The Chronicles of the Line of Battle Ships dies, viz. The Nux Vomica, Morphine, of the Royal Navy, from its first esta- Prussic Acid, Strychnin, Veratine, the blishment in the Reign of Henry VIII., Active · Principles of Cinchonas, Emetine, with the Names of their distinguished Com- Iodine, &c. with an Introduction, and com manders ; including copious Explanations pious Notes. By Charles Thomas Haof the Names and Origin of every Ship of den. 4s. the Line, and a brief Chronological List The Questions and Answers for the Use of all the principal Naval Battles, from the of Gentlemen preparing for Apothecaries' time of Edward III. down to the Victory Hall. By Charles Mingay Syder. Price gained at Algiers by Admiral Lord Es- 5s. a New Corrected and Enlarged Edi. mouth. 8s.


MISCELLANIES. The Law's Disposal of a Person's Estate An Appeal to a British Public, on the who Dies without Will or Testament. To hitherto unprivileged exclusion of the Sciwhich is added, the Disposal of a Person's ence and Practice of Electricity from the Estate by Will and Testament ; with an Materia Medica ; in addition to which are Explanation of the Mortmain Act. By given, et probatum sunt, the three great Peter Lovelass, Gent. The Eleventh Edi. and popular, though not till now unde. tion, with numerous Additions. By Niel fined, Problems, viz. the Cause which Gow.

produces the Union of the Mind with the The Law of Auctions ; or, the Auc- Body ; the Principle on which Man is entioneer's Practical Guide. To which is dowed with the capability of maintaining added, a Comprehensive Summary of the an upright position; the Specific Fluid that Laws of Distress ; with an Appendix of pervades the Nerves, &c. By Dudley Precedents, and a copious Index. By T. Adams. 2s. 6d. Williams, Esq. Author of “ Every Man A Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour, his own Lawyer.” Third Edition. 6s. 6d. as it existed in Europe, but particularly in

MEDICINE AND SURGERY. England, from the Norman Conquest to Observations on the Nature and Treat. the Reign of King Charles II. ; with a ment of the Fevers and Bowel Complaints Glossary of Military Terms of the Middle which Travellers in Greece are exposed to; Ages ; embellished with Seventy coloured including Remarks on Climate, Mal Aria, and Ten outlined Plates. Twenty-six Ilthe safest period of the year for Travelling, luminated Capital Letters, &c. By Sa. and Hints for the Preservation of Health, muel Rush Meyrick, LL.D. & F.S.A. In Intended as a Medical Guide to Travellers. 3 vols. Imperial 4to. price 212. boards. By John Sommers Down, M.D., Physi. Dedicated, by permission, to His Macian in Ordinary to his Royal Highness the jesty. Duke of Clarence. 4s.

An Essay on the Baneful Influence of so A Treatise on Indigestion, and its Con frequently Washing Decks in his Majesty's sequences, called Nervous and Bilious Com- · Ships on the Health of British Seamen ; plaints; with Observations on the Organic with Observations on the Prevention of Diseases in which they sometimes termi. Dry Rot in the Royal Navy. By Robert nate. By A. P. W. Philip, M.D. F.R.S. Finlayson, M.D., Member of the Royal Ed., &c. Third Edition, with some ad. College of Surgeons of London, and Sur. ditional Observations. 8vo. 9s.

geons in the Royal Navy. 4s. A Short Account of the System of Fric- A Dissertation on the Age of Homer, tion, as adopted and pursued with the his Writings and Genius; and on the State greatest success in cases of Contracted of Religion, Society, Learning, and the Joints and Lameness, from various causes. Arts, during that Period; being the Prize By the late eminent Surgeon, John Gros- Question proposed by the Royal Society of venor, Esq. of Oxford. With Observa. Literature, for his Majesty's Premium of tions on those cases to which it is most ap- 100 Guineas for the best Dissertation on plicable. By William Cleoburey, Mem. the above Subject. 2s. 6d. ber of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lon. Naval Discipline, with Observations on don. 2s. 6d

the System of Impressment, pointing out The only Complete List of the Medical the practicability of raising Seamen for the Lectures delivered in London, with their Royal Navy without resource to such a Terms, Hours of Attendance, &c. ; the measure. By Robert Otway, Lieutenant Terms for Attending the Practice of the in the Royal Navy. ls. various Hospitals,

Dispensaries, &c., with Mortimer's Commercial Dictionary, conthe Names of the Physicians and Surgeons taining full and accurate information on attached to each Institution ; also the Qua- every branch of the Commerce of the Unilifications necessary for Candidates pass- ted Kingdomn, and relative to the Manuing their Examintion at the College of Sur. facture and Produce of all Articles of Im. geons and Apothecaries' Hall, &c. port and Export, with their Names in all

Formulary for the Preparation and the Modern Languages, forming a com. plete and necessary Companion to every With great Additions, and Mix Plates il. Countinghouse. Revised by William Dick. lustrative of the Clouds, &c. Price 15s. enson, Esq. Barrister of Law, and by a boards. Merchant of Eminence. A new Edition. Historic, Military, and Naval Anec. L.1, 10s.

dotes of Personal Valour, Bravery, and Parts I. and II. of the Unique: a Series particular Incidents; which occurred to of Portraits and Memoirs of Public Cha. Great Britain and her allies, in the long racters. Part I. contains Sir R. Wilson, contested war, terminating with the battle Lord Byron, Mr Canning, Lord Cochrane, of Waterloo. Containing 40 engravings. Buonaparte, and Mina. Part II. His Ma- Price in quarto, L. 10, 10s. Edited by Ed. jesty, Duke of Wellington, Sir F. Bur. ward Orme. dett, Mr Wilberforce, Mr Brougham, and The System of the Universe, in which Lord Erskine.

the unchangeable obliquity of the ecliptic, Part I. of the Mechanic's Magazine, the solar and lunar equations, deduced Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette, from circular orbits, and the direct, retroa Work devoted to the Instruction and grade, and stationary appearances of the Amusement of the Operative Classes. Also minor planets, are mathematically demon. in Numbers, 3d.

strated, on the basis of the first chapter of Part I. of the Cabinet of Curiosities; Genesis. Book the Second. By Bartholoor, Wonders of the World.

mew Prescot, author of the Inverted A new and complete Set of Decimal Ta- Scheme of Copernicus, &c. Book the First. bles, on an improved system, for Calcula- Substance of the Debate in the House of ting Monies and Weights, particularly Commons, on the 15th of May, 1823, on adapted for Public and Corporate Bodies, a Motion for the Mitigation and gradual Merchants, Bankers, Traders, and Ex- Abolition of Slavery throughout the Brichange brokers; with an Appendix, con. tish Dominions ; with a Preface and Aptaining various Examples, and six Time pendixes, containing Facts and ReasonTables for Accounts Current. By John ings illustrative of Colonial Bondage. Wesgate, Mercantile Agent.

Printed for the Society for the Mitigation A Compendium of the Practice of Sta. and gradual Abolition of Slavery throughting Averages, for the use of Counting out the British Dominions. 5s. sewed. houses, Insurance-brokers' Offices, Ship- The Trial of the Rev. Edward Irving, owners, Ship-masters, and others ; con. M.A.“ A remarkably pleasant and amusisting of an enumeration of the items in sing jeu d'esprit.” 3s. general average statements, and an appro- A Dictionary of Spanish Proverbs, compriation of them to their respective columns, piled from the best Authorities in the Spaaccompanied by copies of real average state- nish Language, and translated into English, ments, by experienced adjusters of averages with explanatory Illustrations. 8s. at Lloyd's. With a Table to Cover the Part I. and II. The New Practical Buil. Premium, &c. Containing also some new der, and Workman's Companion, in the Analyses and occasional Observations on various departments of Carpentry, Joinery, Mr Stevens's Essay on Average, and other Bricklaying, Masonry, &c. Including, matters connected with Marine Insurance. also, New Treatises on Lines in Geometry, By M. Martin £1, ls.

Trigonometry, Conic Sections, Projection, The VII. and VIII. Parts of Count Las Perspective, and Elevations. With the Cases' Journal of the Conversations of Na. Theory and Practice of the Five Orders, poleon.

as employed in Decorative Architecture, Meteorological Essays and Observations; This entire New Work will be beauti. embracing, among others, the following fully printed in Quarto, and published in important subjects :-On the Constitution about Ten Parts, at 5s. each, and also in of the Atmosphere; On the Radiation of Numbers at ls. Heat in the Atmosphere; On Meteorolo- The Shooter's Guide ; or, Complete gical Instruments; On the Climate of Lon Sportsman's Companion ; containing Indon, &c. 8vo. 16s. with plates. By J. Free structions for Shooting Flying ; and of the derick Daniel, F.R.S.

Comparative Merits of the Percussion and The East India Military Calendar; con- other Guns; and of Sporting Dogs for the taining the Services of General and Field Gun, with the best Mode of Breeding and Officers of the Indian Army. Under the Breaking them, and the Diseases to which sanction of, and dedicated by express per- they are liable, with the means of prevent. mission to, the Honourable the Court of ing and Methods of Cure; and ample Directors of the Affairs of the East India Directions for Grouse, Partridge, PheaCompany. By the Editor of the Royal Mi- sant, Woodcock, Hare, Rabbit, and Wild tary Calendar. 4to. L.2, 10s.

Duck Shooting, &c. ; also miscellaneous Researches about Atmospheric Phæno- Information, of use to Young Sportsmen ; mena. By Thomas Forster, F.L.S. M.B. the Game Laws for England, Scotland, &c. &c. &c. Third edition : to which is and Ireland. By B. Thomas, Esq. 7th now first added, the Calendar of Nature.



No. 1. of Vol. II. of La Biblioteca Ame- Mammon in London, or the Spy of the ricana.

Day; a Characteristical and Satirical RoNo. I. The Somerset House Weekly mance, on the Model of Le Diable Boite Miscellany of Fine Arts, Antiquities, and 2 vols. 12mo. Literary Chit-Chat.' Collected by Ephraim

POETRY. Hardcastle, Citizen and Drysalter, and Poetical Sketches ; The Profession; The others of the Old School.

Broken Heart; with Stanzas for Music, A Letter to the Right Hon. Robert Peel, and other Poems. By Alaric A. Watts, one of his Majesty's Principal Secretaries Foolscap 8vo. 6s. of State, &c. &c. &c. on Prison Labour. Translations into Italian, of some of the By John Headlam, M.A. Chairman of the finest Specimens of the British Poets, with Quarter Sessions for the North Riding of the English on one side, and the Italian the County of York. 2s.

on the corresponding page, including the Report of the Select Committee of Fo. Siege of Corinth, by Lord Byron. By reign Trade, with an Abstract of the Case Abate Domenico Gregorj, Professor of the of the West India Dock Company. By N. Belles Lettres in Rome. 2 vols. 8vo. 78. Hibbert, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister at Translations from Claudian. By the Law. 2s.

Hon. and Rev. Henry Howard. 10s. 6d. No. I. of the Bonne Bouche ; or, Olio Poems on Scripture Subjects ;—“ The of History, Anecdote, Wit, Literature, and Famine of Samaria ;” “ The Offering of the Arts. Price 2d; Fine Edition, 6d. Isaac ;" “ Elijah,” &c. By the Writer of

The Report of the Trial for Libel, Rex “ The Epitaph on the Dairyman's Daughv. Manchee, at the Prosecution of Sir Alex. ter.” 6s. 6d. Wilson, before Mr Justice Burrough, and The Poetical Works of the late Mr John a Special Jury, at the Lammas Assizes, at Macken, better known by the name of Is. Bristol, August 13, 1823. ls. 6d. mael Fitzadam, viz. ;- The Harp of the

Swinborne's Register Book for the Pub. Desart, fine foolscap, Svo. Second Edition, lication of Banns, as required by the last price 3s. boards ; Lays on Land, fine foolsMarriage Act. Price 7s. 6. neatly bound; cap, 8vo. Second Edition, 43. boards. or for large parishes, 12s.

The Pleasures of Human Life; or, a A Voice from Jamaica, in reply to Wil. Detail of Circumstances which contribute liam Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. By the Rev. to Happiness in every Stage of Human George Wilson Bridges, B.A. of Trinity Existence. This volume comprises the College, Oxford ; and Rector of the parish Pleasures of --Childhood and Youth, Man. of Manchester, Jamaica.

hood, Love, Married Life, Single Life, No. XXII. of The Technical Reposi. Society, Friendship, Sense, Business, and tory, containing Practical Information on Employment, Sleep, the Town, the Coun. Subjects connected with Discoveries and try, the Garden, ignorance, Knowledge, Improvements in the Useful Arts. By &c. &c. Thomas Gill. 2s. 6d.

Letters to Marianne. By V'illiam Lectures on the General Structure of the Combe, Esq., Author of Dr Syntax's Human Body, and on the Anatomy and Tour. Functions of the Skin ; delivered before the The Loves of the Devils, The Rape of Royal College of Surgeons of London, du- the Lips, and other Poems. By S. Barul). ring the course of 1823. By Thomas Che- Part I. of the Sea Songs of Charles Dibvalier, F.R.S. F.S.A. and F.L.S. Surgeon din, with a Memoir of his Life and Wri. Extraordinary to the King, and Professor tings. By William Kitchener, M.D. This of Anatomy Surgery to the College. work will comprise 100 Sea Songs, and NOVELS AND TALES.

will be published monthly, in 4 parts, each Pictures or Stories, drawn from English, containing 25 songs, and 12 pages of letScottish, and Irish History, chiefly from ter-press, price 8s. each part. the Ancient Chronicles and other extensive

THEOLOGY. works of detail. By John Galt, Esq. Au- Not Paul, but Jesus. By Gamaliel thor of the Life of West, &c. &c. Two Smith, Esq. 8vo. 128. Volumes, with Engravings, price 14s. The Reflector ; or, Christian Advocate. bound, or 16s. elegantly bound.

In which the united efforts of modern InGretna-Green Marriages; or, the Nie- fidels and Socinians are detected and exces. By Mrs Green, Author of " Who is posed. Illustrated by numerous examples, the Bridegroom ?" “ Fugitive," &c. 3 vols. being the substance of the Bushby Lec12mo. 16s. Od.

tures, delivered on appointment of the Lord Justina ; or, Religion Pure and Unde- Bishop of London, in the Parish Churches filed ; a Moral Tale.

of St James, Clerkenwell, and St AnthoFrench Classics ; containing Elizabeth, lin, Watling Street. By the Rev. S. Pigou les Exiles en Sibere ; par Madame Cot- got, A.M. I vol. 10s. tin. Also, Vol. I. containing Paul et Vir. Christ's Presence; a Source of Conso. ginie, par St Pierre, price 2s. 6d.

lation and Courage; a Sermon preached The Adventures of a Ship-Boy. Written on Trinity Monday, May 26, 1823, before by Himself. With an Appendix. 58. the Corporation of the Trinity House, in the Parish Church of St Nicholas, Dept- Sermons, chiefly designed for the use of ford, and published at their request. By Families. By John Fawcett, A.M. Rector the very Rev. Thomas Calvert, B. D. 28. of Scaleby, and Perpetual Curate of St 6d.

Cuthbert's, Carlisle. 2 vols. 12mo. 12s. Discourses on various Points of Chris- A Charge, delivered to the Clergy of the tian Faith and Practice ; most of which Archdeaconry of Merioneth. By the Rev. were delivered in the Chapel of the Ora. John Jones, M.A. 8vo. 2s. sewed. toire, in Paris, in the Spring of 1816. By Plain Historical Sermons on the LeadT. H. Gallandet, Principal of the Connec- ing Characters, and most important events, ticut Asylum, in the United States of Ame- recorded in the

Book of Genesis. By James rica, for the Education of the Deaf and Rudge, D.D. F.R.S. 3 vols. 8vo. £l. ls. Dumb. 7s.

Seven Sermons on the Course of ChrisA Selection of Short Evangelical Dis. tian Life ;-I. Human Nature. I1. Youth. courses, from the MSS. of the late Rev. III. Conversion. IV. The Lord's Supper. W. Jones, A.B. Vicar of Broxbourn, V. Sickness. VI. Old Age. VII. Death. Herts.

2s. 6d. A Sermon preached in Highgate Chapel, No. I. of the Anti-Infidel, and Chrison Sunday, June 15, 1823, for the Female tian Manual of Education and Science ; Charity School, and published at the re- containing the Plan and Objects.--Union quest of the Trustees, for the Benefit of that of Education and Science with ReligionInstitution. By the Rev. Johnson Grant Review of " Another Cain."—Anselm on M.A. ls. 6d.

Scholastic Discipline. - Propagation of God's Judgments upon the Gentile Apos. Christianity in Britain. Magnificence and tatized Church, against the Modern Hy. Harmony of the Works of God.-Notices pothesis of some eminent Apocalyptical connected with Literature, Philosophy, Writers. In 4 parts. Together with D: Domestic Economy, &c. Grabe's Opinion of the Scripture Prophe- A New Version of the Gospel according cies concerning the Church of Rome, and to St Matthew, with a literal Commentary his Reasons why the Spiritual Adultery of on all the difficult Passages ; to which is the said Church is not properly an Anti- prefixed, an Introduction to the Reading of christian State of Worship ; extracted from the Holy Scriptures, intended chiefly for some Letters of his, and other Manuscripts. Young Students in Divinity. Written ori. Reprinted from a work published in 1713. ginally in French. By Messieurs de Beau.

Discourses on the Rule of Life, with Re. sobre and Lenfant; by the order of the ference to Things Present and Things Fu. King of Prussia. 8s. ture, consisting of a Charge delivered May A Brief Outline of an Examination of 16, 1823, to the Clergy of the Archdeacon- the Song of Solomon, &c. in which the ry of London ; with Supplemen tary Addi- most important passages are diligently tions, calculated to illustrate the same sub- traced to their Hebrew origin, and illus. ject. By Joseph Holden Pott, A.M. Arch- trated by remarks, critical and expository. deacon of London. 7s.6d.

By William Davidson, Esq. 12s. The Power of the Keys; or, Considera. A Sermon, preached in the Cathedral tions upon the Absolving Power of the Church of St Saviour's, at the Visitation Church, and upon some of the Privileges of the Hon. and Ven. Archdeacon De Grey, of the Christian Covenant. By the Rev. on Thursday, September 11, 1823. By Edward Burton, M.A. Student of Clirist- Arthur H. Kenney, D.D. Rector of St church. Oxford. 8vo. 38.

Olave, Southwark. A Narrative of the Establishment and An Analysis of Christianity ; exhibit. Progress of the Mission to Ceylon and In- ing a connected View of the Scriptures, dia, founded by the late Rev. Thomas Coke, and shewing the unity of subject which LL.D. with an introductory Sketch of the pervades the whole of the Sacred Volume. Natural, Civil, and Religious History of By a Layman. 8vo. Is. Ceylon. By W. M. Harvard, one of the Reason and Revelation ; or a Brief ExMissionaries who accompanied Dr Coke. position of the Truth and Advantages of 9s.

Christianity, Printed for James Bain, Prayers and Religious Meditations. By 2mo, 4s. David' Hartley, M.Ď. 2s. 6d.

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. The Christian armed against Infidelity, A Picturesque Tour through Oberland, for the Defence of all Denominations of in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland. Imp. Believers. By the Authors of “ Body and 8vo. £1. 8s. Soul.” 58. 6d.

Japan, being the Ninth division of the Translations of the Reports received at World, in miniature. 18mo. 8s. the Second Anniversary Meeting, with the

200LOGY. Prospectus, and the Rules of this Practi. The British Fauna ; containing a com. cal Christian Society in Paris. Dedicated pendium of the Zoology of the British Is. to the Right Hon. and Right Rev. the lands, arranged according to the Linnean Lord Bishop of London. By a Portion of System. his Lordship's Flock. ls.

“ This work contains both the Generic Vol. XIV.

4 H

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