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No. II.

Not lovelier to the bard's enamour'd gaze,

Winded Italian Mincio o'er its bed,

By whispering reeds o'erhung !* when calmly led
To meditate what rural life displays:
Trees statelier do not canopy with gloom

The brooks of Vallambrosa,t nor do flowers,

Beneath Ausonia's sky, which seldom lowers,
Empurple dark-eyed Brenta's banks with bloom,
Fairer than thine, romantic Esk, so bright

Thou shin'st, a mirror for the cooing dove,
That sidelong eyes its form with selfish love,
Well pleased ; 'mid blosmy furze, with bosom light,

All day the linnet carrols, and, from grove,
The blackbird sings to thee at fall of night.

* By whispering reeds o'erhung

Hic viridis tenera prætexit arundine ripas

MEL. Bucolic. vii.
+ The brooks of Vallambrosa

Thick as autumnal leaves, that strew
The brooks of Vallambrosa.

Paradise Lost.
# Empurple dark-eyed Brenta-

Gently flows
The deep-dy'd Brenta. Childe Harold, C. iv.

No. III.

Down from the gloomy forests of Dalkeith,

Where majesty surrounds a ducal home,

Between fresh corn-fields, gleaming, thou dost come;
Bush, scaur, and rock, and hazelly shaw beneath:
High tow'ring, 'mid its slopes of orchard ground,

Stands Inveresk, with its proud villas fair, *

Scotland's Montpelier, for salubrious air,
And beauteous prospect, wide and far renown'd.
What else could be, since thou, with lapsing tide,

Below dost murmur pleasantly, thy green

And daisied banks outspread, where frequent seen,
The browsing heifer shews her dappled side,
And, 'mid the bloom-bright furze, are oft descried

Anglers, that patient o'er thy mirror lean. • “ Inveresk, with its proud villas fair,” is beautifully situated on a little hill, on the northern border of the Esk ; orchards and gardens stretching from behind the village, which is shaped like a half moon, to the slip of meadow ground, which borders the river. From the beauty of its situation, and the healthiness of the climate, it obtained of old the title of the Montpelier of Scotland.

This hill has been identified as the situation of a Roman colony, from numerous coins and relics of antiquity, which have at various times been dug up. About thirty years ago, a Roman bath was discovered almost entire. Vid, Sir John Sinclair.

During the civil wars, Oliver Cromwell used the Church of St Michael, on this hill, as barracks for his cavalry ; and threw up a mound in the churchyard, for commanding the mouth of the Esk by cannon.

The mound is still entire. Not many years ago, a subterraneous magazine of gunpowder was discovered not far from the spot.

The bridge over the Esk is supposed to be of Roman construction ; but no traces of its date are extant.

Three fields of battle are within three miles of Inveresk :-Carberry to the south; Pinkie immediately beneath it ; and Prestonpans to the east.

No. IV.

Delightful 'tis, and soothing sweet, at eve,

When sunlight, like a dream, hath pass’d away,

O'er Pentland's far-off peaks, and shades of grey
Around the landscape enviously weave;
To stand upon this high walk, canopied

With stately lime-trees, forming gorgeous bowers,

'Mid perfumes bland of honey-scented flowers;
To gaze upon the fields out-stretching wide,
To mark the distant hills of sombre hue,

That range along the South, out-stretching far,

And thee, translucent Esk, with face of blue,
While, as enamour'd, the bright Evening star
Looks on thy deeps, its loveliness to view.

No. V.

A beech tree spreads aloft its emerald boughs;
And, on a couch of velvet moss beneath,

I rest alone ; the west wind's perfumed breath
Sighs past, 'tis Summer's gentle evening close.
Smooth Esk! above thy tide the insects weave,

Mixing and meeting oft, their twilight dance,

While o'er the crown of Arthur's Seat a glance
Of crimson plays-the sun-shine's glorious leave.
The blackbird's voice hath died amid the wood,

And all is still-Ah! what is human life?
A lightning flash, the memory of a dream !
Where are the joyful hearts that, by this stream,

Sought fruits and wild-flowers, loud in boyhood's strife ?
There is no sound,--I muse in solitude !

No. VI.

How often, resting on this verdant sod,

Have I, blue Esk, thy dimpling current viewed,

Gliding serene, amid a solitude,
As fair as e'er by human foot was trod !
Here, o'er thy mirror, hangs the osier bough,

Tall, lithe, and yellow, with its pointed leaves ;

There, in the shade, where prickly bramble weaves
With the sloe-thorn, crow-flowers and harebells blow:
Nor is thy wave unbroken by the leap

Of speckled trout, what time the summer flies
Hover in sportive dance, and cloudless skies
O'erarch thy banks, with glory calm and deep;

Whilst thou unmark d art moving to the sea,
Silent, like Time towards Eternity!


4 G


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