The Farmer's Magazine Volume the Twenty-Fourth


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Side 353 - The pastures are clothed with flocks; the valleys also are covered over with corn; they shout for joy, they also sing.
Side 354 - LORD of the harvest ! once again We thank Thee for the ripened grain ; For crops safe carried, sent to cheer Thy servants through another year ; For all sweet holy thoughts supplied By seed-time, and by harvest-tide.
Side 140 - Indeed this hath been a very glorious mercy ; — and as stiff a contest, for four or five hours, as ever I have seen.
Side 121 - It consisted of a small piece of iron fixed to the colter, having the shape of the letter L, the shank of which went through the wooden beam, the foot forming the point, which was sharpened for use. One handle and a plank split- from a curved piece of timber, which did the duty of a mold board, completed the rude implement. At that time the traces and leading lines were made of the bark of the elm or bass-wood, which was manufactured by the early settlers into a strong rope. About the year 1808 the...
Side 121 - County Societies ; 5th, Township Societies. In 1857, another change took place, being also a step in advance; an Act was passed "to make better provision for the encouragement of Agriculture, and also to provide for the promotion of Mechanical Science." The head of the Bureau of 'Agriculture received the title of ' Minister of Agriculture,' with very extensive powers for obtaining and distributing information respecting the condition of Husbandry and the Progress of Arts and Manufactures in the Province....
Side 321 - ... into, in, or upon any ground or other exposed place or situation, any such grain, seed, or meal which has been so steeped or dipped in poison, or with which poison or any ingredient or preparation has been so mixed as thereby to render such grain, seed, or meal, poisonous and calculated to destroy life, shall, upon a summary conviction thereof as hereinafter provided, forfeit any sum not exceeding ten pounds.
Side 4 - Considerable increase of produce was only obtained by means of farmyard-manure, or artificial manures containing both mineral constituents and ammonia-salts or nitrates. The crops so obtained were much more Graminaceous, and consisted in much greater proportion of but a few species of plants. The grasses developed were chiefly of the more bulky and...
Side 207 - The woollen manufactures of Maryland exhibit an increase of 86 per cent. In Ohio, which produced in 1850 a greater value of woollens than all the other western States, there was a decrease on the product of 1850, owing, probably, to the shipments of wool to Europe, which, in 1857, was found to be the most profitable disposition of the rapidly increasing wool crops of that State. In Kentucky, now the largest manufacturer of wool in the west, the product was $1,128,882, and the increase in ten years...
Side 49 - Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Side 140 - ... but the struggles of death : agonies as of a lion coiled in the folds of a boa ! 'As stiff" a contest, for four or five hours, as ever I have seen.

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