Great Quotes to Inspire Great Teachers

Simon and Schuster, 18. nov. 2014 - 200 sider
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This collection of timeless wisdom will guide you on the path to being a truly great teacher!

International best-selling author Noah benShea brings his unique insights to a collection of topical quotes that celebrate "the splendor of a sudden thought."

Like a wise and gentle friend, this book is designed to provide support and inspiration for all teachers as they face the daily intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges of professional and personal life. You’ll find cogent and insightful quotes on a wide variety of subjects, including:

• The art of teaching
• Stress, rest, and well-being
• Diversity, culture, and language
• Responsibility
• Discipline
• Spirituality
… and many other topics of interest to classroom teachers.

Open this book to any page and you will find both teaching and learning, as you draw from a wellspring of quotations and common sense meant to inform, inspire, and transform.

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Diversity Culture and Language
Gifted and Talented
Math and Science

Collaboration and Teamwork
Communication and Conflict
Personal and Professional Develop

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Om forfatteren (2014)

Noah benShea is the international best-selling author of twenty books translated into eighteen languages. In addition to being a poet-philosopher, he has been a lecturer, guest professor, keynote speaker, and private advisor. Born in Toronto, he is the father of two children and currently lives in Santa Barbara, California.

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