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Nearly all the regular text-books have been laid under contribution in the preparation of the book, but especial use has been made of the works of Bartholow, Ringer, Wood, Phillips, Piffard, Waring and Brunton, in their latest editions; as well as of the writer's verbatim notes of two courses of didactic and clinical lectures delivered by Professors Bartholow and Da Costa in the Jefferson Medical College and Hospital and in the auditorium of the Pennsylvania Hospital. On pages 514 and 515 will be found a full list of the authorities referred to by initials in the section on Special Therapeutics.

The term "officinal," as applied to drugs recognized by the pharmacopoeia has been discarded, the word "official" being used instead; for the simple reason that the idea to be conveyed is expressed more correctly by the latter term than by the former one. When none but official drugs and preparations were kept in the officina or drug store, it was eminently proper to call them "officinal," but inasmuch as this class does not nowadays constitute much over one-fourth part of the officinal stock, it is a wilful debasement of our professional weapons, as well as an inexcusable misnomer, to apply the shop-title to them any longer.

December, 1886.



Page 25, line 5 from bottom-for " March" read "Marsh."

Page 33, line 8 from bottom-before the word "alkaloids" insert the word


Page 35, line 12 from top-for "Trinitro" read "Trinito."

Page 36, line 13 from bottom-after " Dose" insert "gr."

Page 70, line 20 from top-for "Antimonii" read "Antimonium."


Page 71, line 7 from bottom-for " " read "."
Page 96, line 12 from bottom-for "lessens" read "increases."
Page 169, line 10 from top-for "is" read "was."

Page 184, line 11 from bottom-for "membane" read "membrane."
Page 183, line 3 from top-for "5 per cent." read "25 per cent."
Page 222, line 12 from bottom-for "Hydrochoric" read "Hydrochloric."
Page 306, line 3 from bottom-change the sign 3 to 3.

Page 334, line 8 from top-after "mx-" insert the sign "3."
Page 340, line 10 from top-strike out "Caryophyllus (cloves)."
Page 353, line 4 from top-" Seneg&" should be "Senega."
Page 384, lines 5 and 6 from top-for " Uva" read "Uvæ."

Page 434, line 15 from bottom-for "Nitrate" read "Nitrite," and after the word "Curare" insert the word " Urethran."

Page 457, last line-for "acids" read " acid."
Page 458, line 1-for "Olecium" read "Oleicum."
Page 460, line 11-for "Resina " read "Resina."

Page 460, line 21 from top-for "Massi" read "Massa."

Page 469, last line-after the word “classes” insert “(See Appendix for a fuller Table)."

Page 476, line 17 from top-after the words “Non Renovatum” insert the words "Non Repetatur, etc."

Page 481, line 6 from top-read “addition of fixed alkalies, their salts, or salts which."

Page 481, line 7 from top-before "alkalies" insert "fixed."
Page 481, line 14 from top-for "emulsions" read "emulsin."
Page 485, line 17 from top-for "in emulsions" read Emulsin."
Page 485, line 23 from top-for "is" read "are."

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Page 506, line 2 from top-for "Chartulas" read " Chartule."
Page 560, line 15 from top-for "(II)" read "(R).”
Page 744, line 26 from top-for "Creasote" read "Creasoti."
Page 758, line 3 from top-for "Septima " read "Septim."

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