Forget me not; a Christmas and new year's present. (Ed. by F. Shoberl).


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Side 300 - And in each pillar there is a ring, And in each ring there is a chain; That iron is a cankering thing, For in these limbs its teeth remain, With marks that will not wear away...
Side 127 - Deeply ripened ; — such a blush In the midst of brown was born, Like red poppies grown with corn. Round her eyes her tresses fell, Which were blackest none could tell, But long lashes veiled a light, That had else been all too bright.
Side 300 - A sunbeam which hath lost its way, And through the crevice and the cleft Of the thick wall is fallen and left; Creeping o'er the floor so damp, Like a marsh's meteor lamp...
Side 68 - I have left rich blue skies behind, Lighting up classic shrines, And music in the southern wind, And sunshine on the vines. The breathings of the myrtle flowers Have floated o'er my way ; The pilgrim's voice, at vesper-hours, Hath sopthed me with its lay.
Side 229 - I used to muse upon her: and by that custom I can never come into it, but the same tender sentiments revive in my mind, as if I had actually walked with that beautiful creature under these shades. I have been fool enough to carve her name on the bark of several of these trees ; so unhappy is the condition of men in love, to attempt the removing of their passion by the methods which serve only to imprint it deeper. She has certainly the finest hand of any woman in the world.
Side 235 - Over the hill and over the dale, And he went over the plain, And backward and forward he switched his long tail As a gentleman switches his cane.
Side 229 - I pass most of my time, it may be remembered that I mentioned a great affliction which my friend sir Roger had met with in his youth; which was no less than a disappointment in love. It happened this evening, that we fell into a very pleasing walk at a distance from his house: as soon as we came into it,' It is (quoth the good old man, looking round him with a smile) very hard that any part of my land should be settled upon one who has used me so ill as the perverse widow did; and yet I am sure I...
Side xix - EARTH to earth, and dust to dust !" Here the evil and the just, Here the youthful and the old, Here the fearful and the bold, Here the matron and the maid In one silent bed are laid ; Here the vassal and the king Side by side lie withering ; Here the sword and sceptre rust — " Earth to earth, and dust to dust...
Side 127 - But long lashes veiled a light, That had else been all too bright. And her hat, with shady brim, Made her tressy forehead dim ; Thus she stood amid the stocks, Praising God with sweetest looks : Sure, I said, heav'n did not mean, Where I reap thou shouldst but glean, Lay thy sheaf adown and come, Share my harvest and my home.
Side xx - Earth to earth, and dual to dust!' But a day is coming fast, Earth, thy mightiest and thy last, It shall come in fear and wonder, Heralded by trump and thunder ; It shall come in strife and toil, It shall come in blood and spoil, It shall come in empire's groans, Burning temples, trampled thrones ; Then, ambition, rue thy lust ! ' Earth to earth, and dust to dust...

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