Biographical Memoirs

National Academy of Sciences, 1895
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List of papers contained in v. 1-9 is given in National Academy of Sciences. Proceedings ... Index ... 1915-24, 1926.

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Side 248 - Contributions to Meteorology : being Results derived from an examination of the Observations of the United States Signal Service, and from other sources.
Side 388 - Observations on a Remarkable Exudation of Ice from the Stems of Vegetables, and on a Singular Protrusion of Icy Columns from certain kinds of Earth during Frosty Weather.
Side 407 - Notes explanatory of a map and section, illustrating the geological structure of the country bordering on the Missouri river, from the mouth of the Platte to Fort Benton in latitude 47° 30' N., longitude 110° 30
Side 223 - When he left Hudson in 1844 the situation was not largely changed. Mr. Bond had removed his instruments and work to Cambridge. The High School Observatory at Philadelphia had been erected and Messrs. Walker and Kendall were using its instruments. Professor Bartlett had built the observatory at West Point, and had begun to observe there. Lieutenant Gilliss after years of excellent work in the little establishment on Capitol Hill had just finished the present Naval Observatory building at Washington,...
Side 119 - ... bright lines on a less bright background do not make the impression on the mind that dark lines do. "When attention is called to their presence they are readily enough seen even without the aid of a reference spectrum. The photograph, however, brings them into greater prominence.
Side 120 - It is easy to speculate on the causes of such behavior, and it may be suggested that the reason of the non-appearance of a dark line may be that the intensity of the light from a great thickness of ignited oxygen overpowers the effect of the photosphere...
Side 8 - Rogers' geological work was to show that the condition of any coal-bed stands in a close genetic relation to the amount of disturbance to which the enclosing strata have been submitted, the coal becoming harder and containing less volatile matter as the evidence of disturbance increases. This generalization, which seems to us now almost self-evident — understanding, as we do, more of the history of the formation of coal — wae with Prof.
Side 422 - I cannot forbear suggesting : we have long known that "one star differeth from another star in glory;" we have now the strongest evidence that they also differ in constituent materials, — some of them perhaps having no elements to be found in some other. What then becomes of that homogeneity of original diffuse matter which is almost a logical necessity of the nebular hypothesis...
Side 121 - There is also another cause for a difference of appearance in a bright-line spectrum produced in a laboratory and bright lines in the Sun. While the edges of a band in the spark spectrum may be nebulous or shaded off, the corresponding band in the solar spectrum may have its edges sharpened by the action of adjacent dark lines due to one or another of the metallic substances in the Sun. On the whole, it does not seem improper for me to take the ground that, having shown by photographs that the bright...
Side 221 - Borealis, and the spots on the sun, have thus all three a causal connection, and apparently that connection is closely related to the conjunctions and oppositions of certain planets. Shortly after the publication of this memoir, Professor Lovering published his extensive catalogue of auroras. A further discussion of the periodicity of the auroras was undertaken by Professor Loomis and published in 1873. In this he made use of all the auroras recorded in Professor Lovering's catalogue. They...

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