Ethnologisches notizblatt, Bind 1

E. Felber, 1894

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Side 116 - Ursache versetzt worden sein, und es ist ein Gott eben deswegen, weil die Natur auch selbst im Chaos nicht anders als regelmäßig und ordentlich verfahren kann.
Side 85 - Otfried daher seine vorstellung entnommen haben ') ; es heifst : 'nam ipsa crux magnum in se mysterium continet, cujus positio talis est, ut superior pars coelos petat, inferior terrae inhaereat, fixa infernorum ima contingat, latitudo autem | ejus partes mundi appetat.
Side 117 - ... that in spite of their fragmentary character the popular superstitions and customs of the peasantry are by far the fullest and most trustworthy evidence we possess as to the primitive religion of the Aryans. Indeed the primitive Aryan, in all that regards his mental fibre and texture, is not extinct. He is amongst us to this day.
Side 67 - ... of history, political economy and the theory of the State, to men who have not learned these first principles of sociology, is like teaching astronomy or thermodynamics to men who have not learned the Newtonian laws of motion. An analysis, then, of the general characteristics of social phenomena and a formulation of the general laws of social evolution, should be made the basis of special study in all departments of social science.
Side 106 - Vom Mathematiker bis zum praktischen Arzt wird jeder naturwissenschaftlich denkende Mensch auf die Frage, wie er sich die Welt «im Innern...
Side 106 - Der Mensch ist nach homerischer Auffassung zweimal da, in seiner wahrnehmbaren Erscheinung und in seinem unsichtbaren Abbild, welches frei wird erst im Tode. Dies und nichts anderes ist seine Psyche.
Side 75 - See, then, how the case stands. Natural selection, or survival of the fittest, is almost exclusively operative throughout the vegetal world and throughout the lower animal world, characterized by relative passivity. But with the ascent to higher types of animals, its effects are in increasing degrees involved with those produced by inheritance of acquired characters; until, in animals of complex structures, inheritance of acquired characters becomes an important, if not the chief, cause of evolution.
Side 79 - The self is realized by taking in "copies" from the world, and the world is enabled to set higher copies only through the constant reactions of the individual self upon it. Morally I am as much a part of society as physically I am a part of the world's fauna; and as my body gets its best explanation from the point of view of its place in a zoological scale, so morally I occupy a place in the social order; and an important factor in the understanding of me is the understanding of it.

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