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Manchester — Cong. Church

$3. Cash, H. N. Whitleand Society, $31 26. Mrs.

sey, Samuel Noyes, Mrs. Lucy Munson, $1........ 32 26 E. M. Stevers, L. Bradley, Middlebury Cong. Church

A. Treat, each $2. R. and Society, $18 35. Rev.

Burritt, Cash, J. G. North, Pres. B. Labaree, D. D. $3.

Z. Day, Rev. S. D. Phelps, Rev. James T. Hyde, $2.

C. B. Whittlesey, L. A. E. Matthews,Mrs. P. Starr,

Daggett, Mrs. C. A. Buttereach $1.

25 35 field, J. Anketell, each Springfield Cong. Church

$1. James Olmstead, 50 and Society, by Rev. John


384 50 W. Chickering, Jr., which,

Branford-Cong. Church..... 5 00 with previous, will con

Stratford — Mrs. Sophia B. stitute him a life member. 20 00 Linsley...

2 00 West Townshend--Rev. S. S. Arnold ...... 10 00

391 50 Windsor-Hon. Hiram Har

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. low, Hon. Carlos Coolidge,

Washington City-M. Conant. 2 00 S. R. Stoker, Esq., A


423 66 Friend, each $5. E. H.

OHIO. Dudley, A Friend, S. U.

By Rev.B.O.Plimpton, (128:) King, each $1......

23 00 Madison—B. 0. Plimpton..... 10 00 Bennington — Cong. Church

DeerfieldM. R. Gibbs, Rev. and Society, by Rev. C. H.

Caleb Brown, Mrs. Martha. Hubbard.....

25 00 H. Tibbles, Polly Day,each

$10. Jessey L. Slack,

180 81 Ephraim Hubbard, Sarah Peachem - Legacy of Mrs.

Lyons, John Hartzel, each Lydia C. Shedd, late of

$5. Linus Reed, $2.

62 00 Peachem, Vermont. 441 36 Berlin-Peter Gee......


Palmyra—Rob. Johnson ...... 10 00 By Rev. John Orcutt, ($391.50:) Edinburg-Thomas Bigelow.. 10 00 New Haven-C. S. Bushnell

Kirtland Harriott Martin$50 to constitute himself


15 00 a life member. D. Perit,

Painesville— C. Huntington, A. R. Street, L. Candee,

$10. William Gray, $5. each $25. Wm. Bostwick,"

A. G. White, $1....... 16 00 Timothy Bishop, each $20. E. Atwater, Eli Whitney,

128 00 each $15. Rev. Jeremiah

MICHIGAN. Day, James Brewster, E.

Harvey-Rev. Joseph Harvey.

1 00 E Salisbury, Mrs. Abby Salisbury, E. C. Read,

FOR REPOSITORY. Misses Gerry, R. F. Inger

CONNECTICUT- New Husol, A. Heaton, William S.

ven-S. A. Orcutt and Levi Charmley, each $10. Mrs.

Bates, $1 each, for 1863.. 2 00 E. Atwater, William John

DIS T. OF COLUMBIAson, Mrs. Whitney, Cash,

Washington City-M. CoJ. Fellows, A. F. Barnes,

nant, for 1863

1 00 William Boardman, E. C..

WISCONSIN-Kenosha--Mrs. Scranton. C. L. Chaplain,

. A. Hanson

ļ 00 President Woolsey, Mrs. Lois Chaplain, W. South

Total Repository ......

400 worth, each $5. Mrs. E.


730 31 Ives, Mrs. Chas. A. Inger


441 36 sol, Mrs. Isaac Beers, C.


423 66 M. Ingersol, Miss Mary Dutton, E. H. Bishop, ea.

$1,599 33

[blocks in formation]

By the return of the Mary Caroline Stevens, we have papers from that Republic of a late, and by a later arrival, bearing date to March 4th. It is gratifying to observe the rapid progress of the Liberia Herald in editorial ability, and good judgment, as exhibited in its columns, the care and taste shown in its selections, the value and variety of information touching the public interests of education, agriculture and commerce, and the great cause of civilization and Christianity. We have inserted various articles in our present number, and invite special attention to the proceedings of an Episcopal Convention, held in Monrovia, “to organize an independent church within the limits of Liberia, according to the order, doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, and church of England."

In our last number, we published several letters from distin guished Liberians; and in the present, we publish two very interesting letters from those who have gone to make their homes in Liberia. These communications cannot fail to impress the minds of our free people of color with the advantages that are opening before them and their race on the western shores of Africa. Moral and Christian considerations will, we trust, offer irresistable inducements to the great body of our Christian colored people to seek the renovation of Africa in holiness, and the establishment of the kingdom of the Redeemer throughout her entire extent.

[From the Liberia Herald of March 4.] Organization of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Liberia. Doubtless most of our readers are aware that the complete organization of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Liberia has been a topic of deep consideration on the part of ministers and people of this body, during the last two or three years.

To this end a meeting was summoned at Cape Palmas, in April, 1862, and a missionary organization was formed, and rules and canons adopted. But this meeting was attended by only half of the Episcopal ministers of this country; and the organization effected was merely voluntary, missionary, and unauthoritative. As such it was unsatisfactory to those who took part in its organization, and distasteful to those who were absent. During the last few months the subject of a full and complete organization has been discussed and canvassed; and at length the conviction arrived at, that the Episcopal Church in this country must assume prerogatives, and take upon her a complete form. And it was decided that the organization of 1862 should be superceded.

The former organization which met at Cape Palmas last year, adjourned to meet in Monrovia on the third Wednesday in Fedruary. And according to appointment, the Missionary Bishop at Cape Palmas, and all the clergy of the Episcopal Church met in this city, at Trinity Church, Ash Wednesday, for Divine service.

Morning prayer was read by Rev. T. M. Thompson, of Bassa, and the lessons by Rev. G. W. Gibson, of Monrovia.

The Rt. Rev. J. Payne, D. D., preached a sermon on the progress of Missions and Church Organization from several texts of Scripture.

After the sermon, Holy Communion was administered by the Bishop to all the Presbyters and deacons, and a number of the congregation then present.

The Missionary Convocation was then called to order by the Bishop; but the lay delegates from Cape Palmas not having arrived, the convocation adjourned until the arrival of the schooner “Clarinda" bringing the delegates.

The Rev. G. W. Gibson, rector of Trinity Church, Monrovia, then arose and offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted by the Liberian clergy present:

Whereas, when in the course of Divine Providence these Liberian settlements became independent, with respect to civil government, their ecclesiastical independence was necessarily included, so that the different religious denominations of Christians in them were left at full liberty to model and organize their respective churches and forms of worship and discipline in such manner as they might judge most convenient for their future prosperity, consistently with the laws of the country; and

Whereas, this has never been exercised by the Episcopalians of Liberia, and hence her increase, prosperity, and order have been greatly retarded; therefore,

Resolved, That we deem it a duty to ourselves, our children, and the church of God, to organize an independent church within the limits of our country, according to the order, doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America, and Church of England.

Resolved, That the clergy present, who are citizens of Liberia, do now organize, and hereby form a general council of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Liberia, for the purpose of adopting a constitution and canons for the future government of the same.

The Rev. E. W. Stokes being the senior Presbyter present, was appointed temporary chairman, and the Rev. J. K. Wilcox, Serretary pro tem.

On motion, it was

Resolved, That the Rt. Rev. J. Payne, D. D., now present, be invited to take a seat in the council at the right hand of the President.

Resolved, That Rev. C. C. Hoffman be invited to a seat in the council.

The council then proceeded to ballot for a President, and the Rev. G. W. Gibson, Rector of Trinity Church, Monrovia, was elected. The Rev. Thomas Thompson, Rector of St. Andrews' Church, Buchanan, was elected Secretary.

The council being thus organized, proceeded to the organization of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Liberia. It continued in session from Wednesday morning until Monday noon, holding two sessions of several hours daily.

At its second session, Wednesday afternoon, the following resolution was presented by the Rev. A. F. Russell, chairman of Committee on “ Episcopal Services,” and unanimously adopted :

Resolved, That the Rt. Rev. Bishop Payne be requested to continue his Episcopal supervision of the church in Liberia, and to perform Episcopal offices where they may be needed throughout the country.

The Rt. Rev. Bishop Payne being present, thanked the council for the honor conferred upon him, and readily consented to continue the performance of his Episcopal offices whenever and whereever they might be needed, during his residence on the coast.

The chairman of the Committee on Constitution and Canons, Rev. A. Crummell, then presented his report, and the constitution of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Liberia was unanimously adopted.

On Thursday, the Rev. A. Crummell, in behalf of Committee on Prayer Book, made a report: the chief items of which are, (1,) the appointment of a committee to draft a book of Common Prayer, to be presented at a future general council; (2,) withholding all power from the committee to alter in any way the office for Holy Communion, the Baptismal Offices, the Church Catechism, the 39 Articles, the Ordination and Consecration Offices as in use in the Protestant Episcopal Church of the U. S. A.

The following resolution was also passed :

Resolved, 'That this church, now in council assembled, do adopt the above several offices for use and authority in this church. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were spent in adopting the canons of this church, which are substantially those of the Protestant Episcopal Church of U. S. A., altered to suit the circumstances of an infant church and a new country.

A committee of three clergymen were appointed to inform the Foreign Committee of the Protesiant Episcopal Church of America of the proceedings of this council, also another to inform the presiding Bishop of the American church, and the primates of the Church of England, and the Scotch Episcopal Church of the acts of this council. The council adjourned Monday morning with prayers,

and the apostolic benediction by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Payne.

From the beginning of her existence, as a nation, Liberia has been favored with the aid and counsel of several iniluential friends, who have watched over her growth and prosperity with unflagging zeal.

Among those who have been most zealous and watchful for the prosperity of Liberia, there has been none more so than Gerard Ralston, Esq., our Consul General in Great Britain. Few, if any, matters of importance have been transacted with foreing powers, without the advice or services of Mr. Ralston being required ; and he has always been zealous and willing to devote both time and

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