The Spirit of the Public Journals: Being an Impartial Selection of the Most Exquisite Essays and Jeux D'esprits, Principally Prose, that Appear in the Newspapers and Other Publications, Bind 16

Charles Molloy Westmacott
James Ridgway, 1813

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Side 303 - The curfew tolls the knell of parting day, The lowing herd wind slowly o'er the lea, The plowman homeward plods his weary way, And leaves the world to darkness and to me. Now fades the glimmering landscape on the sight, And all the air a solemn stillness holds, Save where the beetle wheels his droning flight, And drowsy tinklings lull the distant folds; Save that from yonder ivy-mantled...
Side 330 - Now strike the golden lyre again: A louder yet, and yet a louder strain ! Break his bands of sleep asunder And rouse him like a rattling peal of thunder. Hark, hark ! the horrid sound Has raised up his head : As awaked from the dead, And amazed he stares around. Revenge, revenge...
Side 175 - But, I remember, when the fight was done, When I was dry with rage, and extreme toil, Breathless and faint, leaning upon my sword, Came there a certain lord, neat, and trimly dress'd, Fresh as a bridegroom ; and his chin, new reap'd, Show'd like a stubble-land at harvest-home : He was perfumed like a milliner, And 'twixt his finger and his thumb he held A pouncet-box6, which ever and anon He gave his nose, and took't away again ; Who, therewith angry, when it next came there...
Side 223 - Because it is a slender thing of wood, That up and down its awkward arm doth sway, And coolly spout and spout and spout away, In one weak, washy, everlasting flood ! EPIGRAM.
Side 135 - Those villains, the Weavers, are all grown refractory, Asking some succour for Charity's sake So hang them in clusters round each Manufactory, That will at once put an end to mistake.
Side 135 - Twill save all the Government's money and meat: Men are more easily made than machinery Stockings fetch better prices than lives Gibbets on Sherwood will heighten the scenery, Showing how Commerce, how Liberty thrives!
Side 187 - Can such things be, And overcome us like a summer cloud, Without our special wonder...
Side 246 - Awoke ev'ry voice of the lake and the vale, With the harp and the lute, and the lyre; When Justice uplifted her adamant shield, And Valour and Freedom illumin'd the field, With a sword and a plumage of fire ! Gone are the days when our warriors brave Bounded the surge of the ocean wave, When the Chief of tb* hills held his banner of green, And the Shamrock and Harp on that banner were seen.
Side 330 - The many rend the skies with loud applause ; So Love was crown'd, but Music won the cause. The prince, unable to conceal his pain, Gaz'd on the fair Who caus'd his care, And sigh'd and look'd, sigh'd and look'd, Sigh'd and look'd, and sigh'd again : At length, with love and wine at once oppress'd, The vanquish'd victor sunk upon her breast.
Side 68 - OFT had Britannia sought, midst dire alarms, Divine protection for her sons in arms : Generous and brave, tho' not from vices free, Britons from heaven receiv'da mix'd decree ; To crown their merits, but to check their pride, God gave them Victory, but NELSON died.

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