Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Bind 18

Metcalf and Company, 1888
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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Side 455 - Origin and History of the English Language, and of the early literature it embodies. By the Hon. George P. Marsh. US Minister at Turin, Author of " Lectures on the English Language.
Side 423 - JOHNSON.— A REPORT TO THE NAVY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNITED STATES ON AMERICAN COALS : Applicable to Steam Navigation and to other purposes.
Side 449 - The Camel : His Organization, Habits and Uses, considered with reference to his introduction into the United States.
Side 420 - He was educated at the Boston Latin school and at Harvard college, where he was graduated in 1867.
Side 451 - little and great are terms of comparison only ; she knows no trifles, and her laws are as inflexible in dealing with an atom as with a continent or a planet.
Side 431 - At the dinner of the alumni, he addressed them in a speech of half an hour. It was a wonderful specimen of eloquence. The old students beheld before them the same William B. Rogers who, thirty-five years before, had held them spell-bound in his class of natural philosophy ; and as the great orator warmed up, these men forgot their age ; they were again young, and showed their enthusiasm as wildly as when in days of yore, enraptured by his eloquence, they made the lecture-room of the University ring...
Side 429 - Rogers's geological work was to show that the condition of any coal-bed stands in a close genetic relation to the amount of disturbance to which the enclosing strata have been submitted, the coal becoming harder and containing less volatile matter as the evidence of disturbance increases. This generalization, which seems to us now almost self-evident, — understanding, as we do, more of the history of the formation of coal, •—• was with Professor Rogers an induction from a great mass of observed...
Side 403 - A Comparison of the Harvard College Observatory Catalogue of Stars for 1875.0 with the Fundamental Systems of Auwers, Safford, Boss, and Newcomb," the method here described has been essentially followed.
Side 452 - To the natural philosopher, the descriptive poet, the painter, and the sculptor, as well as to the common observer, the. power most important to cultivate, and, at the same time, hardest to acquire, is that of seeing what is before him.
Side 429 - In connection with his brother Robert, Professor William B. Rogers was the first to investigate the solvent action of water — especially when charged with carbonic acid — on various minerals and rocks ; and by showing the extent of this action in nature, and its influence in the formation of mineral deposits of various kinds, he was one of the first to observe and interpret the important class of facts which are the basis of chemical geology. Another important result of Professor Rogers's geological...

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