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Here followeth the Litany, or General Supplication, to be sung or faid after

Morning Prayer upon Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and at other. Times, when it fall be commanded by tbe Ordinary.

God the Father of heaven : have mercy upon us

miserable finners. O God the Father of beaven : bave mercy upon us miserable finners,

2. O God the Son, Redeemer of the world: have mercy upon us miserable finners.

O God the Son, Redeemer of the world: have mercy upon us miserable finners.

3. O God the Holy Ghost, proceeding from the Father and the Son : have mercy upon us miserable finners.

O God the Holy Ghost, proceeding from tbe Farber and the Son : have mercy upon us miserable finners.

4. O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, three persons, and one God: have mercy upon us miserable sinners.

O holy, blessed, and glorious Trinity, three persons, and one God: bave mercy upon us miserable finners.

5. Remember not, Lord, our offences, nor the offences of our forefathers ; neither take thou vengeance of our fins :


THE INVOCATION. 1. O heavenly Father, primary source of the deity, and of all created beings, the first person of the ever-blessed Trinity, Mew compassion upon us, by pardoning our fins, and removing the punishment which we have incurred by them; it has already rendered us miserable, and, if it is not prevented by our repentance, will hereafter make us more wretched.

2. O God the Son, who before thou cameft among us, didít, by 2 most merciful agreement with the Father and united love for us miserable finners, bring about the redemption of the world, by thy being born into it and dying for it,- hew thy pity unto us, &c.

3. O God the Holy Ghost, the third Person of the ever-blessed Trinity, who, by an emanation of essence which never had beginning, dost proceed or go out from the Father and the Son,--shew thy mercy unto us, &c.

4. O divine Being, who doft at once unite triplicity and unity, thou Trinity of persons in one Godhead, infinitely holy, and happy and giorious,-have compassion upon us, &c.

Paraphrase on the DEPRECATION, 5. O Lord, do not retain in thy remembrance our iniquities or the iniquities of our forefathers, whose transgreslions thou dost often punih


ipare us, good Lord, spare thy people, whom thou hast redeemed with thy most precious blood, and be not angry with us for ever.

5. Spare us, good Lord.

6. From all evil and mischief ; from sin, from the crafts and assaults of the devil, from thy wrath, and from everlatting damnation.

Good Lord, deliver us.

7. From all blindness of heart; from pride, vain-glory and hypocrisy ;, from envy, hatred, and malice, and all uncharitableness.

Good Lord, deliver us.

8. From Fornication, and all other deadly fin; and from all the deceits of the world, the fielh, and the devil.

Good Lord, deliver us.

PA RA P H R A SE. apon their pofterity. (Exod. xx.) Spare us therefore, merciful God, and exempt from punishment thy faithful people, whom thou hast redeemed by the most precious blood of Jesus Christ, and be not as the royal Pfalsift expresses it, angry with us for ever. Pfal. Ixix.

5. Let not thy punishments abide too long with us in this world ; at keai, we intreat ibee to deliver us from chine eternal displeasure in the world to come.

6. We beleech thee to rescue us from all evil and mischief ; (i. e. from Every species of moral and natural evil) from all the several kinds of fin which we may be guilty of; from all the craft of the devil, whereby he tempts us to the commission of it; from all his assaults, whereby he overpowers us by temptations; from thy wrath, which we have incurred by ou tranfgreflions; and from everlasting damnation, which the heinourrefs of our sins have deserved and should make us expect ;- gracious God, we beseech thee to deliver us from all these dreadful ills and cala. mities.

;. From blindness of heart or obtinate ignorance, whereby we may be rendered insensible and unpersuadable, whillt under the dominion of sin ; frem pride, whereby we arrogate too great glory to ourselves, and treat chers with contempt ; from vain glory, whereby we boast of whatever perfections we imagine our felves poffesfied of; and from hypocrisy, whereby we counterfeit those which we have not ; from envying any man's happrefs; from hatred of their persons ; from forming any inalicious designs against thera, and passing uncharitable judgments upon them ;-Ogracicas God, we beseech thee to deliver us.

8. From fornication, which is a moit grievous and mortal fin, and exdedes men som the kingdom of God; from every other fin of the same



9. From lightning and tempeft ; from plague, pestilence, and famine; from battle and murder, and from sudden death.

Good Lord, deliver us.

10. From all sedition, privy conspiracy, and rebellion ; from all false doctrine, herefy, and ichism; from hardness of heart, and contempt of thy word and commandment,

Good Lord, deliver us.

11. By the mystery of thy holy incarnation ; by thy holy Nativity and Circumcision; by thy Baptism, Fasting, and Temptation,

Good Lord, deliver us.

PA RA P H R AS E. impure nature ; from all the baits and temptations to which we may be exposed by the vanity of the world, our fleshly lusts, or the subtilty of our grand adversary, Satan ;- gracious God, we befeech thee to deliver us.

9. Nor do we only pray against Spiritual evils, by which our souls may be offended ; but we likewise beseech thee to deliver us from temporal cnes, which may prove prejudicial to our bodies: therefore, from the dreadful consequences by which storms and tempests are followed, both by land and sea ; from the terrible ruin that accompanies consuming pefilences and famines ; from the miseries and desolations of wars; from the heinous fin of murder ; and finally from the unexpected stroke of sudden deith ;- gracious God, we beseech thee to deliver us.

10. From the tumultuous distraction of faction and sedition; from the dangers of secret plots and conspiracies; from the calamities that attend upon civil war and sebellion ; from all troubles in the church, which may tike rile from the preaching of heretical doctrines, or by schism and unreasonable separation ; from hardness of heart, which render God's chaltisements of no eficct in bringing about our reformation, which prevent the force of his revelations from reaching us, and the motives of reward and punishment from operating upon our minds ; from all contempt of thy holy word, whether maniiefed by prophane jests upon the scripture, or the undervaluing the minifterial functions and the public service of the church ; from despising the sacred laws of God, by violating his holy commandments and treating fin lightly ;- gracious God, we beseech thee to dcliver us.

Paraphrase on the OBSECRATION. 11. And these our prayers we intreat thee to hear favourably, for the like of our belid Saviour's merits ; in confideration of that great mystery of godliness, whereby God is manifested to us in the flesh, (1 Tim. iii. 16.) and the second person of the ever-blessed Trinity condescended to veil his Godhead and assume a body of dehh like unto ours; by his extraordinary humility, in boing burn of a virgin in fo mean and despicable a place;


12. By thine Agony and bloody Sweat ; by thy Cross and Paffion; by thy precious Death and Burial; by thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension : and by the coming of the Holy Ghost,

Good Lord, deliver us.

13. In all time of our tribulation ; in all time of our wealth ; in the hour of death, and in the day of judgment, Good Lord, deliver us.

14. We finners do beseech thee to hear us, O Lord God; and that it may please thee to rule and govern thy holy Church universal in the right way;

We beseech thee to bear us, good Lord.

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PA RA PHRASE. by his circumcifion, whereby he himself fulfilled, and, for our fakes has abolithed, the troublesome rights of the antient ceremonial law; by his facred baptism, whereby he transferred that holy right into his religion ; for the sake of his unparallelled example, in long and devout fatting, and his suffering himfelf to be tempted in order to instruct us how to relift the affolts of the devil;—0 gracious God, we beseech thee to deliver us.

12. O blessed Saviour, in confideration of thy agony in the garden, and thy sweating drops of blood, when the weight of all our fins was laid upon thee; by thy suffering, for our fakes, the ignominious death of the Cross, and the intolerable anguilh thereof; by thy yielding thy precious onfpotted life a prey to death; by thy suffering thy body to lie in a cold

and darksome grave for our fakes ; by thy rifing again from the Sepul? chre, to convince us of our resurrection after death ; and by thy ascending --> up into heaven, whore, feated at the right hand of God, thou dost inter cede for us and preparest for us a place in those mansions of eternal bliss ;

gracious God, we beseech thee to deliver us. 13. We therefore pray thee, in consideration of all these parts of chy mediatorship, and, for the sake of all these meritorious actions of thine, to afford us thy úfistance whenever we are rendered disconsolate, or 100 Duch eiated and negligent by prosperity ; that thou wouldit support us under the terrors of death, and pardon our failings at the great day of jodgment;- gracious God, we beseech thee to deliver us.

Paraphrafe on the INTERCESSION. 14. And knce thou deigneft to give ear to the supplications of penitent baders, we, who by reason of our numerous tranfgredions, are afraid to affome to ourselves a greater title, we beseech thee to grant thy protection to thy holy church, and to enable it to maintain all the parts of the christian faith in cxa& parity; and to preserve it from being over-run by infidelity, or poisoned by heresy :-which petition, O gracious God, we bez of thce to grant us.

15. That

15. That it may please thee to keep and strengthen in the true worshipping of thee, in righteousness and holiness of life, thy servant George, our most gracious king and governor;

We beseech thee to bear us, good Lord.

16. That it may please thee to rule his heart in thy faith, fear, and love ; and that he may evermore have affiance in thee, and ever seek thy honour and glory;

We befeech thee to bear us, good Lord.

17. That it may please thee to be his defender and keeper, giving him the victory over all his enemies.

We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

18. That it may please thee to bless and preserve our gracious Qeen Charlotte, his Royal Highness George Prince of Wales, and the Royal Family.

We beseech thee to bear us, good Lord.

PA RA PHRASE. 15. That thou would be graciously pleased to preserve and confirm, in the exercise and protection of the true religion, thy servant George, who has, by thy especial Providence, been appointed to reign over us ; that he may acquit himself with righteousness in all the public administrations of his high office, and adhere with holiness to all the particular obligations of the christian life :-which petition, O gracious God, we beg of thee to grant us.

16. That thou, in whose hand the hearts of princes are, (Prov. xxi.) wouldA vouchsafe to direct his mind in such a manner, and endue him with such holy principles, that he may always live in a steady faith of all thy revelations and promises ; in a just fear of thy fupreme authority; and a constant attachment to thy law ; that his trust and afhance may be more grounded upon thy protection and providence, than upon his fecular power; and that, in all his actions, he may make it his aim rather to promote thy glory than to aggrandize his own :-which petition, Ogracious God, we beg of thee to grant us.

17. That it would please thy goodness to defend him in all the dangers * to which the high stations of princes expose them in an envious and wicked world, and to make him victorious over all his enemies, whenever he is engaged in war in the cause of his country's liberties or religion :-which petition, O gracious God, we beg of thee to grant us.

18. That thou would be pleased to afford thy bleffing and protection to our gracious queen Charlotte, and all other branches of the royal family, which, by royal descent and our laws, have a right to sacceed to the throne of this nation which petition, O gracious God, we beg of thee to grant us.

19. That

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