Christ In The Immortal Glory Of The All-Wise Father Buddha

iUniverse, 2005 - 124 sider
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Max Müller, often recognized as the father of the history of religions, made the prediction:

"I believe the final struggle between Buddhism and Christianity, whenever that comes to pass, will be a hard one, and will end in a compromise-- there is a prophecy."

This comparative study between Judaism, Christianity and Buddhism is itself the key which opens the door to the understanding and fulfillment of that prediction.

The first comparative work is a surprisingly contrasting presentation of major teachings in opposition between Judaism and Christianity, whereas the second study is equally profound in its revelation of the true spiritual relationship that exists between the Buddha and the Christ which is at the very heart of Max Müller's prophecy.

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PART I The Old Serpent Chained
PART II The Father Son Glorified
PART III The Gift Of Christ Is The Holy Ghost His Fathers Eternal Spirit
The Truth Revealed To Pilate
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