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that makes us só realy to run away, (like an impatient beggar wiihout alms,) before we receive the Blessings, which, perhaps, we have solici:ed with much earnellness and importunity.

I am, &c.

From a View of Nature, occasioned by a

L'ATHER of Mercies! God of Love !

T Whose goodness brought these scenes to light, :Touch'd by thy hand, my lips shall move,

And praise thee for the pleasing sight.
Thou deck'st the fields and meadows gay

lo rich variety of dress;
Thy power supreme, these scenes display,

And God the blowing flowers confess.
The smiling field and flowery lawn

Their yielding sweets odoriferous send,
And blossoms opening to the dawn,

To Heaven their incense now ascend.
Thou daily feeds the'ærial throng,

Their little wants engage thy care,
For which they chant a grateful fong ;

In warbling strains thy praise declare.
The lark, with lofty pinions press

Th' ambient air, exulting high,
Thy bounteous hand he dare confess,

In songs which pierce the azure sky.
While others of the feather'd brood

In humbler sphere their praise impart,
And chirp from spray to spray their God,

And testify a grateful heart.
The sportive lambs on yonder green

In play some mood devote their days,
And hail in mirth th' returning spring,

And innocently bleat thy praise.
In concert Nature seems to move,

And all its various pow'rs combine,
· Acknowledging with grateful love

“ The Hand that made us is divine."
And shall I then my God disown?

Shall silence close my lips and heart ?
Amid this animating ibrong,
Shall I forbear to claim a part ?

* Shall

* Shall creatures of a meaner frame"

Devote their every power to thee,
And I not join to bless thy Name

For thy exalted Love to me?
If these exult their God to own,

Live to his Glory, speak his Praise,
Who never knew th' incarnate Son,

Or sinful, stood in need of Grace: Their songs upbraid unthankful man,

Whose mercies are profusely given, . .. For whom the great redeeming plan

Was form’d, to raise him up to Heav'n?
For this, the various Seasons roll,

To beautify this living clod,
And smiling Nature gladdens all,

To point the finner up to GOD.
Then, LORD, amidst'thy creatures l'ay's

Accept my feeble, languid songs ;
With gratefúl keart I'll join to praise

That Goodness which my life prolongs
Thine unseen hands preserve and feed

This brittle and dependent clay,
And rich supplies whate'ér I need,

Or thou fees good, from day to day. Stretch out, my soul, thy feeble powers,

And catch sweet Nature's grateful strain, Unite with birds, and beasts, and flow'rs, .

And own and bless the Hand divine. Yea, foar beyond their strains, my soul,

And let thy echoing praise increase; In Faith and Gratitude extol

The wonders of redeeming Grace,
Look to that bleeding Lamb! and love;

Who purchas'd what I now enjoy.
Oh! may thy goodness, Jesus, prove :

The source of all my future joy.
To thee, dear Lord, my voice I'll raise,

While gratitude inspires my song:
From day to day repeat thy praise,
And while I live the theme prolong.

W. M.

ir On

On seeing a young Man far gone in a Decline,
TAREWELL, ye sweet and flowery scenes,
T I take my last long leave of you ;
Ye purling rills, and fertile plains,

With all that's gay, adieu! adieu !
The blooming tree, the leafy bower,

May charm the man of health possest;
But none of these have got the power

To cheer the soul with sickness press’d.
My short-lived pleasure fades each day,

To me can earth give comfort more,
When health and hope of life's away,

And death stands knocking at my door?
The lone church-yard doth fuit me best,

Where the long grass luxuriant grows;
There shortly I shall fleep at reft,

And there my weary eyes shall close.
O come, dear Jesus, with thy joys,

And cheer my pensive drooping mind;
Make me forgei departed toys,

And all my bleeding wounds upbind.
Paint fair the bliss beyond the skies,

Shew death of his dread sting bereav'd;
Shew me, that tho' I fall.--I'll rise,

And tho' once lost, yet now am fav’d.
Aberdeen, Aug. 18, 1795: '


N E'ER let thy thoughts unheeding stray,

Nor wander in the world's broad ray;
Nor mingle, with thy prayer and praise
The vain conceit, the idle gaze. ;
For others an example draw..
Whilst love and reverential awe ,
Shine forth in all thy outward frame,
And inward piety proclaim.
With grief the careless-ones survey,
And for their souls in secret pray :
All censure of their ways decline ; . :
Till grace renew'd thee, such were thine ;
If others faults alone thou see,
God finds a dreadful one in three !

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