Southern Practitioner: An Independent Monthly Journal Devoted to Medicine and Surgery, Bind 24,Oplag 4


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Side 217 - The Association of Medical Officers of the Army and Navy of the Confederacy will convene in Memphis, Tenn., May 28-30, 1901, during the meeting of the Confederate reunion.
Side 194 - PEPSIN is UNDOUBTEDLY one of the most valuable digestive agents of our materia medica, provided a good article is used. Robinson's lime juice and pepsin, and arom.
Side 200 - PETER'S PEPTIC ESSENCE COMP. we have all the digestive ferments. These are preserved in solution with CP Glycerine in a manner retaining their full therapeutic value, which is exerted in and beyond the stomach. It is a stomachic Tonic, and relieves Indigestion, Flatulency, and has the remarkable property of arresting vomiting during pregnancy.
Side 170 - NO WIRE NO BURSTING NO LOUD POPPING HYDROZONE (Yields 30 times its own volume of active oxygen — near to the condition of "OZONE...

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