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One of the Chaplains of the FIRST TYRONE REGIMENT.

VOL. 1.

Printed by JOHN BELLE W.


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2 vols.


General the Earl of Charlemont.

3-27-2.8 MRS


To your kind Indulgence I owe the Gratification of being permitted to cast the following Letters on your Lordship's Protection. During the Course of the Subscription, they have been supported by some of the first Characters in the Kingdom ; that the Design was not only patronised but considerably promoted by your Lordship, is a Circumstance highly flattering to the Author, and has been, in a particular Manner, conducive to his Intereft.

To trace out and vindicate our national Rights is a principal Intention of the present Work. These, during the late glorious Struggle, have been aided by your Lordship with an affectionate, a persevering and animated Zeal, that has excited the Admiration of your Fellow-Citizens, and which they and their Posterity will ever feel with all the Warmth


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Ro-classed 3-15-33 AVM

of grateful Sensibility. It is one of the first and most anxious Wishes in the Heart of every Irishman, that you may long live to enjoy the exquisite Pleasure resulting from the Reflection that you have been a chief Instrument in emancipating your Country, to cherish by your Example and your Influence the noble Spirit which has regained her Freedom, to see her rising in Prosperity and in Consequence, from the Advantages she has obtained, and her Prospects enlarged by those Improvements necessary to perfect her Conftitution.

The Obligations which I owe your LordThip, and the personal Civilities, I had almost presumed to say, Marks of Friendship with which you have honored me I feel and will ever feel with conscivus Pride. With the most perfect Respect, and with every

Senti ment of Gratitude,

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HERE was scarcely an individual so absorbed

by selfish views as not to participate of the spirit of national freedom with which the late fortunate concurrence of circumstances animated the people of this country. The hope that this admirable principle might in fome measure be invigorated by tracing out to them the origin, the nature and the progress of our constitution, and the various encroachments which it has suffered by the unjust interference of the British legiflature, was the motive which first induced me to engage in this undertaking. Though to ascertain and to vindicate our rights has been my chief object, as necessary to this design, and to render the work more generally acceptable, I have given a comprehensive view of the most important and interesting facts in the history of Ireland, from the earliest period to the present time. The immediate wishes of Irishmen have been gratified in the revolution which has terminated, most honourably for their country, the contest in which they have been engaged with their fellow subjects of Britain. This glorious event will not however, it is presumed, render the work here offered to the public unnecessary with respect to it's principal design. To the unprejudiced, it will justify the late exertions of the people in behalf of their privileges, will point out, that in regaining

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