The Saxons in England: A History of the English Commonwealth Till the Period of the Norman Conquest, Bind 1

Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, Paternoster Row., 1849 - 562 sider
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Side vii - ANCIENT LAWS AND INSTITUTES OF ENGLAND ; comprising Laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon Kings, from JEthelbirht to Cnut, with an English Translation of the Saxon ; the Laws called Edward the Confessor's ; the Laws of William the Conqueror, and those ascribed to Henry the First ; also...
Side 135 - De minoribus rebus principes consultant, de maioribus omnes, ita tamen ut ea quoque, quorum penes plebem arbitrium est, apud principes pertractentur.
Side 365 - ... the lord rade, and the foal slade; he lighted, and he righted, set joint to joint, bone to bone, and sinew to sinew, heal in the holy ghost's name!
Side 156 - Mos est civitatibus ultro ac viritim conferre principibus vel armentorum vel frugum, quod pro honore acceptum, etiam necessitatibus subvenit.
Side 47 - That was the question which Vasson proposed to test. A week's journey through lands where his oxen found abundance of forage, showed him that the Matabele, in this respect as in others, are indifferent to the truth. He came upon a...
Side 510 - This assembly was collected in Exeter for the love of God and for our souls' need, both in regard to our health of life here, and to the after days, which we desire for ourselves by God's doom. Now we have agreed that our meeting shall be thrice in the twelve months ; once at St. Michael's Mass, the second time at St. Mary's Mass, after midwinter, and the third time on All Hallows Massday, after Easter.
Side 144 - Non enim habent regem iidem antiqui Saxones, sed satrapas plurimos suae genti praepositos, qui ingruente belli articulo mittunt aequaliter sortes, et quemcunque sors ostenderit, hunc tempore belli ducem omnes sequuntur, huic obtemperant; peracto autem bello rursum aequalis potentiae omnes fiunt satrapae.
Side 342 - Deorum maxime Mercurium colunt, cui certis diebus humanis quoque hostiis litare fas habent. ' Herculem ac Martem concessis animalibus placant : pars Suevorum et Isidi sacrificat. Unde causa et origo peregrino sacro parum comperi, nisi quod signum ipsum, in modum liburnae figuratum, docet advectam religionem.
Side 526 - ... and with elders, and also with various other trees, and with stones, and with many various delusions, with which men do much of what they should not.
Side 511 - And if any one neglect bis subscription at the proper day let him pay double. And if any one of this brotherhood misgreet another, let him make boot with thirty pence. Now we pray for the love of God that every man hold this meeting rightly, as we rightly have agreed upon it. God help us thereunto.

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