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friends, will be the first to feel, that, on every account, whether of a public, or a private nature, these pages could be inscribed to none so properly, as to the ARCHBISHOP OF CASHEL.

So far as respects myself, it is a rare felicity, that THE PRELATE, to whom I am both officially and morally responsible for the employment of my time, is also THE MAN, to whom, with full assurance of an indulgent and even cordial reception, I can present this offspring of some thought, and much leisure.

That Your Grace may be long spared, to diffuse happiness through the circle of your family and friends; and as long strengthened, to promote the best interests of the Church and Christianity, is the fervent wish and prayer of,

Your Grace's most obliged,

Most attached,
And most dutiful Servant,

Abington Glebe,
April 17. 1820.

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