Situating the Self: Gender, Community, and Postmodernism in Contemporary Ethics

Routledge, 26. aug. 2020 - 276 sider
This book is an attempt to defend the tradition of universalism in the face of a triple-pronged critique by engaging with the claims of feminism, communitarianism, and postmodernism and by learning from them. It situates reason and the moral self more decisively in contexts of gender and community.

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In the Shadow of Aristotle and Hegel
Autonomy Modernity and Community
Models of Public Space
Judgment and the Moral Foundations of Politics in Hannah
Autonomy Feminism and Postmodernism

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Om forfatteren (2020)

Seyla Benhabib has authored Critique, Norm, and Utopia, and is Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at the New School for Social Research.

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