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: , Would buy office fixtures. Give particulars. position as assistant to busy doctor. DR. GIVIN, Colemanville, Lancaster Co., Pa.

aration for above sent on application. Address, P. O. Box 359, El Paso, Texas.

PRACTICES - vertised in this columa for

WANTED partia who are not agents for the practice, for THBRE CENTE TN WORD. Twenty-ive words will be inserted one time free for rabscribers. For additional words or for subsequent in. wertions, three cents per word required. Advertisements of Hooks, Instruments, preparations, etc., or regular business advertisements inserted in this column for six cents per word;

tree words. If answers are to be sent in care of our office, an extra fee of Onty cents for each insertion is charged. An ndvertisement intended for any particular issue must reach w not later than the 12th of the month preceding. Cash waat accompany all orders. In estimating, the name and Addrens must be counted, and every three águres, or fraction therear, and every letter representing a word counts as I word. $1500.

easy country practice, Fine climate. Med. 1cus. Care L. K. DARROW, 931 Fifth St., San Diego; Cal.

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partners provided 200 Practices for sale. Particular free. Address, THE MEDICAL ECHO, Lynn, Mass. (PLENDID OPPORTUNITY.-WII sell practice of $2 600

and property-in Cumberland Valley ; in railroad town. Pay sure, cheap to prompt purchaser. DR. HENRY, Carlisle, Pa.

ANTED.-Competent young physician wants location.
censed by state. Western Penna, preferred; Best references,

Clinical Atlas of Venereal and skin Diseases Address, (price and condition) to DR BKIN, care MEDICAL WORLD. A

BARGAIN.-Drug store for sale. Good location , po op

position; one mile from railroad. Address, A. E, WRIGHT,
Bedford, Mo.
CATIONAL Medi al Exchange, Elkhart, Ind. List and

terms ten cents.
of furniture, wagons, sleigh, horse, etc. Address, DR.

. F. PRICE, Waymart, Pa.

NOR SALE --First-class drug stock and ixtures-inventory county seat. A bargain. Address, Box 97, Mo passas, Va. W A a

a branch of a long established and successful "Whiskey Habit Cure," in Chicago. State experience as a physician, etc. “WHISKEY HABIT CORE." 105 Michigan St., Chicago, Iu.


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used, bur in fine condition, five feet high. Cost $375 in Paris. Price

$75. Money refunded if not satisfactory. Ad. dress, B. F. BEARDSLEY, M.D., Hartford, Conn. W

sanitarium preferred. Moderate salary accepted. Regular graduate, four years' experience. Good references. DR. E. F. ROBINSON, Truro, Mass.

in drug store invoice $1.500. Best town on earth. Address, A. J. MORGAN, Joplin, Mo,

ATIONAL Medical and Surgical Chair Exchange, Elk • bart, Ind.

List free,

You want to make hundreds of dollars by reason of the marvel. ous therapeutic effect

of our long coils. Address, JEROME KIDDER M'F'G CO.,

820 BROADWAY, New York, N. Y.


. Price $1000. $500 cash, balance on easy terms. Address, DR. A. B. MORION, Tamalco, m.


sistant in a sanitarium, hospital or general practice. Highest references. Address, "DOCTOR," 191 Euclid Ave., Lynn, Mass.

Beware of Imitations

As we give a guarantee packed with each Thermometer.

It will pay to use a Thermometer made by a reliable firm. Our Thermometers are subjected to a process invented by us, which effectually prevents all shrinkage in the

glass and con. sequently

increased readings. This valuable improvement, in connection with our indestructible index, makes this a perfect
Clinical Thermometer,
Large Lens front with a certificate, H.
R. Case, each $1.25

Plain with certificate, H. R. Case, $1.00. Minute thermometer with certificate, Hi R. Case, $1.50.

422'E. 6th Street, N.Y. City,

Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co.'s

Pharmaceutical Specialties

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Piperazine-Bayer Europhen - Sulfonal-Bayer - Salophen - Lycetol

W. H. Schieffelin & Co., New York.

Passiflora Incarnata.

In the December number of the News, Dr. J. A. the thorax, pelvis and abdominal regions and gener. Hemming tells what he has used Passiflora for ally quiets the excitement of the medulla oblongata. (Sleeplessness). I have used it for the same disease "In insomnia it acts like a cbarm, without any for the last three years with the grandest success; anpleasant after-effects. It is valuable in negroses, also for convulsions of children due to any causo : and reliable in tonic epasms which are present in : also for all complaints arising from teething; even to great number of cases of spinal meningitis, and it will diarrhoea is bonefitted as by magic. All nervous dis- prevent chronio spasms. OMHOB of the bladder in adults, frequency of urinating, “In the nervous affections following congestion or coming away drop by drop, with burning or any of the cord and ganglionic centers, it produces a spasmodic action of the bladder or rectum, where quieting effoct not produced by any other remedies, Boll or Nox should be indicated. I found one-half in the rapid, irregular respiration, due to irritation of to one teaspoonful of Passiflora O given every thirty the medulla. It is a specific in pains of the heart, minutes, for a few doses, and then once in two hours when there is a great fear of immediate dissolution or three times a day, acts like magic. It controls and constant fear of death, with an irregular pulso. rostlessness of nervous people better than anything “In the irregular pains of pregnancy its action I over used.

is sure. Logueur, Minn.


"In dismenorrhoea its action is decisivo and pleasing, tiding the patient over the menstrual period

with comfort. Passiflora in Deiirium Tremens,

"In facial neuralgia and neuralgia of the fifth " In delirium tremens and in the insomnia follow

pair of nerves, it is very useful. ing the excessive use of alcoholic stimulents it (Pas

“In insomnia from over-indulgence in alcoholic diora) acts like a charm. It should

be given in full

beverages it acts like a charm, given in tall doses donos, say one teaspoonful every two hours, until the every hour until rest is produced. It relieves inder. dosired result is obtained. It is valuable in tretful,

vation of the nerve centres-sympathetic innervt. toothing children, use it both internally and as a

tion, especially so in epilepsy, given at night when local application to the swollen gums. My colleague, nightly attacks occur. Dr. Brewer, uses it in spasmodic incontinence of

" In enlarged prostate, through its action upon urine, especially in those cases where the patient is

the ganglia of the pelvis, it exerts a special action. vory nervous and complains of a burning sensation

In spasms of children you will be more than whon the urine is voided. He also commends it very

pleased with this remedy. bighly in the treatment of cerebro-spinal meningitis.'

“In the middle stages of typhoid fever, in the initial stages of scarlet fover, where the great rostlessness of the patient is so trying to the physician

and friends. Passiflora Inoarnata in Insomnia-Spasms.

“I have here presented quite a number of differ

ent manifestations in which the remedy is indicated, From a paper, read before the Chicago Academy all depending in a greater or less degree upon tho of Medicine

and published in the Modical Era of Do. same conditions. They are only given as pointers, oombor, 1892, we extract the following concerning as it were, showing the large number of different Passiflora:

manifestations, depending upon the same parts at “It is a neurotic, anti-sparmodio, soporific, ano- fault in which it is admissible by its action apon dyno and sodative. It has special action on the gan- these certain parts of the nervous system, by eithor Elionic cells of the gray matter of the cord.

not performing their functions or from an over “ It exorta a special influence over the ganglia of action.”


Concentrated Tincture Passiflora Incarnata.
DB F. G. WELCH, No. 77 W. 45th St.,

E. M. CARRELL, M.D., 675 Brazelton St.,
NEW YORK CITY, Jan. 1, 1894.

BOSTON, May 26, 1893. MR. Jno. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.

MR. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga. Dear Sir: Enclosed find check for another dozen Dear Sir: Send me one dozen bottles of Cono. Iz. Oonc. Tt. Passiflora Incarnata. Ship at once and Passiflora Incarpata as soon as you can. Enclosed oblige.

F. G. WELCH, M.D. find check. Do as well as you can; I will be quito a

Very respectfully,
DR. 8. BRUMBAUGH, 421 S. Jefferson St.,


O., Dec. 29, 1893.
YR. J. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.
Dear Sir: Passiflora received and fully tested, and

Office of DR. A. E. NEUMEISTER, my verdict is simply this: Passiflora has been given

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 10, 1894 place on my ottice medicine shelf to stay. , care

MR. JNO. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga. for nothing more effectual in all conditions indicating

Dear Sir: I used up tbe last bottle of the fiftoon Ito 080. Youre gratefully,

bottles of Passiflora you shipped me in November, S. BRUMBAUGH,


'93. I am well pleased with the tincture. I find it to be A No. 1 and the results

from it are the same, when Omon of J. H. KIME, M.D., Physician and Surgeon.

the remedy is indicated. Please ship me three dokon BANDON, Coos Co., OREGON, Dec. 16, 1893.


Very truly yours, J. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga.'

A. E. NEUMEISTR, M.D. Dear Sir: Please send me by express five pounds Oonc. Tr. Passiflora. The pound bottle received from

J. L. McNERLY & Co., Druggisto. you about a year and a half ago was the best prepa

COVINGTON, TENN., Jan. 12, 1894. ration I have used from this plant. I have used the JNO. B. DANIEL, Atlanta, Ga. pomody which was prepared by other reliable drug Dear Sir: You will please send us per express hodnos, but the result was not satisfactory.

half dozen bottles Cono. Tr. Passiflora. Will make : Respectfully yours,

larger order next time. Very truly yours, J. H. KMn, MD,

J. L. MONRELY & Oo, Thls Preparation is prepared and sold by JOHN B. DANIEL,

Wholesalo Drugglst, 34 Wall Street, Atlanta, Ga.

Titmus Pencil.



FAT FT R. 5,18


Not the ordinary Litmus, but Chemically Pure Litmus put in pencil form. One half of the Pencil is for detecting Acids, and the other half for Alkalies, and it is so sensitive to the action of acids and alkalies that it will detect them in any proportion that they may exist; about fifty times more sensitive than ordinary litmus paper. Uso on anglazed paper. Price, 25 cents.

The next case of Leucorrhea you have I mean a case wbero other treatments have failed. Write to me for a four-oz. pack

age of PULV. ANTISEPTIC COMP., FREE! It will mako four gallons of the best wash for Leucorrhea, Gonorrhea, etc., ever introduced to the medical profession, and will Rot cost you a cent. FORMULA --Borate of Sodium, Alumen, Carbolic Acid, Glycerino, and Crystalized principles of Thyme, Eucalyptus, Gaultheria and Montha,

J. S. TYREE, Manufacturing Pharmacist, Washington, D. C.



Dose-One-half to one fld. drachm in water or syrup.


Dose One fld. drachm, represents % gr. morphia in ano-
dyne principle, minus its constipating effect.


Dose-One or two fld. drachms as indicated.
Clinical reports from eminent physicians throughout the World

furnished on application.

ST. LOUIS, MO., U. S. A.

To any physician mentioning TED MEDICAL WORLD and enclosing his business card and 5 cents in stampe, I


SOLUBLE:MEDICATED-BOUGIES- will send, postpaid, samples of the

Medicated Bougies sufficient for trial, together with a copy of «THв

RATIONAL TREATMENT OF The Best Treatment for

URETHRITIS,(new and enlarged edition), a pamphlet containing many valuable hints on treatment and of

use to every physician. MANUFACTURER OF


1016 Cherry St., Philadelphia, Pa.



HEN women have miscarried during previous pregnancies, or

in any case where miscarriage is feared, ALETRIS CORDIAL is indicated, and should be continuously administered during entire gestation.

I can heartily endorse Aletris CORDIAL, after giving it a fair trial. Mrs. F., aged 37, mother of two children, during last seven years has miscarried three times. Has lateral curvature of spipe, and was never robust. Began, in last gestation, at four months to give AlETRIS CORDIAL, three-quarter teaspoonful three times a day, and increased to one teaspoonful. She has used four half-pound bottles, and is now within four or five days of full term. Her general health has been much improved, appetite good, no vomiting, bowels in good condition, kidneys acting well. I am exceedingly well pleased with the action of the remedy, as is also my patient. I have also used ALETRIS CORDIAL in ovarian neuralgia, with tip-top results. I have used it in one case of miscarriage at three months, in which the catamenia almost amounted to flooding, confining the patient to bed for six or eight days at a time. In this case I prescribed: R. Aletris Cordial.

8 ounces. Ergot, Fl. Ext.

2 ounces M. Sig. Teaspoonful three or four times a day. This acted promptly, and the next period was passed in comparative comfort.

E. L. FISH, M. D., West Valley, N. Y.

I have much pleasure in expressing my satisfaction with the results I have obtained by the use of ALETRIS Cordial. One of my patients who had miscarried three times previously, took ALETRIS CORDIAL during the last three months of prego nancy, and was delivered of a fine, healthy boy. I ordered it at her own solicitation, as she expressed so much ease and comfort after the use of the first bottle. I am now giving it to two more patients, who have miscarried several times before, and am in hopes of good results. I consider it a valuable addition to the Pharmacopæia, on account of its antispasmodic and nerve-tonic properties, and should not like to be without it.

M. D. MAKUNA, M.R.C.S.. Trebeebut, Rhondda Valley, South Wales.

I used ALETRIS CORDIAL in a case of painful menstruation. It was most valuabie. The wife of a minister suffered much, and had had three miscarriages. Prescribed ALETRIS CORDIAL. She has, for the first time, gone her full time, and was safely confined with a male child. I also prescribed it to a relative, suffering with leucorrhea for years. Great relief from pain, and the discharge much less. In the first case related it was truly a God-send.

R. REECE, M.R.C.S. Eng., 1851, L.S.A., 1832,

Walton-on-Thames, England.

I tried ALETRIS CORDIAL on a patient who had twice previously miscarried, and she went to full term.

c. T. NUGENT, M.D., Bertrand, La. .

A full size bottle of ALETRIS CORDIAL will be sent FREE to any Physician who wishes to test it if he will pay the express charges.

} RIO CHEMICAL CO., St. Louis.

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