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Hemorrhoids Succossfully Treated. This ointment is rapidly assuming the lead of PILO Remedies. A sample box often curos several cases. Physicians who have ordered their trial order, havo ordered again and again, and praise it for its truly marvelous qualities, which the following extruoti show plainly.

Mr. PELIA, TENN., Oct. 2, 1898. FRED. W. STEWART, Oswego, N. Y.

Dear Sir:-You will find enclosed one dollar for which you will please send to my address four bozos of Gypsy Pile Ointment, and oblige. Dr. Ohitwood recommended it as the surost and most speedy caro known to him.


BENTON, Mo., June 17, 1893. FRED. W. STEWART, Oswego, N. Y.

Received my last order about fifteen days ago all 0. K. I have used up all the suppositories (ono don. box). I have been in the practice twonty years, but never found any eye ointment or any recipo equal to your Pile Ointment when used for eyo ointment

Please send me half pound box of the pile ointmont by mail to M. A. CURTIS, M.D.

BOSHNÉLL, ILL, Nov. 9, 1898. FRED. W. STEWART, Oswego, N. Y.

Dear Sir:-I find your Gypsy Pile Ointment all that is claimed for it. I have been using it in practice for over four years, I cannot call to mind a single instance wherein it has disappointed one. You will find enclosed one dollar, please send mo amount in your Pilo Ointment, and oblige,


CYYTHIANA, IND., Oct. 80, 1893. MR. STEWART.

Dear Sir: Find enclosed money order for sovonty. fivo cents, for which please send me that much of your celebrated Pile Ointment. I have used three or low boxes of it, and it does as much, and more than you recommond. I have cured two or three cases of pilas of long standing, which had been doctored for your with no success. Please send at once.

Respectfully, L. R. ALLEN, M. D.

EDINBURG, M188., Jan. 9, 1898. FRED, W. STEWART, Oswego, N. Y. Dear Sir:

Enclosed find postal noto for one dollar for which you will please send me the worth in you valuable Pile Ointment. I find it the best thing I havo ever tried, and good for more things than Homor rhoids. Send by mail at your very earliest convoni. ence, and oblige,

Yours truly, W.T. HUTCHINS, M. D.

EAST JAFFREY, N. H., March 29, 1898. FRED. W. STEWART, Oswego, N. Y.

Dear Sir:-Some half dozen years ago, more or less, I bought quite a lot of Stewart's Gypsy Pile Ointment of you; if you still prepare it, please send me four bozos I have retired from practice, but occasionally want to use some. I regard it as the best Pile Ointment I have over used, in a practice of more than forty years.

Yours truly, 0. H. BRADLEY, M. D. NOTICE.-I will send a sample box of the ointmont free, to any physician writing for same and mention ing MEDICAL WORLD.

I have hundreds of letters from physicians, besides the above, speaking just as highly in its praise. Post ago or express charges always prepaid by me. Phy: sicians not wishing to send for it themselves should insist on their druggist sending for it. Tell them I prepay all charges.

There is no advertising on letter or package, Address, FRED; W. STEWART, Oswego, N. Y.

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8. BARKER, M. D., 24 Caton Place, Brighton, Eng. says: CELERNIA gavo prompt relief in languor, nor vous headache and dyspepsia

TH08. B. BULMER, M. D., C. M. Canada, L. 8. L. M.,

R.C. 8. Eng., late Quarantino Supt. for Vio toria, Australia, says: Having experimented CELEBINA, on both myself and others, I am of opinion that it is an excellent article, when administered judiciously. It relieves tension after excitomont, gives reliof in distressing headache, and romoves the craving for strong stimulants.

J. OGILVY, M. D., Retired Surgeon-Gonoral Bournemouth, Eng., says: I think CELERINA IS A excellent and powerful stimulant, and likely to be useful in cases of mental depression and brain worry.

W. R. EVANS, M. D., L. R. O. S. L., 19 Morrios Square, Dublin, Ireland, says: I have largely pro scribed' CELERINA in the debility following opidonuts influenza, and have found it most useful.

W. M. CUNNINGHAM, M, D., Corona, Ala., sayt: I have used your preparation, CELEBINA, with marked success and I am highly pleased with it.

ALFRED BAKER, M. D., Ayagarth, Bodale, Yorkshiro, Eng., says: I think CELERINÁ is certainly of service in nervous exbastion.

DR. MARCHAND LIEGE, Belgium, says: OILIRIKA is unsurpassed in nervous debility.

DR. BERLIOZE, Brussels, Belgium, says: Wo ban in CELERINA a magnificient combination for all form of neurosis.

Dr. W. BERTHELOT, Santander, Spain, sayı: 1 have found a combination of CELERINA and ALIR CORDIAL very useful in dysmenorrhen



Should convinco the most skeptical physi-
olan of its value in ALL LANGUID OR

Rio Chemical Company

A full size bottle of CELERINA will be sent FREE to any Physician who wishes to tost It

be will pay tho express charges.

St. Louis, Mo,


Which every physician knows, that nearly every woman has some trouble with her menstrual functions at some period in her life, such as MENORRHAGIA, LEUCORRHEA, AMENORRHEA,

DYSMENORRHEA, Etc. In these cases ALETRIS CORDIAL is peculiarly indicated, and by its use all menstrual derangements are speedily overoome and the uterine system restored to its normal condition.

Rio Chemical Co.,

A sample buttle of ALETRIS CORDIAL will be wat FREE to any Physician who wishes to test it, if ho will pay Express Charges.

St. Louis, Mo.

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The - Chemical Treatment for Consumption,

Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Tubercular Laryngitis and Catarrh
Instituted by W. R. Amick, A. M., M. D., of Cincinnati,

is supplied, to Physicians Only, by the exclusive Compounders,
The Amick Chemical Co., 166 W. Seventh Street,

Cincinnati, Ohio, U. 8. A. It has been Tested, Endorsed and
Adopted by the Medical Profession of All Schools

as the only Successful Treatment for Pulmonary Diseases.
Test Packages of the Amick Medicines Sent Free

of cost to Physicians Everywhere for each now Patient.
Dr. Amick's Theory on which the Treatment is Based,

Cost of the Medicines and other necessary Information on Request.


Manutacturing Chemists, 166 West Seventh Street,

Cincinnati, O., U. S. A.

Neuroses of the Respiratory Organs.

We are too liable to regard any affection of the lungs, except consumption, as "nothing more than a hard cold.” Influenza, bronchitis, pleurisy, and many cases of pneumonia are included under this division. Pain, cough and fever are the three principle symptoms. To control any one of these three is many times sufficient to cause the others to disappear, so closely are they related to one another.

In a "Note on Codeine," in the London Lancet, Dr. James Braithwaite, of Leeds, says: “Codeine seems to have a special action upon the nerves of the larynx; hence it relieves a tickling cough better than any ordinary form of opium. One-half of a grain may be given half an hour before bedtime. It was in my own case that I first began to use codeine. For more than twenty years, usually once every winter, I have been seized with a spasmodic cough just before going to sleep, which becomes so severe that I am compelled to get up and sit

by the fire. After an hour or two I return to bed and am free from the cough till the next winter. In other respects I enjoy good health. Many years ago I found that one-half grain of codeine, taken about two hours before bedtime, absolutely stops the attack and leaves no unpleasant effect the next morning: In cases of vomiting from almost any, cause, une-quarter grain doses of codeine usually answer exceedingly well. In the milder forms of diarrhæa one-half to one grain of the drug usually answers most satisfactorily, and there are no unpleasant after-effects.

We find, however, that where there is great pain, the analgesic effect of codeine may not be sufficient, and a combination with antikamnia is required. It is best given in the form of a tablet, the proportions being 434 grains antikamnia and 14 grain codeine. Sometimes chronic neuroses may be cured by breaking the continuity of the pain, for which purpose we have found this combination peculiarly suited.

Clinical reports in great numbers are being received from many sections of this country, which, while verifying Dr. Braithwaite's observations as to the value of codeine, place even a more exalted value upon the advisability of always combining it with antikamnia in treatment of any neuroses of the larynx, coughs, bronchial affections, excessive vomiting, milder forms of diarrhea, as well as chronic neuroses; the therapeutical value of both being enhanced by combination. The tablets of "Antikamnia and Codeine,” containing 474 grains antikamnia and 14 grain codeine, meet the indications almost universally.

Without a Scar!




H. ENTON, M. D.,
HOS Clinton St.

BROOKLYN, N, Y., January 23, 1894.

GENTLEMEX:-I really owe you an apology for not sooner communicating to you the result achieved by me with Unguentine. I was obliged to use the entire box in the case of a lady who badly burned one hand and arm, the injurs exterding above the elbow. I saw the case three days after the wounds bad been ignorantly dressed, and the entire superficial area of band and arm was one foul swelling aggregation of discrete and concrete ulcers, foetid in the extreme and beginning to clough. After careful washing with warm water, Unguentine was applied on sections of old linen, each section about six inches long and two inches wide, strips of this conformation enabling me to secure contaci at all points for the Unguentine. Then a broad roller bandage was used to envelop the smeared sections. This operation was repeated every third day, and In twelve days the arm was wel, without a slough, without scar tissue, without contraction, and presenting a new pink akin that I regarded as a surgical triumph. The foetor disappeared after the second application and the pain also.

This is my experience with Unguentine, and you are welcome to use it as you please.


an alum ointment with the irritating properties of the drug eliminated, with carbolio acid and ichthyol added, combined with Petrolatum base. Modified formula of Sir Astley Cooper. Used in the leading hospitals and dispensaries of New York City.

A Soothing Ointment.

Unequalled as a Surgical Dressing.

Samples and literature sent upon request.

Sold only in one pound boxes, One Dollar por pound. Made only by

Now YORK OFFICE, 140 William St.

The Norwich Pharmacal Co.,


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