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after that led him to question her being “in

Cut the Gums.- Why? toal," he sent her to a stallion, and, in about

Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Under the eleven months, she gave birth to a mule colt, and heading of “Teething,' Dr. H. A. Carrington a few days after to a horse colt! Mirabili dictu ! writes, and writes well. The trouble about Supersetation ! eh ?

gum cutting comes of a misconception of the There is a colored woman in our town who subject. The irritation or nervous strain is not had, by nature, a well formed, rather high caused by the pain or discomfort of the gums forehead for her race. She suffered severe per se—nor is the relief of cutting to the gums neuralgic (?) pains in the head for a long only; but, as the tooth, at the stage of develop while, and now there is, in the centre of her ment, is, on the root end, an open tube, filled forehead, a distinct depression about 3 by 3 by the pulpy matter, loaded with the earthy inches, presenting the appearance of having matter that is being deposited as the tooth is been struck by a mallet. How do you account pushed forward ; the mischievous work of this for it?

gum is simply in pressing the tooth back on its Finally, during a practice of twenty years, pulpy base, the sharp edges cutting and squeezalthough it was my fortune-or misfortune ing this to the terrible torture of the little one. to have quite a preponderance of obstetric Cutting the gums lets the tooth lift, to the cases, 1 delivered but a single pair of twins ; great relief of the little sufferer, and, while now, during the last 10 years, while I have care should be taken in this, as in all else of been located bere, I have superintended the so much importance, it is inexcuseable not to confinement of six ladies with twing, two pairs cut, and cut treely when needed. There can be last week, one on Christmas eve, and the other no harm done, as some may suppose, by hardentwo nights after. Upon inquiry I learn that ing of the gums when cut too soon, nor, indeed, there are about 15 cases of multiple births in any other way, if a clean, sharp blade is within a radius of ten miles from our town! used. If the tooth or teeth be near the surface, Immigration societies are not oeeded here.

carry well down to tooth, and, if need be, make JOSEPH ATKINSON, M.D., a crucial incision. No inflamation of conseArcadia, La.

quence follows in any case. It matters little

what form or stage of suffering, everything is A New Treatment for Boils.

promptly improved. So cut, not to relieve the Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-Having been

gums, but the tooth-forming pulp behind the quite subject to boils, I had one commencing


H. D. BOYD, D.D.S., and I saw at a glance his whole career.

Troy, Ala. had located under my waistband, and demanded

[We commend to our readers the good judg. the privilege of annoying me with pain and

ment expressed in this letter by Dr. Boyd, poultices for at least a week. The prospect was

President of the Alabama Dental Association. inexpressibly dreadful. To get along for the

-ED.] day I pulled off a big handful of cotton and

Catarrh.--Teething.–Urine, laid over it and fastened to the clothing with a

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-On pages 231— few stitches, and went on about my business. I forgot all about that boil. Two or three

271 Prof. Waugh speaks of compound albodays afterwards I looked at it and found it all

lene spray. I have been unable to find out

what it is, but conclude that McKesson & Robwithered away. Since then I have tried it on

bins' “ Albolene Spray Solution” is meant. myself and prescribed it for others, and that is the way it works every time. In one case I

Formula :-R. liquid albolene, eucalyptol, thy

mol, menthol. had the temerity to try it experimentally on a boil already bulged out with matter. Of course

Teething," on page 440, contains “lots of

sense,” but don't it go the other extreme. I it should have been opened. The boil withered

knew of a child who had spasms to come on away and the little bunch of matter remained harmless a long time, and finally disappeared.

every Sunday and last off and on until WedI would be pleased to hear from any reader of

nesday. Its mother said its mouth was all THE MEDICAL WORLD the result of further

scarred up where the doctor had lanced it.

Another doctor cured the spasms by giving trials.

C. ALLEN, M. D., Vernon, N. J.

quinine, but the child was made an idiot, a victim to the first doctor's ignorance.

I agree with Dr. Erican that as no physician Two for one. Our supply of THE WORLD for from this country would be permitted to pracApril and May, '94 is exhausted. We will give two copies of any other issue, either past or future, for one

tice in Canada, they should not be allowed to of these.

come over here to practice.


Mr. X. came to me for examination for life has answered my purpose go well in these trying insurance. He seemed to be a good risk, a hard cages that I shall at least suggest it. working, temperate man, aged thirty eight. Many years ago a physician in a neighboring Agent said chemical examination of urine was village was riding along one night on horse not necessary. Afterwards the company wrote back when his horse stumbled and threw him me requesting an examination of the urine. over his head, giving his ankle a terrible The specific gravity was 1.010; no albumin. wrench, which caused congestion, inflamma-/ Mr. T., aged 30, upon physical examination tion and, finally, suppuration. The doctor proved all right. Urine, specific gravity 1.030. consulted me in reference to his case, but, in Company requested another examination of spite of all we could do, the ulceration conurine. I made it in about 2 weeks ; specific tinued.

tinued. His ankle was girdled around, two gravity still 1.030. By request of the company inches broad, save a narrow strip of integument I made a third examination two weeks later; on the posterior part of the tendo Achilles. fpecific gravity 1.025. Mr. M. came to me in With all of our plans of treatment the ulcer May; said to have had pneumonia during the would not heal. The doctor consulted many winter. He complained of pain in the chest physicians and surgeong, but to no purpose. He Dear the heart, dizziness when he stooped over, finally decided to go to St. Louis and see what hurt to use bis arms, heart weak, no cough. could be done for him. He was first recomUnder treatment he improved, but thinking mended to a German surgeon, who only made that there might be something further I asked matters worse. I received a letter from him to have a bottle of urine sent to the office. I I stating that he had become discouraged and found the specific gravity 1.010; no trace of was coming home to have his limb amputated. sugar. I used four or five different tests. No I immediately wrote, advising him to go and increase of quantity. At this time he was see Dr. Hodging, and get his counsel. The drinking a home made beer. He was a Ger- doctor put him on the following plan, from man.

which I got my suggestions: Take an old December 12, 1894, I was called to see Miss linen crash towel, wring it out of cold water, B—, age 19, very large frame. Found her in roll it around the limb, covering the ulcer with bed, face bloated, eyelids full. Urine on the it and all the parts that are swollen, three or next day had a specific gravity of 1.045 ; no four thicknesses, then take common cotton bat. sugar; thick orange color. December 17,

December 17, ting, white, that is generally used in quilts, roll greatly improved, bloating gone, specific gravity this around the limb, covering the toweling 1.015.

about two thicknesses more, then take your Can anyone account for these diviations from rubber bandage (or common muslin roller the normal? I knew of one case where a man bandage will do just as well), lay it on smoothly passed for life insurance whose urine showed a but firmly, commencing at the foot and bandage specific gravity of 1.015. I think he was about over the cotton until you get above it, then 30 years of age; he died two years later, of fasten your bandage. Change this twie a day Bright's disease, the doctor said.

and once at night, wringing the toweling out of Filley, Neb. S. J. SMITH, M.D., cold water each time. The cotton will do for a

number of dressings until it becomes saturated Chronic Ulcer of the Leg.

with absorption of the water contained in the

toweling; then the cotton needs to be changed Editor MEDICAL WORLD :-Dr. Kernodle, for fresh. This is to be continued until relief of Clarkson, Ok. Ter., asks for a good treat- is obtained. The Doctor's ulcer referred to ment of chronic ulcer of the leg. I desire to was healed in twenty days, so that he could suggest for the doctor a plan of treatment that come home. He passed on to permanent rehas answered me many good offices, not only covery without an untoward symptom. Shortly for the kind of a trouble he speaks of, but after the treatment was instituted the Doctor for many others of a similar character, such as stated that he had considerable hemorrhage varicose ulcers, synovitis, periostitis or any form from the ulcer, which promptly relieved it of its of acute inflammation, liable to terminate in hyperemic condition, which was then followed suppuration, destructive of the bone and tissues. by healthy granulation. “The art to cure such Experience has been my school, and when a a condition is the art divine.” Since the above man has traveled many of the beaten paths experience the late Dr. Hodgins has indicated laid down by our authors and then fails, he this plan of treatment in a monograph in the feels that he is in straightened circumstances. International Cyclopedia of Surgery on the The plan that I propose is not original with treatment of ulcers. me and is likely not new to many. Yet, it Can we not thus relieve many of our old

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grandmothers, whose earthly pilgrimage is Also, Blaud's pills for some time, and about ended, with churn legs, big end down, Dover's powder to procure rest. Now he is begging for relief? While I do not think this sound as a dollar, and all right after five is a cure-all by any meang, yet it gives prompt months treatment. J. C. SELLERS, M.D., relief, and if you can only smootb the pathway Victoria, Ala. as they pass to the great beyond, their friends will rise up and call you blessed.

Umbilical Hernia. Palmyra, Iowa. DR. J. D. BLAKE.

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:--In answer to Treatment and Amputation for Chronic Sore Leg.

Dr. J. C. Mollyneaux's inquiry, page 31, Janu- Case of Anemic Dropsy Successfully Treated. ary World, I would say: Editor MEDICAL WORLD: I was called to

I have always been able to retain and cure see Mr. Fa farm laborer, who had been

umbilical bernia in young children by the ap suffering from the effects of a number of ulcers. plication of a chamois covered convex button He was weak, emaciated, with poor appetite, mould, large enough to keep the hernia in place, and some fever. The leg was the seat of ten or

and held in position by a strip of adhesive plasfifteen ulcers, from about middle of leg down,

ter (surgeon's rubber), two or three inches wide, almost over the foot. The foot was swollen

encirclirg the body at this point. If the plaster considerably, and was discharging some pus.

loosens, clip off the ends, and when it gets too Family history good, as far as could learn,

short apply new plaster. Use care in washing no organic disease, previous health good. He

the child, and do not wet the plaster, which will told me it started from a brier scratch about remain in place for about two months. three years ago, and that it had gotten poisoned

Charlton, N. Y. F. W. St. John, M.D., from dew; and he had not been able to walk much since. I decided that the bone was dis.

Umbilical Hernia. eased, and told bim I could perhaps cure it up, Editor MEDICAL WORLD:Dr. J. C. Mollybut it would break out again ; but we would try and see, and if it could not be cured that it help in a case of umbilical hernia in a child

neaux, in January, 1895, WORLD, asks for would be best to amputate. Treatment. Internally with iodide of iron,

two and a half years old. I think I have treated

fifteen (15) čase? guccessfully by taking a piece with sarsaparilla and other alteratives. Locally, of lead and hammering it so that it will more tincture of iodine once a day, and in about two than cover the opening, and very slightly roundweeks it was cured up, but it soon burst out

ing the side which is to cover the opening; have again. Then I changed the local treatment,

this nicely covered with chamois, reduce the using iodotorm and vaseline, and bandaging bernia, place the button of covered lead over the leg. This was of no avail, and finally, with preparatory treatment, with three consultants, good rubber adhesive plaster, using not less than

the opening, carefully and firmly; strip it with we amputated above the knee with antero.

six-possibly eight --strips, } x 6 inches. This posterior muscular oval flaps, with all anti

will prevent displacement of the button, and septic precautions, with good results. The

sets up an adhesive inflammation, which I have wound almost healed up by second intention.

found curative in the last fifteen cases. When The wound has been since treated antiseptically. I also gave tonic to meet the indications.

the plaster gets soiled or detached, remove and

apply new. The so-called truss for this kind of Second. I was called to see a little boy, disability, with a pez half an inch long to enter about 12 years old, with a bad case of dropsy. the opening, only aggravates the case. He had been lingering for three or four months, Try this, Doctor -it is inexpensive. bad been treated by one or two doctors to no

D. P. Morgan, M.D., avail. He was buffed and swollen so that he could not stand alone, very pale

Clarksburg, W. Va. complexion. Wy diagnosis was

the symptors were caused by anemia.

not find

Editor MEDICAL WORLD:Dear Sir-Please allow any organic trouble of the Heart. He could

me to thank my young professional brethren, through

the columns of your valuable journal, for their liberal scarcely get his breath whes lying down.

ea 8 ay sallow

response to my ad., in the November issue, for a Treatment

partner. I received 106 applications for the position,

and as I only needed one partner I could not accommoR. Powd. jelap..

date the other 105. I have associated with me as Powd. uiil. Powd. lgitalis..,

partner Dr. W. T. Bertrand, of South Bend, Ind., one

of the 106 that made application for the position. I M. ft. pil No 45.

found THE MEDICAL WORLD an excellent advertisSig. Give ive every two hours until bowels act freely, and then wait three or our days and purge again, and so con

ing medium,

DB. B. F. OVERMYER, tinue until all swing disappears.

Leiter's Ford, Ind.

..15 grs

.12 grs ..... 12 grs .......25 grs

Blue mass

Umbilical Hernia. -Tape-Worms in Children.- from any cause may cause the nerve cells, unMorphinomania Cures.

stable as they are, to beg in a way only those Editor MEDICAL WORLD: “ In moments who have felt can tell. After years of habit a snatched from Jabor and refreshment” I write change cannot at once come. this medley letter.

“ As the stream its channel grooves, Replying to question by Dr. J. C. Mollyneaux

And within that chann«l moves, regarding umbilical hernia in child, I would say that the following simple procedure bas

So doth habit's deepest tide cured all my cases :

Groove itself, and there abide.” I cut a round ball of soft pine wood, accord- A man may be able to walk ten miles, and ing to size of rupture, sandpaper, and divide in appear well, but one week of steadily active lite, half; place convex side of one piece in depres- with any pressure of anxiety or excitement, will sion left on pushing hernia back; then over flat soon show him that longer time is required for portion place adhesive plaster, crucial style, ap- I would also emphasize the need of a plying over all compress of folded cloth, sewed quiet life during convalescence, and here is to the binder which goes around the body. where the post treatment has often failed. Many Never allow the parts to reprotrude while the have relapsed through celebrating their recovery pad may for a moment be removed, to apply while in the new-made state of mind and body, lead water, if needed, for chafing or cleansing. so susceptible, and while idle, too, with new

Tape-worms are not common in children un- . made friends or brother patients. These cases der three years old, but I have seen them, and often act and react on each other, and one bad recall a case-a child less than two years, who patient may contaminate others in a sanatarium, passed many feet, caused by eating raw scraped so as to keep the superintendent anxious, at a beef, which was much given some twenty-five time when inhibition is weak. Those who enter years ago to young children for intestinal trou- sanatariums for cure should remember these bles. Soon after I noticed other cases reported, practical points. So, then, with the modern from apparently the same cause.

treatment of to-day the drug is quickly removed Dr. Smith writes : “Dr. Woolley has no par. under sedation, as a rule, while the insomnia, ticular formula. He has a system of treat- neuralgia, bowel atony, nervous erethism, weak ment”- to cure morphinomania. For some years heart, and all complications must be attended Dr. Woolley mailed a little pamphlet to narco- to, and time taken for the post-treatment, the tic habitues about the country, in which he individuality of each case being carefully noted claimed he could send them medicines and direc- as a guide to all. No stimulants or narcotics tions to cure. Now, we know that few cases should be allowed. Alcobol, codeine, and even can be treated alike; that promised cures "with. tobacco, for a time, with some, should be interout detention from business”

are a myth, and dicted. The bromides, trional, physostigmine, that time is an essential element for permanent sparteine, strychnine, digitalin, electricity, and cure. The drug can be stopped in ten or twelve especially baths, all have their place. Somedays, but the post-treatment must be prolonged times codeine, carefully managed, unknown to according to the case, with perfect rest of mind patient, especially if a medical man, may be an i body; in fact, the rest treatment, aided by well used, and certainly affords great relief from baths especially, which do so much good, must suffering. There is no doubt but the codeine be kept up for a good while, and quick return habit can be formed, and I have known it to be to active life has proved disastrous to a great used too carelessly. A completely “royal road” many. Curing one's-self while attending to to cure cannot be attained with absolute safety. business is impossible. First a change. Go to Alcohol, codeine, physostigmine, spare patients some good place-Dr. Waugh’s, at Chicago; much suffering, but anything producing a state Dr. Crothers', at Hartford, Conn.; Dr. E. E. of euphoria should be regarded with suspicion, Smith's, at Norwalk, Conn.; where the drug Alexander Dumas, fils, well said: “The senses will be quickly removed, and complications with have their memories." The force of this ex. existing troubles properly met. If a man has pression is well realized by the ex-morphia laburethral stricture, chronic malarial poisoning or itué; any state approaching euphoria is too other troubles, they must be cured. So a spe- much a reminder. My first opium patient, an cialist must know enough to attend to these. exceedingly talented man, handed me Harper's This has been the reason why many cases have Magazine for August, 1867, in the summer of not been cured. The trouble that drove one to that year, asking me to read an article with the morphia primarily does not cease to act. A re- caption, “What shall they do to be saved ?" turn to active life is the only sure test of cure. It was written by Fitz Hugh Ludlow, a literaAny excitement, a discharge of nervous energy teur, who, I was told, was addicted to cannabis indica. Up to that date opium cases had been times & vapor bath every day for a certain so notoriously hopeless, that every straw in the length of time.

length of time. On this account larger doses of way of a promise of relief was eagerly grasped. powerful drugs can be admitted with little or no Ludlow had perhaps shifted from one narcotic inconvenience than could possibly be the case to another, for he offered a hope of cure to opi. elsewhere. Mercury by inunction is given in um-eaters by taking hemp. We know pow, and from one to two drachm doses daily, and for we find it false hope, most of the “fake cures" weeks at a time without salivating. Iodide of are simply the device of swapping one devil for potassium, one of the greatest, if not the greatest another; and so alcohol, codeia, cannadis, et hoc of the eliminators and alteratives in the whole genus omne, but take place for a time ; soon or pharmacopeia, the administration of which is late they are cast aside for the old King of Pain, generally so trying to the stomach, is given at often as matter of necessity, or choice of change. Hot Springs to the extent of from 100 to 600

I have written more than I intended, but I grains a day. It has been my experience, have seen the lives of many of our own guild however, that the idodide of potassium is renblighted by this octopus of evil, and since the dered more effective if it be given with tongaadvent of the facile hypodermic syringe, they line. My reasons for this are that while iodism have fallen in larger numbers, looking to this is frequent, in fact is desirable in most cases, as a quick friend when in pain, only to find an yet by the use of tongaline the stomach becomes ambushed evemy. Time, patience, proper care, more tolerant and the liver is stimulated, which, will cure now almost all cases that are free from under these circumstances, frequently exhibits organic disease, who are not vicious, and who a tendency to torpidity, on account of the extraearnestly wish for a permanent cure. But I ordinary action of the iodide and the hot water don't think Dr. Waugh, or any other “high- upon the emunctories. While stimulating the toned, honorable gentleman,” will send any

latter, it is of the greatest importance that the medicines by mail, to cure people at home, liver, the main organ in the work of elmination, “ without detection from business.'

should be considered, and it is for this purpose WILLIAM A. LOCKWOOD, M.D., that tongaline is of much benefit, besides corNorwalk, Conn.

recting the neuralgic and rheumatic features,

which almost invariably present themselves. The Hot Springs of Arkansas.

The discipline enforced at Hot Springs upon Editor MEDICAL WORLD :--The questions all patients contributes also largely to the bene- . are very frequently asked, wherein are the Hot ficial results. Every bath must be given acSprings of Arkansas so much more beneficial for cording to certain rules and regulations of the certain classes of troubles than any other United States Government, which fact consti. resort? Why is it that cures are affected tutes a great safeguard, and guarantees to the bere more speedily, more readily, more physician that his prescription for the bath will thoroughly than anywhere else? Why is be properly carried out. Diet and daily habits it that hundreds who have suffered for years, are regulated to a very large extent, smoking visited many famous springs, both in this and drinking, at least immoderately, being procountry and abroad without satisfactory results, hibited ; in fact Hot Springs might be termed have finally come to Hot Springs and obtained

walking hospital” and the the desired relief? There is no doubt that the "nation's sanitarium.” chief reason of this exists in the hot water, yet

Thomas E. HOLLAND, M.D., wbat are the exact chemical constituents which Hot Springs, Ark. this water contains, and how these constituents are combined, is as yet an unsolved problem

Rock VALLEY, Ia., December 12, 1894. even to the most expert analytical chemist. Editor MEDICAL WORLD, Philadelphia, Pa. That there is a wonderful potency in this water DEAR SIR: – Enclosed please find $1.50 for MEDIis without a doubt, but whether this be due to

CAL WORLD for 1895, and clinical thermometer. I

have three now, but they all come in handy at times. tree gases or electricity or some as yet undis

By the way, I have got a great many good points from covered and undefined force, the clinical facts THE WORLD-from a single number some times have proved and are constantly proving with enough value to pay for a number of years. thousands and thousands its remarkable cura

Very truly, G. B. SNYDER, M. D, tive properties.

There is no doubt that one of the greatest therapeutic effects of the hot water Editor MEDICAL WORLD:-I feel that I could not is its eliminative property,

Under the advice do without THE MEDICAL WORLD. I think the sugof the physician the patient generally drinks

gestion that articles should be titled so that we would

have an idea what they are about is a good one, and large quantities of the water, and is also given a

the nameless articles should be discarded. regular bath at a given temperature, and some- Ebenezer, 0.




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