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Dalgleish, Sir W. O., instals electric lighting system at Dundee Public Library,


Dallimore, F., appointed librarian, Newark, 111.

Dalston Library. See HACKNEY.

Dana, J. C., Modern American Library Economy, Section IV: review, 196.
Darlington Public Library, W. Wilson appointed librarian, 266.

Dartford, new public library to be erected, 634.

Dayton Public Library, annual report, 1909-11: analysis, 575.
Deas, J. C., National Art Loans: review, 226.

De Boekzaal: notices, 102-3, 469-71.

Derby Public Library and Art Galleries, staff appointments, III.
Desmond, E., appointed assistant, Cork, 572.

Detroit Public Library, Class list: notice, 418.
Deutsche Volksbildungsarbeit: notice, 54.

Dewsbury Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 422.
Dickens Centenary Exhibition at Liverpool, 110.

Dixon, P. E., Charles Lamb; the man and his work: article, 399-405.

Doubleday, W. E., Public libraries and the public: article, 529-44.
Douglas Public Library, Mr. Cubbon appointed librarian, III.
Dublin Public Library, part of new public library opened, 60.

Dublin, Nat. Library of Ireland, supplementary catalogue: notice, 361.
Dundee Public Libraries, electric light installed, 232.

Lochee Library opened, 415.

Dunfermline Town Council agrees to levy 2d. rate, 232.

Durban Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 575.

New library opened, 61.

Dutton, G. H., appointed curator at Derby, 111.


Eccles Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 66.

Edinburgh, Mr. Birnie appointed librarian of the Nelson Hall, Stockbridge, 61.
Edward, D. E., appointed librarian, Ayr, 416.

Edwards, Edward, centenary appreciations by L. S. Jast and C. W. Sutton,


Enfield Public Library, new premises opened, 634.


Liverpool, 110, Kingston-on-Thames, 110, John Rylands Library, 107, 237.
Expenses of poll on library question: note, 205.


Farnworth Public Library, J. Ormerod appointed librarian, 62.

Fiction, question of limiting: note, 206.

Finsbury Public Libraries, bulletin: notices, 63, 236.

Florence. Bibliotheca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, Bolletino, No. 138, 421.
Forfar, G. R., presents museum specimen to Hove, 232.

For Folke-og Barne-Boksamlinger: notices, 104, 473-4.

Fulham Public Libraries, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 66.

Funnell, H. A., appointed assistant, British Library of Political Science, 637.


Gainsborough Public Library, J. W. Lambert appointed librarian, 111.
Gateshead Public Library, R. Lillie appointed sub-librarian, 572.
German manuscripts of the Middle Ages, by F. Behrend: article, 47-49.
Gifts and bequests-

Bangor, Mrs. Needham, books, 60.

Bradford, Norton Dickons bequest, 415.
Bristol, G. A. Wills, library building, 232.
Chesterfield, Miss Sonnenthal, books, 232.
Dundee, Sir W. O. Dalgleish, fittings, 232.
Hove, G. R. Forfar, museum specimen, 232.
Letchworth, A. Carnegie, library building, 60.

Gifts and bequests (continued)-

Listowel, A. Carnegie, library building, 60.

Ld. Listowel, £200, 60.

Liverpool, H. Young, MS., 232.

Manchester, T. Moss, books and pictures, 60.

Norwich, W. Rye, books and MSS., 60.

Radcliffe, A. Carnegie, additional amount, 265.

Rochdale, Anon., books, 232.

Southend, Rev. G. A. Shaw, museum specimens, 232.
Wallasey, Misses Steel, books and fittings, 232.

Watford, A. Carnegie, library building, 265.

Glenn, F. M., appointed senior assistant, Walthamstow, 572.

Gordon, C., appointed librarian, Institute of Chartered Accountants, 62.
Gough, R. W., retirement from librarianship of Wrexham, 233.
Goss, C. W. F., on Daily Press and public libraries: note, 437-8.

Nasty literature: note, 517-8.

Rt. Hon. John Burns and public libraries: note, 245-6.

Govan Town Council adopts Libraries Acts, 232.

Grand Rapids Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 515.

Bulletin: notices, 65, 197, 419.

Greenwood, Thomas, letter to H. R. Gawen Gogay-15/x 1891-re the lib-

rary movement in Southwark, 118-9.

Greystone Public Library opened, 415.

Griffiths, L. M., The Bristol Medical Library: review, 229-30.

Guide to books on Ireland, ed. by S. J. Brown: review, 193-4.

Guppy, H., presentation by members of Library School, Manchester, 110.


Hackney Public Libraries, catalogue: notice, 63.

Dalston Library opened, 634.

Hagerstown (U.S.), Travelling library for rural district, 416.

Hammersmith Public Libraries, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 66.

Hampstead Public Libraries, bulletin: notices, 64, 136, 237, 360.

Catalogue of music: notice, 417.

E. A. Bromley appointed children's librarian, 637.

Hardy, Thomas, on the cultivation of pure literature, note, 285-6.

Hartlepool (West) Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 422.
Haverhill Public Library, annual report, 1910: analysis, 238.

Bulletin notice, 198.

Hawkes, A. J., appointed senior assistant, Nat. Library of Wales, 62.
Replies to criticism of his pamphlet on classification: letter, 119-20.
Hereford Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 66.

Het Boek: notices, 102, 471-3.

History of English literature, by A. Lang: review, 570.
Home University Library: notices. 52, 108, 231, 569.
Horniman Museum, new lecture hall and library opened, 109.
Hounslow Public Library, staff appointments, 572.

Hove Public Library, G. R. Forfar presents museum specimen, 232.
Huck, T. W., Johann Gottlob Immanuel Breitkopf: article, 14-18.
Huddersfield Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 66.
Hulme, E. W., Principles of book classification: articles, 39-46, 174-81, 216-21.
Hyde Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 422.


Idylls of the year, by B. Anderton: review, 633.
Illinois University Library, bulletin: notice, 198.

Income tax on bank balances: note, 206.

Indian libraries, registration of: note, 109-10.

Insects destructive to books: note, 286-7.

Ipswich Public Libraries, Stoke Library opened, 265.
Ireland, National Library of. See DUBLIN.


Jackson, E., appointed librarian, Kelso, 62.
Jahrbuch für Bibliographie: notice, 234.
Jast, L. S., Address on branch work, 19-27.

Replies by Johnson, H. E., 321-6, and Purves, J. W. C., 327-31.
Further reply by Mr. Jast, 436.

The library outlook: article, 28-38.

Memorial verses on Edward Edwards, 614.

Jefferson, F. M., appointed assistant, Bromley, 637.

Jeffrey, A., appointed librarian, Rochester, 234.

Jenkins, R., Paper and publishing at the beginning of the eighteenth century:
article, 249-54.

John Crerar Library. See CHICAGO.

John Rylands Library. See MANCHESTER.

Johnson, H. E., On the proposed division of the N.C.L.A. area: article, 321-6.
Reply by Jast, L. S., 436.

Johnson, G. J., obituary notice, 267-9.

Johnson, Lionel, Post liminium: review, 57-8.

Jones, H., The newsroom: article, 182-190.

Rt. Hon. John Burns and the public libraries: note, 245-6.

Juvenile libraries, Summary of the Walthamstow Libraries Committee's memor-
andum to the L.G. B. and Bd. of Education, 635.


Keighley Public Library, Reference Library opened, 415.
Kelso Public Library, E. Jackson appointed librarian, 62.

Kendal Public Library, annual report: 1910-11: analysis, 422.
Kettering Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 238.

Kilburn Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 238.

Kingston-on-Thames Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 238.

Notices of exhibitions, 110.

Koch, T. W., Suggested readings for library assistants : review, 226.


La Bibliofilia: notices, 127, 192, 262-3, 476, 513-4, 629.

La Coltura Popolare: notices, 99, 127, 191, 260, 410, 475, 513, 630-1.

Lacey, A. D., appointed assistant, London University Library, 62.

Lamb, Charles: the man and his work, by P. E. Dixon: article, 399-405-
Lambert, J. W., appointed librarian, Gainsborough, 111.

Lang, A., History of English literature: review, 570.


Balance of library rate, 205-6.

Expenses of poll, 205.

Income tax on bank balances, 206.

Lighting of library, 207.

Limiting fiction service, 206.

Purchase of sites, 203-4.

Rate limit, 206.

Leamington Public Library, W. E. Owen appointed librarian, 111.

Leeds Public Libraries, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 238.

Staff appointments, 572.

Leek, Nicholson Institute, A. Vinen appointed librarian and curator, III.

Leicester Public Libraries, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 238.

Leonard, R. M., ed., The Book-Lovers' Anthology: review, 51-2.

Leslie, F. J., F.R.G.S., C.C., Presidential address to the L.A., Liverpool, 3
September, 1912, 485-96.

Letchworth, A. Carnegie offers £2500 for library building, 60.

Levenshulme Library. See MANCHESTER.

Lewisham Public Libraries, H. R. Peters appointed to Hither Green Library,

Librarian, The: notices, 97, 223, 258, 465, 563, 626.
Library, The: notices, 97, 255-6, 462-3, 625.

Library Assistant, The: notices, 97, 257-8, 406, 464, 564, 626.
Library Assistants' Association. See LIBRARY ASSOCIATIONS.


Annual dinner, 202, 239.

Design for Menu, Annual Dinner, 201.

Attendances, Council and Committees, 1908-9, 159; 1909-10, 170;
1910-11, 146.

Balance sheet, income and expenditure, 1911, 428-9.

Council work, 114, 202.

Election of Council and Officers, 426-7.

Library, donation, 639.

Presidential address, Liverpool, F. J. Leslie, F.R.G.S., C.C.,

Professional Examinations-

Notices, 112, 638.

Correspondence classes, 67, 274-5, 372, 639.

Pass lists, 362-3, 423-6.

Report of Council, 1908-9, 152-60; 1909-10, 161-71; 1910-11, 138-

Special Committee on Literature for the Blind, First Report, 430-4.

Arrowsmith, W. J., 235.

Johnson, G. J., 267-9.

Richardson, R. T., 358-9.

Taylor, J., 62.


Head-quarters, 67, 270-4.

Birmingham and District Library Association, 239-40.

North-Western Branch Library Association, 113, 478-83.

Northern Counties Library Association, 19-27, 275-7, 327-31, 436,
478-83, 639-40.

Library Assistants' Association: notices, 68, 115, 241-3, 278-81, 365-6, 577-9,

Liverpool and District Association of Assistant Librarians: notices, 576-7,


Society of Public Librarians: notices, 68, 171, 646.

Library classification and cataloguing, by J. D. Brown: review, 413-4.

Library ideals: work and legislation in Canada, by J. W. C. Purvis: article,

Library Journal: notices, 352-3, 408-9, 627-8.

Library Miscellany (Baroda): notice, 632-3.

Library of Congress. See WASHINGTON.

Library outlook, The, by L. S. Jast: article, 28-38.

Library World: notices, 96, 222-3, 256-7, 406-7, 463-4, 564-5, 627.

Lighting of library: note, 207.

Lillie, R., appointed sub-librarian, Gateshead, 572.

Lincoln Public Library, bulletin: notices, 236, 360, 573.

List of subject headings for use in a dictionary catalogue: review, 228-9.

Listowel, A. Carnegie gives £1500 for a library building, 60.

Lord Listowel gives £200 towards library fund, 60.

Literature for the Blind; First Report of the L.A. Special Committee, 430-4.
Liverpool and District Association of Assistant Librarians. See LIBRARY AS-


Liverpool Public Libraries, annual report, 1910: analysis, 238.

Dickens Centenary Exhibition, 110.

H. Young presents MS. of the Moore Rental, 232.

Walton and Fazakerly Branch opened, 61.
Llandrindod Wells Public Library opened, 634.
Lochee Library.



Bishopsgate Institute, supplementary catalogue: notice, 236.
British Museum, Return for year 1911: review, 567.

Staff appointments, 572.

London Library, Catalogue supplement, No. 8, notice, 237.
University Library, note, 1-3.

Staff appointment, 62.


Lones, T. E., Aristotle's researches in natural science: review, 477.
Longmans, Green & Co.'s Classified Catalogue: notice, 230-1.
Lowery W., The Lowery Collection: review, 568.

Luton Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 422.


Madan, F., appointed Bodley's librarian, 416.

Magazines noticed. See NAMES of Libraries.

Maidstone Public Library, annual report, 1908-10: analysis, 238.
Manchester Public Libraries, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 422.
Bulletin, notice, 136.

Temporary Reference Library opened, 109.

T. Moss bequeathes books and pictures to Levenshulme, 60.

E. Axon appointed supervisor of branches, III.

John Rylands Library, Catalogues of exhibitions: reviews, 107-8, 237.

Martins, J. C., joint-author. See CROSS, M. I.

Massachusetts Library Club, bulletin: notice, 419.

Michigan University Library, Staff Manual, 1912: review, 198.

Middlesbrough Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 238.

New building opened, 265.

Mile End Library. See STEPNEY.

Miller, A. W. K., appointed Keeper of Printed books, British Museum, 572.
Modern American Library Economy; Section IV., by J. C. Dana: review, 196.
Modern microscopy, by M. I. Cross and J. C. Martins: review, 51.

Monastic libraries of Wales, by D. R. Phillips: article, 288-316, 374-398.
Montrose Public Library, annual report, 1910-11: analysis, 422.

Morgan, C. E., The Rise of the novel of manners: review, 225.

Moslin, A. M., appointed librarian-in-charge, Stepney, 416.

Moss, Thomas, bequeathes books and pictures to Manchester Libraries, 60.
Musée du Livre, Bruxelles; Publication 19: notice, 54.

Museums Journal: notices, 97, 223-4, 258-60, 407-8, 465, 565-6.


Natal Society, Annual report of the library, 1910-11: analysis, 422.
National art loans, by J. A. C. Deas: review, 226.

National bibliographies, by R. A. Peddie: review, 132-3.

Zivny, L. J., comment re Bohemian bibliography: letter, 367-8.

National Lending Library for the Blind, report and catalogue: notice, 237.
National Library of Wales. See ABERYSTWYTH.

Neale, C., appointed librarian, New Mills, 62.

Needham, Mrs., presents books to Bangor, 60.

Newark Public Library, F. Dallimore appointed librarian, 111.

Newark (N.J.), Public Library, annual report, 1910: analysis, 238.

Book list for juveniles: notice, 198.

Newberry Public Library, annual reports, 1910, 1911; analysis, 422, 575.
Newcastle (Ireland) District Council adopts Public Libraries Acts, 232.
Newcastle-on-Tyne Public Libraries, Lord Mayor unveils bust, 109.
New Mills Public Library, C. Neale appointed librarian, 62.

Newport Public Library, extensions to premises, 265.

Newsroom, The, by H. Jones: article, 182-190.

New York Public Library, List of additions: notice, 198.

State Library, Circular: notice, 198.

Northampton Public Library, 'R. W. Brown appointed librarian, 61.
New department for juveniles opened, 634.

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