The Light of Alexandria

Forsideomslag, 2005 - 193 sider
The Light of Alexandria is the story of the first thousand years of science, from the birth of the world's first two scientists, Thales and Anaximander, until the final destruction of the greatest library of the ancient world in the year 415.The life stories of the most famous and important people in history from 600 BCE to 415 CE are also told: Cleopatra, Caesar and Marc Antony, Draco and Spartacus, Caligula and Hannibal. The development of many aspects of life that we associate with the modern day are told about as well: shopping malls, pipe organs, machine guns, vending machines, robots for war, even an analog computer built 2100 years ago and much more.The human mind never stops wondering, and this is the story of the first thousand years of our commitment to that wonder.

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