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said unto him, Blessed art the third day:bter took him, Christ foreshoweth S. Matthew.

his death. 17 And Jesus answered and be killed, and be raised again

thou, Simon Bar-jona, e for 22 Then Peter flesh and blood hath not re and began to rebuke him, sayvealed it unto thee, but my ing, Be it far from thee, Lord ; Father which is in heaven. this shall not be unto thee.

18 And I say also unto thee, 23 But he turned, and said That thou art Peter;f and unto Peter, Get thee behind upon this rock I will build my me, Satan; thou art an offence church; and the gates of hellg unto me; for thou savouresti shall not prevail against it. not the things that be of God,

19 And I will give anto but those that be of men. thee the keys of the kingdom 24 | Then said Jesus unto of heaven; and whatsoever his disciples, If any man will thou shalt bind on earth shall come after me, let him deny be bound in heaven; and what- himself,j and take up his cross soever thou shalt loose on

and follow me. earth shall be loosed in hea. 25 For whosoever will save ven. h

his life, shall lose it;k and 20 Then charged he his whosoever will lose his life disciples, that they should tell for my sake, shall find it. no man that he was Jesus the 26 For what is a man proChrist.

fited, if he shall gain the whole 21 [ From that time forth world, and lose his own soul? began Jesus to shew unto his or, what shall a man give in disciples, how that he must exchange for his soul go unto Jerusalem, and suffer 27 For the Son of man shall many things of the elders, and

come in the glory of his Fachief priests, and scribes, and ther, with his angels; and then

he shall reward every man acBarojona, son of Jonas.

cording to his works. f Peter, in Greek, and Cephas in 28 Verily I say unto you, Syriac, signifies a rock or stone. & Gates of bell, the powers of hell which shall not taste of deathl

There be some standing here and sin.

b Verse 19. I will, by the assist- till they see the Son of man ance of the Holy Spirit

, give you coming in his kingdom. power to preach the Gospel of my

i Savourest, approvest. kingdom with success, and commis j Let bim deny bimself temporal sion you to make the first publication care and enjoyment, bear patiently of it to the Gentiles; and whatever

any hardship for my sake and the ordinances you shall by divine assist- Gospel, and follow my example, ance establish for the order of the & Whosoever will save and prolong church and the benefit of religion, his present life, rather than expose they shall be approved and confirmed it, if necessary, for me and my reliby God.

gion, shall lose it forever.

| Not taste of death, shall not die.


Christ's transfiguration. Chap. xvii.

Of Elias. CHAP. XVII.

9 And, as they came down 1 Transfiguration of Christ; from the mountain, Jesus char

14 he healeth the lunatic. ged them, saying, Tell the viAND after six days Jesus sion to no man, until the Son taketh Peter, James, and John of man be risen again from the his brother, and bringeth them dead. up into an high mountain 10 And his disciples asked apart,

him, saying, Why then say the 2 And was transfigured be- scribes that Elias d must first fore them ;- and his face did come ? Alte as the sun, and his rai 11 And Jesus answered and ment was white as the light. said unto them, Elias truly

3 And, behold, there ap- shall first come, and restore peared unto them Moses and all things. Elias talking with him.

12 But I say unto you, 4 Then answered Peter, and That Elias is come already, said unto Jesus, Lord, it is and they knew him not; but good for us to be here; a if have done unto him whatsothou wilt, let us make here ever they listed ;e likewise three tabernacles; b one for shall also the Son of man sufthee, and one for Moses, and fer of them. one for Elias.

13 Then the disciples un5 While he yet spake, be- derstood that he spake unto hold, a bright cloud overshad- them of John the Baptist. owed them; and, behold, a 14 1 And when they were voice out of the cloud, which come to the multitude, there said, This is my beloved Son, came to him a certain man, in whom I am well pleased; kneeling down to him, and hear him.

saying, 6 Ånd when the disciples 15 Lord, have mercy on my heard it they fell on their fa- son; for he is lunatic, and sore ces, and were sore afraid. vexed; for oft-times he falleth

y And Jesus came and into the fire, and oft into the touched them, and said, Arise, water. and be not afraid.

16 And I brought him to 8 And when they had lift- thy disciples, and they could ed up their eyes they saw no not cure him. man, save c Jesus only.

17 Then Jesus answered

and said, O faithless and per. It is good for us to stay or con

verse generation ! how long 6 Tabernacle,

shall I be with you ? how long a place of public worship or of temporary residence;

d Elias, Elijah. Save, except.

· Listed, pleased:


tinue here.

2 tent.


I lunatic healed. S. Matthew.

Of paying tribute. shall I suffer you ? Bring him house Jesus prevented him, hither to me.

saying, What thinkest thou, 18 And Jesus rebuked the Simon? Of whom do the kings · devil, and he departed out of of the earth take custom or

and the child was cured tributes of their own children, from that very hour.

or of strangers ? 19 Then came the disciples 26 Peter saith unto him, Of to Jesus apart, f and said, Why strangers.

Jesus saith unto could not we cast him out! him, Then are the children

20 And Jesus said unto free.j them, because of


unbe 27 Notwithstanding, lesa lief; for verily I say unto you, should offend them, go .. If ye have faith as a grain of to the sea, and cast an hoor, mustard-seed, g ye shall say and take up the fish that first unto this mountain, Remove cometh up; and when thou hence to yonder place, and it hast opened his mouth, thou shall remove;

and nothing shalt find a piece of money ; shall be impossible unto you. that take, and give unto them

21 Howbeit, this kind goeth for me and thee. not out but by prayer and fasting.

CHAP. XVIII. 22 | And while they abode 1 Christ teacheth to be humble. in Galilee, Jesus said unto 7 Touching offences, 21 and them, The Son of man shall forgiving one another. be betrayed into the hands of AT the same time came the men;

disciples unto Jesus, saying, 23 And they shall kill him, Who is the greatest in the. and the third day he shall be kingdom of heaven ? raised again. And they were

2 And Jesus called a little exeeeding sorry,

child unto him and set him in 24 | And when they were

the midst of them, come to Capernaum, h they 3 And said, Verily I say unthat received tribute-money i to you, Except ye be converted, came to Peter, and said, Doth and become as little children, a not your Master


tribute ? 25 He saith, Yes.

To understand And

; Children free.

this verse and the others in conuexwhen he was come into the ion, it should be remembered, that

the tribute here exacted was for the of Apart, privately.

support of the temple, from which § If you had but a small degree of Jesus, as being the Son of God, whose faith, no more comparatively than a

house the temple was, ought to have grain of mustard-seed.

been exempted. b Capernaum, see note, Matt. iv.

a As little children, humble and i Tribute, toll or tax.




Of giving offences, Chap. xviii. and forgiving others. ye shall not enter into the king 11 For the Son of man is dom of heaven.

come to save that which was 4 Whosoever, therefore, lost. shall humble himself as this 12 How think ye? If a man little child, the same is the have an hundred sheep, and greatest in the kingdom of one of them be gone astray,

doth he not leave the ninety 5 And whoso shall receive and nine, and goeth into the one such little child in my mountains, and seeketh that name, receiveth me.

which is gone astray? 6 But whoso shall offend 13 And if so be that he find one of these little ones which it, verily I say unto you, He believe in me, it were better rejoiceth more of that sheep, for him that a millstone were than of the ninety and nine hanged about his neck, and which went not astray. that he were drowned in the

14 Even so, it is not the depth of the sea.

will of your Father which is õ q Wo unto the world be in heaven, that one of these cause of offences ! for it must little ones should perish. needs be that offences come; 15 . Moreover, if thy brobut wo to that man by whom ther shall trespass against the offence cometh !

thee, go and tell him his fault 8 Wherefore, if thy hand or between thee and him alone; thy foot offend thee, b cut them if he shall hear thee, thou hast off

, and cast them from thee; it gained thy brother. is better for thee to enter into 16 But if he will not hear life halt c or maimed, rather thee, then take with thee one than having two hands, or two or two more, that in the mouth feet

, to be cast into everlasting of two or three witnesses every fire.


be established. 9 And if thine eye offend 17 And if he shall neglect thee, pluck it out, and cast it to hear them, tell it unto the from thee; it is better for thee church; but if he neglect to to enter into life with one eye, hear the church, let him be unrather than having two eyes to thee as an heathen mand to be cast into hell-fire. and a publican. e

10 Take heed that des. 18 Verily I say unto you, pise not one of these little Whatsoever ye shall bind f on ones; for I say

that in heaven their angels do al

d Heatben, a Pagan or idolator.

e Publican, a Roman tax-gatherer. ways behold the face of my

of re shall bind, ye shall loose, &c. Father which is in heaven. Whatever you shall determine upon 6 Offend tbee, occasion thee to sin. earth agreeable to my directions, shall - Halt, lame.

be approved and confirmed by God in heaven.


unto you,

The merciless servant S. Matthew. and merciful master. earth shall be bound in heaven; 27 Then the Lord of that and whatsoever ye shall loose servant was moved with comon earth shall be loosed in passion, and loosed him, and heaven.

forgave him the debt. 19 Again I say unto you, 28 But the same servant That if two of you shall agree went out, and found one of his on earth as touching & any fellow-servants which owed thing that they shall ask, it him an hundred pence;i and shall be done for them of my he laid hands on him, and took Father which is in heaven. him by the throat, saying, Pay

20 For where two or three me that thou owest. are gathered together in my 29 And his fellow-servant name, there am I in the midst fell down at his feet, and beof them.

sought him, saying, Have pa21 1 Then came Peter to tience with me, and I will pay him, and said, Lord, how oft · thee all. shall my brother sin against 30 And he would not; but me, and I forgive him ? till went and cast him into prison seven times ?

till he should


the debt. 22 Jesus saith unto him, I 31 So when his fellow-sersay not unto thee, Until seven vants saw what was done they times; but, Until seventy times were very sorry,


told unto their lord all that 23 4 Therefore is the king. was done. dom of heaven likened unto a 32 Then his lord, after that certain king, which would take he had called him, said unto account of his servants. him, 0 thou wicked servant, I

24 And when he had begun forgave thee all that debt, beto reckon, one was brought cause thou desiredst mé : unto him which owed him ten 33 Shouldest not thou also thousand talents.h

have had compassion on thy 25 But forasmuch as he had fellow-servant, even as I had not to pay, his lord command. pity on thee ? ed him to be sold,

and his wife 34 And his lord was wroth, and children, and all that he and delivered him to the torhad, and payment to be made. mentors,k till he should pay

26 The servant, therefore, all that was due unto him. fell down, and worshipped him, 35 So likewise shall my saying, Lord, have patience heavenly Father do also unto with me, & I will pay thee all.

thee all. you,



forgive not every one his bro& Touching, concerning.

ther their trespasses. b Talent, above 1500 dollars ; 10,000 talents were above 1517 mil

i One hundred pence, about fourteen lions.


k Tormentors, Jailers.

and came


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