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The unfaithful
S. Matthew.

rebuked. and his fruit corrupt; for the 42 The queen of the southj tree is known by his fruit. shall rise up in the judgment

34 O generation of vipers ! with this generation, and shall how can ye, being evil, speak condemn it; for she came from good things ? for out of the the uttermost parts of the abundance of the heart the earth to hear the wisdom of mouth speaketh.

Solomon; and, behold, a great35 A good man, out of the er than Solomon is here. good treasure of the heart, 43 When the unclean spirbringeth forth good things : it k is gone out of a man he and an evil man, out of the walketh through dry places, evil treasure, bringeth forth seeking rest, and findeth none, evil things.

44 Then he saith I will 36 But I say


you, That return into my house from every idle word that men shall whence I came out; and, when speak, they shall give account he is come, he findeth it empty, in the day of judgment. swept, and garnished.

37 For by thy words thou 45 Then goeth he, and takshalt be justified, and by thy eth with himself seven other words thou shalt be condem- spirits more wicked than him, ned.

self, and they enter in and 38 | Then certain of the dwell there ; and the last state geribes and of the Pharisees of that man' is worse than the answered, saying, Master, we first. Even so shall it be also would see a sign i from thee. unto this wicked generation.

39 But he answered, and 46 [ While he fet talked said unto them, An evil and to the people, behold, his moadulterous generation seeketh ther and his brethren stood after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the

j Queen of the south, in the Old sign of the prophet Jonas. Testament, queen of Sheba.

40 For as Jonas was three k Unclean spirit, &c. The wicked days and three nights in the disposition of a man is here represen, whale's belly, so shall the Son țed by an unclean spirit, that could

leave and return to the man at

pleaof man be three days and three

The 43, 44, and 45th verses nights in the heart of the earth.

are designed to describe a person, 41 The men of Nineveh shall who, under conviction of sin, makes rise in judgment with this ge- good resolutions, and partially reneration, and shall condemn forms, but on account of persecution, it; because they repented at

or the cares of life, soon becomes rethe preaching of Jonas ; and, forgetfulness of God, then the return

miss, and again relapses into sin and behold, a greater than Jonas to å holy life is more difficult

, and is here.

the state of this man is more hope i Sign. A miracle.

less and desperate, than at first.


Why Christ

Chap. xiii. .

spake in parables. without, desiring to speak with earth; and forthwith they him.

sprung up, because they had no 47 Then one said unto him, deepness of earth. Behold thy mother and thy

6 And when the sun was up brethren stand without, desir.. they were scorched ; and, being to speak with thee. cause they had no root, they

48 But he answered, and withered away. said unto him that told him,

7 And some fell among Who is my mothers and who thorns; and the thorns sprung are my brethren ?

up and choked them. 49 And he stretched forth 8 But other fell into good his hand toward his disciples, ground, and brought forth and said, Behold my mother fruit, some an hundred-fold, and my brethren!

some sixty-fold, some thirty50 For whosoever shall do fold. the will of my Father which 9 Who hath ears to hear, is in heaven, the same is my let him hear. brother, and sister, and mo

10 9 And the disciples came, ther.

and said unto himn, Why speak

est thou unto them in paraCHAP. XIII.

bles ? 3 of the sower and the seed. 24 11 He answered, and said Several other parables. 34 unto them, Because it is given Why Christ spake in para- unto you to know the mystebles. 53 Christ contemned ries of the kingdom of heaven, by his own countrymen.

but to them it is not given. THE same day went Jesus 12 For whosoever hath, to out of the house, and sat by the him shall be given, and he sea-side.

shall have more abundance; 2 And great multitudes were but whosoever hath not, fro gathered together unto him, so him shall be taken away even that he went into a ship, and that he hath. sat; and the whole multitude 13 Therefore speak I to stood on the shore.

them in parables; because they 3 And he spake many things seeing, see not; and hearing, unto them in parables, saying, they hear not; neither do they Behold, a sower went forth to understand.

14 And in them is fulfilled 4 And when he sowed, some the prophecy of Esaias, which seeds fell by the way-side, and saith, By hearing ye shall the fowls came and devoured hear, and shall not underup.

stand; and seeing ye shall 5 Some fell upon stony pla- see, and shall not perceive. ces, where they had not much 15 For this people's heart is

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Parable of the

S. Matthew. sower and the seed. waxed gross a and their ears for when tribulation or perseare dull of hearing, and their cution ariseth because of the eyes they have closed ; lest word, by and by he is offendat any time they should see ed.e with their eyes, and hear with 22 He also that received their ears, and should under- seed among the thorns, is he stand with their heart, and that heareth the word; and the should be converted, and I care of this world, and the deshould heal them.

ceitfulness of riches, choke the 16 Butblessed are your eyes, word, and he becometh unfor they see; and your ears, fruitful. for they hear.

23 But he that received 17 For verily I say unto you, seed into the good ground is That many prophets and righ- he that heareth the word,

and teous men have desired to see understandeth it; which also those things which ye see, beareth fruit, and bringeth and have not seen them; and forth, some an hundred-fold, to hear those things which ye some sixty, some thirty. hear, and have not heard them. 24 1 Another parable put

18 1 Hear ye, therefore, the he forth unto them, saying, parable b of the sower. The kingdom of heaven is

19 When any one heareth likened unto a man which the word of the kingdom, c and sowed good seed in his field ; understandeth it not, then com 25 But, while men slept, his eth the wicked one, and catch-enemy came and sowed tares eth away that which was sown among the wheat, and went in his heart. This is he which his way. received seed by the way-side. 26 But when the blade was

20 But he that received the sprung up, and brought forth seed into stony places, the fruit, then appeared the tares same is he that heareth the also. word, and anond with joy re 27 So the servants of the ceiveth it:

householder came, and said un21 Yet hath he not root in to him, Sir, didst not thou

sow himself, but dureth for a while; good seed in thy field ? from

whence then hath it tares ? a Heart is waxed gross, under 28 He said unto them, An standing is stupified.

enemy hath done this.

The b Parable, a similitude or compa servants said unto him, Wilt rison, which in a fabulous or figura thou then that we go

and tive manner conveys moral and spi- ther them up?

garitual truth.

. The word of the kingdom, the Gospel.

e Is offended, relapseth, or falleth d Anon, Immediately.

into sin.

field :

Parables of the

Chap. xiii.

hidden treasure, &c. 29 But he said, Nay; lest 36 | Then Jesus sent the while ye gather up the tares, multitude away, and went inte ye root up also the wheat with the house; and his disciples them.

came unto him, saying, De30 Let both grow together clare unto us the parable of until the harvest; and in the the tares of the field. time of harvest I will say to 37 He answered, and said the reapers, Gather

ye toge- unto them, He that soweth the ther first the tares, and bind good seed is the Son of man; them in bundles to burn them; 38 The field is the world ; but gather the wheat into my the good seed are the children barn.

of the kingdom; but the tares 31 Another parable put he are the children of the wicked forth unto them, saying, The one ; kingdom of heaven is like to a 39 The enemy that sowed grain of mustard-seed, which them is the devil; the harvest a man took, and sowed in his is the end of the world; and

the reapers are the angels. 32 Which indeed is the least 40 As, therefore, the tares of all seeds; but when it is are gathered and burned in the grown it is the greatest among fire ; so shall it be in the end herbs, and becometh a tree; of this world. so that the birds of the air 41 The Son of man shall send come and lodge in the branch- forth his angels, and they shall es thereof.

gather out of his kingdom all 33 Another parable spake things that offend, and them he unto them, The kingdom of which do iniquity, heaven is like unto leaven, f 42 And shall cast them into which a woman took, and hid a furnace of fire; there shall in three measures of meal, till be wailing and gnashing of the whole was leavened. teeth.

34 All these things spake 43 Then shall the righteous Jesus unto the multitude in shine forth as the sun in the parables; and without a par- kingdom of their Father. Who able spake be not unto them: hath ears to hear, let him

35 That it might be fulfil. hear. led which was spoken by the 44 Again, the kingdom of prophet, saying, I will open heaven is like unto treasure my mouth in parables; I will hid in a field; the which when utter things which have been man hath found he hideth, kept secret

from the foundation and, for joy thereof, goeth and of the world.

selleth all that he hath, and

buyeth that field. f Leaven, yeast or ferment. 45 1 Again, the kingdom of

Parable of the net. S. Matthew. Christ contemned. heaven is like unto a merchant- ed, and said, Whence hath man seeking goodly pearls : this man this wisdom, and

46 Who, when he had found these mighty works? one pearl of great price, went

.55 Is not this the carpenand sold all that he had, and ter's son? is not his mother bought it.

called Mary ? and his breth47 9 Again, the kingdom of ren, James, and Joses, and heaven is like unto a net that Simon, and Judas ? was cast into the sea, and 56 And his sisters, are they gathered of every kind : not all with us ? Whence then

48 Which, when it was full, hath this man all these things ? they drew to shore, and sat 57 And they were offended down, and gathered the good in him. But Jesus said unto into vessels, but cast the bad them, A prophet is not withaway.

out honour, save h in his own 49 So shall it be at the end country, and in his own house. of the world; the angels shall 58 And he did not many come forth, and sever, the mighty works there, because wicked from among the just, of their unbelief.

50 And shall cast them into the furnace of fire; there shall

CHAP. XIV. be wailing and gnashing of 1 Herod's opinion of Christ. teeth.

3 John Baptist beheaded. 15 51 Jesus saith unto them, Five thousand fed. Have


understood all these AT that time Herod the things? They say unto him, tetrarch a heard of the fame of Yea, Lord.

Jesus, 52 Then said he unto them, 2 And said unto his serTherefore

every scribe which vants, This is John the Bapis instructed unto the kingdom tist; he is risen from the dead; of heaven is like unto a man and therefore mighty works b that is an householder, which do shew forth themselves in bringeth forth out of his trea- him. sure things new and old.

3 | For Herod had laid 53 1 And it came to pass, hold on John, and bound him, that, when Jesus had finish- and put him in prison for Heed these parables, he departed rodias' sake, his brother Phithence.

lip's wife. 54 And when he was come

b Save, except. into his own country he taught them in their


insomuch that they were astonish- part of a kingdom or country,

a Tetrarch, governor of a fourth

6 Mighty works, &c. miracles are & Sever, to separate.

performed by him


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