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Admonitions and
Chap. iv.

instructions. tion, whose god is their belly, giving, let your requests be and whose glory is in their made known unto God. shame, who mind earthly 7 And the peace of God, things.)

which passeth all understand20 For our conversation is ing, shall keep your hearts and in heaven;f from whence also minds through Christ Jesus. we look for the Saviour, the 8 Finally, brethren, whatLord Jesus Christ;

soever things are true, what. 21 Who shall change our soever things are honest, whatvile body, that it may be fash- soever things are just, whatsoioned like unto his glorious ever things are pure, whatsobody, according to the working ever things are lovely, whatwhereby he is able even to sub soever things are of good redue all things unto himself. port; if there be any virtue, CHAP. IV.

and if there be any praise, think 1 General exhortations : 10 on these things.

his joy for their liberality 9 Those things which ye toward him, and God's grace have both learned and receivin them: 20 he concludeth ed, and heard and seen in me, with prayer and salutations. do; and the God of peace shall

THEREFORE, my breth- be with you. ren, dearly beloved and long 10 But I rejoiced in the ed for, my joy and crown, so Lord greatly, that now at the stand fast in the Lord, my last your care of me hath floudearly beloved.

rished again; wherein ye were 2 I beseech Euodias, and also careful, but ye lacked opbeseech Syntyche, that they be portunity. of the same mind in the Lord. 11 Not that I speak in re

3 And I intreat thee also, spect of want; for I have true yoke-fellow, help those learned, in whatsoever state I women which laboured with am, therewith to be content. me in the Gospel, with Cle 12 I know both how to be ment also, and with other my abased, and I know how to afellow-labourers, whose names bound

; every where, and in are in the book of life.

all things, I am instructed, 4 Rejoice in the Lord al. both to be full and to be hunway; and again I say, Rejoice. gry, both to abound and to suf

5 Let your moderation be fer need. known unto all men. The 13 I can do all things through Lord is at hand.

Christ, which strengtheneth 6 Be careful for nothing; me. but in every thing by prayer 14 Notwithstanding, ye have and supplication, with thanks. well done, that ye did comjf But our conversation is for heaven." municate with



God shall sup


He concludeth with Philippians. prayer and salutations. 15 Now ye Philippians,

19 But

my know also, that in the begin- ply all your need, according ning of the Gospel, when I de- to his riches in glory, by Christ parted from Macedonia, no Jesus. church communicated with me, 20 Now, unto God and our as concerning giving and re. Father be glory forever and ceiving, but ye only.

Amen. 16 For even in Thessalonica 21 Salute every saint in ye sent once and again unto Christ Jesus. The brethren my necessity.

which are with me greet you. 17 Not because I desire a 22 All the saints salute you, gift; but I desire fruit, that chiefly they that are of Cesar's may aboumd to your account. household

18 But I have all, and a 23 The grace of our Lord bound ; I am full, having re- Jesus Christ be with you all, ceived of Epaphroditus the Amen. things which were sent from you, an odour of a sweet smell, It was written to the Phia sacrifice aceeptable, well lippians from Rome, by pleasing to God.




Colosse was an ancient, rich, and populous city of Phrygia in Asia Minor, in the vicinity of Hierapolis and Laodicea. Grecian philosophy was early introduced into this country, and the precepts of Pythagoras concerning abstinence from animal food, the doctrines of Plato concerning the agency and worship of angels, and the impure rites of Bacchus and Cybele

, were prevalent and much admired. But notwithstanding the prevalence of this idolatry and superstition, the apostles preached among them with success, and established several churches. Soon however false teachers appeared among them, and by aocommodating their doctrines to the former prejudices of the people; some inculcating the precepts of Grecian philosophy; others, teaching the abrogated ceremonies of the Jewish law, they threw the churches into a state of disquietude and danger. Under these circumstances Epaphras, who superintended these churches, repaired to Rome to consult Paul, who at this time was in prison for the sake of the Gos

Faith in Christ Chap. i.

recommended, pel. Paul therefore, ever attentive to the cause of his Master, wrote this Epistle to guard the Christians at Colosse against the errors of false teachers. He also exhorts them to persevere in the doctrines of the Gospel, and to place all their hope of salvation in Christ alone.

This Epistle is supposed to have been written a. D. 61, about the same time with that to the Ephesians; and there is so great a similarity between the two, that they serve to illustrate each other.




also in you, since the day ye He thanketh God for their heard of it, and knew the faith, 6 prayeth for their in- grace of God in truth : crease in grace, 15 and de y As ye also learned of scribeth the true Christ. Epaphras, our dear fellowAUL, an apostle of Je- servant, who is for you a faith


for you,

God, and Timotheus our bro 8 Who also declared unto ther,

us your love in the Spirit. 2 To the saints and faith 9 For this cause we also, ful brethren in Christ which since the day we heard it, do are at Colosse; Grace be unto not cease to pray


and you, and peace, from God our to desire that ye might be fillFather, and the Lord Jesus ed with the knowledge of his Christ.

will, in all wisdom and spirit3 We give thanks to God ual understanding, and the Father of our Lord 10 That ye might walk Jesus Christ, praying always worthy of the Lord unto all

pleasing, being fruitful in ev4 Since we heard of your ery good work, and increasing faith in Christ Jesus, and of in the knowledge of God; the love which ye have to all 11 Strengthened with all the saints,

might, according to his glori5 For the hope which is ous power, unto all patience & laid up for you in heaven, long-suffering with joyfulness; whereof

heard before in the 12 Giving thanks unto the word of the truth of the Gos- Father which hath made us pel;

meet to be partakers of the in6 Which is come unto you, heritance of the saints in light; as it is in all the world ; and 13 Who hath delivered us bringeth forth fruit, as it doth from the power of darkness,



Christ's exalted nature. Colossians. Of Paul's ministry and hath translated us into and be not moved


froin the kingdom of his dear Son; the hope of the Gospel, which

14 In whom we have re- ye have heard, and which was demption through his blood, preached to every creature even the forgiveness of sins ; which is under heaven; where

15 Who is the image of the of I Paul am made a minister. invisible God, the first-born of 24 Who now rejoice in my every creature;

sufferings for you and fill up 16 For by him were all that which is behind of the things created, that are in afflictions of Christ in

flesh heaven, and that are in earth, for his body's sake, which is visible and invisible, whether the church; they be thrones, or dominions, 25 Whereof I am made a or principalities, or powers; minister, accortling to the disall things were ereated by him, pensation of God, which is and for him ;

given to me for you, to fulfil 17 And he is before all the word of God; things, and, by him all things 26 Even the mystery which consist.

hath been hid from ages,

and 18 And he is the head of from generations, but now is the body, the church; who is made manifest to his saints: the beginning, the first-born 27 To whom God would from the dead; that in all make known what is the richthings he might have the pre- es of the glory of this mysteeminence;

ry among the Gentiles; which 19 Forit pleased the Father, is, Christ in you, the hope of that in him should all fulness glory: dwell;

28 Whom we preach, waru20 And (having made peaeeing every man, and teaching through the blood of his cross) every man in all wisdom, that by him to reconcile all things we may present every man into himself; by him, I say, perfect in Christ Jesus ; whether they be things in earth, 29 Whereupto I also labour, or things in heaven.

striving according to his work21 And you, that were some- ing, which worketh in me time alienated, and enemies mightily. in your mind by wicked works,

CHAP. II. yet now hath he reconciled, 1 Ile exhorteth them to CoN

22 In the body of his flesh stancy in Christ, 8 to beware through death, to present you

of philosophy and vaintradiholy, and unblameable, and tions, 18 worshipping of anunreproveable, in his sight; gels, 20 & legal ceremonies. 23 If ye continue in the FOR I would that

ye faith grounded and settled, what great conflict I have for


Beware of philosophy

Chap. ii.

and vain traditions. you, and for them at Laodi- the fulness of the Godhead cea, and for as many as have bodily. not seen my face in the flesh; 10° And ye are complete in

2 That their hearts might him, which is the head of all be comforted, being knit to- principality c and power; gether in love, and unto all 11 In whom also ye are cirriches of the full assurance of cumcised with the circumciunderstanding, to the acknow- sion made without hands, in ledgment of the mystery of putting off the body of the sins God, and of the Father, and of the flesh by the circumciof Christ;

sion of Christ; 3 In whom are hid all the 12 Buried with him in baptreasures of wisdom and know- tism,d wherein also ye are ris. ledge.

en with him through the faith 4 And this I say, lest any of the operation of God, who man should beguile you with hath raised him from the dead. enticing words.

13 And you, being dead in 5 For though I be absent in your sins and the uncircumcithe flesh, yet am I with you sion of your flesh, hath he in the spirit, joying and be- quickenede together with him, holding your order, and the liaving forgiven you all tressteadfastness of your faith in passes; Christ.

14 Blotting out the hand6 As ye have, therefore, re- writing of ordinances, f that ceived Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him ;

c Principality, government. Rooted and built up in

d Buried with him, &c. Baptism is him, and stablished in the

a Christian ordinance, emblematical

or significant of death and burial, and faith, as ye have been taught,a

the resurrection. As Christ submit. hounding therein with thanks- ted to be baptized, that is, to be bu. giving

ried under the water by John, it was 8 Beware lest any man an emblem of his future death and spoil you through philosophy burial; and his being raised out of and vain deceit, after the tra. the water, was emblematical of his

resurrection from the grave. So. dition of men, after the rudi- Christians being baptized, may figuments of the world,b and not ratively be said to be buried with after Christ :

Christ in baptism, and in baptism 9 For in him dwelleth all to be raised with him.

e Hath be quickened, he hath made . Through philosophy and vain de alive. ceit, through an empty and deceitful f The hand-writing of ordinances, is philosophy.

here supposed to be the precepts of 6. According to the rudiments of the the moral law, and blotting them out, the world, heathen idolatry and supersti- forgiveness of transgression upon retion.


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